BeWeather 10 Pro updated with new Active Frame, added forecast details and more

BeWeather 10 Pro updated with new Active Frame, added forecast details and more
By DJ Reyes on 22 Apr 2014 10:48 am EDT

Hugely popular weather app for BlackBerry 10 (as well as on legacy devices), BeWeather 10 Pro has just seen an update bringing it to version 2.0. The changelog is quite a nice long list, showing the developer working hard to bring updates to the app. There are some additions as well as updates in this latest version, including a re-designed Active Frame and up to the minute rain forecasts for some regions.

What's new in v2.0?

  • Added more current weather information (UV index, visibility)
  • Added more forecast details (precipitation amounts)
  • Added hyperlocal up to the minute rain forecasts (i.e. "Rain in 10 mins, will stop after 15 mins", USA and UK only). Powered by Forecast, makers of the Dark Sky app.
  • Now you can use stock weather photography in addition to the HD weather animations as the app's theme
  • Weather radar now available in Europe and the U.S.
  • Location tiles in the location list can now be configured to show weather images or icons with custom background color
  • Re-designed Active Frame, stock photography or weather icons with custom background color
  • Many bug fixes

A pretty nice update if you ask me. Please note, as mentioned by the developer in the forums, this update will wipe all our locations. Also, stated by the developer is that this update is currently only available for full touchscreen devices - Z30, Z10 (and upcoming Z3). No time frame given on availability for Q10 or Q5 owners. You can discuss more over in the CrackBerry Forums where the developer has started a thread.

The update is free to anyone who has already purchased the app. If you haven't yet purchased BeWeather 10 Pro, it costs $4.99. Please note, the update has only recently been pushed live so it may take a while to show up for some. It will be available soon enough.

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Reader comments

BeWeather 10 Pro updated with new Active Frame, added forecast details and more


The Active Frame shows my current temp in Miami as 73˚c while the options are set to Imperial units.
Also, I would love for the app to launch in full screen for my home or default location or give us the option to launch with our current location in full screen.

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Tap-and-hold a location in the location list, select 'Location Options' in the context menu. Then select 'Add Shortcut to Homescreen'.

This will create an icon on your homescreen that opens the location straight to fullscreen.

I just made the update... it deleted all the cities that u had saved in there -_- not cool... besides that the update is awesome

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As the article says:
"Please note, as mentioned by the developer in the forums, this update will wipe all our locations."

Good update. Now my active frame matches my wallpaper. We will see how it goes with the weather animations, as that was my biggest annoyance.

They fixed the weekly forecasts too (high and lows finally! ) so it's great. And getting more information on the current forecast makes this a pretty complete app for me now.

Well done!

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No way this dev will ever get my cash again. Purchased beweather and bebuzz for my bold 9900, then I switched to Z10 (loved that phone but needed keyboard) for a while but can't type on glass so I sold the Z10 and got a bold again and my issues with this dev started. Must have sent 20 email trying to get the Damn activation code needed and every time the dev sent me one that wouldn't work. No help offered or given, just the same useless code over and over.

Never again.

So for me, I couldn't care less what they do with their apps.

Agree. They take your money and expect the community to support the product. No regard for Canadian weather (ie, no alerts) after people have asked repeatedly especially after spending $10 twice on the app. This update comes out and still no headless option as well? Meh.


I regret paying for this.

It's a lot worst than any of my free weather apps (I'm in Canada as well).

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I've never supported Bellshare on BB10 as I learned the hard way when I was on BBOS they don't have any customer support.
I'll stick with the stock weather app or Accuweather.

My active frame says that it is 49 degrees Celsius. Oops. Looks like the active frame shows C regardless of the units ( metric or imperial). Anyone else seeing this?

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Only quarrel I have is that getting from a location tile to the full screen display takes several presses or holding the tile down and sometimes still doesn't work. Yes I did a reinstall and restart but glitch still there. Dev are you listening?

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I have been using BeWeather pro and thought it to be a very poor weather app for what it lacked. This update has improved the app significantly and turned it into an app worth having.

Not meant to troll....

I fins the native BlackBerry weather app that came pre-installed on my Z30 to more than meet my needs so I'll save the $5 for something I really need.

However I do see the need for people requiring more detailed forecasts and on that end it sounds cool.


Posted from my Z30 on CB10

The BB weather app used to kinda suck, but it was updated a couple of months ago so that it's up to par with the aftermarket -- except for little advantages like the "hyperlocal forecasting" that's part of this BeWeather update.

I have been waiting for some of these updates myself. I was happy to see them this morning. Now this app feels complete for me.

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Add features, but app is very slow now and opening location tiles is now really frustrating; sometimes have to tap on tile 20 times before it opens.

