Bing and My Verizon Being Pushed To Verizon Storm Users

By Adam Zeis on 2 Nov 2009 10:17 am EST

Bing App

We've been down this road before, and it looks like Verizon is yet again pushing out some apps to Storm users. We've seen Slacker and VCAST apps magically pop up, and now it appears as if both the Bing app and My Verizon are being pushed out by Big Red. Previously My Verzion was available for download and actually wasn't a terrible app. The new Bing app looks to be a love it or hate it as well. Keep in mind the pushed icons are just shortcuts to download the apps, so if you don't want them just hide the icons. Unfortunately there is still no way to completely remove them. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Bing and My Verizon Being Pushed To Verizon Storm Users


Verizon really needs to stop this. What a waste of time that they could be putting towards something else to improve service (which by the way is great). I dont understand what they get out of this whole thing. Im sure there is money in there somewhere. Plus as Im sure you can see I dont have a whole lot to say about this outside of what I just said and hell thats not really that great of a argument but I did get to become first post :P lol always wanted to do that

You're telling me that you don't like your carrier updating your phone willynilly, sending you stuff that you would "probably like based on your current smartphone useage" and then not letting you delete it when you actually don't like it?

Maybe Verizon is just trying to make my experience with Storm1 so terrible that I have an easier decision when it comes down to what non-Storm I want to get when my contract is up.

is any one else tired of not being able to delete these apps that verizon pushes out there some i like its i would like to be able to delete the ones i dont like to free up some space

They're not apps. They're icons that link to the downloadable app. Deleting them is going to free up what, 20kb total? They're annoying, but they're not taking up space that has any effect on your usable space.

Personally, I don't agree with what is essentially spam, but what's the other option, go to a network that doesn't work as well to avoid it? Small annoyance, no big deal.

I like My Verizon, it can be a useful app. I like the (usually)beautiful photographs that serves as a backdrop on the bing site. I still use Google though.

Is anyone else getting tired of getting up in the morning just to see that Verizon has pushed yet more launchers to your phones? I know that yo can just hide them, but it is getting annoying. It seems like every week its something new.

I know, I totally have SO MANY ICONS getting pushed to my phone all the time. I have like 1 for every week since I've had the phone!! :P Seriously...its not a huge deal. Hide it and be done with it. Last time I remember getting stuff pushed to my storm was over a month ago.

I searched Google (haha) for info about the bing app for doesn't exist yet, so I don't understand why VZW is pushing this icon?

but i went...

options > advanced options >service book

then i deleted BING... and its off my phone... hasnt come back yet

this sucks..I dont know what else to say. I dont like hiding those icons..but I guess I have to.

However, I did find somewhere in the forums where if you go to options - advance options - service books

you can delete the service books for those apps, along with some of the other install icons. The only down side to this method is if you install a new theme or I think do a battery pull the icons will show up again. But another option to think about!

I just create a folder named "Crap", put all these crap links in there and hide that folder. No more bothersome icons.

So I went to the links above to try to download bing for my 8330. The blackberry app when I download it is the "windows live" app with a different icon. which I already have. Is there actually a bing app that has that B logo. If so is it just no available for other BB yet.

Yes, I do find it annoying that Verizon pushes apps like this. However, I have to say I like this Bing App. I've used it a few times now and I like the amount of information you are able to get.

I haven't had them pushed to my handset either. Maybe we're both lucky!! I hope they will be better than that other junk they pushed like Song ID. I had it before on my LG Dare and it came in handy but on the Storm, it's just taking up space. Unless someone can tell me how to get this to work, it's useless.

im trying to get the bing app to go on my phone, might i add that im loving this phone. big time . the only flaw that ive found is the vibrate is too weak. i like the storm 1 after updates . but this one is a quatom leap. just imagine , its only gonna get better.

I usually just delete the service book BUT I guess I will install and delete. Maybe that will work.

Having said that I might actually try the bing app. Bing is my default search engine so we will see how it goes.

