BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2010 02:05 pm EST
Buzz Me PremiumBuzz Me Premium 

David of BigTinCan just let me know that a shiny new version of BuzzMe is on its way to Mobihand and App World next week. To celebrate the release, BigTinCan is making 500 copies of the new BuzzMe Premium available to the CrackBerry Nation before anyone else. BuzzMe Premium has all the great LED changing and vibrate features of BuzzMe for native apps, as well as support for Facebook, Myspace, Ubertwitter, BBM, Beejive and even the official Twitter for BlackBerry. The new version also has new LED colors as well as improved battery life. So what are you waiting for? Drop a comment on this post, and after Sunday we'll pick 500 winners to get Buzz Me Premium FREE as soon as it hits Mobihand. For now, you can check out the free trial Buzz Me Standard in the CrackBerry App Store to tide you over.

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BigTinCan BuzzMe Premium - Get It Here First - 500 Copies to Give Away!



Hi I would love to have this app for my 8330 since the Tour 2 I was planning to get doesn't look like it'll be out for VZW in the near future.


This would be a great thing to have...would finally get my to try this type of personalization out on my Bold 9700!

been using the free version for a while, and was thinking about buying the premium version.I hope I don't have to!

I bought BeBuzz and I love it... I recommend this app to ALL my friends and they love it too!! But I like the idea of using it with Twitter as well...

Can I get a free copy please :D

I badly need this as my free trial of Buzz Me Standard's got expired =( & i absolutely love & miss this app !!! Please enter me for this giveaway !!!!

This is a great app. Now, with the new improvements, it seems like (somehow) they made it even better. I am eager to try it out!

Wow! CB always giving us new chances everyday to enjoy, it would great if i win this time as this app seems to be wonderful, luck to everybody.

This is definitely something i could put to really good use! Thanks Crackberry! I would be really great to win this awsome app. BUZZON

A buddy of mine was bragging the other day b/c of the colored LED's on his crackberry because of the pro version, It would be so cool to brag back that my phone does it for bbims, txt, emails and more! Pick me, I would LOVE to have this app!

I hope this changes the way I look at my crackberry, I mean this could mean I would have a disco LED changer in my pocket! woot crackberry!

I would really really like to get one of these copies. It would make a few things A LOT easier for me.

I'm late to the party but I have redeemed myself by bringing the party favors. I'm #324 and I'd love some tin can!!

This would definitely come in handy for me. Tons of notifications all day. Would be nice to separate them somehow.

Oh how I want a free app. It would be so great to see, a free useful app, like this one sent to me. Thanks,

I have used BerryBuzz in the past and enjoyed it. However, this seems to have so many better features. I am using the BuzzMe Standard and loving it. I can only imagine how great having all of the extras must be....

Gotta have the Disco light ....... Staying Alive, Staying Alive....

I think this is yet another cool way to customize and personalize your profiles and such. Sign me right up for the contest!

I think this is yet another cool way to customize and personalize your profiles and such. Sign me right up for the contest!

This is an awesome app.. I needs the Premium app. Thanks David of BigTinCan, Mobihand and of course Crackberry!

Although I just signed up on crackberry, I really have been coming here for several months now and am not just posting to get free stuff.... although free stuff is awesome!

This would be fo' shizzle awesome!! Yes, I did just see Snoop Dogg in concert last night. He would approve of BuzzMe Premium too. ;-)

I've always wanted a program like this. I'd love to get the premium version! Please let me get one! :D

Hey Guys, what'sup. I've never commented on any other these post competitions. But this one is a go.

I have so much going on through my phone that this would substantially make mobile life easier. It would be so much nicer to know the importance of a notification by color than having to pick up the phone and check constantly. (red only)

Thanks a Mil. Love your site.

I have Buzz Me Pro...will this be a free upgrade? If not, I'd love a free copy of Buzz Me Premium. This is a great app, one of the few I liked enough to pay for!

I realle wish i could win this app, it incredible and very practical as you can configure as you wish, wow its amazing its my dream come true, love blackberry love this app!! Hope myself and everyone goodluck! I wish to win it pleaseee

I really need an application like this. I don't know how many times I've missed a call or an IM because my Tour doesn't keep reminding me that one came in a little while ago. My last phone did this, why can't BlackBerry?

I have the standard app on my phone and love it. Its one of the first apps I got when I bought my BB. If i don't win the free one I will probably go on and by the premium.