BeWeather HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

BeWeather HD
By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2012 09:11 am EDT

BeWeather has long been the go-to weather app for BlackBerry Smartphones, and now you can have that same weather experience on your BlackBerry PlayBook. BeWeather HD is now available and brings along loads of features for weather buffs of all ages. BeWeather HD gives you more than just the standard forecast and lets you check current conditions, get advisories, view radars and more.

Features include:

  • 100% Ad-Free
  • Weather data provided by Weather Underground, includes 7 day and hourly forecasts
  • Visually stunning display of weather information using high definition animations (experimental)
  • More accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location
  • Weather advisory notifications (US only)
  • Built-in animated radar (US only) and IR/Vis satellite maps
  • Replace/extend the default radar/satellite maps with your preferred weather service's radar maps!
  • Add custom web cams and other media links (weather radio, video, HTML etc)
  • Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
  • Completely customize BeWeather using fonts and colors

BeWeather HD is available now for $4.99 in BlackBerry App World. Grab it from the link below.

More information/Download BeWeather HD 

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Reader comments

BeWeather HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


$5 for a weather app. This kills me! You would *Really* have to love your weather to fork out for something like this... honestly, there are so many free apps that do a great job, it blows my mind that they're charging ($5!) for this.

While it is pretty steep, comparatively speaking, $5 really isn't that much. What is that... 2 Starbucks? I get many more utils from a nice weather app than I would from 2 cups of coffee.

Here in Canada it doesn't appear to get you much on BeWeather either. No radar maps for Canada, no weather alerts for Canada. I think I still with The Weather Network until this is updated to work fully in Canada.

Haha I couldn't agree more. The weather app that came pre-installed on the Playbook works just fine. People that are buying this are out of their minds!

Consider yourself lucky. If you live in the UK it works out an amazing $8.00 thanks to RIMs inability to grasp that $1 does not equal £1. So if you think $5 is bad pity us poor sods at this end of the pond who get ripped off EVERYTIME we buy anything from App World.

I wouldn't say a lot of the free options do a great job, the price is a bit steep but they make a good product

Are you kidding me?! I didn't even know for sure but I assumed:

Bellshare = Native, as they've been loyal BB devs for quite some time!

Sorry to misinform!

I hope the folks at Bellshare read this: I'd pay $5 for a native version, but not for an Android port. So please Bellshare starty keeping count, there is the first $5 you lost.

I make is a personal rule not to pay for ported Android apps. Those developers will never make their apps native. Dolphin Browser is a good example.

This is disappointing that BellShare, who has seen so much support from BlackBerry Nation, decides to port their app instead of making it native.

So we complain about free/cheap poor quality apps, and we complain about beautiful yet more expensive apps?

If you LIKE weather apps, take the plunge. This app has been great for years on phones, I can only assume it'll be just as great for the PlayBook! :)

I love it! I would pay twice the price for such a useful well thought out functional app. Microsoft still wants 500.00 for its upgrade to Vista. Ha! Go figure.

nope, i wrote it with my PlayBook, which is NOT a HD screen, nor is any other BB. im far from a troll. i just think if companies have to outwardly LIE about their apps, that sets a bad statement.

HD is a marketing term that means "looks pretty." Stop pretending it's an engineering term with a defined dot pitch and resolution. When some random app says "HD" that is NOT a reference to the ATSC standard, which marketing folks often call "HD" as well.

This app on your phone runs $10 prior to RIM giving it away for free right now, and we're complaining about it costing $5 on the PlayBook? It was worth the money I paid 3 years ago for it on my phone so I have to assume that its twice the value at half the price on my PlayBook which has the power to do things the phone just can't yet.

thats why i never bought the paid version for my phone.

yeah, $10 is not a lot of money, but for a weather app it IS.

$5 for a weather app is too much too.

I would consider $5 for an HD game, but for an app that shows the weather (which i can also, get online for free) is just overpriced.

im sorry, but this should be no more than $1.99

Thats a nice thought anyways ... All they did was port their Android app. When you look at it, its $5 for doing nothing.

