BGR's BlackBerry 9700 Initial Impressions

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2009 08:12 am EDT

Saying the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a highly-anticipated device is a bit of an understatement. Like the Bold 9000, the 9700 represents the pinnacle of what the traditional BlackBerry experience is all about, though compared to its predecessor packs more punch into a much smaller package.

We brought you our initial BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review back in May, when the pre-production "onyx" aka 9020 units were still sporting a trackball and plastic battery cover. Since then we've seen the device get christened as the 9700, we've seen it get a faux-leather door along with the touch-sensitive trackpad introduced on the Curve 8520. We've also seen it pop up in T-Mobile clothing as well, which apparently under the hood has some slight differences than its AT&T (& other GSM carriers counterpart) in we **think** the form of a different battery and processor. 

In the weeks ahead we'll undoubtedly start "officially" seeing and learning more about the next-generation Bold, but in the meantime the Boy Genius has added to the ton of pre-release coverage that's been hitting the web recently and given his thoughts on an early Bold 9700 unit, which in reviewing the hardware proclaims it as the finest BlackBerry ever crafted, which I know is music to the ears of all who are jonesing for this device. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to jump over and read his review. It's solid. 

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BGR's BlackBerry 9700 Initial Impressions


Another reference that the T-Mobile release will be a dumbed down version sporting a "different" processor (as in the kids who ride the short bus are "different") and the weaker 8900 battery, which would make sense if the "different" processor is indeed weaker. I was all excited about this release but unless it's the real deal on T-Mobile and not some bubble gummed hobbled version, I'll take a pass and maybe just wait for my contract to expire and then jump ship. Me thinks T-Mobile may be looking to downplay Blackberries in favor of Android devices of which they don't have to pay a fee to RIM.

the 9700 is sweet. i plan to use ongoing shittttty 8900 batt issues as justification with my provider for an upgrade.


I've posted countless threads to this effect in the forums, trying to get the bottom of the rumor that the tmo 9700 will have a slower 8900 like processor and the same battery. It has been a heated debate. There are a ton of threads on this very issue. There was one pleasant discovery: in one of my threads complaining about the possibility of a smaller battery and weaker processor, a putative owner of a T-mobile 9700 (I think he was a tester) said that battery was the same as the original Bold's, which is the same battery that the ATT 9700 sports. Please let it be true!!!

If what BGR says is true, then I'm most excited about the battery life.
One of my biggest problems with my 8310 is the shoddy battery life.
Seriously. "up to 4 hours talk time" according to RIM? I'm lucky to get 2.5hrs right now. I dream of NOT having my Berry shut off the radio in the middle of a conversation.

This or the TP2? If this phone does have a lesser processor and battery on to the TP2. I would also like to know who started that rumor and if it can be proven.

I have read the BGR post the other day. I have T-Mobile and currently using the 8900...but I am very much looking forward to the 9700!!!

Device and screen are way too small. They should be making the thing slightly bigger, screen bigger, and shit-ton more battery life. If I wanted a feminine tiny Pearl-sized device, I'd buy a Pearl. I'm a man, and want a man-sized phone.

Would you like a gun rack on that phone too for your "shit-ton" of manly guns?

If you want a bigger "manly" device get the Storm 2 when it comes out, we already know its got that "manly" heft to it.

But then again maybe the "touch" screen is something too feminine as real men man-handle things, they dont use those pussy "touchy feely" screens 8-)

All of this is really wonderful, but I would still like to see the 9700 done in two versions. One version with the trackpad and one version with the trackball. Even though I love the idea of a trackpad - I don't really like using one.

Can't wait to get my hands on one of these though! Trackpad nad all!


I am really up set if the 9700 is only going to come out for GSM Carriers. I think the trackpad seems much nicer and will hold up better than the trackball!

@BTDOWN...I have always been told that men that need really big toys are trying to compensate for "smaller" things. If you have to have such a “manly” device then maybe you should get a Bold 9000!

This phone is the shyt and I'll be getting one as soon as it's released.

hi i'm new to the blackberry os i've always been on s60 but when i saw the onyx i knew it was what i needed but one thing i wanted to know is the camera/video rec would it be good quality? are videos 15 or 30 fps? i'm not expecting too much but i sometimes need to capture pics and vid for my work..