BlackBerry World History: The Birth of CrackBerry Kevin

CrackBerry Kevin and Ivan Kanner
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2012 07:17 pm EDT

Kevin Michaluk and Ivan Kanner at BBWorld 2012 - Ivan rebranded me CrackBerry Kevin in 2007

BlackBerry World 2012 (formerly known as the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, or WES for short) marked my sixth consecutive annual trip to Orlando for RIM's biggest event of the year. BlackBerry World always makes for an awesome week and for those of us who have been to a bunch of them, it's like a family reunion. Over the years I've made a lot of friends at BlackBerry World, and I always look forward to the event as it's our only chance on the calendar to all reconnect. 

Going back to my first WES in 2007, I arrived knowing literally nobody. was still a new site -- barely four months old -- and it was my first BlackBerry event. Heck, RIM wouldn't give me a press pass so I paid my way in at full price as a regular attendee. Luckily, it didn't take me long to make a friend. Walking through the halls of the Marriott World Center, Ivan Kanner spotted my bright green CrackBerry t-shirt (pictured below) and shouted out it's CrackBerry Kevin! That was the first time anybody ever called me CrackBerry Kevin, and it immediately stuck. And not only did Ivan christen me CrackBerry Kevin, but he also welcomed me into his crew of friends for all the evening festivities that WES, and we've been reuniting every WES/BBWorld since. Suffice to say, Ivan is one of my BBWorld buddies I look forward to seeing in Orlando every year. Good seeing you this week Ivan!

CBK 2007WES 2007
Left: The "Original" CrackBerry t-shirt of 2007; Right:Longtime WES/BBWorld Pals

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BlackBerry World History: The Birth of CrackBerry Kevin


Awesome. I never knew. :)

(Really wasn't trying to be 1st, just glad to be here. :) )

And would love one of those original t-shirts

Those babies are collectors items! I think I took 15 with me to that first WES 2007 and gave them away. I'm sure a few of them are kicking around still.  Maybe I'll have to bring back the design for a limited edition re-run. :)

Thats what the Crackberry shop is missing. Crackberry Apparel. Think that would be a great way to not only show off our addiction to Crackberry and Blackberry.

I def would love a crackberry hat and shirt. I would really love a black hat that has the rim logo on the front.

I'm in for some CB / BB / shirts/hats/etc. Maybe even some jammy jams so I can lounge on the couch in comfort and rock my PlayBook!

Need BBM ME bumper / clear window stickers!

Forget Crackberry apparel - no offense - but RIM really needs to sell it's own apparel. Those winter gloves were to die for.

...How about CB phone cases or PB cases?

How about a limited edition 24K gold diamond encrusted stylus? Hehehe

Or even a simple CB sticker for every order in the CB store!

Kevin, the shirt looks marvelous. But i still want that porsche blackberry of your your giving away : blackberry of your your giving away :)

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

I have never bought from and I personally enjoy physically going to a store to purchase something but, if there was t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc... I would definitely shop online for that.

Nice to reminisce about old CrackBerry. Funnily enough I listened back to some of the old podcasts the other day, starting with the first, and was happily reminded of those carefree days of just being excited about everything BlackBerry related (bring back more Craig btw), the excitement about ebaying your 9000, hopes for the Storm, learing more about enterprise, the future of BB etc, really good stuff :)

CB for life baby!

The man,
The t -shirt,
The myth,
The legend!
From the End of the World
to Your Town!
Rock On,
Crack - man!
Crackberry 's like a fever,
It hooks you to the bone,
You gotta have the 'Berry,
You gotta have the phone!

Great story. 2007 was my first year as well and Ivan (DarthBBerry) was the catylst for getting the forum guys together for a meet and greet. I believe the second picture was after the James Bond themed VZW party where a few were showing off the swag.