Beta Testers Wanted: Introducing Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Dec 2009 06:36 pm EST
Fixmo Tools

Ok CrackBerry readers, it's time for some beta testing! Fixmo is a new entrant in the smartphone mobile app space and they want your feedback on the beta of their new Fixmo Tools offering. Started up by Rick Segal, formerly with the BlackBerry Partners Fund, Fixmo is looking to shake things up in the world of mobile utilities. If you think of what Norton Utilities was to computers back in the day, that's the sort of position Fixmo is taking within mobile - rounding up useful individual tools that increase device functionality and packaging them into one application that remains current as time goes on and the need for new / different utilities emerge.

I got an early look at Fixmo Tools the other day and now Fixmo has set up a download site so CrackBerry readers who want to give an early (and free!) look at the beta can do so. Be sure to keep reading below for a message to beta testers from Fixmo. And once you've given it a try, be sure to send them in your feedback.

Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry - Message to Beta Testers from Fixmo

Thanks for agreeing to participate in the Fixmo beta. The whole team is pumped and excited to get your feedback. Please take a moment and read this email as it contains important information regarding what the heck this baby is and what, specifically, we'd like you to give us feedback on.

But first, let me give you the 10 second pitch. Fixmo Tools is a set of utilities designed to make your smart phone smarter. We've uncovered a bunch of places where we think that by adding functionality to your BlackBerry, you get an even more satisfying experience with your smart phone. The software is a growing set of cool utilities each of which has a specific goal in mind. The first core utilities are turned on in this release. You'll note some grey'd out icons which are placeholders for additional utilities. Stay tuned as we turn on even more cool apps. Yeah, I used the word cool twice in one paragraph, my bad, no more.

Utilities for this release:

The goal is to let you undelete email, pin messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos you accidentally erase. You can access to the undelete items on the message menu as undelete.

Flame Retardant
The name, just so you know, is a play on the old "flame wars" moniker you'd see from time to time. A flame war is code for two (or more people) going at it in email. I designed this utility basically to save you from doing bad things to your relationships or careers. When you enable Flame Retardant, we warn you if you are about to do any of a bunch of potentially bad things.

Phone Silencer
The goal here is to keep your phone quiet during meetings. We track your calendar appointments and intercept your calls during meetings. In addition, we have the quiet silence which you instantly can set for a block of time. Perfect for when you are walking into the movies. Set it and forget it. You can assign the quick silence to a convenience key for added functionality. In the future release, we'll have exceptions, profile changes, and other custom things you can do with respect making sure the phone works for you and not against you.

Forward/Reply with Edit
Inline Edit solves the problem of not being able to edit a message on your BlackBerry when you reply to it or attempt to forward it. Like undelete, you will find this on the message menus. Please note this does not presently work with PIN messages, email only.

Battery Watch
Battery Watch's goal is to monitor battery usage and warn you when you battery reaches low power levels.

Memory Watch
Memory Watch's goal is to monitor your memory usage, alerting you to issues, clearing cache, and providing numerous statistics pages.

Reader comments

Beta Testers Wanted: Introducing Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry


Looks interesting but for now, the included functions aren't exactly needed for myself. Maybe I'll keep an eye on this to see how far it ggoes.

Thanks for the comments. Let me know what things you would like to see on your BB. All feedback/ideas welcome.

Rick Segal, Co-Founder

Well tbh, I don't have much ideas for you guys. :) I think this app is great and I will end up using it eventually but really, when I delete something, I want the idea in my head that the moment I delete an email, it's gone and it's not coming back (whether I want it to or not). Also, I don't really email much from my BB so the flaming I don't have to worry about. :D As for the other features, I'd definitely try out soon. Gl with this!

ok rick, here's the deal; download the app ota to my 8350i, after the install i click the white icon and i get the error message :ERROR STARTING FIXMOTOOLS:ERROR LOADING MODULE 'FIXMOTOOLS' OUTOFMEMORYERROR

When i click on the red icon (one with gears) i get the following error= ERROR STARTING 'FIXMOTOOLS-14' HAS VERIFICATION ERRORS

The point of this is that you can delete all of those other apps and have 1 app that uses less memory and does the same jobs.

