BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2010 02:05 pm EST
Buzz Me PremiumBuzz Me Premium 

David of BigTinCan just let me know that a shiny new version of BuzzMe is on its way to Mobihand and App World next week. To celebrate the release, BigTinCan is making 500 copies of the new BuzzMe Premium available to the CrackBerry Nation before anyone else. BuzzMe Premium has all the great LED changing and vibrate features of BuzzMe for native apps, as well as support for Facebook, Myspace, Ubertwitter, BBM, Beejive and even the official Twitter for BlackBerry. The new version also has new LED colors as well as improved battery life. So what are you waiting for? Drop a comment on this post, and after Sunday we'll pick 500 winners to get Buzz Me Premium FREE as soon as it hits Mobihand. For now, you can check out the free trial Buzz Me Standard in the CrackBerry App Store to tide you over.

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BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!



So lately I really an getting bored with my storm. I cracked the screen. Although it doesn't do anything to the functionality of the phone I know its cracked. warranty through Verizon sucks! Anyway pick me!!!!!!!

Always looked at this app in the app world but never gave it a shot. I'd definitely like to try it out.

I have beBuzz......the free version. I'd love to get BuzzMe and get rid of beBuzz.....i'll take a free copy! Thanks

Would finally love to have different lights for everything as it should have been from the beginning!

Upgrade me please!

Oh wao! This seems great. It would sure help to know exactly which app just recieved the notification it could even get me out of ttrouble every once in a while :)

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I've been waiting to try out one of these apps, but wasnt sure which one I would like. This would be great to get a premium one. Thanx CB and BigTinCan.

BigTinCan's BuzzMe app is probably the best alert application out there. I only have the standard version and it's really good so I can only imagine what the premium version is like. Good luck everyone!!

i like my bebuzz trial app but would really love the premium edition. this would be great for my first winning on crackberry. come on guys think about me when choosing the winners

I had issues with the first one so out of the kindness of your heart make things right and make my day with a free copy.

I had BTC BuzzMe (free version) on my pearl, now I've got it on my 9630 tour. I would love a copy of the premium app. If I don't win a copy, I may just buy it, but I hope I'm one of the lucky 500.

Oh thank god. I've been waiting for such a giveaway. I love the lite version of BuzzMe. I hope I win a premium version this time..