Birthday Contest: 15 BlackBerry PhantomSkinz Up For Grabs!

Birthday Contest: 15 Phantom Skinz!
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Feb 2009 06:42 pm EST

Yup, that's right. CrackBerry Birthday week festivities are going the FULLLLL week. Next up, the good folks at PhantomSkinz are offering up some clear scratch protection! 15 lucky winners will be able to choose their pick of available Phantom Skinz for BlackBerry devices. You can click here to check out their BlackBerry offering.

To enter the contest, just login to and leave a comment to this blog post. We're going to make you work a bit harder for this one though... in your entry comment, let us know the #1 factor you look at when buying a clear skin for your mobile device. Is it the Cost? Protection? Manufacturer? Recommendation of others? Design? Ease of Installation? Something else? Let us know! Thanks Phantom Skinz, and good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: 15 BlackBerry PhantomSkinz Up For Grabs!



I Love to have these for all my storm's. The #1 decision maker would be the amount of protection it supplies. We work in very harsh enviroments.

What I look for most in a skin for my phone, especially the Storm is how the skin will work on the phone to protect it, but leave the Storm as much in its native skin as possible. The form factor on the Storm is sleek and beautiful so a skin that works best is one that makes the phone presentable but protected!

am i the number One? whatever the result will be...whether i win it or not...Crackberry is still the best. You guys have helped me a lot to enjoy and get the best out of my BB Storm.
wish you all luck and may God bless all of you. Happy Birthday from me...axofbutter : )

My #1 Factor...

Well, I received an Invisible Shield for my Storm 9530 for X-mas, and too bad it was crappy..I had dust all under it and dents in it everywhere and it was ugly w/ the orange peel effect. So I took it off and tried to get my money back and they said not possible because I threw it out (by accident). So I paid for nothing basically, and want a new one but too bad I wont be going back to InvisiShield

The number one factor of which skin to purchase is definitely reliability, and what other people have to say about the company. I would love to give a company that is not IS or BSE a try for my 8900! Right now I don't even have a screen protector on it because my BSE did not go on properly!

i look for a cover that allows me to still show of the great design of my bb storm. I want no scratches so that would be the major factor, is the actual protection while not adding too much to my bb

ease of application and removal is #1 for me, mostly because no one is perfect and everyone makes a tiny mistake, even if its a piece of ''hair'' that happened to just appear on your screen as youre applying the layer of protection

My primary concern is its level of protection and then quality. Price is NOT a factor to me. Thanks.

I have been looking at these type of clear skins since I bought my Storm. I have seen three, this one included. I do not know much about them, and there are not many comments around about them. They all cost about the same and look as if they cover the same. It would be awesome to win this instead of having to test it out by spending money on it.

Factors when making a decision about what skin to purchase:
1. The design should look sleek (won't ruin the phone's look).
2. Won't affect my phone's coverage.
3. I don't have a price limit, as long as it looks good and protects my phone... I'm going for it!

Hey, how about that? The Fantom would LOVE to have a Phantom Skin, lol Phantom for Fantom! I gotta win now, and all other entries are frivolous now, lol Just kidding everybody!! Good Luck to all you guys, and Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thanks for all the great giveaways and the site!!

I love the phantomskinz, cause while it offers some protection like other skins/cases.. It still looks like a blackberry. I like to show off my storm. =)

I would love to have this for my new curve. The number one thing I look for in a skin is protection. I love the self-healing idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

For me it is the recommendation from others that influences my purchase the most. If it has a good rep I buy it.

All these replies already.

I want one, just because the name sounds good and I can imagine the product is a good as it sounds..

Give me a skin that is easy to install. My intelect is better than my Dexterity. Also reasonably priced

My Storm is feeling naked without some skin. I been wanting to try out the Phantom Skinz. I've had invisible skins before and I'm not to happy with them. I've heard nothing but good things about Phantom Skinz. Ready to get my skin on. Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Positive reviews from the community including ease of application, durability, clearness, customer service

This would be a great finish for my Storm, looks like it wouldn't interfere with my leather holster. Very nice.

I have the BB Storm for 2 months now and have replaced a total of five (5) covers. I have to admit I do not give my BB the love it deserves. I looked for the best protection for the money, that said I have yet to be completly happy with the former purchases I have made. I need some SKINZ!!!

The most heart breaking thing about first procuring your blackberry is the fact that as soon as you get it... You must cover its pretty face. For we fear too much that we will scratch that face and damage its beauty. However, what is the point of covering this beauty even though you'll never be able to enjoy it yourself? I have found that even the clear hard cases obstruct your view of the beautiful device, worse yet, dust and at times small debris make their way into the are between the phone and the case, causing dents and scratch's which may not have occurred had it just been able to go commando in your pocket.

