Beyond160 for CDMA Users Lets You SMS All You Want

By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2009 08:55 am EDT

We got word through the tip line that a great new application called Beyond160 was just released. This one has been a long time coming for most hardcore texters on CDMA carriers. The simple app lets you type out SMS messages until your fingers hurt. If they are over 160 characters, instead of stopping you, it will split them up into multiple messages and send to the recipient. While this may not be an issue for GSM users, we CDMA users have had to deal with the 160 character cap for way too long.  Beyond160 is definitely worth checking out.

Get Beyond160: Beyond160 sells for $6.99, but if you swing by the on your device browser or visit the Hot section on our updated client, you can use coupon code CBBEYOND160LAUNCH at checkout and save $2.00. Coupon code expires this Sunday. * coupon code will not work in web-based app store

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Beyond160 for CDMA Users Lets You SMS All You Want


Wish I had read these comments before I purchased it. $5 down the drain. Thanks for the MMS method tip though.

Locks up when I try to send an SMS using "Reply with Beyond160" from the message page and the "Go Beyond160" from the address book. Seems to work "ok" from the app itself. Sent myself a 3 part message and it was received in 5 parts??????? Thank God I didn't drop money on this...

program is garbage, i did a trial version on my storm running .132. program just errors, never sends the 3rd txt, floods everyones inbox i txt using it. buddy got the same message 6 times and never received pages 2 or resets multiple times and messed up my today sms theme. i had to delete theme and reinstall. everything was installed correctly, set to allow, im no crackberry noob, maybe in time this has potential..but dont bother wasting your time right now or your money

I got suckered on this one. Also if you use Vlingo it over rides Beyond 160 so that it won't show as an option to use. You have to use it directly from the app.

I just deleted it so I won't run the risk of it bugging up my Curve.

I was very excited too! Infact, I almost bought it without doing the free trial...that would have lead to major disappointment and a refund request!

This is hilarious, see I don't have this problem because almost all of my friends are on BB messenger. I can type a lot more than 160 characters and not worry about it. Apps like this are going to be a thing of the past once VZW and others alike figure it out.

I don't see why everyone is complaing and moaning about it! Lots of people ASKED for an app like this and now they get it and completely hate it? Sorry for those that this isn't working for...there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. I have yet to have ANY problems with it on my phone. It works rather well for me and I am still running 4.3 OS.

Also with MMS iphones DO NOT have that on their phone until this summer and I don't see the need to send and email when I can just text. I not going to write my friend and email and then be asked why not just text me? That is just stupid...and also I have other friends that do not have smart phones so they do not get email on there phone. Am I supposed to wait until they go and check their email? I think not!

Most problems seem to be happening on the storm...we will try and get those cleared up. Just try the free trial if you like it then buy it its only 5 bucks that is a meal from Micky Ds. If you don't like it then delete it and move on!

I have the same issue as lorissimo. Locks up my Storm when I when I "Reply with Beyond 160" but seems to work fine from the app itself. I'm also running .132, and I'm starting to wonder is that isn't the primary culprit.

I'm thinking I'll switch back to .75 and test this out again to see if the lockup is still an issue. It's got potential, but until I try this with .75 I can’t say it’s worth the money right now.

I have been waiting for an app like this for a while! I'm not sure what problems you guys are having, but it works fine on this end. I have a VZW 8330 It's pretty simple, just open the app, select your contact(s), and type away. It's great not having to worry about hitting the limit, and going back to delete spaces or abbreviate words.

I've also checked with the recipients. No one has gotten any chopped up messages or had a delay in receiving them. I've gone up to 3/3 messages and they were all received one after the other, with no problems.

Really like this app.... easy to use, no issues.

And you don't have to start the message with the app. Just type a message in the regular sms box, and if it is going to be too long hit menu, Beyond 160 and everything switches over to their app. Finish the message and send..... works great!

I have a Sprint Curve 8330 with V4.5 and is freezes and sent a blank message when I selected go beyond 160 in an open messages. I'm going to try to mess with the settings and see what I came com up with.

Also another reason not to just send an mms is that on sprint we will just get a link to the browser which we have to open to read the message online.

