Bingtastic And Shaosoft Team Up For Awesome Theme And App Sale!

Bingtastic And Shaosoft Team Up For Awesome Theme And App Sale!
By Bla1ze on 2 May 2010 05:53 pm EDT

Bingtastic themes and Shaosoft have a great deal going on for the next week. Now, when you purchase any Bingtastic theme you'll get a coupon code for 50% off the all new Shaosoft wallpaper changer application. The offer also works in reverse as well, so if you buy wallpaper changer you'll get 50% off any Bingtastic theme available. The best part is Bingtastic and Shaosoft have both been hard at work updating their offerings.

Most of the offered Bingtastic themes will now work on BlackBerry Storm devices (Be sure to check before purchase), while Shaosoft has recently updated their wallpaper with a whole slew of new features that improve the application functionality significantly. Remember, deal is only on for a week so get in on it while you still can.



This is such a great deal....makes me want to go out and buy like 70 of each...(Yawn)


When you leave unencouraging posts like that, you're not exactly communicating very well to the developer community. Do you think developers appreciate comments like that?

I understand if you may not be interested in the products and that's fine. But to leave such a comment on a post conveys nothing but unappreciation to those who actually take the time to offer up plenty of things to CrackBerry readers.

Put yourself in the shoes of a developer reading that comment. Would you want to offer anything to someone who was so unappreciative? Not likely. Next time, instead of leaving a rude comment, post nothing or at least post something constructive.


HA HA HA that is truly funny stuff :D

Michael Hepples

Important to note here that part of the update is that Wallpaper Changer now works with BerryWeather. Only Wallpaper changing app with that functionality. ;)

The Gift

Wallpaper shifter (free) works with BerryWeather too... mind you thats only when berryweather decides to work, but I believe thats down to Bellshare and not any wallpaper changing app.


Thanks for this information. Good job...