Biggest CES2014 Frak Up so far: Director Michael Bay walks off stage during Samsung event

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2014 06:09 pm EST

Wow. Just wow. CES 2014 is just starting to rev up, but already we have what is *likely to be* the biggest frak-up and most awkward moment of the year. And it was at Samsung's biggest event of the year (so far).

Director Michael Bay, while pimping Samsung's new 150" television, walked off the stage after having some issues..... reading from a teleprompter. Instead of, you know, using his own words... he just left. Total. Meltdown. Watch it above!

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UPDATE: Michael Bay just tossed up a little blog post talking about his stage fright. It's all good Michael. Sh!t happens.

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Biggest CES2014 Frak Up so far: Director Michael Bay walks off stage during Samsung event


"I'll just wing it"...exit stage left. Let's thank Michael I'll have to wing it...thank you so very much Mr. Bay).

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+10!!! Loooool! Well played!

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LOL... hahaha.. couldn't stop.. directed himself.. lol...

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Not enough explosions. He was probably mad the teleprompter didn't explode as he had intended.

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Looks like too much embarrassment. Link does not work, it's likely been taken down.


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Is that gonna be a new classic word on CB?

I didn't know it was a theatrical technical term:

... 'Winging it' is a theatrical expression which refers to impromptu performances that given by actors who had hurriedly learned their lines while waiting in the wings and then received prompts from there. ...


FAIL! Wings got cut off midflight. Comparing above definition with his "performance", it looks like everything has to be scripted in this dude's life, and nothing is left to chance. Too bad if your "wingman" lets you down.

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Thank goodness it happened on a Samsung event.
Maybe he didn't like Samsung after all.
The teleprompter was probably on a Galaxy phone.

He should have used BlackBerry Express

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exactlly, this joker is pulling down huge buck$, this whole event for him would of been on the company card and he cant give a simple presentation, must of had his mind on the girl (s) back in his room...

Flexibility - Zero

Adaptability - Zero

Subject Matter Expert, able to have a strong understanding of the product - Zero.

This guy is a joke. Someone with a year on the job could have pulled this off with some humour like "Whoah, looks like Samsung should have set up the teleprompter..."

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Not being able to talk about your own product from memory/ experience >: tut

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The teleprompter must have said something very offensive ...but for being so out of touch with the subject that winging it wasn't even an option,well...the GIANT TOOL AWARD goes to you Captain Scatterbrain.

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You shouldn't need a teleprompter to explain why you do things the way you do. I feel bad for anyone in that position but he should have been better prepared.

Ask John Chen whether he needed a teleprompter during his interview.

Some tough questions, and he mastered them professionally. Any slip could have been disastrous for BB.

These questions were small talk level, why do you need a machine for that? Is he on some medication or did he forget to take it? Pity for the doode.

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I have to agree this is too funny. He was obviously unprepared and thought his endorsement would let him fly by through reading.

I find it ironic that a director who's job it is to evoke creativity from his/her actors can't even express emotions or feelings. Like heck, just say, the image looks pretty. End story lol.

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And I thought I froze up when addressing an audience. This makes my worst efforts look like Shakespeare in comparison! Hehe!

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BlackBerry dodge a bullet here. Could have been him instead of Alicia Keys. Not that she did anything for BlackBerry. At least she did not embarrass the brand on her own accord.

Watch that John Chen interview (couple of articles up) and see what a professional and confident response looks and sounds like.

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Lol poor opinion on the new phone...meh, more hype than what it's worth, saw the demonstration on TV this morning, the phone seems hyped up from what people are actually expecting. I'm sure it's still going to be a cool phone, hell the back of the phone is pretty cool...that whole "self healing" backing...scratches go away after a bit...making it look newish again...sweet.

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I can't watch. I can imagine how awkward it must be, but lesson learned: don't hire people from the entertainment industry who aren't really qualified to do what you're asking them to do! And if you ignore that advice and hire them anyway, make absolutely sure they have the proper resources to do the job, or expect extremely disappointing results.


Why don't they let the man use his own word instead of reading from the teleprompter? Teleprompter is for president Obama only his favorite.

Michael Bay: If it's not done to perfection, I'm not doing it at all. That why I use a Z30 with the Blackberry 10 operating system. Let me go get it and show you.


