Big brands are already embracing BBM Channels

By Adam Zeis on 18 Feb 2014 10:27 am EST

BBM Channels has just recently gone cross-platform and is now available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices. BlackBerry users have enjoyed BBM Channels for quite some time now, but users on Android and iPhone are just getting their first taste of the awesome social platform. While many users have created some great channels of their own for everything from jokes to cars to movies — there are some big brands that are also getting into the BBM Channels action as well.

Companies like TELUS, Red Bull, Disney and even Coca-Cola are getting in on the fun of channels. Here's a list of some of the top brands already using BBM Channels:

  • Coca-Cola - C001241E0
  • Disney - C002AB885
  • Toronto Maple Leafs : C0009053A
  • Toronto Raptors - C000171E7
  • InsideHook- C00120A1A
  • Mercedes Petronas - C00011785
  • Toronto International Film Festival: C000A033C
  • Shaun the Sheep: C00124C49
  • TELUS Business: C001338C9
  • Red Bull - C00155F87
  • Orange - C00123A83
  • E! - C00123A79

It's great to see them on board and it definitely shows the brand power behind the network. There are sure to be plenty more big-name companies on the way as well. And of course you can follow all of us on BBM Channels too.

What are some other awesome channels that you've discovered? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Big brands are already embracing BBM Channels


Before I switched over to my z10, I followed a picture channel that had a before and after picture in the same picture (an old black and white picture held up in today's background)

I can't find that channel anymore, anyone know the pin????


Posted via CB10

Just looked this up, it's a neat channel.

Also a good reason why BlackBerry really needs a way to browse channels, I would likely never have found it had I not read the comments here.

Well, I missed it. With hundreds, if not thousands of channels, finding them needs to be made a heck of a lot easier.

That's a neat one as well, but it is Dear Photograph that the op us looking for.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!


Just a thought by why doesn't CrackBerry have a channel for "Shop CrackBerry Deal of the Day" (region specific)? Great way to find out the hottest and latest and share with friends and family.


Channels appears to be well represented by Canadian content. Welcome to all, and hope to see more!

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In India too some major players like Airtel telecom, cafe coffee day, first post news etc are already here. Loving the fact I can keep upto date with all the latest happenings all under one roof. #goblackberry #ichooseblackberry10

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Airtel & Cafe Coffee Day channels are regularly updated!! Good to see that... & First post just launched their business channel Firstbiz

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I tried searching for Red Bull and nothing came up. Tried putting in the Channel PIN and it says 1 Result but nothing is displayed. Is this Channel only visible in France?

Olympic Games Channel,I,ve been following it since day 1 and they have 57,038 new subs and that's only in 10 days...Cb has 44,000 plus a bit,I suspect Chen will announce at earnings that they have millions of subs on channels,It's all good!!!And another thing the quality of the pictures posted are awesome.

It's basically they same contest that's featured on the Olympics other social media outlets. It would be nice if they would promote the channel though.

I think one of these channels is going to explode one day,Go Viral,I don't know when or how but when it does that will promote the hell out of Channels,

Didn't BlackBerry recently acquire a social media company that makes it easy to manage all your social media content? I think this will help get even more companies onboard.

It would be great to see a larger corporate presence along with individuals. Corporations have been slow to adopt social networks and once they do it sort of wrecks the vibe. I think many users, facebook for example resent the intrusion cause corporations weren't there from the beginning. A lot easier to accept advertising when you are used to corporations already. This could be a leg up for channels if it catches on. Twitter numbers are down and facebook seems to be holding OK although I don't know how! Late to market may actually help BB of channels gains some traction. Just my two cents.

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Currently have 64 Channels on my Z30!! I'm starting to leave some and add new ones. The Channels that haven't posted in a few weeks lose my interest. For corporate Channels, I have Tim Horton's, Time Magazine, USA Today and Rolling Stone magazine. I think BBM Channels is great and I'm hoping that there will be more interesting Channels that will come on board now that iPhone and Android users are using it. I would love to see news channels, both local and national, start to use it. I think a "share" to FB and Twitter (as well as others) would be beneficial to make it easier to move IT professionals towards Channels.