I don't think VZW should push anything that is unremovable. I also was a little annoyed at the number of trial ware BS that was shipped with the S2. At first I was happy, a bunch of new games, only to see when you clicked they were for purchase and not included.

Verizon has been installing trial games on phones for years. I've owned 2 LG and 1 Motorola phone and they all came with trial games installed. I'm supprised this has happened to blackBerry's sooner.

I got the pushed link; but got a 502 error (error responding from remote server. Broken already? Maybe .328 is required

I thought the pushing of apps was really dumb at first but the Bing thing is kind of handy!

I don't mind them sending my crap, but let's get some better crap...a?

I never got the pushed Slacker and You Tube and I did not get these either. I even did a register now on Host Routing Tables and pushed the service books from the BES. I want the Bing app.

i got them pushed then i tried to install my verizon and it gives me like a 504 gateway error or something, any one know how to fix?

I just hide them...but what I am still trying to figure out on my Storm1 is why I've lost so much memory after doing the 5.0 install. Before I'd be running around 33-35mb of memory, but now I can't get above 22mb and it drops down to 11mb or so pretty fast.

Any thoughts on this?

Well... I think 5.0 uses a little bit more RAM in exchange for faster response time. Although u might have less memory now, it equates to a more responsive experience with your phone.

i was like happy with this app till I search for directions with the maps and u HAVE to use verizon navigator wtf...

I really need to know when a new OS will be released for Alltel. I was in the Alltel/Verizon merger and they informed me that I have to download an OS that Alltel releases. I am not smart enough to download a hybrid!!!


Funny I haven't recieved either one of these . I didn't recieve the You Tube one either when that was seent out .

I tried to "hide" the Bing icon and all it would do is dim it but it still remains on the Home screen. If you don't want to look at it or have it displace some of your other icons, move it to another folder. I can't really believe Bing is still around after using it for about a week.

You can delete the verizon pushed apps. Go to option, advanced options then service books you will then see the pushed app there. you then hit your menue button then delete. The problem is they will be pushed again, I had to do this several times with the verizon tones before it was gone. my guess is verizon pushes the apps for a certain time span,and after the push has stopped is when you will be successful.

Yea was woundering about that along with slacker and another vzw app u delet it and it shows up later. so i take it u still cant remove slacker from ur blackberry?

I would be less irritated if i had a delete option Some people live in a bubble and cant find apps for them selves this i understand. However I am an intelligent individual and can find and install what I want.

I would be less irritated if i had a delete option Some people live in a bubble and cant find apps for them selves this i understand. However I am an intelligent individual and can find and install what I want.

I did my first battery pull since the newest .328 came out and have to say my storm is running great but I am getting so tired of Verizon pushing these application icons on me geez if I wanted them I would download it. I know you can hide them but why cant we delete them forever. I paid for my storm so I should be able to pick what goes on it.

HUFF Grrr Boo Hiss ok done venting!

I have not been able to get the Bing app! I received the icon for V CAST videos...when I attempt to download Bing using the website, it just re-directs me to download LiveSearch which I already have. I am running OS

directions actually work without Verizon Navigator. Instead of clicking on Get Directions with VZ Navigator, click on Get Directions button.

I also got sick of these shortcut icons cluttering up my home screen. So instead of just hiding them all, I made a folder called Unused Icons, hid that, and then just push everything into that folder that gets sent to me. Works like a charm!

FYI if you Delete the BlackBerry Application Center from your list of App from the phone these Pushed Apps will NOT be Push to your Phone

I don't care that it showed up... I care that I can't delete it. The amount of space is immaterial. RIM, VZ and MSFT need to provide DELETE option for the icon.

I know that we each have our own “FAVORITE”. The issue here is freedom of choice. I don’t mind if Verizon pushes an icon on my Blackberry — I can hide it. But to REMOVE a choice that I had when I bought the device is WRONG! After hours on hold with Verizon listening to their message about customer satisfaction - I'm certainly not satisfied.