After messing with the permissions (I just set them all to allow)and doing a battery pull it seems to be working well now! I like that it adds a 1/3 or what ever note so recipients know that it is a multi part message if part of it get delayed. Now if only it was built in to the phone instead of an app. An app is better then nothing though Thanks!

As the post above states EVERYTHING should be set to allow and it should run smoothly! Again this app has never been tested for leaked OS so try an official release.

Wont even work on my storm. It freezes as soon as I hit "go beyond 160" and I have to do a battery pull. I was really excited about this too. :(

It just makes NO GOOD SENSE to have to pay for an "app" that has the capabilities of something that should be included on our phone anyway. $7 to perform something that a stable, well=operating OS would do....No thanks!

check out this thread:

some people have had some problems, some people don't need the app and some people have zero problems.

for storm users if you go through that thread i posted above there is a smiple solution on swiping to get to the beyond 160.
also for other users that are using a LEAKED OS that could be half of the troubles you are having with this app. This app is for the official OS not leaked. Try going with an official OS.

Have any other questions feel free to PM me.


some of us have useless a$$hole carriers that lower sms character length to 140 and disabled mms on their smartphones so that they can lure us to spending more money on their email/internet options. smartphones should be communicating back and forth with paid email address from the carrier after all (as far as this particular carrier is concerned) so that they can make even MOER money from their customers of whom they truly do NOT care about.

who is this wonderous provider that limits characters, disables MMS and even blocks MANY streamming media web sites except youtube?

the all knowing, all powerful, all-jerks TELUS!!!!!!!

this program would be exceptionally useful for one such as myself until my contract runs out and i move to another provider that can fulfill my smartphone needs, hehe

I installed the trial version on my Sprint Pearl 8130 and it works as advertised. If I planned on keeping this phone much longer, I would definitely purchase this application. Thanks!

@2face-MazE: I have the exact same problem. My Bell 8330 only allows for 140 per msg. I tried sending a long txt split in 3 pages and each msg was missing the last chunk. Maybe the developer could make a 140 version?

Soo yeah feedback from the storm .141

so far no problems, it delivered in separate messages but when i try to hit Reply with Beyond160, it freezes and I have to hit the back button a thousand times for it to get out of it.

Ps I know its not meant to run on Beta OS, but I know a lot of us Storm users thrive off that since VZW/RIM treat us like evil step children so I'm just letting those other users know. Good concept, hope it can work a little smoother though.

Difference between .75 and .132 is like night and day. It's almost like a completely different phone, it works so much better. Then again, it comes with the trade off that not every app you have is going to work as it should.

But that's not to say the lockup issue is an un-official OS issue. Once I reload .75 and test this out, I'll let you know.

Technically, in reality of us needing to send a text through MMS, it really isn't unlimited characters for a text. For me, and all the other carriers I've had, its been 1000 characters.. its a little over 6X more than 160 characters.. just thought I'd point that out.. unless your service allows it somehow, mine doesn't.

Hey Gang,

For those of you experiencing a lock-up with the app, please check your permissions, especially if you're running a leaked OS for your Storm. Something could have changed with the way permission requests work in the newer versions that this app hasn't been tested against yet.

To fix the permissions, do the following:

1. Go to your BlackBerry Options --> Security Options --> Application Permissions --> Beyond160

2. Open the menu and choose "Edit Permissions"

3. Set all three categories to "Allow". Then exit and Save.

Do a battery pull to reboot and see if that takes care of it. Permission settings are usually the culprit for issues like this.

I would have sworn I did this already, but I did check and all permissions were set to Custom on my Storm. Once I set them to Allow and did a battery pull, this app works like a charm on .132. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to text to non-MMS phones (and even those who just hate the 160 limit).

I'm not one to complain about price, but from the comments, $7 seems steep for a very buggy app. One qeustion is this integrated into the storm's UI?

why would i ever shell out 7 dollars for this if i can type 1000 characters in an mms for free...and it doesn't split it up into separate messages making it impossible for the other person to understand.
and as for iphone users who cant receive mms its your own fault...haha sucks for you!

I am running .141 hybrid and it seems to be working fine for me. It does seem to have a slight pause when I switch to beyond160 in middle of message and again when I send, but goes through every time.