I created two already!!! Please join me :)

NFL News & Fantasy Football Talk - C0041A27F
Just Plain Funny - C002F05DA

While I think this is great, I think BBRY needs to allow for MORE text within posts. Also I believe BBRY itself needs to do a better job. Blackberry's own channel hasn't posted anything since the 7th of February. I understand maybe there isn't a TON of things to report, but they should be engaging their users, and setting the example.

I follow this channel and it is really an amazing one. Content uploaded every day giving us the opportunity to undertand how Dubai lives. Moreover it is a fantastic channel in which it is also possible to find news about government apps built for blackberry...

How so?

I remember emailing mark every day begging my school to be added.

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BBM Channels is a great way to drive up consumption of BBM.

Maybe this way more users will use BBM regularly.

The best channel I have found is for awareness. Awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. Called Cf/Aware the channel pin is C00289BA4 if you don't know what Cystic Fibrosis is, it's a genetic illness that affects every major organ in the body resulting in multiple organ transplants and more.... follow the channel and become CFAware.

Sent from my Z30 what OS I am on is my business, get off my nuts! Minus Onjos Fored

Anomalies in World Weather is a good one. They need more sub input to get a nice reference to changes in weather patterns.

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We badly need a better search/browse option for Channels. Right now it's just a few featured channels, both official and random stuff; we need a drop menu or something which has official and unofficial channels sorted by category or something. Right now it's a bit of a junkyard.

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I agree. The search engine right now just looks at the channel name, it needs to search interests, and sub categories.

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It's why I don't tell even tell iOS and Android users about Channel's. Not until they fix this. I don't think they should've even released it until it had a proper search function . It easily the worst part about Channel's.


Yes, it's messy. Should be able to categorize or add tags to a channel to "find by interest".

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Pepe Jeans London C001CFCD6 Desigual C0006E26C Porsche Design C00124597 Mexx C00124801

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I'm still not fully sold on Channels but I was never fully sold on Twitter or Instagram either and look where they are now.

Let's hope BlackBerry catches a break with this one - they so desperately need it.

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Hey Adam, just wanted to point out that the E! Channel pin you listed is for E! Latin America. Nothing wrong with the channel itself, but you'll probably want to indicate that it's the Latin American version of E! News as it's ambiguous the way that it's currently written.

Same with Coca Cola it's Indonesia, Red Bull is France, Orange France.

Posted via CB10 for the BB-Z30

The Wallpaper channel is amazing also.. Lots of nice high quality pictures to choose from for use as wallpaper for your nice shiny BB

Yes great channel but I can't seem to save the picture on my Android phone. Do you know if that option available for all platform?

I made a channel all about BBQ. Please join. C00122168

The Olympic channel is excellent. One of the best out there.

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"I'm in"

Pretty cool....every professional sports team should jump on this.

BBM Channels could be the Drudge Report for everything you like.

Let's figure out how to make some boxes of ziti off of this.

CB10 from the Z30

Air Canada also! don't understand why it's not verified.
Channel: C0012412D

And I found KLM Royal Dutch airlines & Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from the Netherlands. Also some big brands.

Yes it is great to see that happening. For little guys' channels visit ChannelX

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

Yes, it's doing what BlackBerry themselves don't do. Your Chaos Parties are fun to watch. Greatest love story competiton, you just keep creating potential!!

Thanks for the write up for The Travel Channel and giving us our first boost. C0001F66C

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Is there a BBM Channels icon that can be used to market this facet of BBM. Something different than the overall BlackBerry icon and would be used along side the Twitter / Facebook / etc icons used by other Social networks....


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Gee where are the people saying Channels wasn't going to work?
It's a social media outlet, why wouldn't big name companies be part of it? It's free advertising.

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BBM Channels is a great start. BBY is sitting on a gold mine. More development in making it accessable through the web, coupled with an easy stream line UI highlighting privacy, and booom. It'd be a better facebook/twitter. They dont hear me though


A battle is won but the war continues!!!

BTW there will be no BlackBerry Marketing Department.

They had their last chance with Mr. Boulben ,look how that turned out.

Mr Chen will outsource the account for competition between different agencies.