And use BlackBerry Express as teleprompter in your pocket, if all fails.

Eat that, Samsung!

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Brave Sir Michael ran away.
Bravely ran away, away.
When danger rears it's ugly head
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes Brave Sir Michael turned about
He gallantly chickened out.

Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat.
Oh bravest of the brave, Sir Michael...

It may not necessarily be the case that he isn't qualified. He may be a nervous public speaker and may not be able to improvise in the click of a finger.

He started to stutter after he said the teleprompter went down. Obviously it could be just cos he's angry because he doesn't know what to say lool.. but it could be genuine stage fright.

I know of people that have had to take beta blockers prescribed by their doctors so that they can give presentations at conferences cos they get so nervous. This takes nothing away from their knowledge or credibility on the subject matter.

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OMG, some of the comments posted here are hilarious. I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes... CB members are the best...

New verb, to bayle. I'm a big hot shot director and when the teleprompter didn't work properly I had to bayle!

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Ask any one of us about our blackberry and I bet we all can give a thorough presentation on the fly. He couldn't take the heat lamps...

I see a pretty big lack of artistic integrity there. Can't even speak to his own style and motivations simply off the cuff. If it has to be entirely scripted, and he is unable to speak at all outside of a stiff, prearranged script, than it is not genuine, rather it is a façade. That was a pretty sad video.

LOL...this guy is a director and he couldn't even speak to his own product? You'd think he's done this once or twice. I assume he'll be shown the door after that all star performance.

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Wow... this is incredibly sad. Yikes...

It's just makes me kind of smirk a bit how people completely idolize some of these people in Hollywood, not realizing that they are just normal people or in this case, more insecure people than us who are not in the limelight. Hope Mr. Bay gets some help...

We don't know what happened there. Maybe the prompter suddenly turned into a Decepticon, that looked like Megan Fox, rolling around in the desert, with a white shirt, that never gets dirty...

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For a guy who is so 'creative', you'd think he could come up with something to say. He is likely spoon fed with those creative ideas. Epic failure.

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Ahhahahahhahh. Comments here made my otherwise boring monday @ work. I am without speech. Im still laughing now as I text this. Ahhahahhha.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

The host should have sent Bay off stage and asked him to come back later. Or suspended the presentation while they worked out the technical difficulties. He probably got major shit.

I don't think Major Shit could have done any better, maybe Colonel Sanders done a better job. Certainly would have been finger linking good

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See, he had to be told what to say about curved screens. Reality is, does anyone "really" know/give a damn about what benefits they bring?

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Ah give the guy a break! I have felt like walking off in the middle of presentations too. I feel sorry for him

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That was pretty ridiculous. I did much better improvisations in my college presentations. Hahahaha now I know maybe I could be Samsung director lol

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I prefer to think it was a crisis of conscience. It's more fun if you believe he was trying to fake interest in this ugly, giant, waste of time and couldn't do it. "Hey Mr. Bay; what do you think of our new, bigger TV. It's so big! How will that impact the bigness of being big?" "Well TV salesman, I think it's a huge waste of money and space. Why don't you shut your vapid face. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to ruin He-Man or maybe The Centurians."

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Frick, the level of flippant response to this is unbelievable!! He seems to have some anxieties, so just cause he is a successful movie director, he's not allowed to be human? The responses here are dehumanizing and pretty base. Someone's misfortune and it's OK to crap all over them!!! Pretty poor behaviour by many posting here.

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That is absolutely one of the funniest fails ever. What a dope, some director. If I was a Samsung shareholder I would be worried.

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Pull out a Z30 (with a fat berry logo on its back) on stage while promoting Sammy, just like Alicia tweeted from her iPhone.

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No worries Michael. I know what those Vegas stages are like. They are MASSIVE, Intimidating and surreal . They often induce anxiety attacks. I experience this first hand. Doesn't help either when you're bumping into hundred s of people after being jet lagged. He shouldn't give it a second thought. Classy and polite exit in my opinion under the circumstances.

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I can think of another famous person who can't do anything without a teleprompter!! Lol.

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And these Hollywood balloonhead dopes presume to lecture US on how to live our lives and how to vote.

