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By Kerri Neill on 12 Apr 2011 09:13 am EDT
Bill Tracker BlackBerryBill Tracker BlackBerry

Between my job here at CrackBerry, working at a day care facility, husband's work social functions, three children and all their activities as well as taking care of the three family pets, I occasionally mess up & forget something I was supposed to do. None of this is more aggravating then when it is a bill I needed to pay and didn't. We all know in today's economy one missed bill incurs a very hefty fee with most companies. I recently ran across an app in the CrackBerry App Store called Bill Tracker by Ajani InfoTech Private Limited.

Bill Tracker not only keeps track of your bills but also has the added benefit of keeping records of those bills & when they were paid, scheduling for when bills are due and adding custom bill reminders. You can also view your payment history and see where your money is going by tracking your bill logs. It's a useful app. An added bonus to this app is that you can email the bill logs to yourself or sync it with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

One thing I love about this app that differs from the others is the fact that you enter in the payee's information manually. While this is a little time consuming at first you no longer have to worry if the company you use is supported by the app itself. Bill Tracker works on pretty much every BlackBerry device there is and at the price of only $0.99, it's definitely worth giving it a try.

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Bill Tracker for BlackBerry


Great! The iPhone has some many great little apps (and free) that do this well. Nice to finally see a good BlackBerry bill tracking app. I have tried them all but this one seems stable, has all the features you need and the price is right.

I purchased this app as I needed a basic bill tracking Progra. I like the program just wish there were a few instructions. It's not always clear how to use it


Just downloaded trial version from the CrackBerry Store, a pop up message is saying "Error starting BillTracker: Error Loading Module 'Bill Tracker' verify error.

I've bought the app, to try and rid the error, no luck, it still says "Error Starting BillTracker..."

Can you assist me please?

Thanks in Advance.


I've asked a few basic question, but the support on this product is ... well, not there :(

I can't recommend buying this app in it's current state...