All other things equal, would you rather have the Z10's 4.2" display or A10's 5" display?

The next big BlackBerry may be just that, BIG. But is bigger always better? Let's find out what the CrackBerry community thinks. Vote and sound off below!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jun 2013 05:41 pm EDT

While we're still hot on the release of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, the rumors have already started flying about the BlackBerry A10.

The BlackBerry A10 will follow up the Z10 on the all-touchscreen side of the BlackBerry 10 family. In addition to bumped up specs internally (a quadcore processor is rumored), the BIGGEST visible distinguishing feature between the phones will be their size. Compared to the Z10's 4.2" display, the A10 is said to feature a 5" display. It's going to be a BIG BlackBerry phone. No doubt there. 

Thinking back to our mammoth BlackBerry Z10 review, we made it clear that the company chose the 4.2" display size for a reason. BlackBerry could have gone bigger than 4.2" if they wanted to with their first touchscreen BlackBerry 10 phone, but they intentionally chose 4.2" as the perfect compromise for maintaining a phone that could be used equally well with either one or two hands.

A 5" display on a phone is BIG. Unless you have hands the size of Simon Sage, it is much more likely it will become a phone you have to hold and use with two hands. And even on the keyboard, the added space actually tends to do more harm than good for two thumb typers. With a bigger keyboard layout, you're moving your thumbs further for every single stroke, which tends to slow you down. 

Clearly there's success in the marketplace for BIG touchscreen phones. The Galaxy S3 / S4 have done extremely well, as has the Galaxy Note 2 which is a full out phablet with a 5.5" display. With the Z10 and Q10 very much appealing to the loyal BlackBerry user base, I think it makes sense that BlackBerry put out an even bigger touchscreen display that will catch the attention of non-BlackBerry users.

I wanna know... is bigger always better?

That said, my question today is for the BlackBerry faithful, and specifically those who already own the BlackBerry Z10. If you ignore all other things that will likely be different on the A10, and just thought about the ability to have the Z10 but with a 5" display instead of 4", which would you prefer? Would you rather have the extra size that 5" will offer, or do you think 4.2" is perfect? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to vote on the poll!

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All other things equal, would you rather have the Z10's 4.2" display or A10's 5" display?



Can I say that it's not because of the size people buy the Galaxy phones? Because I myself have an Galaxy S3 and half of my friends and family does. And I can say it is not about the size, but what the phone does.

Posted via CB10

Galaxy Note size with a full Qwerty Keypad? Yes
Without? No
I would rather a 6.9 or 7.9 inch PlayBook 2.

I rather want a PB as well, or some sort of a laptop dock (like how BBRY had patented a while back and haven't shown anything else since)

Agreed as long as quality is kept. If they do keep the same screen res as Z10 then it will be quite under specced in the screen stakes.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Was playing around with a Galaxy Note II in a store the other day. My initial thoughts? "Wow! If it was running BB10 instead of Android I'd buy it tomorrow! "

Bring on the BlackBerry X10 Communicator!

via CB10 using the Q10

What Bla1ze said. Only give me that Note II size BlackBerry in a portrait slider. That's a $1000 unsubsidized purchase right there. I'd buy it tomorrow. Oh. Powerful CPU and at least 1920 x 1080 screen, please.

I've been begging for a "Torch-style" Z10 version SLIDER for a Year, but I'll take an A10 slider too, if I have to. Either way.
Z10-sized full-size touch screen + slide-out hard keyboard ... a-la Torch 9800/10 style. Done!

Sign me up for 2, please.

5" plus bezel will be the size of the note 2 in your hand.

I'm kindoff pissed, I want a Z10 with upgraded specs. How long do I have to wait for that?, is the 5" taking the place in the upgrade cycle or is it on its own?

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A nice feature on the Note2 is the touch keyboard that is smaller and justified bottom right so you can type with one thumb if you wanted to. There is always a way.

I like that idea of shifting the keyboard off to the side. What would be really cool is being able to shift from one side to the other. I'm ambidextrous and will single thumb with either hand. Being able to shift a right-sized keyboard from one side to the other would be important to me, AND it would have to be simple/easy to do.

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I want a big touch screen with a physical keyboard! That is what I really want!