They're just as empty-headed as we've always thought they were.

Public speaking.

Not even once.

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Chen handled all questions during the earnings call interview like a pro, nothing was scripted. Very professional.

This wasn't very pro for a public figure, did his job and career not prepare him for such situations?

We can lovingly forgive and have pity if he has true stage fright issues, but it wasn't pro.

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Hello Mr Bay,

With a recent departure of Alisha Keys, we here at Blackberry think you are just the kind of person we've been looking for to be our VP of creatively winging it and flopping.

We'll be waiting for your call.

J/k. Sucks to trip up when the world is watching. Remember cool guys don't look back at explosions.

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If that was BlackBerry ceo would be first page news on every newspaper, website, and blog site in the media universe. As is Samsung it won't even make a ripple, except on sites like CB. What a bs double standard.

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He probably hates samsung and was just paid lots of cash and hour probably didn't even read the script before hand.

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Well to reiterate, he was there to talk about how his movies would look on THEIR NEW TV. He probably was going to emphasis certain key features of the tv that he couldn't obviously remember since the tv was just unveiled, so rather then make some things up by "winging it" it would have looked worse for Samsung had he done so...he is not an actor, nor has he ever claimed to be ( even though he's made cameos in a few of his movies) and if he truly does have stage fright ( he rarely does live interviews) then this is the best logical outcome he could come up with... i doubt Samsung is bent out of shape about it (no pun intended) .

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Lets just make sure we don't see his name come to BlackBerry when Samsung fires him lol

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Amazing how one cannot describe or present a product using their own mouth. Why do we need teleprompters to tell us what to say? If you know about your product, you don't need a screen or script.

And how much education, university, etc. Do we have again?


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I'd love to be a fly on the wall during this guys next performance review. What a horrible way to handle an awkward situation (stage fright and/or total!!! Lack of preparation) . This guy blew it-for his personal credibility AND for Samsung's...
I'd say he had a "android quality " "kinda worked".

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life.

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He was asked, "What inspires you? How do you come up with these unbelievable ideas?" and he needed a prompter to answer that? Now I'M speechless.

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haha the youtube comments:
It's because "The Curve" is an Illuminati project, and Michael Bay was about to tell us the truth behind it all, but he remembered that they'll kill him if he says anything- emotionally stumped and frustrated, he left the stage immediately.

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Publicity stunt! Folks are going to only talk about Samsung and how the presentation went kind of belly up. Samsung now is the chit-chat around CES. The recovery from the screw is M.B. Claiming he has stage fright. This is marketing genius.

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"UPDATE: Michael Bay just tossed up a little blog post talking about his stage fright. It's all good Michael. Sh!t happens."

Please excuse the Crackberry folks that want have a laugh at your expense.

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LOL... You can't "just wing it" when it comes to a totally waste of a product like a "curved TV"!! Seriously, what next... a circle TV!!

Leave the presentations to the best. The business folk, at BlackBerry.
And no, we don't need the acid tripping versions of Steve Jobs...

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That's just bat s*$t crazy. Can you imagine being there live? Everyone must have been looking around at each other thinking W...T...F?

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Hey it happens. While it was funny, cuz it wasn't me, it did remind me of major presentations that I had flubbed because of nervousness.

Just shows these people are real too.

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I think he is only a director by title.

A real director would know how to cruise thru his own product demo. Only if he actually knew about the product? Hmmm

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Bay is a fucktard! One of the worst directors around! An uberhack whose unfortunate presence has given us some of the most horrid "cinematic gems" of our time, brainfarts that add to little more than the self pleasing masturbatory fantasies of someone who hasn't had any original thoughts since he was dropped on his head at birth...

So is anyone surprised that he couldn't come up with a few thoughts or words of his own? If he actually could, then his movies wouldn't be atrocious!

As for Samsung...this is what you get when you peddle your crummy products, products you manufactured by stealing from and copying pretty every other company that has created any kind of innovative product or service.

Shitty company, shitty promo person!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

LoL.. as much as I love my BlackBerry..

Seeing ppl here taking a dig at samsung is just WoW!
No wonder ppl outside/ non BlackBerry user hate us, thinking were just a bunch of deluded fanbois.

Guess they're right all along..

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