When you say most of your apps do you mean most of what you already have? already bought? already coded?

If it's the last one, please contact me, we are hiring!! :-)

It was a timeless download to the phone. Great concept eliminates all extra apps that allow memory to be overloaded. In my opinion for the "undelete" if I deleted something then I deleted, but then again it's like a secret hiding spot for thing that you don’t want to be seen (Tiger would of used it gratefully.)The "flame retardant" is quite creative and allows you to think twice before making a mistake to whomever. The "silencer" I see really unimportant because I can do it on my ring tone setting, but then again if I would of have forgotten to put it on then it would be without a doubt useful. "Battery Watch" cool, cool, cool; this is something that can be very useful, love it, great job on this one. Same mindset for the "Memory Monitor". I love it you guys. Most have. My Cranberry Bold 9700 is running on a Winberry 7 theme and with this app it makes me really feel like I have a computer.

Your grammar (or lack thereof) makes it difficult (if not impossible) to understand what you're talking about. Also...did you just call your Bold 9700 a...CranBerry?

If this app does all of the things it's being billed to do can be accomplished, it is going to be astonishing. I can wait to download it and get testing.

Kevin called it right, the hard cores will be there tonight. So,a big thank you to all of you who are/will/have downloaded the application. We value all feedback, good or bad, keep it coming here or or me directly

special note to @kostnkost: Contact me directly, we are hiring and looking to add product to our suite.

One thing I would like to see taken away is the Quick Silence launcher. I can see the usefulness of this feature, but when I tried to hide it, but this and the Fixmo Tools launchers were hidden, and I don't want that. The Undelete feature sounds like it will come in handy as well as the Flame Retardant (love the name). I also like the Forward/Reply with edit feature. I see that this app has the potential option to turn off the phone along with two other features, and I can't want to see what those are all about.

So far I like it. I have it running on my Storm2 and the UI looks and works very well! I'll be keeping this one loaded for a bit. I'll be watching the memory usage on this app. hopefully there won't be any leak.

actually and a behind the scenes kinda thing. it was my bad. I pulled the trigger on the wrong version and we had to immediately do the update. The fun of beta software.


I've tested plenty of apps on the site and continue to do so, this app has the potential to be some epic if it actually does allow a lot of functionality. I'll give it a spin as well.

First off I'd like to say that this app is on point! I've found several uses for most of the apps that are available now. I will continue to use. Overall very happy with the functionality and appearance. THANKS!

Not having this app on my phone a hot minute, the app reported an update. THIS is very important to me that an app checks its' home server for updates.


Downloaded it and had an issue with relocating it to a different folder and Rick was all over it and e-mailed me right away! I hope thier tenacity and expediency does not fade. Why not place it in App World in the new "test center" catagory?

Yes, that's a great idea so those few, and I do mean FEW, that don't hit up the Crackberry site could still see it and download the app. Nice point.

I felt the best place on earth to get beta testing done was on CB with the CB Nation so we made that decision to go CB first. I think it was the right call, the feedback and ideas have been great.


Really like this application! First beta that I have used that has been useful. This is way more than a neat tech toy.

Does anybody without a bold 9700 see the same problem of the battery percentage being unaccurate. On my 9700 in the Battery Watch it shows 73% but on the homepage of the blackberry it shows 70%.

This is one of the cleanest app's I've seen. It's has a very clean appearance, functionality is great and it does exactly what it's advertised to do. Plus the feedback/help is great from reading the other posts. I don't think I'll have a use for all the functions of this app right now but the good thing is that if I do, then they'll already be there. I'm liking this app!!!

Great Job Fixmo.

Just seen the tweet about this hit my timeline so I figured I'd give it a shot on my 9630 with OS Had the same issue as tenyrnote and am in the process of writing my feedback email. I'll keep you guys posted on what is going on.

Fixmo looks like it will prove to be an extremely useful app! I would like to give a few suggestions for future apps to include in Fixmo:
1. If there is ANY way to do this, an app that measures and tattles on any apps that use up memory extremely quickly (apps that have huge memory leaks).
2. A way to time the backlight brightness. Dimmer during certain times and brighter during other user specified times.