Yes, mms is a work around but the fact that I can reply to a text message and extend message if it gets longer than expected without having to abreviate at end etc. and have it work and show up with the storm's version of threaded sms, it was worth it to me.

Well i purchased without reading the comments and i must say i have had no probs at all here on sprint 8830, maybe its just a specific handheld or an OS that its giving issues with, cause i have none here

I got very excited for this app. It always drives me nuts when I'm in the middle of writing a response or a new text and it cut me off unexpectedly.

No problem with the app, except that it doesn't interface directly with the SMS application on the blackberry. So, if you get a txt and want to reply by hitting "reply" and you exceed your limit, you have to either hit send and continue in a separate txt, or copy what you have, open up Beyond160, paste, and continue.

Same thing, if you start composing a new txt and you hit the limit, you have to go into Beyond160.

So, if you have to choose the application each time anyway, you might as well just MMS everyone and save $5.

I'm running .113 and I am having no problem with freeze or anything. MMS Yeah its free but I'm not thinking MMS to send an SMS the first thing I do is an sms.


I think you're missing how it works. When you're in the built-in SMS app, and you hit the 160 character limit, just hit menu and choose "Go Beyond160". It will automatically transfer the recipient and text into Beyond160 and allow you to easily continue typing as much as you want.

All of this is stated in the Help document as well as the product highlights on the order page. Not that anyone reads those. :-)

You rock! That makes the $5 worth it, thank you :)

And you're right, had I taken 3 minutes to read the documents I might have figured this out ... ugh!

Save yourself the 6.99, and send that text thats over 160 characters as a picture message. Its as simple as that.

No MMS on Telus, and this worked on my trial run sending a two-stage text to myself although with a bit of hassle and an error the first try. Would be nicer if it could do it automatically just from the SMS window, but might still be worth the cost.

Screwed up on a three-text message. The first text came said (1/2) and (1/3) on it, which was correctly the first one. Second one came said (3/3) which was actually the third one. Out of place the last one to arrive said (2/2) - the second of three really - and was cut to ten characters.

VZW 8330 on
Program works fine...I'd say it's probably worth the cost and easier to just hit reply then "Go Beyond160" from the send menu than to copy your 160 characters from the SMS, start a new MMS message, paste the 160 characters every time your sending a text over 160....


If you're on Telus or Bell, you need to go into your Beyond160 Options and change the "SMS Message Size" to 140, instead of 160. This is stated in the Help section.

As for the sending a receiving sequence... Beyond160 will always send/queue your messages in proper sequence, but the sequence in which the receipient receives them is totally dependent upon their network and when it chooses to deliver them. Beyond160, nor any other app, has any control over that. Carriers will give you no guarantee on any message and the sequence in which it will be received. Just ask Sprint/Nextel users. :-) Most of the time, however, it will be received in sequence like it was sent. The message markers (ie. (1/2), (2/2), (3/3), etc..) are there to help in case they arrive in a different order, which again, should be rare if you have a decent carrier.

Mostly fixed it, thanks. Retested it and it just didn't send the third page at all this time. Still enough of a problem that if it continued it obviously wouldn't be worth paying for, but at least that solved the other stuff. (and I did know what the message markers were for, my complaint was that they were wrong on some of them).

well its worth the 2 dollars to not use crackberry app store it is the biggest hassle to use on the storm it needs help!

this application has helped wonders and hasn't done ANYTHING wrong for me and i'm on the old ass Pearl. you people need to sit down and lay off the negativity for a while. the reason all y'alls blackberries are messing up is because you have them tricked out with tons of apps... or were dumb enough to get the Storm.

I have just posted an update to Beyond160 that resolves the issue with permissions not being set properly. If you're experiencing the "freezing" and haven't yet set your permissions to "Allow", then just tell Beyond160 to update itself by going to the menu --> About/Update and click "Check for Updates". Or you can download it from this link:

i loved this app but i paid for it had the code all set up so life was good so i had thought had to rebbot and know is saying i have to pay again and i cant get an email to complain bout this problem

EVDO use on a phone (i.e., using the phone as a modem) restricts the use of email and MMS, so this is theoretically a welcome addition to an EVDOer's app repertoire.