Posted via me on my Z10

Bigger than 4.2" less than 5" is the best size for the next BB phone. Beyond 5" display, might as well get yourself a 7" BB Playbook Tablet. IMHO, despite their ugly speaker grills, HTC ONE (4.7") is the best shape phone and it has the most ideal display size, not to mention it also has the highest ppi (469 ppi) in the market at the moment. I reckon the next BB A10, should have a display less than 5". Ideally 4.7" or 4.8" IGZO panel (1080p at 469+ ppi) will do the justice, as well as the longest battery life (continuous talk time: 17+ hours with 3300+ mAh Li-Ion).

My friend, you have the best comment yet. I'd say a decent 4.6, but that would cannibalize the Z10, so 4.7 or 4.8 would do pretty well. Over 5.0 isn't necessary either, and it would force Blackberry to spend far too much on ppi. Also, can the A10 AND the next Z10 get a glass weave rear, amoled displays and the headphones that come with the Q10? Please?

I agree 100%. 4.65" would be perfect. I still like the one-handed use idea. Blackberry should stick to what they stood by for the Z10. I think this size would be the limit. 5" is overdoing it in my opinion.

Verizon being my cell provider. I have been waiting for this. I am glad not to get the Z10 as I been wanting a phone with a larger screen. I have big hands, it wont bother me.

Plus I cant wait for it to slap Samsung in the jaw :)

Oh Yesss!

I agree 1000+ with this statement. Why in gods name would I want to talk on an LCD TV?! Because that's exactly what it looks like when people talk on their Note II. half the time they can barely hold them. Just looks silly to me. 4.2 is the perfect size for being compact yet remain functional.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I totally agree. It almost looks like people are little kids playing with daddy's tablet when they are holding them to their ear. The Z10 is the perfect size for me.

I almost always talk on the phone using a blue tooth ear piece so it doesn't matter to me how I hold the phone, I usually have it in my pocket.

Exactly, you'd want to use a BT headset with that, so the package should come with one. Heads up to marketing.

Posted via CB10

Ditto. My z10 is big enough to have an awesome display but still be comfy in my pocket. Any bigger and it may as well be a 7" or bigger since I will need a bag to hold it... or bigger pockets... or a fanny pack.

There is obviously a market for these 'phablet' sized devices. Just not for me. I see them everywhere. So I think BlackBerry is on the right track with introducing one. Not sure if 5" will be big enough, though. Maybe they should match the Galaxy Note2 at 5.5"... make it a true "tête-à-tête" vs Samsung. But increase the resolution beyond that of the GN2...

Personally I can't wait for the day that big flexible displays can be rolled up or folded to fit comfortably in my pocket. But that may be like the promise of flying cars and limitless cheap energy... always 10 years away.

Posted via CB10

I agree. For me, the Z10 size is perfect! If I want anything bigger to cruise the web etc, then I will break out the Playbook or my lap top or my desktop.

I'd take 5'' provided that the screen is 1080p. Otherwise I'd stick to the Z10's size. Pixel density, baby.

For me 4.2 is the biggest I can manage to operate with one hand. A 5 inch like the Galaxy S3 is just too big for one hand.

Posted via CB10 and my Z10

I hear you. I thought so too; however, once I have my Z, I found myself typing two hands. If you type two hands, then 5 inch screen is better. On the other hand the Z fits in the pocket nicely. I wonder if better PPI helps to make the small-sized font sharper. Anybody?

4.2" fits in pocket better. Remember the days when smaller the phone the better. I guess size does matter these days. Why don't we make a 21" phone; oh ya that's a laptop.

Posted via CB10

If they are going to keep the phone at 720x1280 pixels I would rather have the 4.2 inch phone...

I prefer the size of the Z over the A.. but that's due to the size of the phone. If BlackBerry could manage to fit the 5" screen on the Z (getting rid of all the bezel space, making the bezels 2 to 3mm thin) I would upgrade.. it could be the Z11 :-)

I love my Z and the optimization for one handed use, but optimising the bezel space could fit a slightly larger screen while maintaining device size. And that would make the Z even more sexy! Keep rocking it naked!

I kinda agree with the Amoled comment... I played around with the S4 the other day and I found the screen to be so over saturated that it felt as if I was watching TV with contrast put on 100%.. it was freaking ugly. My wife's S3 looks better (and the device is way to big for me as a phone)However, I finally got to play with the Q (it just came out this week here) and I freaking loved the Amoled :-s it looked so nice. Way better than my Z. I almost took another contract out of nostalgia, the keyboard is awesome...