$5 for an Android port from the developer with the absolute worst customer service in the ecosystem?

Thanks anyway.

Ya BerryWeather on my girl friends 9650 rarely works (and she never hesitates to remind me) and they have yet to get back to me after multiple requests.

I hate to say it, but the more Android Apps that come out like this are just going to continue to hurt the PlayBook. I'm sure it's a good app, but there's a free weather app already & the FREE APP - Today's Alarm Clock - gives you real time weather.

$5 is too much in my opinion. Just doesn't seem like RIM is actually listening to us. We don't need 1,000,000 apps that suck. We need the BEST Apps out there on the QNX System!

I would pay $5 for SKYPE, Text Free or Netflix or Hulu Plus IF they worked!!! Notice, these are all FREE APPS, but I would still suck it up & pay the $5 if it meant that they were not Android ported apps. If I wanted Android apps, I would've bought an Android Tablet. I want the quality that I expected from RIM & the BlackBerry Name.

Thanks for the app Mr. Developer, but I will pass.


I agree. The problem is Appworld. There is no way to detect any new native App. Im tired to try hundreds of ported Androids before i find a native one. Appworld should be diveded in two sections, to be able to see if a needed native App exist, and IF not THEN i would propably look at the Androids. The current Android-flooded Appworld sucks.

When BB10 is out, we will see 95% Android apps at Appworld and the customer will think, that the Android-player is the normal way to use Apps. Thats crazy. No way to find the native Apps.

Always check the screenshots. Sometimes you can see the gray bar at the bottom of the app which gives away that it's an Android port and not native. Of course, that's not foolproof, but it's something at least.

The screenshots are a giveaway. 98% of the Android apps look absolutely awful or don't have a screenshot. You can spot them a mile off. I'm amazed that RIM is letting all of this junk pollute their app ecosystem. It could end up being the death of RIM as people DO want apps, but they don't want junk.

Agree. Worst part of this is that this a BlackBerry developer that this community has support for years and this is how they are treating us; porting an Android app.

Slap in the face this is.

I agree too. RIM seem to be making a total mess of App World. The fact that they are not honest and up front about which apps are Android ones and which are native apps absolutely stinks. The currency conversion ($1 = £1) sticks. The dubious reviews on products that are rubbish stinks. The fact that they only list the last 25 new arrivals stinks.

As much as I try to remain a loyal Blackberry user it gets harder and harder by the day. Oh yes, the promise of BB10 and the whole QNX this is great, but we were all excited about the original Playbook release and that turned out to be an almighty turkey.

Please, please, please get a grip RIM and start LISTENING to your loyal users, who are desperate for you to succeed.

I was thinking the same thing, but the only go to weather app for BB phone is Berryweather. Guess its safe to assume Be and Berryweather are made by the same folks.

I'll stick with the weather app included with the PB. You can get the full version of BeWeather on your phone from app world. Its free and is located under the premium apps offer.
I think its only for 7.0 devices though.

Please someone tell me how BeWeather is such an amazing weather app!? I need to know what justifies me paying $5 for it. Doesn't everyone just open the app to see the temp for the day and that's it? What else are people doing with these apps that sets BeWeather apart?

I used the free version and got all I needed. The biggest features for me are: homescreen icon, 5 day forecast, multiple city support and data accuracy. I didn't mind the ad, but when the paid version showed up for free I grabbed it. I'm still using the same features as before. Its packed with good features, but the free version worked just fine!

Your talk the phone version not the PlayBook version which gives you none of that since its an Android app not a native app.

Why? Because there are so many good free Apps?
EDIT: Well, i would really like to know the reason, because i dont know if it still makes sense for me to make apps with the native tools, when the customer doesnt want to pay for apps anymore. Is it because there are so many free Android apps available now? Or is there another reason?
I know a qnx-developer who went to the other fruit company. Because of the android-player he saw no way to make money anymore. Maybe he is right, im not sure.