Okay, my only question now is where did Fixmo go? While I was writing this comment I moved Fixmo from my Downloads folder to a folder I have called Utilities. When I went to look for it in that folder the icon does not show.

Okay, I did a battery pull and Fixmo showed back up in my Downloads folder. Is it meant to stay in that folder only?

Also the Quick Silence icon stays in the Downloads folder. If I try to move that it sends a copy of the icon to the designated folder instead of moving it.

I still think Fixmo is great.

Just downloaded it to try for my Storm 9530. Will report back once I can try it for a few days. I second the recommendation for an update or an app that will monitor, and report, those apps that have huge memory leaks. I could really use that now since my phone drops from 18 MB to 8 or lower throughout the day because of at least one app on my phone.

Gonna give it a run on my 8330. Getting an 8530 in a couple weeks and, if it is working as anticipated, will try it there as well. CB ROCKS!!

Tried each of the Fixmo tools.
Received "OutofMemoryError" error each time.
Uninstalled app.

I grabbed this download the second I saw the post! This look most excellent. All of the tools provided thus far seem quite useful. I can't wait to see what else will be added. One of the other "greyed out" icons looks like a power sign; I hope a battery pull tool will thrown in. Providing one BB application with so many useful tools all included is ingenious! I just hope this isn't too good to be true and full of bugs, etc. to be worked out. So far, though, things are running great!

9630 (Tour)

Won't launch on my Tour and keeps issuing multiple memory error messages even though I have plenty of memory. Trying to report the problem requires yet another subscription to a third party app. What a load of crap. Not the way to have a customer report a problem. App will be deleted on my Tour - too many hoops to jump through to report the problem.

Just download on my storm and so far is great. I'm liking the features that it comes and I believe that the next updates it will be better. Who knows it might be one of the top apps on CB.

One thing that I had an issue is when I go onto portrait/landscape about a quarter of the image is white. going to see what I can figure out. If anyone has this problem and resolve please post.

Really useful apps, it works like a recyle bin for deleted messages, i think that it would be even better if it worked with media files too, and the flame retardant... veeery niice! good for mad drunk texting. LOL

The "flame retardant" utility is excellent, and probably going to be very useful. Plus it is fully customizable which makes that utility all the better.

I had an issue with mass deleting on a date with "delete prior" that the " undelete" utility did not pick up anything I deleted. It seemed to be with a "delete prior" more then 20 messages problem. But I haven't fully isolated the bug yet.

Also the "clear cache" on the memory utility seems to be useless and not deleting anything that takes up any memory. However the details on the memory utility is awesome and informative.

The battery utility is cool but I am not sure what the icons on the bottom of the battery pic are suppose to represent. Is that like bluetooth, wifi, audio and video icons?

I too can't wait to see what the three shaded out place holder utilities will bring.


So far so good. It seems like they were really looking to see what BB users wanted before they made this app. Love the auto silence as I can never remember to change my profile when going to a meeting!!

Undelete is also great for me as I sometimes select too many emails and end up deleting something that I didn't mean to.

Battery watch is also very handy. My wife also loves this as her berry is always close to being dead and now atleast she (and I) will get a reminder to charge the battery, and she can check to see how much longer she can talk, lol.

With the memory monitor, I like to see the bars instead of just numbers.

Overall, very impressed with this product so far, and can't wait to see what will be added to it next.

I have been wondering why BlackBerry's don't already automatically silence alerts during scheduled appointments. This utility will finally solve that question and by the looks of it many more. This looks like a great utility and will be excited to give it a try and attempt to provide some quality feedback for them.

I like thus far. Only issue i have is that it does not rotate unto landscape view, and when it does open it has about a quarter of the screen white and not the color scheme!

This is an awesome app. So far tried out a number of the utilities with great success! Looking forward to giving this a ride. Good job, Fixmo team!


We have a number of Tours in the lab so we'd love to get you up and running. Please contact me directly and I'd be happy to help you. No third party, just me!

Thanks, everybody, for all the great ideas, feedback, and suggestions. Lots more coming.


Could be on to a winner here, perhaps the app of all apps for the Blackberry.

I'm currently downloading and will provide feedback as requested.

