The Beta Test is Over.

BlackBerry Classic Keyboard
By camera531 on 14 Jun 2014 09:23 am EDT

New BlackBerry CEO John Chen has already proven to be a very pragmatic leader, willing to make difficult decisions in order to keep the company afloat. He has said on many occasions that he'll exit the handset segment entirely if it proves to be in the best interest of the company, but has also made it clear that it's among the last things he wants to do. BlackBerry smartphones maintain the company's identity and are truly their heart and soul, but they've also become a financial burden that can't be ignored.

In many ways, 2013 was the year of BlackBerry beta testers. The new BlackBerry 10 handsets, particularly the Z10 and Q10, proved to be polarizing and controversial. On one hand, the operating system finally felt modern and competitive, with fluidity and "flow" that was never seen before on BlackBerry handsets. On the other hand, it was such a radical departure from everything that came before it that users were hesitant and unsure, leading to a lopsided situation where legacy devices continued to significantly outsell the new generation.

While many in the media called this a "failure" and even "disaster", it has proven to be an invaluable source of user feedback. The company has learned what users love and hate about both the hardware and software, and has been upgrading the operating system to address the complaints and enhance everything else. The initial BB10 handsets have been beta hardware, in a sense, to help the company find the magic formula that will finally put the legacy era to rest.

Initial BB10 handsets have been beta hardware, in a sense, to help the company find the magic formula that will finally put the legacy era to rest

The new hardware that will land this fall, specifically two, might very well be the most important handsets since the original Curve and Bold. Starting with the BlackBerry Classic, physical keyboard users will have what they've been asking for, the magic blend of old and new. The return of the "Tool Belt" will integrate with the latest OS, 10.3, becoming the perfect offspring of the Q10 and 9900. The CrackBerry community (myself included) believed that the Q10 would be the "cash cow" that would bring BlackBerry back to profitability, but the majority of users clung to legacy devices. The Q10 "beta testers" provided the necessary feedback for the company to develop a QWERTY device that should satisfy the legacy holdouts, while still advancing BB10 into a thoroughly competitive OS with an even better app catalog and better integration with Android (love it or hate it).

It might be a couple of years late, but the Classic is likely to be the cash cow that the Q10 failed to become

It might be a couple of years late, but the Classic is likely to be the cash cow that the Q10 failed to become. The BlackBerry Windermere (Q30) will then bring true innovation that has never been seen before for multimedia addicts. A large, high definition screen coupled with a next generation physical keyboard that blends physical and capacitive characteristics together. It won't just be an evolution of the Z10 or Z30, but a revolution that could change the way users think of large screen devices. It could be the handset that finally brings users from other platforms in significant numbers, or at least bring back previous BlackBerry users that left for greener pastures.

I'm a happy Q10 user, but recognize that the first round of BlackBerry 10 devices didn't hit the mark. The unintentional beta test that resulted might be exactly what the doctor ordered for everything to fall into place. It's going to be an exciting fourth quarter!

This post was written by Erik Slaven, CrackBerry member camera531, as part of CrackBerry's Community Homepage Contributions initiative

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The Beta Test is Over.



I really don't understand your side load question. Since 10.2.1 you can directly install apk files. No need to side load. Download the Amazon app store and install it. Works fine. So does snap (which yes, does need to be side loaded)

One thing is for sure. When the new phones hit, reviewers will have no choice to sing a different tone. Except for the same ol lack of apps song they always sing.

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The Q30 is dumb... I am seeing another Storm device with that one there.

The classic however should be really nice.

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Near-tablet with a keyboard? Awesome!

A nice pocketable "Q10" with a call answer/reject button, a trackpad and better specs?

Gotta try them both...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I kind of agree with this. But here is the thing (KEVIN - maybe you could take this to John Chen's ears and get his reaction on this):

I think BlackBerry has lost a lot of goodwill in the past 2 years. 10.0 was really subpar. 10.1 fixed things but still subpar. 10.2.1 is where it has started to get interesting. But still some BIG problems with 'CONTACTS app' , 'BBM on iOS and Android'. So, I really think BlackBerry needs to get do things:

1. Increase adoption of BlackBerry 10 without losing money. This is the only thing that will bring App-Developers to BB10 platform. Get 50 Million BB10 devices out there in 1 year and see how app-developers come rushing to (growing) BB 10 platform.

2. Grow and make money

I think 1 (increasing adoption) can easily be done by the following:

** Launch "UPGRADE TO BLACKBERRY 10" program
-> Exchange your Curve for a high-end BlackBerry (Q10, Q30, Classic, Z30) for $275 to $325
(Sure, there are entry level devices like Z3, Q5, Z10) but trust me, if you allow people to UPGRADE to High-End device for $300ish, you'll SELL LIKE HELL.