This is what brings me to Phantom Skinz, these sheets of fantastic protection provide a skin tight shield for your phone. This shield adheres so closely to your phone's surface that debris never gets a chance to crawl into the sanctum which is your phones body.

This product is so thin, that you could in fact still use a case on your phone, and simply double up on the protection of your prized berry.

The versatility of this product provides a sure fire appeal and offers little to no drain on the aesthetic qualities of your berry, making it a top choice among protection options.

the design is a big factor for me i still want to keep my phone curves but also the weight of the skin is very important for me

I think that durability, thickness, clarity of the actual screen protector, and that overall feel of the skin are very important factors. I've used skins from people like Zagg and their Inviisbleshield or whatever it's called, and I don't like the feel of it at all. It makes it harder for me to use my iPod Touch!

I also want a clear skin for my Storm 9530 !

Best thing is to have it so it doesn't interfere with the actual functionality of the phone. Some are way to bulky.

This one looks pretty sweet though

A skin has to be designed well for me -- I don't want it trapping any crap between it and the phone. I also don't want it to intrude on the functionality of the device!

Whether it changes the size/weight/shape of my Blackberry. I can't stand getting a skin that won't fit in the holders I have. Cost is a close second.

i got a blackberry storm and would love a skin. the most important function is the protection it offers and the ease of applying the skin without ugly bubbles

should be almost completely undetectable to the eye.
they should be engineered to curve at the right spots and not bulk up on the corners.

they should look sexy on my berry

#1 factor for me is design; meaning clear if it's supposed to be clear (no orange peel) and cut well to easily apply and protect.

probably the style and protection. it depends on how thick it makes it and the amount of protection it offers
plus i really want a phantom skin lol :]

The most important thing I look for in a clear skin is probably ease of installation, with durability coming in a close second. No use having an easy installation if the skin falls apart after a week.

I'm actually looking into a clear skin as my bold is very attractive and the thought of covering it all up is a little depressing.

Hey, thanks for posting another contest,
My number one criterion for choosing a screen protector/body guard is how easy it is to put it on. I bought one a few weeks ago for my Bold and it said that i had to create a solution so the plastic would adhere to the glass. Screw that! i wasn't about to go buy a bunch of stuff on top of paying for the skin itself! In addition, i look for how much protection it gives and if it looks like it will fit on the device appropriately.

thanks, and i hope to win!

My primary factor in purchasing a cover is design. I have to take into account how well it fits in with my lifestyle. It can't be too bulky. The Phantom Skinz would be perfect!

To me I want something that is going to last, but has some style as well. If i have to pay a little extra for a good case/cover for my phone, so be it! A BlackBerry is an investment and it is a part of my everyday life and it should look as good/better than me, but stay protected!

The way it wraps around my BB. It has to be near perfect if not perfect.

Cost is a secondary concern to me, but I wouldn't pay too much.

I am one of those people who are a little anal about keeping their Storm clean and looking brand new. I would love to have one of these to keep my Baby shiny and new!

The number one thing is a combination of Protection vs Design.

Obviously if I'm purchasing this I want protection... that's a gimme, but I also don't want to bulk up my phone and have the protection stand out (unless I'm putting a case on it).

So with a product like this I look for the best protection vs design to find that product that best meats a slim design + great protection.

Then... I'm happy!

My Storm is everything to me. The company that invented this has to be the best company in the world because they understand what the consumers need ( great protection for their phone while making it look nice ), many companies don't know this fact. I need this for my Storm 9530 because I've tried many cases and pouches but they have one thing or the other ( good protection or nice look ). I want both of those things and that's what this product offers. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to spend on this because I don't have a job, I mean my parents bought me this phone and they're very reluctant to buy me anything else. So if you guys feel the slightest sympathy for a CrackBerry -BlackBerry user... please let me win this! Thanks and Happy Birthday CrackBerry, as long as there's BlackBerry, there will always be a CrackBerry on its side! :)

The #1 factor of when I chose a skin for my blackberry is the protection. I would feel better about my blackberry knowing that it is safe.

I am one of those people who are a little anal about keeping their Storm clean and looking brand new. I would love to have one of these to keep my Baby shiny and new! I would say the biggest factor for me is TOTAL coverage and second is price.

There are several factors I look at: cost, protection/design, (sometimes) manufacturer, recommendation/reviews. Not necessarily in that order, but it's usually between cost and protection/design.

I can compromise on the coat provided that the design/protection really provides and brings something that makes it worth the price. I like them to be as minimal as possible while bringing the most protection possible.

