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Beta Test RIM's Upcoming Software at the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2010 02:33 pm EDT
BlackBerry Beta Zone

The tip line is off the hook about the newly created BlackBerry Beta Zone. After joining you can download beta programs in progress or sign up for ones that will be available soon. During these beta testing periods you leave feedback on how these programs can be impoved as well as taking part in online discussions and surveys.  Software that are available for beta testing are the following:

  • BlackBerry Messenger 5.0.1 (available for download April 1st)
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2
  • BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 Maintenance Releases for the 8520/8530 - Open to members who live in Canada, will be capped at 1000 participants
  • BlackBerry Beta Zone - A discussion on the Zone itself

The BlackBerry Beta Zone is open to anyone living in the US, Canada, or the United Kingdom. So head on over and sign up to be some of the first to try out RIM software before its released. Remember to leave feedback while beta testing these apps to help improve the overall experience of the product upon release.

Note: RIM's password security seems to be higher than most, so be prepared to create a password of at least 8 characters that includes letter, numbers, and symbols 

Reader comments

Beta Test RIM's Upcoming Software at the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I received a tweet from RIM earlier today about this. I signed up to be a tester, they say that next week there will be a BBM Beta to test. Looking forward to it.

i live in canada and it says i cant because i live outside canada *edit* if you have this problem just register from your phone

When I register, I continue to get an error about my password, even though my password meets the qualifications. Anyone else encounter this?

every time I click on any link within the beta zone site (after I first logged in), it logs me out. So incredibly frustrating. What the heck is going on?!

Just signed up for it.. RIM finally started testing stuff themselves. :) can't wait to see what we can try out

Are they fecking kidding me with the password? Tried at least a dozen different combinations of passwords and nothing takes.

Hey I'm over there already, could u add me into ur contact list, and then to the group, my pin: 21BDC7C9

People should be using such passwords everywhere anyway. Congrats to RIM for enforcing a high standard like that.

Hey its telling me that its exceeded the ammount of people to try out the new bbm..... Add my pin to the group please.21D0B531

How do I get to test anything? I dont see where you can sign up for anything. I filled out my profile completely. What next?

seems kinda pointless, it doesnt ask for my pin or anything.

my profile is filed out complete, feels like i wasted time this morning ;(

Guys, the testing for the new BBM were closed due to capacity reached the limit, but they rewcently published that they will re open them (didn't say when) and right now there's a beta test open, but only for 8520 users