Bing for BlackBerry updated adding many new features

By ObiGeorge on 20 Jan 2011 04:50 pm EST
Bing for BlackBerry

Today, Microsoft released an update to Bing for BlackBerry. It is now compatible with BlackBerry 6 (the Torch at least) and they have also made performance improvements for OS5 devices. Bing for BlackBerry's new features include:

  • Homepage Hotspots- If you have a little time to spend and want to explore the day’s image, point around it until you find a hotspot. Hidden in the image, hotspots are intended intrigue and inform you. If you look, you’ll find four of them every day. Each gives you a chance to find out more about the subject of the image. 
  • Flight Status Instant Answer- Enter your flight number and Bing will provide you with the status of your flight.
  • Bing Image Search- Search for images on the go.
  • What's Nearby- Bing for BlackBerry has a smart experience for finding local listings like restaurants, and attractions using your location.

Bing for BlackBerry is free. Unfortunately it is only available for the 9000, 9800, 8520, 8530, 9530, 9550, 9630, and 9650. Hopefully they will update again soon to include the rest of the BlackBerry devices out there, especially the ever popular 97xx series.

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Reader comments

Bing for BlackBerry updated adding many new features


on the website for the torch it dosnt have an option to download for this model any help please I'm trying to stop useing google.

I was curious if it was myself, It says right there in the Blog Post that it is available for the 9800 which is the Torch and only runs OS 6, but I am unable to get a download either.

I couldn't find the update or the new version in app world. Not under Free, not under new updates, not even searching for "Bing." Where's the update??

the free bing app is at app world under productivity, search. the release date on the app world is 16 jan 2011 and it does appear to be the release in question. i was able to download it, no issues, and it does appear to be working.

my only criticism, so far, i'm not too fond of bing maps. the push pin feature is intriguing but i still like google maps better.

I've tried to download on my Torch by using and get a "Server Error, 403 - Fobidden: Access id denied".

I can't even open my existing Bing app on my Storm2 9550 .1015.
It's says it can configure and I need to reboot.
Still no after reboot.

Tks for the link cam1pbell.

The link worked but now i get the following msg:
"There was a problem during installation. Please try again."
Keep getting the same msg.


tried the above posted link and the message received is "not available on your device or for this carrier" guess no canadian torch love or at least rogers torch love :(

for what it's worth, i've got a Torch 9800 on ATT (using 6.0.337), and went to appworld, downloaded, and it installed with no problem, and is working just fine. It seems to be a really good smooth working app. I too prefer google maps, but sure like some of the other features of this Bing homepage.

Direct download and via BB Appworld both are blocked from Rogers, perhaps all of Canada or any non-US carrier. The support email address posted on app world ( naturally generates an unknown user Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender error.

I don't wish to share more of my data with google, so I was kinda looking forward to this app since yahoo's bb app flopped. Thing is, I'm on a torch in the US with att and still get the "forbidden" link. What gives? SMH Micro$oft....SMH

FYI: I had to delete existing Bing app on my VZ Storm2 (9550) .1015 before it allowed my to download the most current version.

Good Luck

This morning I clicked on the Bing icon and it finally configured itself (version 1). Yesterday it would not configure at all. After configuring, it said a new version was available to download (version 1.5.3891.32805) for my Storm 9550. So once I downloaded and configured the new version, I was all set. BTW, a search on BB App World came up empty.

I have downloaded it 5 times now on my Sprint 9650 & keep getting (error starting bing:error loading module 'bing' Verify error. Am I doing something wrong? this is happening no matter what I try, reboot after delete, reboot after install. I am running OS6