BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2010 02:05 pm EST
Buzz Me PremiumBuzz Me Premium 

David of BigTinCan just let me know that a shiny new version of BuzzMe is on its way to Mobihand and App World next week. To celebrate the release, BigTinCan is making 500 copies of the new BuzzMe Premium available to the CrackBerry Nation before anyone else. BuzzMe Premium has all the great LED changing and vibrate features of BuzzMe for native apps, as well as support for Facebook, Myspace, Ubertwitter, BBM, Beejive and even the official Twitter for BlackBerry. The new version also has new LED colors as well as improved battery life. So what are you waiting for? Drop a comment on this post, and after Sunday we'll pick 500 winners to get Buzz Me Premium FREE as soon as it hits Mobihand. For now, you can check out the free trial Buzz Me Standard in the CrackBerry App Store to tide you over.

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Reader comments

BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!



I love this product. I've tried the free version before and loved it. I hope I can get one of the 500 copies of the premium!

Buzzme or Berrybuzz?
I have Storm and would like to try it, but the best is if I could get it for free ..
than it is a great promo.

I really need an app like this! It would make my phone so much more efficient! Hope I can win a copy!!

I've been using BuzzMe for a while now, and its awesome. I'm stoked they developed a new premium version, I'd love to check it out...

It certainly looks nice.

I was willing to buy this one when I was on OS 4.6 but had a last second change of thought.

It would be pretty awesome if I could get such a copy.

Thanks crackberry for once again give away copies of awesome software like this one. Oh, and I WANT A FREE COPY PLEAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I thought Buzz Me Standard was good as I'm looking forward to trying this one out....Plus it wouldn't hurt to win a copy : )

Really hope to win this one i have no way of buying apps but have always loved this!!

i have this app but only the trial vsion and it alows me to recogize just by loking at the lead what i receive its helful especilly when im in a meting and dont HAVE to look at my phone all the time

I have the free version. I was going to buy but saw this promotion and decided to try to win a copy first. Wish me luck.


Way to go, start giving apps now that i have my new shainning 9700, i will eager to get an app like this, for lots of fun in personalization

I could really use this because my phone is always on silent to not disturb anyone. Not knowing what the flashing red light can get annoying but with this I could always know!

I really love buzzme and convinced all my friends to use it... it was a little complicated to get it to work correctly, but hey I was sick that week and didn't have anything else to do ;) love the options to change the led... I have mine set on disco3, would love to have the opportunity to get one of the free copies.

I have been using the lite version and it is awesome. My wife wont let my buy it so PLEASE let me win it!!!!!!


Who am I kidding. Want is an understatement! Need! Either way new features look great and its awful swell of BigTinCan to offer up this many free copies to the crackberry faithful! Good luck everyone.

I would like this, I been using one of their first beta since it came out, many many months ago (Buzzme)

Well, here's hoping I win as when I upgraded the software on my Curve, I lost all my apps because they didn't back up properly. Please Buzz ME....

Even though I am a big fans of BerryBuzz (Paid one), but definitely want to try this one out especially a features for ubertwitter

i've never used buzz me, everytime i pull up appworld i consider downloading it but have never made the plungle, i think this version is going to be a must have, looks great!!

Would love a free copy, only just got my curve and this app sounds great :) thanks very much!

Uhhh... A new version... This app is an awesome addition to my BB... Love the customizations. Can I have the premium? :) please?

I just got a new Blackberry Tour from verizon. They are not on 5.0 yet so that means that I don't have the ring and vibrate feature on my phone yet. There is no telling when 5.0 will be out for my phone. I only want an official update for my phone from verizon so this application would do wonders for me. I would love to win it. PLEASE!!! :)

I currently have the free version of BuzzMe and because I usually keep my phone on vibrate, this cool app has really helped me reduce the amount of missed calls when I set my phone down. My wife now has BuzzMe on her BB and it has become a great app to recommend to others. Really looking forward to having the opportunity to try out the new Premium Edition.

I would love to have this app. For no other reason but because I think that it is a cool app to use with all ny social networking.

I would LOVE to have this, I use Berry Buzz, but it doesn't let you change the LED color for apps! This sounds perfect! =)


I have used this app in the past & it totally rocked on my Curve. Now have a Tour with lame red & green lights. This should would pimp it up nice...hint hint

not realy sure if it supports multiple e-mails and numbers on 1-contact, but that would be much appreciated...


Can I be any more pathetic...LOL! But seriously,please buzzme.


I have the free version and I think it's great! Haven't stepped up to Premium yet, but may after the release of the new version. To win it would be a big PLUS!

Would love to win a copy of BuzzMe...Have used something similar in the past but would love to win a copy

Thank you

I cant wait to see whats new. I love buzz me it makes all my bb friends jealous..."how did you get your bb to do that"? I like the disco LED when my phone rings. Sweet app!

BuzzME is more like BuzzKill! This product is being marketed as being compatible with all devices. This app is incompatible with the 8330???

Really love the app, had it on my storm and didnt switch over to my tour. Just dont want to pay for it again!!!

I've never won anything. Every time I sign-up for a give-a-way, i get stiffed. I'll probably get stiffed again.. it's worth a shot.