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This game rocks - Biplanes Blasta for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 11 May 2013 04:59 pm EDT

I think I may have just found my new favorite game on BlackBerry 10. Biplanes Blasta is just the sort of game I love to play. There are actually three games within the game which is always a bonus. These are:

  • Balloons: keep cool and pop some balloons at your own pace.
  • Race: Push your limits by racing through gates close to the ground.
  • DogFight: Action starts here, against your friends (local network)

There are a couple of ways to control your plane - I prefer using the tilt controls but if you jump into the settings you can easily switch to a virtual on-screen joypad if you prefer. The only other controls you need to worry about are your weapons and this tab can be found on the right of the screen.

So, in Balloon and Dogfight mode you will need to use your machine guns to destroy the balloons or your opponent. As you destroy things or do well in a race you will earn coins which you can use to upgrade your guns - good stuff.

The game is colorful, fluid and has some great sound effects. With the added bonus of three different scenes in each game there are hours of great game play to be had. Plus - all this for less than a dollar!

More information/Download Biplanes Blasta for BlackBerry 10



Sounds fun! My daughter and I could use this one

Posted via CB10


Awesome! We need more LOCAL multiplayer games!


You make me spend money :D (with all the useful apps you mention...)

Nice game though - and a key factor, it is small.

Posted via CB10


I know, eh. James is a bad influence.



lol it says not available for my device Z10...wow.man oh man when my carrier sasktel will let me upgrade the Z10 software version...?


I hear ya, "fail"tel is letting alot of loyal bb fans down hard. I just keep telling all my contacts 10.1 should fix it all but ya 2 months in and no patch yet... did someone say telus?


Downloaded is to just to support the developer because it works flawlessly on the Q10. Hope more developers make this effort in future.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963


Wow, this railway app look like a really useful app.

Post via CB Z10


So it's Native?

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10


Just got it and it's amazing. I can see myself putting a lot of time into this one! A huge shout out to DanLabG on another great title!

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Looks and sounds addictive!!


I wonder where the developer got his inspiration from? Wonder if he's been to Wuhu island?

Posted via CB10


Not available for my device?

Posted via CB10


Its the same game thats in Nintendos Wii Sports Resort. Very addictive.

Posted via CB10


That's what I thought of when I first saw its rich graphics and sound. Beautiful game. Two thumbs up to the developers of this game.

Post via CB Z10


THIS is definitely my kind of game!!! Thanks for the awesome review the multi player sold me instantly.

Posted via CB10


Um, why is this unavailable on my Z10?

Posted via CB10


My accelerometer seems to keep messing up so that I can't make the plane climb up. It's fine when I close and reopen the game, but into a game or two and the controls are messed up again. Anyone know if there's a way to reset the accelerometer for this game? I'm horrible at the touch controls....

Posted via CB10


Okay, I found a workaround to what was probably just a bug with the race I was in. If in the beginning of a race you can't seem to fly up, fly sideways a bit until you do end upward, then climb high and do a bunch of extreme maneuvers. This seemed to reset the accelerometer so it acts normally. The good thing is the timer for a race doesn't start until you cross the first goalpost so there's time to recalibrate if things get wonky. Once I could control the plane it got super fun! Just tried some other races and everything was fine, so back to enjoying flying in this awesome game!


Stupid Verizon! It isn't available for my Z10STL100-4/ Need at least 10.0.10.xxx I'm sure.

Posted via CB10

Emanuel Yakubov

Downloading it right now ;)

Posted via CB10


Has anyone managed to get local two player working?

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10


It sucks for us who can't get it to Buy! Its just like the reboot thing, can't get the update! Looks cool though. Hope it's not five bucks if and when we ever get it.


Good game and only 90 euro cent.

Posted via CB10

so crow

Should be free.

Posted via CB10


What's up with stood Verizon man I getting tired of Em they are ruining my z10 experience

Posted via CB10


Got it. Is there a single player dogfight with AI opponents though?

Posted via CB10


I'm wondering about the dogfight mode, no single player? And what does it mean "2 player local"? That I need another BlackBerry 10 on my wifi network?

Posted via CB10


Forgot to mention that's its a dollar

Posted via CB10