And that'll change the game. With $275 to $325, BlackBerry can still (easily) break-even and move MILLIONS of devices. This will bring app-developers.

Officially, BlackBerry can still price devices high (comparable to iPhone, Galaxy) but offer them cheaper via upgrade-to-BB10 offer only.

Gradually, this offer can be phased out.

** If launch new gen of BB 10 devices with such marketing (upgrade to BB10, lots of advertising on TV, Print, Web), they will be able to get back in the game in no time.

You. You are a fucking genius. I really hope the BlackBerry does what you are suggesting.

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Nice article. Great way of looking at it.

I'm now wondering if the Q30 could be the next best thing? From looking at the present photos, you would never think so. On the other hand, could it be that something so different work? Just as the Q10, sometimes the obvious doesn't work out . The Q30 is far from the obvious. That could just be it's biggest selling point in the end.


Hello all,

In my opinion, at the launch of OS 10, Blackberry wasn't ready at all and didn't had a clar target: consumers or enterprise or both, an the market felt this... First of all in the business world, the company's keep the costs down so why changing something that's working ? BlackBerry should have known that an instead of asking to change the legacy hardware, and give the feeling of being desperate, they should have asked for the attention at the new product and for the confidence of taking the products to the next level. As for consumer market you have another approach : you know that you delayed the product with one year and the new os is not fully operational so you need patients to get the market confident in you. BlackBerry did a great job with the OS and the updates (3 major updates in one year - nobody did this before) and we can say that we have an stable and competitive product with amazing features. But you need high end specifications. In consumer market first thing that is done is the hardware comparison with the competition ( processor screen resolution and camera), and after that people check the os... people pay the money on the latest technology because they were told to do so... if BlackBerry pretend that they didn't know that they foul themselves and will lose the battle. I'm a big fan of Blackberry and I hope they will find the way back, we need BlackBerry products because they are amazing.

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Very good writing.

Us BlackBerry fans are always so optimistic but I also hope that this is the time when everything comes together for BlackBerry. Can't wait for the Windermere !

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i have posted to blackberry support forums that the bb10 lacks a lot of good/essential legacy bb options like: BIS, when receiving a phone call it only shows name and number without the company (cant believe apple etc haven't thought of this), calendar is really difficult to use, thanks for bringing back the call/reject and trackpad but you shouldnt have taken it off first place => with the legacy device you have the feeling you can trust the phone with this bb10 i didnt get it and that is why i switched back to 9900. however, in the recent weeks gmail is lagging on blackberry 9900 for some reason here in Latvia and also in Lithuania... annoying.

I just want a new all touch BB. idc about keyboards anymore, i feel like a minority with this. i wish the z30 had a better screen because i would have been all over that by now

Thanks for this article and seeing here in front page inspires me to write a piece of my own; hopefully a realistic with a bit of optimism and not "I won't get a BlackBerry because it doesn't have the apps" crap which makes the author sound impotent and ignorant!

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Answer me this BlackBerry / Crackberry, why does it take two devices to perfect the previous one ?

The Z30 is what the Z10 should have been.

The Q30 is what the Q10 should have been.

BlackBerry needs to stuff it's mouth full of Humble Pie and acknowledge that they are no longer the big player in the smartphone market.

The problem is BlackBerry think they are !!!!

They are so self deluded. Do really think BlackBerry can charge what they want for their outdated designs? N.F.W!!!!

It's time to get radical...I MEAN RADICAL!!!

The Classic will fail, the Windermere will flop .

The Z3 will succeed and the Z30 has a chance but BlackBerry needs to produce more of them in different colours.

You can have the best operating system on the planet. What is the use when nobody knows about it.

I am a BlackBerry fan but not a fan boy.

How are you going to increase market share with the designs you're offering?

Do you wait for disaster to happen before you change?

I always thought prevention is better than cure.

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I'd fly for a mint green, neon green, turquoise or marine blue Q5, heck, even a Z10 in different colors. The girls have their pink Q5, I wouldn't mind that color either, but some guys might think the wrong thing, haha.

Apple is doing it with the 5c, Nokia has had it for a loooong time.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

So.. am I reading things right that there will be NO new all touch devices? That's a huge issue.

I have no interest in a physical keyboard anymore.

130 users at my company were given the choice of the Z10 or Q10. In the end we have 127 Z10s and 3 Q10s.

I understand this is a small sample size. But at least in my company.. very few wanted the Q10.

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The Z50 "Manitoba " will be the next touchsceeen device. It's been a over the net of late.

The author is talking about the immediate future. Many more announcements after that.


Is that a real picture? The tool belt needs to have real physical buttons with tactile feedback not touch sensitive buttons on glass. That defeats the purpose of having them!