The only problem I'm running into is I assigned the Quick Silence to my left convenience key then reset but when I hit the key it opens all the tools. Any help with that would be appreciated. When it does work, will hitting the same key remove the silencer? If so, great!!!

I like the current set of features and the design of the user interface. Everything down to the icons is very intuitive. The undelete feature provides a great advantage if you mistakenly delete the wrong file. In addition the silence feature is very beneficial if you want to silence your phone for important events that you might otherwise have forgot to do.

I am in for the undelete and flame retardent. Unless there is something unique about the other options I am covered by ring profiler and battery meter. Downloading beta as we type. BTW...FIXMO ? Yikes..

Succesfully , I tested on my BB8900. But volume is large so with BB memory low is hard
I want one copy for this app.

After my initial test and observation I would like to see the text in Memory Monitor Ram/Flash pie charts to be a bit bigger.

Very nice app....messed with it for a while and all looks good. Will check it out in more detail in the next few days and leave some feed back. Looking forward to the future tools you left room for....any ideas of what they might be?

ok so i downloaded it and it downloaded to my download file, so i went in a clicked move to application folder and its disappeared, nowhere to be found, and i also moved the quick silence to the application folder and now its in both the app folder and the download folder, and if i hide it in one of the folders it hides in both

I am running this on my T-Mo 8900 O/S 4.6 with the Pro v Orange theme. Installed and ran Quick Pull and set my calender to see how it works at work tomorrow. I'm very impressed with the layout and the features in this beta release. No errors or lag in device. The memory function and battery reading so far my favorites. Can't wait to play with it through my work day and report tomorrow evening! For those who haven't or disregarded the email sent with the install give it a look to clarify all the functions.

Tour 9630 Errors
2 icons fixmotools-21 exception and fixmitool outofmemoryerror

I would love to beta test and work this out with you, especially since I see another reply had the same issue on his Tour.

Please let me know how to contact you, or leave me a PM on Crackberry website messages

Thanks look forward to fixing what I hope is a 'cool cool' app. We will see.


The silence feature in this is priceless especially with the Batt and mem monitor homerun on this one! If you would like a user written review email me I won't charge anything email:

This works great on my device. These utilities should be native on all BBs IMO... Great job fixmo Thanks for providing us with this opportunity...

All i can say is wow, Its great apps all in one !!! I like the undelete functions and Forward/Reply with Edit, Battery Meter, Memory Meter !! Its really amazing, What are the 3 icons that's coming soon ? The circle icon is something like quickpull ? and the radioactive icon what is it? and the road sign icon ? hm...

If it's anything like Norton, I surely don't want it on my BB. Norton was and still is one of the most precious system resource hogging utilities there is.

dl'd tonight. I had 86% battery left and it said I had 288 hours of standby left...highly doubt that. I like the undelete feature..I didn't try it first hand but its a nice idea.


just finished downloading... and my bold 9700 froze when i pressed RUN!!
After Restarting the device was extremlly slow until i granted it with the proper application premissions...

The undelete looks great will giv it a go and so are the battery watch and the silencer...

what are the three grey icons at the bottom? whats the plan for them? the one with the radioactive sign looks interesting...



Looks like he didn't have Flame RETARD-ant active. You claim that "we're adults, not kids" ... Then what's with the tone of your post? Also, of you're an adult, then why does your spelling and grammar suck so badly?

Are you going to charge for this? If not.. there's a few apps you can beat by providing a free solution. So far it doesn't have any features I would use.. but the coding is top notch, all the features I tried out were bug free. Here are some features I would love to see (over WiFi please, I have no data plan on my 9700):
-change LED color based on contact
-keep screen on when Berry is plugged in for charge

currently I use Color ID, BBLight, and BBWeather.. I haven't found any IM programs that work well over Wifi on my 9700.

Downloaded and looked at the program and although I like the interface, the function is not over whelming, merely blah.

With the exception of the undelete and flame, it's been done and done to death. I'm hoping the icons holding a place will bring something new and exciting, like OS checking for proper installation with a fix it button to put the OS back in line if it gets a little sideways. A function that cleans up old installs and gets ride of any cods or pieces lying around that are no longer needed on my berry.