The #1 factor that I look at is functionality. Does it actually do what it was designed to do and do it effectively? Did the engineers actually think about the end user when designing the product?

I love PhantomSkinz because they look like they were part of the phone, providing longer life and scratch free resistance!!... I just love when my brothers shows it to his friends and they ask if it isn't part of the phone?... Crazy awesome

Transparency (I'm not looking for some silly design) as the phone is already sleek looking. And, great protection without hindering functionality.

The main thing that i look at is when i have to get my phone out of my pocket. like the skins that make it so its really hard to get that phone outta ur pocket because it sticks to the fabric. also i look at the size of the actual casing. how thick it is and if it will make my phone even bulkier. like the clamp on shells that make the phones really thick. This new phantom skin seems like it will rock since it dosent make the phone thick and if its like a screen protector it seems like its as smooth as a brand new blackberry trackball. mmmmmmmm smooth track ball....

I look for protection as my #1 factor though it teeters between protection and ease of installation. Im a tech by nature so installation kinda falls to #2 as I can almost always figure out how to install something or streamline a process..

I would really, really like to get this as I have broken the latch off two holsters & dropped myt Pearl a half dozen times. Defiatly need the scratch protection!!!

Reliability, durability and ease of application.

It doesn't have to be a quick and easy app but it's got to be something that most of us can do with some patience. Not just something that your employees can claim to do but the rest of us can't.

Cost isn't that important. If it's good, it's good. I want it to protect and also be as transparent as possible.

Let me try some skinz for my BB!!!

Of course reading what others have to say. But for me I want to show off my Curve without much bulk. It doesn't matter which company other than if their customer service has had a lot of bad reviews that diffentely matters.

In short for me a skin is just that a second layer for showing off your prize possesion without adding bulk!!!

i take care of my blackberry very well and this will improve it and it will avoid scratches or some other kinda of stuff that can happen to it

most important thing is INVISIBLITY! Any visible additional stuff for my beautifull phone is not accepted.

I've always gone with BSE because of the cost, but this time I got the "orange glow" when I put it on :/ I heard phantom skinz is one of the ones with the least orange glow, if any.

But I always read reviews before I buy anything :] SO I guess my #1 factor is recommendation of others.

What I look for in a skin is mostly durability. Ive had some skins that wear quickly or tear. I need something that will last a long time while not adding too much bulk.

For me, having a ski that protects from scratches and minor impacts is the most important factor. It also has to be thin and durable.


I have always wanted my skins to fully potect my phone. My phone is never away from me. I look for something that protects everything but does not hinder it's look or operation. It has to be sturdy to handle bumps and nicks yet still be able to fit in my holster. I am still looking for something for my 8900 and havenot found one yet. I guess the #1 thing for me is it has toprotect the phone but seem as if it is not there.

This is my first blackberry, (storm i got) and i LUV it. That said, I need a good clear skin to keep my new bb like the day i bought it. so what i want in my skin is somthing thats going to take the abuse of what a 23 year old supervisor is going to dish out on it. It has to take abuse from drops with out putting gouges or chips in the skin, has to be waterproof, burnproof(Smokers) and #1, scratch proof. So if im going to put in more than a half an hour putting on a clear skin, it has to be worth it. And i bet phantom is.


I would love to win this skin. I have a BB Storm and love its style. I want to protect it but don't want to hide its beauty. Protection of my Storm is most important and style being the second. I think this might do the trick without adding bulk. Hope I win it!

The full body protection considering i'm so anal about my expensive toys because reality is I can't afford to just go buy another one lol

My number 1 factor when purchasing this is durability, coverage, and cost.I would love to protect my BB with this!

My number one decision on deciding on a skin for my precious Storm is protection from everyday use. I try to keep dings, dents and scratches off my Storm. I am obsessed with keeping it look like-new. Please, please I would be forever grateful to win a free PhantomSkinz.

Thanks for your concern

When looking for skins I look for asthetics as much as protection. As much as I need protection, I dont want it to change the look or size of my Bold. Phantom looks like the perfect protection for hanging out with friends and showing off my device. You know like if I was at a Crackberry Birthday party :)

Here's my entry. I like lightweight skins not heavy ones. I also like clear skins because the look good but don't change the look of the phone.

Biggest determining factor for me is style. It has to be as stylish as my BlackBerry. These skins allow my BlackBerry to be beautiful without getting damaged. Show me the skins baby :)

when it comes to a skin the things i look for is for them to be unique first off...wouldnt want to be looking like everyone elses..and ofcoarse how good it protects

Design is number one for me. Especially in this case, I have a docking station for my curve 8330 and can't use a case for it. This would be perfect!!!