Thank you for the nice article. :-)
I am waiting for the next round of the new devices. It's time to improve from that bad battery in the Z10. I hope they have learned.
But I am little bit negativ about the coming sizes. The Z10 is little to big for me. :-(

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Extremely nice post Erik! All the best.

I'm pretty septic on the devices flow and on the way QNX is making little money.

So I'll wait and see.

I like the z30 and I'm just puzzled, why do they pushed back a full touch for 2015...2016.

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I was hooked on the physical keyboard and the functionality of the 9900 Bold. After sitting down and really learning the Z10, I have pledged my eternal allegiance -- until the next best thing, that is. When I pick up my iPod, Samsung 10.2 Tablet, or my wife's GS4, I so badly miss the fluid navigation of my BlackBerry Z10. It was a minor learning curve, but the benefits are truly amazing. My humble opinion is people need to stop complaining, and learn.

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Well said! BlackBerry 10 is by far the most fluid and intuitive OS on the market. Imagine if is ran on iPhones! iOS users are always in haw when I show them my Z30 and how the OS works.

Z30 is a bit heavier than most 5" phones but the battery life is to die for. I also use a Q10 and Z10 and an iPhone 5s.

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I didn't buy a blackberry for the keyboard I didn't buy it for the bis. I bought it because I like the phone. Then I kept buying because it was familiar. I like most people here did upgrade to an all touch device and haven't looked back.

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I see many candid comments here bit as always many excuses on behalf of BlackBerry. This past week, here in Ontario, a minority government that was pushed into an election driven in part by a decade involving some scandalous periods during that time. The newest leader of the party emerged from the election with a majority win, stronger and with more public support than before she was pushed into the election. Aside from having a good plan and being genuine, I felt that the turning point of her campaign was when she stood in a public forum (debate) and took responsibility for her governments past mistakes, and publicly apologized for it. A bold move but the electorate responded with a very strong endorsement.

My point? Simple. BlackBerry needs to stand up, take responsibility for having released BlackBerry 10 in disastrously incomplete condition and simply be accountable. I haven't seen or heard them do that. Yet ANOTHER. Round of devices will not in my opinion restore their credibility in the eyes of the market.

My opinion only having recently seen the response of the public to a platform of accountability.

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Thanks for telling me that the last year and a half I was just a research guinea pig without knowing it

Via Z10

If this was a beta, I'm not even mad, it has been amazing. I can't wait for the actual devices!!!

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That's exactly what I feel.
I got 2 Playbooks, because they're supposed to get BB10 upgrade, not happened.
Then I got the Z10, because it started the BBRY comeback, not happened.
Then I noticed the lack of interest from BBRY to help legacy BBOS users get the BB10 devices upgrade.
Then I discovered that my Z10 (the STL100-1) is a developer's device, pretty much a Beta device.
Then I got pissed off and moved to WP8 (best decision ever), but in my heart I still wanted to return to BB any time soon.
Then I noticed the emphasys on supporting Android apps, and God knows how much I hate Android.
Now, I see how Jackie Chan's uncle says that these QNX's years and devices have been part of a mega big tech experiment. Like a reality show (a very bad one).
So, the money we spent, the time we spent.. even the hope and the loyalty, all of that is now crap, and the reality is about to start.

Well done BBRY, well f@king done!!

its not a virtual track pad ....yikes....dirt is going to get in there and never work properly

Great article.

I too, was surprised that the Q10 never lived up to its hype or lack there of in terms of marketing the device from BlackBerry's side. I think it's a wonderful device on its own.

Looking forward to Windemere and seeing what it brings.

All I know....the January 2013 Z10 with the 10.0 OS was horrible.
BlackBerry Link then was horrible. I new former BlackBerry users who had 9900 or Torches + an iOS and Android for the browser who dumped their phones and went to buy a BlackBerry Z10 . Only to experience a horrible OS and they immediately sent it back...Geez that dam Z10 was not ready for prime time ....period !

All that was required on January 2013 was the launch of the upcoming BlackBerry Classic Q20 but with a larger 3.85 inch screen + great battery + 10.1 OS at the minimum + BES 10 ready to go !

Then all they had to do was tease the market on the coming 10.2 / 10.3 OS upgrades and tease the Z30 / Z3 as the next upcoming devices. Avoid the cost of the Z10, Q10, Q5

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Hopefully the beta test is over. It will be nice when BB10 finally has all the features of BBOS that people are missing. It's difficult to be innovative when you're still in the process of achieving feature parity with your old OS because your customer base wasn't ready for the "new" you.

I personally would like a companion device tablet/phablet that runs BB10 and has full bridge as well. We did the tablet beta test. Now where is the final version?

We also need more killer apps to attract people back to the platform. The killer apps BlackBerry used to have were email and BBM. That's not the case anymore since people can get those on other platforms. The android runtime has helped with that situation to an extent, but we really need software solutions on BlackBerry that people want and need that aren't available on other platforms. That's how they'll drive handset sales.