A peek under the hood at things that are running on my berry and a chance to kill it would be nice. A chance that doesn't kill the berry, so it would have to tell me that this is an OS program and not allow me to kill it, and this is a user program and killing it won't do anything to the OS.

How about a memory map that shows you all your programs and how much space they are taking up in a graphical form so you can decide if the program is worth keeping based on how much memory it uses.

How about a nice clean way to get rid of programs that hang on to your berry like sticky toilet paper, you could call it Dingleberry. :-) I have a theme that I can't delete and I don't have a way to get rid of it. I could do some searching, but isn't your program the idea behind these kind of things, make it simple??

Anyway, I don't see anything compelling in the program, but it does have a nice look. Hope to see something exciting before too long.


just downloaded it for my 8330 and going to give it a spin. hopefully it will be of great use to me. i will let you know either way.

Well… I visit your website first time and found this site very useful and interesting! Well… you guys doing nice work and I just want to say that keep rocking and keep it up!!!!

Hi I gave this a try this am, however, I didn't really see any features at this time that would be useful to my usage, I shall continue to watch your development. I have some apps that do some of these functions, if I didn't have them then this would be a great app for me, new users will love this app. Thanks

I'm going to give it a test run. I have several email accts that direct to my phone. Sometimes when I'm flying through the junk stuff and deleting I accidentally catch something I needed to keep for while. Sounds like some great features I may benefit from.

Thought at first it was just another app to take up more memory space, but I think I'm going to stick with it. The UI is very good. I like it alot. Hope this app takes off.

Hi, what's the big deal here.
I cannot see the functionality as being hugely necessary or innovative.

Undelete - you delete primarily to recover memory space. Will undelete not hold onto the memory rather than free it up?

Flame Retardant - for those who can't control themselves?

Silencer - hit speaker icon and put it on silent - 2 screen taps.

Forward/Reply with edit - never missed this, never needed it

Battery and Memory are already in Meterberry

So whats with the excitement?

After a long time a very good app..

Undelete is superb so is Flame Retardant. I noticed a small delay when I activated Quick Silence, but it could be due to my handset. I am going to refer it to my friends.

My only doubt is will it be free forever? :)

the app appears to be working fine so far. iwould like to see which apps are contributing to the memory and how much. also a task manager/monitor would be a plus.

I really like this app. The un-delete feature is very much needed with 's because of people on the move not paying attention. I feel the one thing that should be added is maybe a 'task manager' type of functionality with the memory watch. Like stopping a process to clear up your memory. Other than that. Great app! Will continue testing

Very good utility but I would like to see a app kill switch, a tool like quick pull & file browser which allow us to delete the locked files. Addition of these options will make it an excellent must have all in one tool.

Nice concept, although a little late since most already have apps that gives us these functions. That said, I like the "Quick Silence" idea and know you will be upgrading it. Please, first (and most important to me) upgrade needed should be someway that it could recognize which appointments are meeting and which are not. Because meeting would pretty much be the only appointment that I would really need silenced and being a heavy calendar user like I am, my phone would never ring. I also like "Undelete" and "Forward/Reply with Edit". Now the "Memory" function would only appeal to me if the information was tied to a icon that I could set on my home screen (which is what I'm used to). I think once this app is fine tuned, I might give up some of my other apps (that I paid for)just to use it. By the way, is that a auto reboot icon grayed out at the bottom? Nice!!! if it is....

running on a 9550, if you fire up the program in landscape mode, it will load up, but every icon is 'shifted' a bit...

If you load it up in portrait mode, it'll work just fine, but even if you tilt the screen to landscape, it'll never automatically readjust. Not a big deal for beta, but final product you'll probably either want to lock in into portrait entirely (thus, kinda defeating the purpose) or adjust the screen layout.

If you require screenshots to see what I'm referring to, I can find a way to send them.

Screen Orientation - Love the app so far, but it seems like it doesn't like to do Landscape. If you start out in portrait it will not rotate to landscape, additionally if you start the application in landscape you get a white vertical bar, running on the right side of the screen in portrait mode. Running V5.0.0.320.