If BlackBerry were to put the 5" on a Z(11) with an Amoled.... I'd be all in on day one all over again.. ok, even without the Amoled..

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Yup you're right kinda like the bumped the screen on the s4 but still managed the size of s3. But like always they would kill us with a small battery :(

Posted via CB10

I agree with you. The next Z10 (Z11?) shall keep the same size as current Z10 but using stainless steel casing by eliminating the bezels on the three sides (only keep the top one for camera) completely. This will make the actual screen size more like 4.6". If this can be done, then it will be sexiest phone on the market.

I say go a little bigger! Say 5.2", so SG5 will have to play catch up in the size wars for once? Lol

Posted via CB10

I don't think bigger is ALWAYS better, but in this case, I think certain users would definitely benefit from a 5" display. You can argue that "Phablets" are a fad, but either way, it sells.

Posted via CB10

Easy - 5. If bezelberry could push the screen a little closer to the edges the actual device wouldn't even need to be that much bigger.

Like my z10 but I want the biggest screen that can fit in my pocket

Posted via CB10

same here 5" is what i consider the limit on a normal phone. but with the bb10 bezel, its way to big, 4.5-4.7 would be best

Big display is nice. It has to come with the specs though. 1080p and beautiful. However, it's almost the size of a playbook! Really wish the PlayBook has BB10 so I can rock both my Z10 and for more fun but out the PlayBook!

Posted via CB10

I have the Z10 and a Note 2. Most times, I prefer the size of the Note 2, especially with my aging eyes.

On a side note, when looking at text on both, the LCD screen is a lot sharper on the Z10 in comparison to the AMOLED display on the Note 2. I can see the pixelation on the letters on the larger screen. That's not to say it looks bad, but it is noticeable when you put the two devices side-by-side.

I would love a 5" screen BlackBerry - hopefully still with a sharp screen.

I wanted to buy a q10 along with my z10 but taxes on phones are up 25% in my country lol big turnoff now I'm sticking with the Z lucky you for having the best if two worlds :(

Posted via CB10

I will be owning all BlackBerry 10 first models. Including the A10 and Q5. I'm half way there. Then, the PlayBook gets an update and also, probably a new tablet as well.

6 BlackBerry 10 devices this year, is what I remember being said by BlackBerry. I'm not holding them to that, but it is something they did mention.

Being that A10, Q10, Q5, and Z10 makes four that were 99.9% sure of (I say less than 100% because so far, A10 is not a guarantee, just a "most likely").

NOTE: also rumor of Z5. But, who knows.

So, if these are the four phones, that leaves room, obviously, for 2 more BlackBerry 10 devices before the end of the year. Probably the PlayBook update and a new, kick butt tablet.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

New BBOS 7.1 device will be launched towards the end of the year, hybrid between the 9320 and 9900

Posted via CB10

Not into the whole big screen thing, especially if the resolution might not change. I can see perhaps people who can't see that well might want it

Posted via CB10

If the features are same, I'll stick to my Z10. But if the features are far greater than z10, off I go to A10.

I don't care about " my screen is bigger than yours" bragging rights.

Posted via CB10

I think the A10 should have the following features since it's supposed to be BlackBerry high end smartphone:
. The battery capacity must be more than 2100mAh.
. The screen resolution should be beyond that of the Z. Whether we need it or not. I'll leave it up to your discussion but I'd like to see it better.
. The RAM must be at least twice the amount of the Z.
. The CPU and GPU must be better than those in the Z.
. Should be released with OS 10.2.
. Front and rear cameras must have higher pixel than those on the Z.
. Must not the battery heat-up problem.

by the time we get to the A10 release we would be expecting 10.3.

10.2 isnt that far off, i expect a decent usable version of 10.2 to leak in the next few weeks.

why would I ever want a 5 inch monstrosity as a phone???? that's why there is a thing call "tablets" people,will never get that one.

Tablets are too big to carry around.. 3-4" screen for a phone is yesterday news.. So phablet is the way to go.. :D

Exactly. Having a Q10 for communication and a PB for blogs, news and capable of running BB10 games, seems to me to be a perfect combination.

I just ordered a Z10. As a long time webOS- Fan, I still think a portrait slider is the best phone.

Posted via CB10

I switched back to BlackBerry Z10 from GS3 because I felt that the GS3 was too big. But, the market seeks to be moving towards bigger displays.