Ill buy an app if its a good app. These android ported apps suck. Even if it doesn't run in of the android player there's simple things like the bezel on the playbook that isn't encorporated properly. Perfect example is zinio. The damn thing even ses android all over it, and the websites all view you as useing an android device.

Advertise in your app description how your creating apps from the ground up for the playbook and ill pay you top dollar

Thanks for the reply. CrackBerry made me believe, that the Android-Player is the best an greatest feature ever, and everybody loves Android-apps now...

I'm not sure if you are trolling or being serious, I have my doubts about the former but in case you are serious, the solution is simple.

Write a good app and in the description say it is native QNX app and I'll buy it and so will tons of other. I'll buy it even if I don't use it.

I agree. If you put in the work to make a native app, put it in the app description. I will buy it too if its something I will use. If I want Android apps, I don't use App World anyway, I sideload.

right. If this had a homescreen icon or something different than whats already on the Playbook for free, why should I spend $5 for it?

And if its $5 on the Playbook, why has it been priced for $10 for the phone version???

Hmmm. Only costs $2.99 over at the Android Market too, and has widgets on that implementation. Shouldn't a port be the same price at most? I have it on my phone, love it, and that will do (even paid $10 for it). They better get a native app ready for BB10 cause I won't be paying $10 for a ported app. This is the reason why I detest the Android player and think that the mention of the Android player at the Playbook's release retarded native app development.

BellShare is clearly taken advantage of their name when it comes to the pricing of this app to take advantage of us. They started on BlackBerry, made their name, and now sticking it to us with Android ported piece of garbage.

The main thing holding me back is wondering how it behaves as far as battery drain. I had to set it to "manual update" on my 9850 so it wouldn't run in the background. It is mentioned as a known problem in the forums. I like the alerts during the winter, etc. but not paying that much for somehting I don't trust.

I agree with the comments about ported Android apps. However, excitement went up and eveyrone was clammering for lots of ported apps. Now we have them. RIM is trying everything possible to woo developers for native apps.

I agree AppWorld is a disorganized mess. Really, RIM. When you add a ton of files to a file cabinet you can't see a need to organize it into sections that make sense? Poll your own family members and they will help you with some ideas. At first I was checking frequently to see what is new. Now, unless I need something specific or there is a rewiew on CB that sounds interesting I rarely do. This is bad for developer relations. The one thing I do like is how they now feature apps on the first page.

I believe in your, RIM. I know you are trying and I know there are always things I don't understand. I just hope you are listening intently to the consumer experience.

Developer relationship: The most non-Android apps are AIR-apps. Even the email, calender and contact apps are AIR-apps. But RIM makes everything wrong to keep AIR-developer on board. For example, RIM will propably NOT upgrade qnx-AIR to AIR 3.2, and many developer are worried about the future of AIR at RIM. The Android-flooded Appworld is the second point.
This in mind, my interest in developing for RIM decreases from day to day. And i will never make cascades-apps, because they are not crossplatform. Only few developer will assume the risk to learn and use cascades for such a relative small platform which is flooded by Android-apps now.
AIR is crossplatform and AIR 3.2-apps run unbelievable fast on IOS and Android - but maybe never on BB10.
I know, its off-topic, sorry.

Youa re totally bullsh*tting here right? You think RIM will not update air apps when people are developing them for iOS??? Ya that's why they put an adroid player on the PB because they want exclusive QNX C development. Don't write such crap. I see now you are just a troll. works fine for me here in the states -gives me all I need, forecast, radar, etc.

If you find them in the Android Market or Google Play or whatever the hell they call it now, might as well buy them there; cheaper. Then find someone in the forums to convert the APK for you and sideload it. Its the same thing as this piece of dung they ported over.

