Get your shooting action on with Birds on a Wire for BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 6 Oct 2012 03:50 pm EDT

If you are looking for some shooting action for your BlackBerry PlayBook you could do a lot worse than Birds on a Wire which is recently new to App World. Similar in concept to some other familiar games, this one involves you shooting different colored birds at other colored birds. You need to get three of the same color in a row to destroy them and they can't reach the end of the wire or it will be game over.

With over 50 levels to keep you going and five game modes you will also need to collect bonuses along the way which can be found in the way of either gold coins or gems that the birds will drop - shoot them and they are yours.

Features include:

  • Battle your way through a whopping 50 levels of avian arcade adventure!
  • Pit your wits against 5 distinct game modes
  • Use the myriad bonuses wisely to clear the levels quickly
  • Cute, not angry bird

For $0.99 this one is quite a bargain. It is fun, exciting, fast and challenging - just what you want from a decent game.

More information/Download Birds on a Wire for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Get your shooting action on with Birds on a Wire for BlackBerry PlayBook


This game is android! If ya want a quality game like this get sparkle! Way better graphics and game play!
Just my 2 pennies!

Is there a single game on the BB Platform which is original? I doubt it; all of these seem to be copycats of iOS and Android Games.

Alright you whiners...not ALL games originate on the game meccas that are android and ios, or are copycats of droid and ios!!!
Birds on a Wire is a multi platform game that was released for pc back in 2006, it's a fun and cute game, glad to see it made its way to Playbook, I will be buying it. :)