Posted via CB10

I was going to originally wait for the A, but couldn't.
Now that I have the Z, I still want the A, but only if it's significantly better.
Having typed that, I don't really know if that's possible, I totally love this phone!!

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't mind the big screen but I want most is big internal memory I already had to delete apps on my z10

Please give me supercomputer specs I'm willing to pay
5" screen
4gb ram
Quad core
64gb internal memory 128 sd card
Car battery

Posted via CB10

Shrink the bezel and a 5" screen wouldn't necessarily mean a big ass phone. Regardless, I'll certainly have one. I don't have a choice....I'm a BlackBerryaholic.

Via Zeppelin 10

I'd prefer a 4.65" display for my hands but it also would depend what the physical size of the device would be. Look at how with the bezel the HTC One is almost the same physical size of an S4 which has a larger screen 4.7" vs 5".

Hopefully BlackBerry doesn't look at the results and decide against an A10. LoL. Please make an A10. Don't leave any excuses for people not to have a particular design that suits them.

I think it is awesome how many form factors BlackBerry makes. I love the variety. I want BlackBerry to make sure people cannot say, "well, BlackBerry just doesn't make anything that suits me..." - because that would be pretty much impossible, LOL, considering all the form factors they provide to us as choices.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

I'd much rather have the 5" screen. If you're not going to give me a portrait slider, I want a bigger screen for the software keyboard.

I would love a phone that's the same size as a 5 in touchscreen would be but with a physical keyboard. That would be perfect!

Posted via CB10

For a phone, five inches is too much for me. I am a woman. I carry a bag. It can hold a phone AND a tablet. Gimme both!

Posted via CB10

i think 5" can be too big, depends really on the footprint of the whole phone.. to be honest i think i prefer a 4.7", kinda in between the 2 extremes you have in the poll

I would like both. Z10 rocks and an A10 would rock as well.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

Full HD, 5inch, full slide qwerty keyboard and a big ass battery. Dont care about the size and the money. I just buy new pants with bigger pockets..

Posted via CB10

Shaq could use the PlayBook as a normal phone. I wonder what he thinks?

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

I put my phone in my jeans pocket so i dont want it to be too big for that. That being said, i wish there was a way to fit a bigger screen on the current size if the z10, maybe an end to end screen just to include a bezel as well as maximize screen size.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should make the LTE playbook version a phone app so I can use my phone sim in it and call all day long.

Posted via CB10

Why not keep the overall size of the z10, but increase the screen by decreasing the top and bottom plastic pieces?

I own an HTC One, and I find that size too big.

I'll stick with the Z10...UNLESS the A10s specs blows away the Z, then I might consider a switch but 5" display is too clumbsy to handle with one hand

sometimes its not about the size.. sometimes even with the tiny size but lots of good features and functionality is good enough.

I read the survey question carefully. I prefer the size of the Z10 PHONE. I stress phone. BUT I would also buy the A10 because of the screen size and specs. It would be my new "playbook".

From Zed to U via CB10

I think 4.2 is better for me than 5". I could go bigger, but I think 5" may be too big. The HTC One I tried felt very nice in the hand, and physically it was only slightly bigger than the Z10. So I could go for that size. I did consider waiting for the A10, but I really don't think it is worth waiting another half year. I'm getting my Z10 tomorrow (finally!).

I always thought big was stupid. But playing around on my friends S3, fell in love with it. I have the Z10, but if the A10 is going to have a 5" screen (not something silly the the Note) I will do my best to pick one up.

Posted via CB10

That being said, the Z10 has huge bezels, I want those to be shrunk down if the screen gets bigger.

Posted via CB10

I agree shrink the bezels on the top and bottom. Even the width of the phone can be a bit wider

Posted via CB10

I would gladly settle for the A10 specs on my Z sized phone....yeah, that'd be ideal.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

I own a Z10, and I've seen a 5" before and it's just way too big, the Z10 fits sort of perfectly to my pockets and has just the right amount of screen size to laugh at iPhone 5 users with their odd and long looking 4".

I bought it like a month ago and I made quite the research before choosing, I think it's just a matter of taste in the end.

It really depends on your lifestyle and whether you carry one or two mobile devices at any given time.

I have a tablet, so I'd much rather have a small mobile phone. Others might carry one device and so might appreciate the larger screen.

