BeWeather update brings BBM integration

BeWeather for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 24 Oct 2012 09:00 am EDT
Fans of the app BeWeather by Bellshare will be pleased to know that the paid version has received an update today, bringing it to v2.7.12. This update might not interest some of you, but for those that use BBM, you will be find that BeWeather is now BBM connected. You can set your BBM status to the current weather, post your current weather to your BBM profile, and send a weather location to your BBM contacts. I can see several situations where these options might come in handy, for example if you are expecting visitors from out of town and want them to see at a glance what your current weather conditions are.

The updated version also brings easier license key retrieval and license transfer from within the app as well as the usual bug fixes. As far as we can tell at this time, the update is only available for the paid version of the app which will set you back $9.99. If that's a little rich for your blood, you can download the free version (which works just as great, the only difference is it has fewer features) or wait for Bellshare to have another sale, which they do pretty often.

More information/purchase BeWeather premium
More information/download BeWeather free
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BeWeather update brings BBM integration


How do I get the update when Beweather is showing up uninstalled in app world? It is installed on my bb but app world thinks it is not. This is not the only app/theme that app world has listed as uninstalled that is in fact installed. Is there a fix for this?

You might have install the app from loader or OTA before. So reinstall it thru crAppWorld and you should have it fix.

i got the paid version for free when RIM listed them as one of the free paid apps we could get. will i still be able to get this upgrade despite not having paid for it?

Actually, if you previously downloaded "BeWeather Compliments of BlackBerry", and you can no longer do so, see here:

Bellshare helped me with this exact problem and now I have my full version activated again.

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i have this version too for the 9790, running v2.6.22 which seems is already 'BBM Connected'

it's a mess but it works?

remove the compliments of blackberry version and download the new version from bellshare's web site. you have a license key associated with your device already and the new version will automatically register once installed.

The update for the 'Compliments of BlackBerry' version is still pending approval. It should be available within the next couple of days.

I sent this tip in a couple of days ago. I wonder why it took this long to post?
BerryWeather (BeWeather) is a must have for me!


I too have the free paid for version that RIM was giving out for 7.0 devices. I wrote the developer and I hope they allow us to update. I would like to have BBM integration.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Quick question: i bought BeWeather from here on CB, can i still download it or get my activation ID?

I too have the paid version of BeWeather and it was the major soruce of my memory leak on my 9810 with 7.1 OS.
So I removed it. Now with the update and one battery pull I have not seen that problem yet.
Very happy with it now!

Still not giving BellShare another dime of my money. Worst customer service I've seen.

I have to agree with you on that one. I have never received a reply for support from them - EVER. Zero customer support, and they have what can only be described as the worst upgrade pricing in the business. If you purchased BerryBuzz (now BeBuzz) when it first came out, and upgraded it continually (which is really just bug fixes and now works with BBM), you would have paid three or four times the price of the program from someone buying it today. That's how they treat their loyal customers.

I actively recommend against their products when instructing and setting up new user's phones.

That's strange. I had a problem that I posted in the forum, and the Bellshare rep PM'd me that night and offered to fix it and give me a free app.

Mobihand is gone, so you're SOL on that. You could try contacting BellShare (ROFLMAO)! Sorry, not laughing at you or your predicament, just at the notion of contacting BellShare.

I bought mine BeWeather as well as their other apps from Mobihand. Yesterday, when I saw this update is not yet on Bellshare website. I opened crAppWorld and search for this app. I see [REINSTALL] button instead of [PRICE]. Voila!


I bought this app from Mobihand long ago and love it except that there are some pretty big discrepancies in the weather it reports and accuweather or The temp is often off a little and the wind and humidity is often off by a lot. I think it pulls it's data from weatherunderground or something like that and I think they have incorrect readings. Not that I have my own weather station but when one site says the wind is 7mph and the other says 27mph, I can tell that difference.

This app is a must have for me. The new update is nice, I'm loving all these integration and sharing options coming from the well known apps. BeWeather, Foursquare, Endomondo, BBMusic, Social Feeds etc. I'm excited to see what this dev has in store for BB10.

NO WAY am I giving those bellshare folks any more of my money since to them customer service is not at all a priority. They're apps are great but that's not enough, they really need to improve how they treat their customers; Especially when they ask for $10 for an app. Absolutely unacceptable!!!
I'm happy with my accuweather app for now.

When I sent them an email about the memory leak problem I was having, they got back to me that day and told me that they knew about this and were fixxing it.
Looks like they did.

Great thing here is you can now upgrade BeWeather that you purchased from Mobihand (deceased) on BlackBerry App World! Awesome, right?!

Oh, btw! Michelle, how do you do that kind layout on your display? I want same on mine. Thanks


Got two updates the other day, this and a new blurts, battery is being sucked dry in 6 hours. Not sure which to blame but or if it is either but something is hammering my 9930 and it is running hot. Any one else seeing this?

I had the complimentary version on my 9810. Just saw this and went to the BeBerry page. Downloaded the new version for OS7 OTA and everything worked. It's linked to BBM and runs exactly as I left the old version. Never have had any noticible memory leak on this device and i run dozens of apps, some pushed on from older OS5 and 6 versions. Happy BB.

Probably thé Best weather app one can find for BlackBerry 10! The more is frustrating that in active frame There is still mismatch of names in it: location etc, words interfere with eatch other And makes it unreadable!! Please correct And five stars are yours!!! Thanks in advance.