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Tried that before posting. Others are having the same issue. An update in the first place shouldn't make you have to reinstall app, but seems to be the way for BlackBerry these days. Oh it doesn't work reinstall....wipe device...Bla Bla Bla

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Apparently not but I don't see why not! Maybe it's rolling out for the keyboard devices soon, I hope so anyway.

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Wicked update but still can't find my little city :( Feel like it works best outside Canada when compared to The Weather Network (Which is usually right)

Unless I'm doing something wrong delete still doesn't work. tap three dots Tap select, tap city ,tap trashcan . I end up with a list of cities family and friends currently are and never been able to delete them. I usually uninstall / reinstall the app every 4to 6 months to clear out old locations.

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All you have to do to delete a location is long hold (push)location and one of the options that pops out on the right side of the screen is the trashcan, just push and it asks if you want to delete that location.

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Also the new fixes and options are great. Love the ability to choose the weather station most relevant to my location (not a new option but still my favorite). The radar map is really accurate and updates are current to the minute, not from 15 minutes ago like on the Weather Channel app. This app is worth it.

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Still waiting for Canadian Radar, it would be my app of choice except for this glaring omission.

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Thanks, that way works now. :) never did before, still don't know why it doesn't delete through menu because when city is selected the trashcan does appear. But a lease one way works.

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Still a rip off for Canadian customers, trust me I know. All of Europe and the US has more features than we do in Canada.

Posted via CB10

Still not a good weather app for Canadians unfortunately.

The Weather Network, and Accuweather are still far far better than BeWeather in features and -- most importantly -- accuracy.

I would NOT recommend BeWeather for Canadians.

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Very buggy on my Z30. It now takes up to 5 touches to bring up a city from the home screen. Very annoying.

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Very nice update. Now I can get much more detailed information at a glance. No wonder BeWeather Pro is number one in my book.

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I was having problems not tracking locations and with this update they corrected it. Thank you.

arTie's berry "Q10"

Pro has some bugs that should of been caught.

See the forums.

Posted via Verizon Z10 - OS v10.1.2.2174

I had my issue addressed so I'll help others. The animation can be turned on in settings and I'm in Vancouver and the radar does work here, tap maps them select layers. The app works fine on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the info!

How do you find the weather accuracy (though maybe too early to tell)? I've found it to be quite poor in the past (e.g.: telling me it's sunny in my area while it's pouring rain outside my window etc...)

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I like the app but it neglects us in Canada.

We don't get severe weather advisories in Canada and this new update will neglect us even more.

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Love this app and love the developer! I have soooo many Bellshare apps on my Z10 and have done since my Torch 9800.

Great work on the update.

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I made an earlier comment that was incorrect, I had stated a need for Canadian Radar be included in the application in previous versions only satellite was available. I now have Radar and the up to the minute forcast as well. I didn't see any mention of it in the release notes so my mistake, this will now be my go to weather app!!

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Since the update allow I can't set up "my location", like I was able to before the update. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I have had the Weather Channel app and the Weather app for BlackBerry (of course) as well as BeWeather but I couldn't decide on what would stay. This update fixed that. Bye bye weather channel lol

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Why can't this be headless? He obviously knows how to do it. I don't get warnings unless app is open or in a tile.

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It's good to see the update. All my settings were wiped after the update. Not impressed.

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Great update. Keep up the great work on this app. This is my "go-to" app every morning and afternoon. Although, there is the issue of the "C" vs. "F" display. Not a major concern but just something to fix on the next update.

I keep going back and forth between the native weather and this one. With this update I'm back.

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This app was lacking in accuracy. So much, that I had deleted it. I may give it another whirl.

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I changed to dark map, now I cant go back, only option is dark even though dark is currently set.

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Why no radar maps for Canada? I live in Ontario and end up using The Weather Network website to predict when a storm will hit (sitting at kids baseball games in a storm sucks so I prefer to pack up what I can about five minutes before).

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They really need to add features for Canada. Not really worth the money for a premium weather app when you cut out all the (US only or Europe and US only) restrictions. For example in Canada you get no weather advisories.

Authored on the Q10

how do i get the update? do i need to pay again? I don't have the notification for the update even if i search for the update on BB World on my phone.

This update has officially allowed me to put aside The Weather Network app that I just haven't been able to give up, primarily thanks to the new forecast details. I still don't get some of the fancy features (not being from US or UK) but the precipitation amounts and the way the forecast is laid out now finally makes more sense.

Would still like to see a short-term forecast in TWN design, but this will do in the meantime.

I missed it before. My mistake no q10 support! Well if they don't wanna send the update to me too then I don't have a use for them either. DELEAT.