BeWeather Free version 2.6 now available - Adds updated UI, hourly forecasts and more

BeWeather Free
By Adam Zeis on 29 Nov 2011 11:24 am EST

The free version of BeWeather has been updated to 2.6 and is now available for download. The update brings along some new features and bug fixes and is now ad-supported (to remove ads stay on version 2.1 or upgrade to the premium version). BeWeather is one of the best weather apps out there, so if you're a weather nut then this is the app for you. New updates include:

  • More detailed weather data including hourly forecasts Optimized for OS 7.0
  • Share Weather and Alerts via Native Twitter, Facebook and BBM on OS 7.0
  • Super Smooth User Interface using BlackBerry Liquid Graphics
  • Improved Settings User Interface
  • Bug fixes

The new version is available now in BlackBerry App World (if it's not showing for you just try back later). You can also check out the paid version for $9.99.

More information/download of BeWeather Free
More information/download of BeWeather (Paid)

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Reader comments

BeWeather Free version 2.6 now available - Adds updated UI, hourly forecasts and more


I would never spend $10 on a weather app, first of all its way too expensive and second all I need is what the weather is and how its gonna be for the rest of the week.

This is one app that is totally worth it. FWIW it gives you push alerts for severe weather alerts and you can view hourly as well as 7 day (or 10 I forget) forecasts, so you can see the rest of the week.

Besides the price, the other big problem with BeWeather both the paid and free versions is that they always are running in the Background. The only weather app that I've found that actually doesn't run in the background is the Weather Network App.

That's one of the biggest reasons I love this app!

If it didn't update the temp/weather icon every 15 minutes (or however long you choose to set updates) I wouldn't even use it. BerryWeather was about 35% of why I ditched my iPhone and came back to my Bold. The lack of an updating weather icon on a phone's homescreen will forever be a requirement in my future smartphone dealing- all thanks to this wonderful app...

To each his own though!

Adam, AccuWeather does all of that... EVEN ON THEIR FREE VERSION. Plus, radar and all the other fancy stuff. However, there's a problem with the app updating throughout the day. Once that's fixed, I'm going back.

"Optimized for 7.0" Glad I have a fancy new 7.0 device. Oh no, wait, I have a 9650 which RIM has forgotten about and may or may not work depending on which way the wind blows. If that's good for Blackberry Liquid Graphics, I think my BB still has Campbell's Chunky Graphics.

The paid version was upgraded in Aug. They are now on the same version as the free one just played catchup.

Accuweather (glad it finally updated for OS7) for the best, modern, weather app.

But I also still run (since OS 4.x) BBWeather (9.1), and it still works perfect on OS7! Gives the almost all info one could want on it's main screen as well as very good daily and long range forecasts.

Both apps give updates on Homescreen icon too.

I have tried all the free weather apps, these two rule. BBWeather is not on App World. Just google it.

This has never worked properly for me on AT&T. It can never find me based on my cell phone location, or puts me in cities 2000 miles away. I evidently also change BBs too often, my license only transferred once, I would have to pay another $10 for my 9810. Not gonna happen.

I have used Be Weather on several BB's that i have had and it works great. I'm using it now on the 9930 and I wouldn't be without. Great App, never any problems.

Disappointed in this update. The free version no longer gets weather updates on my Torch 9850, it has advertisements now, and while it shows more options, most of them tell you you have to buy it to use them. I deleted it immediately. Now to find some other solution. :( I really liked this software too.

:( I don't like this update too much. I now have to scroll down past a huge weather graphic (sun / clouds, etc) to get to the weekly forecast. Looking at the options now. I really like this app. May have to bite the bullet and purchase this or find something else.

the new version placed an ad at the top of the screen. it has reduced the size of the weather window to make room for the ad. i have to scroll to see the temps at the bottom now. i dont like that. how can i go back to the previous version?

I'll use this for now. But once AccuWeather updates their app so that the icon updates, I'm going back. BeWeather is so limited, and the navigation is not very slick.

I like this app very much, it is one of the nicest looking weather apps around.
Or rather: it was, now that they have spoiled it with (yuck!) adds.

I could not care less about the new features, but I do mind the adds.
Shame on me for upgrading without waiting for reviews.
Does anybody know how to install the last add-free version? I cannot locate it anywhere. :-(

Hate the ads (and doesn't that add to my data usage?) and don't like that they have the mirror image of the bottom temps/% (even though I have what I think is that option turned off).