Number 1 has to be protection above all else. But also, has to not take away the function, integrity or looks of the unit.

The best is one that offers protection without bulk. I have a Storm so I want to show it off as much as possible. A skin that is transparent, but durable, and allow my BB to go naked is the perfect one for me. Which, by the way happens to be PhantomSkinz!

I am a brand new Blackberry user--yes my first one! I am looking for a great skin or other neat things for my Blackberry 8320.

to protract my storm im really looking for a skin that adds very little bulk while offering good coverage and protection and one that lets me use my phone easily

The most important factor that I consider when purchasing any case is how much the case limits how well I can see my phone. I have a storm, and the last thing I want is a giant case that makes it impossible to see the fabulously designed phone from the silver edges, to the Blackberry name on the top, to the four buttons on the bottom.


- Making sure the skin covers a good area of the phone and especially areas that are easily susceptible to damage.

- Making sure the skin is as scratch proof/resistant as possible.

- Clarity through the skin.

- How bulky a skin/case might make the phone.

- Difficulty getting the phone with skin/case applied to slide in to a pocket.

i want this bad!

the number one thing i want when buying a skin is bulk...if its too fat then theres no use in it.. and if it attracts dust *COUGH* BLACK GEL SKIN *COUGH*

My number one characteristic when purchasing a skin for my phones is WYSIWYG (pronounced, Wizzy-Wig); What You See Is What You Get. When I purchase a phone, I do so because I like the functionality, but also its looks. I love nothing more than to protect my phone, but keep the pristine originality of the phone.

I look for one that fits very well and doesnt look like it is even there at all. I need it to be durable and not slide off or peal up at any corners. I am very picky and have a hard time purchasing these things because I do not want to be disappointed with the quality. I hate my rubber sleeve and love having a "naked" storm but I am also scared to damage it.

So.... give me this!!

Protection is the main factor for me. To prevent the scratches that makes the blackberry look bad, and hard to read especially when it scratches on the screen. Thanks Crackberry.

the 1st thing for me , it has to ve INVISIBLE, at touch and at sight.
Had an Invisible Shield , had to trash it 3 days later... horrible

The #1 factor when I purchase a skin for my blackberry is durability/protection. I am an over-the-road truck driver and my phone can go through a beating (i.e.being dropped, elements of nature, banging, etc.). So if it protects my phone its worth buying regardless of price.

The Storm is by far the sleekest, sexiest Blackberry ever. I've tried other skins and cases, but end up trashing them after a week they make the phone feel more like a brick than a Blackberry. To me, a skin should offer cosmetic protection against everyday wear and tear...without sacrificing the design of the phone. Imagine spending six months at the gym sculpting a stunning physique...then wearing nothing but a bulky winter coat and sweatpants. Why have that impressive body if no one will ever see it?

That's why PhantomSkinz stand out above hundreds of competitors.

I currently use a screen protector that i purchased off of Ebay for about $8 total with shipping. Supposedly it is made out of a material they used to coat helicopter rotor blades with....It doesn't hinder my Storm HD screen either. However, it's only a screen protector....I'd be happy with a durable skin and am more than willing to give Phantom Skinz a try!


Value for money is what I want.

Longevity, protection, no loss of function, all for the right price.

I have to say design and protection come first with cost and manufacturer last on the list. It's gotta look and perform. These PhantomSkinz definitely have it all covered!

What I look for in a skin for my phone is protection, clearity and usability. Recently had one and the person on the other end of the call could bearly hear me. Must also be user friendly and clear no dimpling or cornors lifting. Be all in all it must prpotect my beautiful storm from scratches and small "dings". Why a beautiful phone if you can't show it off in its natural beauty.

I think fuctionality has to be there. I have many friends who have this skin and simply love it. To me its the how hard is it to put on really. Im a perfectionist when it comes to these things. My screen protector has no air bubbles. It doesnt even look like I have one on. So I would love to give this a try. Thank Phantom & Crackberry for being the leader in my Blackberry news. Also with some danm good prizes

Personally when i'm looking into purchasing a clear skin, scratch resistance and actual reflection are most imortant. Pretty much i want to have an indestructable berry, without anyone knowing that it came otherwise! :D

so please could i get one?!

Durability and protection are the most important factors to me. Why would you buy a protective product if it didn't have these attributes? Cost isn't really too big a deal. I will pay more for a dependable and quality product.

I have to have one that looks good. I don't need the protection of an otterbox, but a sleek look. The invisible skins are perfect for that!

Well what I look for is ease of installation and protection. I do not want to have the orange peel effect that some skinz have. I also look at what others have also used and what they write about the protection they use.



