BeWeather 10 for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 5 Feb 2013 10:23 am EST

I won't lie - I'm a big fan of weather apps. My grandafther always had a Farmers Almanac on hand and my father has more home weather stations than he knows what to do with, so I guess it's just in my blood. That being said, I was super excited to see BeWeather available now for BlackBerry 10. BeWeather 10 brings the best of BeWeather to BlackBerry 10, including current conditions, temperature, daily & hourly forecasts, alerts and more. If you're at all a weather nut, there is no other way to go.

BeWeather looks amazing from top to bottom. You can view multiple locations in a list or grid view, check out weather maps, set severe weather alerts and view the outlook forecast. It has some sweet animations for current conditions and an Active Frame that shows off your location, current temperature and current conditions.

While it does ring in at a fairly high price of $5.99, BeWeather fans should be quick to snap it up because it really doesn't get any better. Yes, you can stick with the stock weather app or the many ad-supported ones available in BlackBerry World, but I say skip your coffee for the day and pick this up instead - it's well worth it.

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BeWeather 10 for BlackBerry 10


I've mentioned this already but BBRY SHOULD integrate the weather app into their calendars! Have the native calendar pull the data for the 7 or 14 day forecast and plant in on the calendar.

That way when people are looking at their appointments, they can see what the weather will be like and make necessary changes.

Agreed. Belshare is notorious for charging for updates to apps you have already purchased so I'm sure they're making everyone pay again.

Tell me about it! Bought for OS7 and Playbook, now need to buy again? Sorry, the standard one is now good enough

NO. It is not because of activeframe. It's the app. The developer need to update the icons on the activeframe screen. Take a look at BBWorld and BBM. The icons/gfx updates when there are changes.

Is this a Native app or Android? I think it might be better to see what Advanced Weather HD comes out with, very good on the PB. I take it the icon doesn't show any live info? Big disappointment, though I believe this is BB's fault.

Biggest issue I have so far on BB10, is the application has to be running to get the temp/forecast, at least from what I can tell?. BeWeather currently just updates the little icon, or text by the clock and I rarely have to open it.
I don't have a BB10 phone, so maybe in practice it won't be such a big deal, or maybe in future iterations dev's will be able to customize a little more, but looking in from the outside it seems to be an issue.

$5.99 vs the stock weather app or a weather website using the lightning fast browser is way to high for me. Last time I paid more than $5 was when I bought an all in 1 media & streaming player.

Weatherbug was my all-time favorite weather app. It just worked for me. I'd love to see if they decided to build an app for the BB10. I never cared for Berry Weather.

If it's going to be anything like BeWeather for bb7, it's going to be inaccurate by up to ten degrees (when all other sources are correct)

$5.99 is a bit steep. Would have liked to see a $1.99 to $2.99 price point. Maybe wait for a sale.

Aside from the fact that I don't have a BB10 device yet (US carriers), I will wait on this. No way they don't have a sale in the next few months, or get pressured to lower the price by free/ad-supported competitors.

This is a fair price actually. This was a $10 app depending on when you purchased it. The real question would be how is it compared to the stock weather app that comes with BB 10? If the stock one is good and displays the current temp on the homescreen, I wouldn't bother buying Beweather (I've been a Beweather user since my Curve 8320).


Question.....I see your weather app says Roxbury Township, NJ....what network are you using in NJ as I too am in NJ? I am trying to get a Z10 before March 27th on T-Mobile but can't figure out which one to buy from Canada that will work on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network and then on their LTE network later this PLEASE!!

You should be able to use a Z10 from Wind, Mobilicity, or Videotron.

I've heard rumours that (some?) other Canadian carriers' Z10s also have the bands for these and T-Mo, but I couldn't confirm that for you myself.

Hmmm.....was hoping to be able to change icon sets, which would then change the app icon..
Not impressed if it can't do what the BBOS version can:(

Yes, definitely wanted to carry over the icon set customizations, maybe with some new HD versions!

Can't believe those who bought this on OS 7 have to buy it again...they could at least offer previous owners some sort of discount!
Rant over and not paying full price AGAIN

Looks good but I have a rule where I will only buy an app once. Have it on the 9900 so I won't buy it again for the Z10. If it was a couple bucks for an upgrade I would consider it but not at full price, I'll get a free one or just load up a website.

Beweather on my Bold 9900 shows the weather on the homescreen and even while the phone is locked. With the way the new OS10 is set up, I don't see how that's possible with that, which is a bummer. Also, one feature Beweather is missing, is showing the current state of the moon, meaning showing the moon as a full moon, half moon, new moon, etc... That would be pretty cool...

Love this app. If you have multiple locations, leave it in list or grid view and when you minimize it to the Active'll loop through all the locations like a slideshow.

One issue I do you delete a location? I mean, I can't find it anywhere? I tried the select item then clicked on the location I want to delete....but nothing. WAAAAHHHHHHHH. (lol)

Hold down on the location and a vertical bar will appear on the right side with a trash can/delete icon at the bottom.

It looks like there's no way to show the temperature info on the home screen or notification area like on the Bold 9930. :( Had I known this I wouldn't have purchased.

Probably thé Best weather app one can find for BlackBerry 10! The more is frustrating that in active frame There is still mismatch of names in it: location etc, words interfere with eatch other And makes it unreadable!! Please correct And five stars are yours!!! Thanks in advance.

Best Wx App I've ever seen for the Q10. I only have one minor problem and hope I may be directed to the correct person or developer for an explanation or correction. The App works perfectly except for Wind Speed and Direction. The Windspeed usually reads Zero and the direction is random. Geo Location matters not. Occasionally the winds speed will climb to 2.4 mph. Wind speed is important to me, as well as the direction. I may be doing something wrong so I'm not blaming anyone for the problem. Any help will be appreciated.