BeWeather gets another update to v2.6.22

By Kerri Neill on 20 Jul 2012 10:09 am EDT

Everyone's favorite weather app BeWeather has gotten a small but highly important update this week. This latest version brings the app up to v2.6.22 and with it a fix for one of the most complained about issues on BlackBerry smartphones - memory leak.

Update includes:

  • Fixed potential memory leak
  • Improved current location detection

While this isn't a major update for most, it has the possibility of being one for anyone who thinks they may have been experiencing a potential memory leak while having BeWeather on their device.

I've been a BeWeather user for so long yet it still remains one of my faves and the most recommended by me to friends. This update is only for the BeWeather app running on your BlackBerry smartphones, not the HD PlayBook version.

If you don't see the update in App World yet, simply keep refreshing your list and it'll show up soon enough.

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Reader comments

BeWeather gets another update to v2.6.22


Still leaking over here. Just as bad as before on OS7.1. Seems to be related to how many times I actually go into the app. But I never seem to get more than 48 hours before I lose over 60MB :(

well hopefully the current location detection means that it will work with just cell location now because i've been having to use gps and then cell cuz the cell wont pick up anymore.

I am having the same problem. Purchased it directly from Bellshare. The update should be available on Bellshares homepage for download, but they have still only .20 version there.

They updated only the name of the link, but not the file which you download. I tried it some minutes ago.

If you still see the download information for .20 after clicking the link, make sure you select 'Refresh' from the BlackBerry menu.

When are they going to fix the bug with the temperature reading only showing the last or last two digits in the notification area when the temperature is in the 100s?

It's not their bug to fix. That's the way BBOS has always worked - no more than two digits in the notification area.

I purchased BeWeather directly from Bellshare and they dont have the .22 version for download oh theit homapage. It is only in the AppWorld available. They should fix it asap!

I bought Berryweather from Mobihand. The Bellshare site doesn't have the upgrade yet. Any ideas how I can get the update?

I downloaded it for free as part of the BBOS7 promotion, and after a BBOS update its telling me I need to buy the program...and my emails to Bellshare have been ignored...poor customer service.

Maybe they can add a check for new version option to their app at some point, it is just daft that people would miss one if they didn't visit a site like this.

Still cannot locate via cell location. Terrible that this feature does not work for so many users yet the developer does nothing to address. Heck at this point just take the feature out. Why lie to me?

I'd be a lot happier if they'd release a PB native version instead of an android port....I **hate** the way android port apps run on the PB....we'll see if this new version actually works right on my 9550 too, I've had to disable weather notifications completely to keep the app from freezing...