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Only one reason for corporations to have presence in BBM channels....and that's to shove ads in your face, thanks I'll pass!

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Don't brag about this list to anyone :p Glad these companies are on board but it's really not that impressive.

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Some of those have always been there like the raptors, the leafs and blue jays. Because BlackBerry sponsors them
Disney is recent before the update, I think coke is new after
The Olympics is in there
Mercedes and porsche have been there due to partnerships with BlackBerry
What we need is for them to stay on there, because maxim magazine used to frequently update now they haven't made a peep in months

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Mad ups for having some Lips of Faith going on in the picture. I assume that means New Belgium is on Channels

Posted via CB10

These are like channels dedicated for TV commercials. Nothing but advertisements.

I hope there can be some sort of contents where it gives me the same feeling when I get on reddit. Always wanting more.

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I can't see Disney and Red Bull channels. Maybe because they are available not worldwide? Only in specific area? I'm from Brazil

Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!

I think this may have been mentioned before, but I also believe Channels will have problems "going viral" as there is just a random channel number associated with it. I believe that detracts from the user experience a bit. Its hard to "share" your channel out in the masses like this.

Hopefully BBRY will continue to evolve the channels portion of BBM. I believe they really do have something here, it can be a very social and usable social network. I believe they should find a way though to combine all of your subscribed channels through a single feed ala facebook or the flipboard look like "blinkfeed' from the HTC One. They need to make it as east as possible to get to the posts without having to visit the channel itself.

I agree BBBold. There needs to be a way to create a short, easy-to-remember "tag" of some sort to one's Channel so people and companies can use to "advertise" it to their list of social media sites. For example, Ford Motor Company should be able to tell people to add "FoMoCo" or "ChannelFord", not "Channel C0008458XX". No one will remember that.

It is too bad that the Coke channel is only Indonesia and not the parent company for global support.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

You forgot Tim Hortons, ok so most Americans won't care but Canadians do! Plus paying with NFC is so awesome, the staff still thinks it's cool when I do it

Posted via CB10

I'm a political junkie, so what about political parties, or would that be considered guache?

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It must be an API to sync Channels by applications, not manually.
It could become an Ultimate Feed for the web sites an forums.

Ok, so now that Channels is available on android and ios. I still just don't understand channels. I tried it for a few days, but quickly lost interest. What is channels supposed to be? People say a blend of tumblr, twitter, etc. but it's not to me. Maybe I just need to find some different channels. I enjoy the BBM groups I'm part of. So, I'm open to suggestions about how to really get the most out of channels. A few people that I have convinced to download the updated BBM are just as confused as I am.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Channels is just in it's prime. If you don't get it now you might get it later because overtime the interface will get polish up and features will be simplified and easier to use. I was just as confused at first too but I'm starting to get it. I think it still needs a lot of work for it to be successful.

What's wrong with the search function? Like how are you supposed to find a channel, when you can't search categories, top subscribers or verified channels?

I HATE the search! It's the worst! and I don't even look for new Channel's because of this. I mean it doesn't even have prediction. Huge fail IMO


All those suggestions are great and something that should be used to improve the exploration of new channels.

Posted via CB10

I still find channels quite singular. Would be great if users had private or public profiles to repost to their BBM friends this will not only improve tags but also spread the word out instead of re-posting across channels.

Otherwise I like the concept.

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Zoya Nail Polish and Beauty Channel C00223312

We power our entire Marketing team with BlackBerry. This year at New York Fashion Week we launched the Channel and the entire staff managed all events and social media with BlackBerry Z30's and Q10's

Posted via CB10

Bits and omg are good and keep updating a lot.

Now, all BlackBerry needs to do is add an option to review before posting. I have posted half sentences by accident and that is frustrating.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I'm loving channels. A few days ago I didn't see much brands names until last night it exploded with all kinds of big brands and surprisingly with huge numbers of followers.

Imo, this addition to BBM is on a fine line competing with Facebook pages but more mobile. Could this be the reason why Facebook bought Whatsapp. They want to integrate Facebook pages into Whatsapp and kinda copy the idea?

Mr Price / MRP clothing retailer from South Africa that ships worldwide (insane prices too!)

Posted via CB10