BigTinCan FaceOff Manages Calls On Your Storm - 100 Copies to Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2010 02:02 pm EDT

If you're looking for a quick way to manage your incoming calls on your Storm, FaceOff may be worth checking out. The new app from BigTinCan lets you easily silence your device by turning it "face off". You can set multiple options in the app, all of which override the default profiles on your device. If you're in a meeting, out to dinner or just don't want to be bothered, activate FaceOff and you won't have to worry about incoming calls. Want a few special numbers to get through no matter what? Not to worry, FaceOff has a whitelist feature as well. The app sells for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store and is available only for the Storm and Storm2.

Contest: We have 100 copies of FaceOff to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

BigTinCan FaceOff Manages Calls On Your Storm - 100 Copies to Be Won!



Aside from notifying you "no matter what" for a few special numbers, this app does the same thing that just turning your profiles to SILENT would do. Worth 5 bucks?? I don't think so.

If I win this app I'm posting it all over on Facebook ..twitter .my space everybody its gonna know about how good its this app.

I used same application on my Jailbroken iPhone and i loved it... Now that i have my Storm i'd like to use it again...

I really would love a copy of this, I have to silence my phone at work and I have kids and a wife in the military......I would love to be able to get their calls in case of emergency. Please, I need a copy of this!!! Thanks :)

Cool idea for an app, would sure make the girlfriend happy by not having my BB go off constantly. I'll take one please.

This sounds like my kind of App. I get too many numbers that call at inopportune times. Yet, I do need some call to come through, no matter what. Faceoff sounds like just the thing....

This looks like a awsome-o application. Its hard out here for a BB Pimp and money and Ho's slirts are tight. So I sure could use the win on this.

After being nearly thrown out of a courtroom trial I was involved in due to forgetting to turn my Blackberry off, this would be a great ap for me.

This app sounds great for not having calls while being in meetings or simply when not wanting to speak to certain people, but would receive emergency calls

Although you're not offering pure action, some great movie scenes, and my good buddy Cage, I'd still like to have my faceoff! Great job. Thanks a lot.

Usually when I'm studying or going to sleep, I turn "all alerts off." I have always hoped for an option where I could ignore all calls, but let ones in from my mom or sister (in case of emergencies). This app would be a Godsend.

I've been looking for a simple way to only allow emergency calls to get through when I am overseas and trying to sleep during what is daytime back home. This app looks perfect!

I phone is for business and personal use so it would be nice to be able to only allow people I know to contact me after business hours.

As I sometimes need to be contacted during times when I am teaching postgraduate students (my son has a range of disabilities and has needed frequent hospital visits - we have far too many frequent flyer points at the hospital ER), this would be perfect for being able to simply and easily turn on the magic list of only three numbers that need to contact me, without being muted.

So, putting all dignity aside ... pick me! pick me!



I am a business professional and sometimes miss my calls because i don't here my phone or i am in a clients home and my phone is too loud. This would be a fantastic tool for me!!

That would be awesome, please pick me! I could finally get rid of the free version that only makes my led blink disco! lol

this would be great when i'm sleeping or in a meeting, so i only get calls from people that really matter at those times

There are only a handful of ppl that I enjoy talking to and wouldnt mind bothering me... so i would love to be able to put the rest on silent! :)