Undelete - it would be nice if you could recover media, there are times that I have deleted a picture by mistake, would be great to get them back instantly.

Forward/Reply with Edit - Does not show up as an option on my 9550.

it work flawlessly , I'm using bold with OS 411 and so far I could say I love it , battery watch do the job (just perform battery pull) , love the forward email edit , sadly in memory monitor there is nothing new , it's just use the memory cleaning which come with the device. great job !!!

and it worked as stated. i got an email and deleted it then realized i needed to keep it, forgot i had just downloaded the app a couple hours ago. once i did i went to undelete and it did just as it said it would. glad to get the email back and so far the app is doing ok, hasn't crashed the bb or given any errors. also tried the memory monitor and clear cache and it worked as well.

i did have one strange thing happen though. as soon as the app was installed my bb had a bit of a delay in response, i figured no biggie it's the app doing it's thing. sure enough, about a minute later all was good and i noticed a second icon next to the fixmo icon(the 2 hour quick silence icon)-all fine and good. then i had an icon that looked just like a linksys wireless router and had a name something like memory something or other-i can't remember exactly. i never tried it and paid it no mind, but(being so used to windows and so new to bb's i just automatically did a reboot; once the reboot was done the memory icon was gone. it didn't effect the app at all and as i said it is performing good so far.

Beautifully done... looks and runs great on my Bold 9000 I think you are headed in the right direction. I notice that it will not launch through QuickLaunch.

Just a quick congrats on a job well done. Love the app and I believe the potential is ridiculous. Found one small issue with my Storm. Landscape Mode doesn't work properly. Quite possibly it wasn't designed for landscape at present time. Just a heads up. Not sure of this is possible but how about a soft reset button while in the Memory Icon. Right next to Clear Cache.

When Assigning Fixmo to a Convenience Key it locks in as Fixmo Tools, after Saving it and then Going Back in to Screen/Keyboard Options the Convenience Key is no Longer Fixmo but Quick Silence for 2 Hours. Heres the Kicker, when pushing the Convenience it works like a charm as Fixmo. Small issue that probably doesnt even need attention right now. Ok, also when I intially downloaded the App it appeared in my downloads folder as Fixmo Tools however I also received a Quick Silence Folder in my Downloads Folder. Wasnt sure if that was supposed to happen.

Like I said before this app is great and I will definitely put it to many uses. Just thinking what about adding a uninstall app function? For example if you see an app is really leaking, what about adding a feature to uninstall the app from the device. I could be wrong, but currently the only way to remove is through desktop manager, correct?

Downloaded this last night and it really bogged down my 9700 so I uninstalled it. Not sure if I got the updated vs, or if it will help, so I'm downloading it again to give it a shot.

This thing is conflicting with my berrybuzz and my LED just keeps blinking for no reason. This app is a nuisance and is officially removed from my Storm2.

The intentions are good...keep up the good work guys.

i think the functions are super cool and useful, especially the undelete! way to go, cant wait to give feedback and see what else gets added. thanks fixmo!

oh and FWD edit is AWESOME!!!

This app is awesome. Love the Undelete function. So many times, I need to go back into laptop to recover email that I accidentally deleted. One request: is it possible to make the recovered email unread or flag the recovered emails so they are easier to find in the inbox. I think OS5 has "flag for latter feature. Maybe you can tie into this. Also, can you make the 20 item limit user selectable?
Love the silence for 30 minute feature but takes too long to turn on and off. Not that 20 seconds is too long but it gives that feeling that "something is going to freeze" feeling. Maybe a hourglass or flashing wait is needed?
Also would like a way for silence phone calls on busy calendar events to determine real appointments from followup items. I use an opp call "onto calendar " that allows me to take emails that I need to act on and put them into my calendar as a followup for a certain time tomorrow. I wouldn't want the phone to silence then.
Also the battery meter seems to have some erroneous info. Mine shows 342 hours of standby,6 hours of talk, 6 hours of internet, 12 hours of audio and 8 hours of video. What are these based on? I don't think I would be able to watch 8 hours of video. Maybe better off to show what the total time each of these were used since the last charge? Then we can determine what is using the battery most?
I like the icons on the battery meter that show status of Wifi, network, BT and camera flash but it took a while to figure out. Maybe some text to describe? Power status of radios?? I cannot get the camera flash icon to turn off. I have BB 9700 with When I turn the flash to off in camera options, your camera icon in battery status does not change. I use an app called BerryAnnoing to start the camera and silence the shutter noise. Maybe that is causing a problem?
The memory monitor does not tell me much. I think I understand the different memories on my device but I get confused looking at your screen. I can control the amount of free flash memory(256MB) by controlling the number of apps on my device. And I can control the amount of free storage (8GB microSD card) by controlling the number of files on my card.
I already have an app on my bb for reply and edit. This is by but yours gives the ability to reply to all and this has been needed by me for a while.

