BigTinCan Disco Giveaway - 100 More Apps Can Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2009 11:00 am EDT


It looks like the BigTinCan Disco Giveaway is going well so far and there are a load of entries from CrackBerry. David just dropped me a note to let me know that they are willing to add 100 more free copies of BuzzMe Pro to the pot if they get 50 more submission from CrackBerry by Sunday. So that means there could be a total of 150 copies of BuzzMe Pro given out, we just need you to head over to and get your entry in. You don't have anything to lose, and you can win one of five BlackBerry Curve 8520s. Also be sure to leave a comment on the original contest post to be entered to win a copy of BuzzMe Pro.

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BigTinCan Disco Giveaway - 100 More Apps Can Be Won!


My 8330 recently took a dive in the toilet (2-3 months ago) and just two days ago jumped from my pocket to underneath my riding lawn mower. It still works! (think my blade was just high enough) but it's getting beat up. Maybe it's time to try a modern Curve!


Had this app. This app kept messing up I contacted them 3 times and they never one time got back with me. I now have BerryBuzz. I work hard for my money even if it is 3 dollars.

..I may have already commented here but another article popped up in viigo about the contest & I really want to win this app. So apologies if this is my second post

This is great, please pick me as a winner. I would be so appreciative and be thankful forever and a day.

I played with an 8520 at the T-Mobile store and I fell in love with it!!! I'd love to have the first trackpad BB!!

Everytime I see that disco light,
I know that ill be alright.
Without Buzz ME my phone is NOTHING.
Vib+RING is my kinda thing.
Thanks again

i got to play with one of the 8520s and liked it alot due to the fact that the trackballs always gum up but with this there is no chance in that happening. please hit me up with one of these 8520s cuz i cant afford to get one rite now