Seriously though, im scared shitless about catching something this day and age. It would be a great service of you to grant me this item. I need to wrap my tool or ill be a fool.

my biggest concern is functionality and design i also consider the manufacturer just to the extent that they can be reliable because i dont want to trust something that will break. otherwise i just like a good design and one that protects my bb

The number 1 factor I look into buying a clear skin for my blackberry, is how well it actually works. Whats the point of having a case if the phone is still going to scratch? Another thing I pay attention to is how slim it keeps the phone, I like to hold my phone in my pocket so I dont like to to be too bulky. Thanks crackberry! happy birthday!!!!

When buying a clear skin for my devices, I first look for protection. Keeping my devices scratch and ding free is a priority for me since I am kind of obsessive about such things.

Another factor I look for is that it will retain it's clarity. I owned an Invisible Shield for my MP3 player once, and when I removed it, it had turned a funky tint of brown. With a full-screen device like my storm, I want to see the colors as they were meant to be seen, not filtered through a hazy skin.

Lastly, I look to see that the skin will adhere to my device, and STAY ADHERED. If it looks like it will start to peel back around the edges, I don't want it. Again, this goes back to my obsessiveness over little things like this.

That said, hook me up! :-D

happy birthday crackberry number one factor when choosing a skin for my device is protection and coverage.. how well will the skin take care of normal ware and tare on the device.

Basically, when it comes down to me choosing a case, I want something that is light (in both senses of the word), resistant, and flattering to the phone itself. Sometimes, I am stuck at a crossroad when it comes to choosing a case because I do not know if you want to just get the "most protective" looking case or the "sleekest" looking case. Ideally, in a perfect world, the best of both worlds.

I've only had my Bold for about a month but already I've been through numerous cases and skins. I used to OEM holster for a while before purchasing a generic black silicone cover from a mall stand. Then I decided I wanted to try out a "skin" so after reading some reviews I ordered a full body Zagg sheild. The cuts were not precise at all and the skin overlapped in many places leaving a sloppy install. I was not pleased so I asked for a replacement. When installing the second time, I had some tiny tiny water bubbles that I was told would disappear within a day or do. Yeah right, the spots never went away, so I ripped it off and went to the mall to buy generic screen protectors that I had to cut, but never stayed down. Then I ordered a Seidio inno case that snapped a few weeks later when I tried to remove it. Now, I'm using a red OEM silicone skin and a CNN screen protector which sucks. My new Black bezel will be here in a few days and I'd LOVE to use a PhantomSkinz to protect it. I've heard great things and I love how the skin covers every inch of the phone. Even if I don't win I'll probably buy one anyway!

Pick me!

The biggest factors I look at when I purchase a cover or skin for my Blackberry is the overall cost versus the protection the cover would provide. I keep my equipment in an immaqulate condition and anything that would help with that would be beneficial.

Cost is obviously the main factor followed by design. If a high cost skin has a better design the price is justified and vice versa.

The biggest factor for me is a skin that lets me show off my Storm without hindering the performance (I need to access all of the buttons and use all the features) and still fit in my pocket.

has to be able to slide into my jeans and be taken out quickly. that's my one quip with the silcone cases. I currently have the seido II but having a thin invisble case like this allows the phone to be free.

Having never purchased a skin before (since I just got the Blackberry), I would go with recommendations from others as my main decision making factor, followed closely by cost.

I guess coverage and then manufacturer is the top two for me. Cost is not really an issue if I know I have a solid product that will protect my phone.

The most important for me is a slim case that provides protection and that is stylish! Dont like chunky cases that hide the phone!

I was about to place an order for the Phantom Skinz this weekend.. and here you go, CB does it again with a great giveaway...

The number 1 factor for me is Design.... I like the Phantom cut and durability.

Happy Birthday.

The most important thing to me is protection but only if it can still allow me to slip my Storm into my pocket without added bulk.

The number one thing I look for when purchasing skins for my berry is appearance. I also read the reviews and try and find out if it will leave any sort of damage or residue if removed. I must say that I like to be original but when it comes to purchasing protection for my berry, I let the reviews lead me :)

ever since i got my 8900 i went through 3 different cases. i used the OEM leather pouch, a snap on case and a silicone. every time i would look at my bb, the case wouldn't do it justice, in a way where i cannot show off its sexiness. I want something that isn't bulky and of course show off my 8900!

The number one factor I look for is the quality of the product and with the help of my fellow CrackBerry users reviews helps with my decision.


The number one factor for me would be protection. If I can get a skin that never scratches and looks pretty much sold. Cost is the last thing really that would effect my purchase. If the reviews are good, then I'll buy it...the end :)