Beta Testers Wanted: Google Calendar/BlackBerry Sync!

GCal BlackBerry Sync
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Dec 2007 12:47 pm EST

I just received an email from Owen Rooney over at Mobiun letting me know they are looking for Beta Testers to give their new app a try. So if you are interested in seamlessly synchronizing your BlackBerry Calendar with your online Google Calendar you can head over to their website and Register to Receive a Beta Version of the new software.

Be sure to report back and let the community know what you think of it. How do like the blog post image I whipped up? I just love using shots of Old Blue whenever I can. :-)

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I've registered and now it says they will contact me when it becomes available. I haven't used the google calendar, but that's because I couldn't easily access it from my blackberry and don't go on my desktop that often. So hopefully they'll get back to me soon so I can download the app. I'll make another post once I've gotten to try it out.


Wish my Sprint 8130 was that color.


This could be very hand appz for me. I use Gmail as default mail and syns with BB and GCalendar would be perfict...


I use G Calendar for everything, had wished that the gMail app had a sync option for the calendar. Now we might have that.


I don't have outlook at home, so I haven't been synching my calander with anything.

This could be really cool if it works well. I'd love to have my calander online where I could access it and sync it from anywhere.

I signed up, hopefully they'll contact us soon.


Just received an email from Owen and he said by the end of January so setup a Tickler to check at that time, this app should be very cool


I guess googles news on google calandar now sync'n put's a damper on the beta testing eh?


Google has a free sync app for the blackberry (no registration!):

Synchronize the built-in calendar and address book on your BlackBerry® with your Google account.

* Get your Google Calendar events to your device
* Synchronize your Gmail contacts
* Be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound and vibration using your BlackBerry's native calendar