Posted via CB10

I'm a Sprint customer stuck on a family plan. My upgrade is Jan 2014. Upgrading my 9930 then. My partner has an S3. A little big I think. Think the Z10 would be perfect for me but not offered by Sprint. May go with the 5" if Sprint gets it. Not holding my breath with them since no Q10 released yet. Argh!

It's not the size that counts, it's how you use least that's what he said in bed.

For me I will take the 5" A10. Bigger screen is better for multimedia and entertainment.

Also for me, a bigger screen would make email and chats easier. In this day of HTML embedded email, it's hard to see, read and respond on a small screen.

Posted via CB10

I have the Z10 and I think it's perfect for. I love the fact that I could type with one hand. The phone fits in my jeans pocket and is not too big or heavy in my coat pocket. Overall a great screen size and great phone.

Posted via CB10

The Z10's display is the perfect size. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're holding a laptop up to your ear. I have a colleague at work who uses a Galaxy Note and I pee myself every time I see him answer a call. He looks like a huge knob. I want my phone to feel like a phone.

Posted via CB10

I think the Z10 screen size is perfect but overall I think it's too tall. So clearly, 5" would be too big for me.

I prefer the Z10 for it's "just perfect for one hand" size.

If you want a big BlackBerry, go buy a Playbook which sells cheap these days. Then load BlackBerry 10 (didn't Thor promise that BB10 will be available for this device?)

3,1 & 4.2 are perfect for the phones - Lets get BB10 on the playbook & then have this discussion

If there going to make a bigger screen without sacrificing the actually size of the z10 phone. edge to edge. yes thats awesome. But if the phone is going to be the size of the galaxy s4, then ill stay where i am. z10!!!

5 inches is too big to fit in the hand. May be that's why Samsung 5 inches didn't sale more like they anticipated.

As a user, I like the 4.2 size. It is comfortable to hold and use with one hand. As a developer, don't go 1080 as someone with 20/20 can't see the difference and 720 is still better than the eye can see. Plus with 720 over 1080, the battery will last longer.

I think 3 model good z series 4,2 q 3.1 and a series 5" and everyone choose what he or she likes, and it good if they make z5 same as q5

Posted via CB10

5" still fits nicely into a suit jacket chest pocket. Must be thin with a sharp screen for aging eyes!

Posted via CB10

Z10 or A10: touch is a "playphone"
I'd rather have a bigger (higher not wider) display on my Z10. The frame above the screen could be an half inch smaller and the complete device also a half to an inch longer.

Posted via CB10

5" for sure. Had the note 2 and liked it except that nothing handles email like a BB. Love my Z10 but would trade up at full retail as long as brightness and operation is as good as the Z10.

I think 5" is a good size also. Depends on individual preference. As long as specs are up to par, then sign me up!

Q10 or 5" A series for me.

BlackBerry definitely needs this. With a 5" phone they only compete against Android, not against iPhone and Android like with the Z10.

The z10 is just right for me. The note II is just too big. It's not a phone anymore. At that point just get a tablet.

Posted via CB10

Clearly there's a market for bigger screen phones and for those who have big hands it makes sense. And obviously to compete too! The 4.2 inch of the z10 is a nice size. I don't mind seeing a 5' inch but I also wouldn't mind seeing a screen size in between the 4.2 and 5. Maybe a 4.4 to 4.8 inch

Posted via CB10

What would be nice is the Zed Form factor but stretch the screen to the edges of the bezel, just add an 1/8" to all four sides quick math makes that a 4.5 and easy to hold, those hug phones are hard to handle

From the Zed of Rockivy

I think the 5in is better... why?

Well, in a landscape mode... while you are chatting using the z10... you cannot see except the keyboard and one line from the chat..

I guess the 5 in is a way better that 4.2

Posted Via the Incredible Z10

I have a note 2 as well as my z10, acquired it cheaply and it's a great little tablet. FAR to big to use as a phone though, uncomfortable in the hand etc I can see why blackberry would make a 5 inch phone though. A note 2 sized blackberry would be an interesting device too definitely, especially with the 4.2.2 android sand boxing around the corner!

Posted via CB10

The Z10 internal just can't handle Full HD. It can barely handle the 768p screen, so I'm glad BB stuck to 4.2 for their mid-range phone.
Some people I know can't operate the Z10 with one hand, so for them a 5" A10 would probably be a better solution since they'll get a bigger screen and wouldn't even try to thumb-swipe.
I'll stick to a Q10 and probably upgrade to a Nexus 7 II since BB won't release a PB 2.