Once again, awesome application.

From what i've seen so far from the current relese, most every thing your providing here is all ready avaiable with free aftermarket addons..=(..and the "flame Retardant" concept..with no offense to dont realy get the idea of people sending emails and not knowing whats in them that might be offensive. What i would like to see is a secure file delete. If i have sensitive emails,txt messeges or pics i want to know that when I delete them there un recoverable. Thanks for your efforts =D

Really like some of the features. Im glad that Im finally able to edit forwarded emails, ie to remove addresses, etc.

One thing that I think is cool but lacking a little, or maybe im just confused is the memory monitor.

The file free states approx 9MB, which is fine. But when I go to menu-status, I have approx 16MB. Also, what is my flash memory? States 54 MB. Wasnt aware I had that much. Isnt my flash the sdcard I have inserted? If thats the case, its way off as well as I have an 8gig card.

The clear cache feature is cool but would like to see it do more. (ie browsing history, pushed content,etc) The same function that can be done by hitting menu in the browser, options-cache operations.

Are these legit concerns or am I maybe doing something wrong?


Not a fan of undelete.

Looks to me like when you delete it you are really not getting rid of it. I view this as a couple added steps to make sure I permanently delete. Which is not making things simpler for me, which is counter productive to the purpose of this application.

Flame retardant is a waste. I dont swear or anything regularly in my emails to warrant this.

Overall I think its a good start.
I would keep the memory feature, but I think it needs to be strengthened.
Also, It does not appear its very accurate. As the memory per phone and per Fixmo is not even in the ballpark of one another. I did a battery pull hoping it needed to calibrate or something but still am getting similar numbers.

I still have to test this app more but I noticed that the "icons" have a mind of their own. You normally arrange your icons on the home screen according to what you use the most. I have the quicksilence icon on my home screen and the fixmo icon in a folder labeled "download." I realized after a few hours that my icons on my home screen moved. Then I realized it was because the fixmo icon was back on my home screen. I put it back in my created "download" folder and a couple of hours later, my home screen icons were shifted because the quicksilence icon was no longer on my home screen and had moved itself to my "download" folder.

It appears that the forward with edit strips the attachments from the original email. Usually, when I want to forward with edit, I want to delete the message body and forward just the attachment, so it would be useful to either just leave the attachment with the message (like outlook does) OR have an option to remove the attachment.

Otherwise, great idea to put as many useful utilities together in one place and a very nice interface to boot.

I downloaded Fixmo today, but ever since I added the application, my phone says I have an unread e-mail...but there are no unread e-mails! Any advice? Is this a Fixmo problem, or part of the numerous problems RIM has been having over the past week?

Installed the app to see what it does, but it keeps asking for to view permission and then asking to reset the device every 10 mins - help!!

SO far I've been having some fun testing this app out. If it had some magical app in it that would boost my 9530 memory it would be the best app ever made!

Downloaded and installed fine. Love it just for the undelete and reply/forward with edit. The reply with edit will most likely be used a bunch.

So far, so good. Running really smoothly, nice clean, simple interface; overall, I'm loving it so far! Definitely interested in seeing how well it holds up to heavy usage.

Well i just Downloaded this app and i am very curious to see how it will work! I hope it will liveup to the hype so far! well i will play around after I get out of work tonight!

Installed fine Bold 9000 and without issue. But maybe it's just me but the battery was going down quicker than usual. I get paranoid. Uninstalled. Thanks

downloaded last night and gave this a try today.

