Bemoneyed by XIMAD updated - now compatible with BlackBerry OS 7 devices!

By Michelle Haag on 19 Nov 2011 02:09 pm EST
Beymoneyed by XIMADBeymoneyed by XIMAD
We let you know about Beymoneyed by XIMAD back in October, and a lot of you were disappointed that this free BlackBerry game wasn't compatible with your new BlackBerry OS 7 device. Your wishes were heard, and XIMAD is happy to announce that the game has been updated to v1.2, making it compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones OS 5.0 and up.

Bemoneyed is similar to Bejeweled. In this game you match sparkling coins to form chains, which disappear when aligned. Options include 8 different currencies, sound effects, and increasingly harder levels. It's a lot of fun to play, and definitely worth checking out!

More information/screenshots and to download Bemoneyed Free
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Typo on the title. Should be Bemoneyed. :)

Michelle Haag

So many 'e's  and 'y's lol.. thanks. fixed.


I am downloading now...I really liked BeZombied & BeVampired but they aren't available for 7os phones...Lunagames are you listening?!!!


As you said, "similar to bejeweled" I think there really isn't a need for this. I have bejeweled for all my devices, even the snail 8520. Failed to lag and works like a charm. Its free too! This game is ad supported and you know how pesty ads can be......


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is this game graphics accelerated..?