I like the app and was happy to pay the 4.99. I really dont care if it was ported over from Android. Everyone made lots of noise for apps on Playbook and now you have them and still we complain. Are there crap apps? Of course there are and some are native apps that are crap apps. I for one enjoy the ability to see and use many more apps on my Playbook. I love the way Beweather works. Also dont forget that developers are trying to make a living not provide free fun for folks that own a Playbook. Many of us spent a lot of time sideloading apps from Android market and were just giddy about it. Now you can get them in app world and you all complain. JEEEEEZ Buy it if you like dont buy it if you dont! Lets not forget the extra work that will be created for the DEV when some of the folks that buy the app wont take the time to read the help section or Dev notes and will bombard the dev with emails complaining.

I disagree with your assessment of this particular app. When a developer ports to PlayBook minimal effort is needed. Just go through the forums and see those that are willing to convert APKs for people. BellShare is using their brand identity that they have with BlackBerry users to charge MORE than they do in Google Play/Android Market for minimal effort. I could go on but want to stay specific to this particular app.

Several strikes against this app, expensive (especially considering the following), it is an Android port, takes too long to load, it doesn't use GPS to find your location and it can't find local cities that I know have weather stations using the search. Entering Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and even Vancouver BC, gave me a location not found. The app has been deleted and a refund requested.

Wow all these arguments over a $5 app?

If you don't want to pay for it then don't and don't talk about it.

If you have the phone version and love it I'm sure you'll love this playbook apps. Native or ported the devs will still support it 100% for the life of the program. You think they do this for free. Its a buisness. They have to make money.

It is $5 on android and $5 on playbook. Get over it.

You are incorrect. The app is $2.99 on Android. BellShare is charging more for the PlayBook version that they spent seconds porting. They are clearly using their brand identity to screw BlackBerry users; whom they made their name with.

That's what pisses me off; not the cost of the app itself.

Sorry I thought the android was $5 my bad.

I know it didn't take seconds because I knew one of the beta testers and they went through a few updates before they got it perfect. Wasn't an easy 2 click process. The android to blackberry isn't as easy from what I understand.

Plus rim asks for more $ per app so that's why more apps cost more $ for us.

Again they have to make a profit.

If you take a look at the app you will notice that it is not a simple repackaging of our Android version. Our original Android version never worked on Playbook Android Runtime.

This version has been heavily customized to make the user experience feel as native as possible to the Playbook.

Some of the features this app provides using the Android Runtime wouldn't have been possible to implement in a native/AIR app.

If RIM decides to drop the non-native task switching for Android apps this app couldn't be distinguished from a native/AIR Playbook app.

Thanks for the clairity H

I didn't know the specifics but I did know it wasn't exactly an easy port. If it was it would have been out months ago.

Really it's too bad, I used to be a big fan of Bellshare and even offered some help to them when they shelved Instango for a while. Then recently they've neglected BerryMail since OS7's launch and it still hasn't been updated. (March 10th, 2010 was the last update to it)

Now $5 for the same app that is free on Android? The $3 version includes homescreen widgets, which aren't in the PB version.

If anyone is curious where feedback on the app can be left, they have support forums available here:

Not concerned about the price (if you can't afford it don't buy it)

But the fact that is is NOT ready for prime time leaves a bad taste in my
mouth, once again with BellShare.

It's unstable.Crashes way to often
Start up is slow and poorly done (player menu pops in before the app)
Selecting local pictures seem to have issues showing multiple folders.
Animated weather background does not always work
No "backup settings" function
BellShare customer support stinks from one end to the other

Ability to add custom radar and media sources
Very cool looking when it works
Uses mine and others weather stations for local data
Stock radar works and better than many others
Price is not bad (if they get the CONS fixed)

Good start, but not even close to be complete or stable.

I recommend waiting a couple of versions before buying to see if
they can fix it and make it useful.

I do find it in bad test for BellShare to port the Droid over instead of writing a
PB native app that sort of works.

Half a$$esed at best right now.


BlackBerry PlayBook May Receive an Update Soon; Probably Add More Languages Support

Seems like RIM is rolling out another impressive BlackBerry PlayBook update soon with additional International languages support. Absence of many highly needed languages like Arabic, Chinese etc. are still missing out on the tablet but not to surprise these are on way to arrive maybe in the next update or later with the release of BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+/LTE devices. Stick with us for more updates