Love the Silencer. Very nice when a client stops in and I can set this for 1 hour and have my profile reset automactically. To silence based on calendar entry is perfect.

one problem i found...if the Silencer icon is moved to the home screen it launches the fixmo app and visa versa. Icons work correctly in icon view. strange...

Good evening, I downloaded this software yesterday and am already very happy with it. I use my Storm 9530 for both work and pleasure and have found the quick silence feature indespensible. With a push of the button it gives me 2 hours of silence with no noise or vibrate feature, I dont have to mess with profiles or change my phone settings. I found this essential for any spur of the moment meetings or a quick stand up with my employees. I haven't used all the deatures yet but have noticed that it requested an OTA update already. With new features promised in the future I am very much looking forward to seeing the software fully functional. All in all a very valuable tool. Thank you very much.

I downloaded it on my 8330 and when I clicked on it to run it just went back to the icon. I deleted it.

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I wanna try this app but I don't want my phone to mess up....I love my storm to much for it to screw up..

happy new year rick and good luck with the beta! i never try betas, but i am interested in yours so........ here i go with my first beta app! sounds very useful im excited to give it a whirl thanks again and good luck

looked nice but this app started freaking out. double or triple icons of this app and then it started doing the same for the BB app world icon. Ended up deleting.

Had problem with the silencer icon starting fixamo tools instead of silencer and could not get the silencer to work with the right side key.

Maybe I'll try again when an update comes out

Been running this app since Beta was first announced and have had no issues at all on my Tour. I can't wait to see what the 3 grayed out options will be. Will you give any love to those of us that beta tested it when you finally release the final product?

Seamless download and install on my 9000 Bold. Like the functionality so far. Only issue is Fixmo app doesn't work with Quicklaunch. QL recognizes program and adds as a menu item, but can't start the application.

not sure if it is related to fixmo or not, but the last 2 days my radio on the phone has been turned off by default when rebooting or doing a shutdown, or a battery pull. Running storm2 with .428 and several different themes, all with the same symptoms. After deleting the Fixmo, the radio seems to be on after a reboot. I will watch it a while longer. BTW the battery has been in different states of charge, from 100% to 50% when this has happened.

I must say I have been using this now since its inception and love it. Undelete actually saved my rear end. Battery Watch excellent little add on. Flame Retardant is interesting but I really have no need for it. Overall an excellent app.

have been using fixmo since it was first released as beta, excellent utility, I've used all of the functions and everything seems to work well.whats nice is it combines lots of apps all in one which will save a lot of space.i use the memory app the most. will definitely purchase when available.

I'm really digging the battery watch and most of all the Memory Monitor. I had no problems on installing this app, and after using the memory monitor to clear cache I noticed an immediate difference, my bb seems to be working much faster now. I love it and can't wait to see what else you will do with this app...

I'm really digging the battery watch and most of all the Memory Monitor. I had no problems on installing this app, and after using the memory monitor to clear cache I noticed an immediate difference, my bb seems to be working much faster now. I love it and can't wait to see what else you will do with this app...

I just got a pop-up asking me to upgrade to the newest version of FixMo (v0.3.10). Anyone have any idea what is actually new in this version? The website doesn't even make mention of the new version, and there are no release notes within the app either.

Only thing I noticed was that the "Silencer" app is no longer on my home screen (good thing - I use profiles to control that), so not entirely sure if there are some cool new futures I should be testing?!


The feature I am most interested in is the "Undelete". It works for e-mails, but not for SMS on my Storm 2. Any ideas?


After installing Fixmotools, I started having serious difficulties with my Astrasync program that could only be resolved by removing Fixmo. Astrasync was asking for permission changes every couple of seconds. The problem went away after uninstalling Fixmo.

When running FixMo today, it asked me to upgrade to the latest version, 0.3.15 or something like that... Anyways, seems to have bricked my Berry... It barely turns on, and then freezes immediately. I can't get into anything. This happened immediately after moving to the new version.

I can't even get Desktop Manager to connect to my Berry because it keeps freezing, so I can't remove Fixmo. Damn it.

Anyone else had a similar issues? Using a Bold 9700 on OS.