Z10 perfectly balanced for my needs bigger than it and it would not be convenient to put it in my pocket or hold

Posted via CB10

I think the Z10 (which I have) is just the right size. Any larger, especially in width, and it would not fit in a case, and in my shirt pocket (where mine lives). No matter what the features, if the unit is not a simple no-brainer to carry with you, then it is not usefull!

A10 news frustrates me. I thinks it just way too early for BB10 to take on another device, BB10 needs to have a bigger market share before releasing a brand new device to the world. I think their efforts right now would be better spent on completely revamping BB10(its starting to get stale compared to the competition) with TAT leading the way without restrictions, and also bringing over every app they can without focusing on the ones that won't budge(Netflix, etc). BB just needs to do everything they can to make the Z10, Q10 and Q5 the best phones in their respected classes.

When I was younger I would have said bigger is definitely better...:) :)

But now I'd only say bigger is better so I could have a sporting chance of seeing it without my specs on...or even with them on :)

Posted via CB10

I'm seriously considering the A10. In the past I've felt a 5 inch screen was too big but I've changed my mind. Looks like my wife is getting a hand me down Z10 so I can move up to the A10

Posted via CB10

I love the size of my z10 anything larger and its hard to use one handed....tho a slider with a qwerty keyboard and screen a tad smaller then the z10 would be an ideal combo for myself.

I do miss the physical keyboard, tho i love the large display... common BlackBerry make a slider device with bb10

Posted via CB10

The bigger the BlackBerry, the more noticeable it becomes to people, then more people want it. Samsung uses this logic & it works quite well for them, and it can work for BlackBerry too. Especially if Apple is planning a 4.7-5.7 inch screen iPhone. BlackBerry needs to stay competitive.

Either way, I'm buying it as soon as possible.

Posted via CB10

Not sure, thing probably rapes the battery worse than the Z10
I will have to see it when it comes out, I might leave my Z for the A

Posted via CB10

I'm still undecided if I will buy the Note 3 because I really want the 5" size BlackBerry A10! I'm patiently waiting for that BlackBerry 10 Phablet!

I got the z10 and love the 4.2" screen but sometimes I do use both hands to type so a 5" wouldn't bother me, but since we on the topic of the a10 possibly having bigger and badder specs then the z10 why not come out with an a10 variable screen size for those who want a smaller size like 4.5" to 5.2" with the same specs but the only difference other than the screen will be memory like 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb

Posted via CB10

I would prefer the 4.2 inch, because I have small hands. Also, I like the size of this phone. It feels good in my hands and I can use it with one hand very easily

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

4.2 inch screen is good for me. 4.5 would be ideal. A 5 inch screen is too big for ease of use but for media and browsing its better so I can see the need for it. A10 is going to be a beast.

I will stick with the Z10's 4.2". It's a perfect size to hold, and the screen is a great size.
For larger display, I have my 7.0" PlayBook.

I've been sorely tempted by the Q10. I love the physical keyboard and the multiplicity of keyboard shortcuts available with the Q10.

No doubt the A10 will attract a wide audience. For myself, I prefer the Z10 or Q10, or maybe a slider, but 5" is not necessary for me.

The only thing the Z10 lacks is a big battery. For that alone, I should have gotten. Q10. The Z10 battery is way too small.

5" display with minimal bezels is ideal. Any larger than that and the phone is just too big. Feels awkward carrying around.

Posted via CB10

No to the 5 inch screen as the 7 inch on the PlayBook just gets the job done when you want to browse or look at documents. Let's face it, a smart phone does certain things well, but once you want the next level of viewing, it is not 4.2 or 5" that is going to do it. What I want is full bridge on my playbook!!!

Posted via CB10

For me, a premium model would be centered around computational capabilities (CPU, RAM) plus excellence in battery life. Screen size with sufficient (but not excessive) resolution is of secondary concern as I could use it either way. That said, and to properly answer the survey, I would prefer the larger display.

I don't really care about the size, just that it's a new Berry! I love the smell of a new phone! By then I will be done messing w my Z

Posted via CB10

Dear CrackBerry nation,

I want a thinner bezel on my z10. Some may not agree, but for me the z10 is big. And I'm not the average guy! I'm 187cm tall. But since I used qwerty BlackBerry only( 8320, 8900, 9900, and since it's available on the market The Z10.) I got used to hardware keyboard. I find the z10 an amazing phone, but the bezel is thick. I personally cannot operate it in one hand properly. I don't want a bigger screen, I want a thinner bezel! I want a Q10, but I buy phones only sim free, 640€ seems much for a phone I want to try before I buy. The Z10 is amazing! The predictive typing in any language I use is just perfect! I love how I can watch multimedia on it such as or

But honesty I miss the typical BlackBerry experience! I will get the Q10 soon, (should arrive on my birthday) It will be a perfect present for my 30. BDay!

Cheers Sky

Posted via CB10

Personally I was quite uncomfortable with the size of the Z10 at first,coming from a Bold 9700 but I got quickly accustomed to it. Honestly for me bigger would be too much. I think writing with the Z10 with one hand is a bit awkward, but with two hands it's just perfect. A bigger phone would be for person who want an even better multimedia, video, games experience as on the rather big screen of the Z10. It would be more an "play" phone not a professional tool nor a communication device (that's what the Q5 is for). So I would not buy this phone as I don't have a need nor a big interest for a even bigger phone x)

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No phablets here - my Z and soon to be companion Q are just fine. If you are using it as a phone, of course. If you are using it as something other than that I guess the bigger the better. Personally I wouldn't want to be holding my PB up to my ear for a call.

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I can definitely see the need for a BlackBerry with a 5" display, but for me personally, 4.2" is ideal. Sure I'd love to have that extra screen space for spreadsheets and websites, but that's what my PlayBook is for! :)

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With bumped up hardware, hd screen quality, gr8 battery life, doesn't hav to be 5" to achieve gr8 specs...mayb a mid range of 4.5-4.7" with gr8 specs is ideal, but the footprint of the device is very critical here....

I carry my Z10 in my back pocket a lot. A 5 inch screen would make the phone too big to do that. I like way the Z fits in my hand. I vote fit the 4.2!

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I prefer the 4.2" screen. If I wanted a larger screen I would use a 7" tablet. Keep them separate!

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Y on earth would one want a phone bigger than the z10!?! This 4.2" device is actually almost as big a 4.7" nexus 4.... with a 5" screen the overall device will be Huge and UGLY!!!!! would have preferred a z10 with a smaller device profile.

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I like the size of the Z10. One thumb operation is key. A coffee in one hand and my BlackBerry in the other.

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Before any judgment I'll have to see it first, getting my hands on a BB A10 is the only way to know if I either I love it or to prefer staying with my beloved Z10.

I can tell you this, if BB decide to go bigger in screen size for the Q10 I'll definitely will jump into one without any doubt.

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I prefer a clam shell phone with two 4.2 inches touch screens. The lower screen can be a touch screen keyboard.

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Yeah, 4.2" is plenty big for me. I don't like the way that the Galaxy S3/S4 or Note look when it's held up to the ear during a phone call (who uses their smartphones to make phone calls anymore? :p ).

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Actually, i had a chance to use a Samsung Galaxy Note II; that's quite the handy size, best of Phone and Tablet... sort of a 'phablet', if you will.

I still couldn't imagine putting the damn thing to my ear, though. Best to have top-of-class Speakerphone (which the Note does not).

If the screen still using the same size as Z10, upgrade the resolution to 1080p, and improve the battery. Then I will upgrade it from my Z10. Else if it is exactly the same with Z10, but bigger body and screen size only, no. I will not waste that money for the same thing.

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Bugger screen yes, but only of the resolution increases proportionally.

And following what I read, I understand it will be 1280x700, so deal breaker for me.

My Z10 screen is awesome and I don't want to downgrade.

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The only good thing about a bigger display is that porn videos look a lot better. 4.2 is perfect. Bigger is not better. Good luck in trying to easily put it in and out of your pocket

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The size of Z10 is perfect for me. However, it doesn't hurt to launch 5" for people who prefer. It makes BlackBerry more competitive in the market.

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I'm sure the A10 will have updated AAA specs. With BlackBerry 10, can't go wrong.

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Choice is always good and BlackBerry has always provided great choices of form factors. That's a recipe for success, over all.

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The size of hands has little to do with the size of phone I like, however I have past the fifty zone and 20/20 is only in long forgotten memories
So bigger is better, I have a bigger car, a bigger belly and yes a bigger ego.

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