Hopefully that's what's being developed with their partnerships with the regulated industries. That's certainly should be another fork of their strategy besides promoting the security of BES10/12.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Oh so my not so cheap purchase of a Q10 shortly after release was BlackBerry just suckering me in as a beta tester? Thanks for that BlackBerry!!! Perhaps you should have been paying me

For the last three years or so the next upcoming BlackBerry device is the one that is going to "save the company," "be the cash cow," "start the turnaround," etc. who knows, maybe 2014 will be the year that happens, but most of us around here have heard this talk a couple times by now... :-/

For me seems to be another wrong direction. Or maybe lets say not the good direction. I'D rather say that it would be better to evolve the Z10 into a more perfect phone. To maintain the screen 4.2, to decrease the dimensions and enlarge the procesor Ram and battery. The screen it's ok but must be a good hardware piece, from a sort of glass, maybe. The back as it is now a good grip material. A stainless steel bezel, a non replaceable battery and it would be The Perfect Phone!

Proudly Z10 owner

Hands down, the Q10 is a great device!

In my opinion it "failed" to be the cash cow, because there was too much change at once: New Platform, New OS, No "belt".

Which made it too much a "full touch device" for people who loved and insisted on a physical keyboard.

Before the release I was sure to get the Q10 - no matter what.
After the official presentation - I was more in to the Z10, because editing texts and surfing the web (navigation) are the same. Plus more display on the Z10.

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BlackBerry will never die,what platform will I be on?I hope positively for them....the coming OS of 10.3 and new devices with powerful specs will make the company get back into game!!!

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Guys BlackBerry is for classes not for masses. Stupid ppl don't think Wht they write.

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This guy is a good writer. As he says, we know that BB10 is better than BBOS7, and BB10 is even better than it was when it launched last year, but the next big question is if the broader market knows or cares enough to switch from Android or iOS. I'm not so sure on that one.

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The cash cow for me will be an upgraded version of the Z30. In the same size so all the accessories fit from day 1.

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Not sure BlackBerry kept selling the OS 7 devices after the launch of BB10. Correct me if I'm wrong but no other tech company keeps selling old operating systems once new ones are launched for as long as BlackBerry has. They even launched a new BB7 device after the launch off BB10. I and many of my friends have made the switch to BB10 and have fully adopted the new OS. They need to break from the past and embrace the future.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

"On one hand, the operating system finally felt modern and competitive, with fluidity and "flow" that was never seen before on BlackBerry handsets. On the other hand, it was such a radical departure from everything that came before it that users were hesitant and unsure, leading to a lopsided situation where legacy devices continued to significantly outsell the new generation."

Hopefully lesson learned. Do not abandon loyal BlackBerry core users. I have BB10 for almost 2 years. Best all-around practical phone compared to android, apple, windows. Still missing out on BlackBerry optical Pad . It was and still is part of BlackBerry Experience. It's a burden to touch the screen and slide to copy/paste. It's like a car not having I- drive, a laptop not having touch pad.

I think BlackBerry success lies in high end(metal design, latest communication network like using wifi and carrier network together to upload / download data faster)BlackBerry 10 Classic catering to core user(majority) and something different like Windermere for people coming back to BlackBerry from IOS.

We need next generation BlackBerry Q20, Torch, Torch Slider BB10. All with bigger screens for today's Web browsing capabilities.

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

IMO, the q30 is a more q10ish device than comparing it to z10/z30 as it's not a full-touch. The full touch is still up in the airs right now since no leaks have been seen of it. But good point on the q20, hope they price it right

CB10 on ZED10

Bb10 was not ready when released unfortunately due to the delays and month after no the missing deadlines they had to go way to early. It killed the product launch and really gave people a reason to switch from blackberry. It was about 6 months early otherwise we might not be seeing the dire straights the company currently is in. Let's hope they can reinvigorate things once more. Its time to step up or give up. We have one final push and we will see what comes of it. I think it can be turned around but not without some luck and a lot of finger crossing.The big push comes in the fourth. Quarter. Let's just say the hail Mary pass needs to be a completion.

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I have little faith in BlackBerry CEO John Chen. His words do not inspire confidence. His words are always mixed messages.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

For those of us who need a business phone and not a toy so we can post on twitter and Facebook every time we go to the bathroom the bb7 is far superior. In fact I just found my old Bold and going to reactivate it. Will use my Z30 for internet.

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I really hope im wrong, but i dont think the Windermere is going to do anything in the consumer market. And, im not sure it is intended to. Sure; we BlackBerry enthusiasts will own one or a few, but if you're looking to change the way people interact with multimedia on their device, a monster QWERTY/touch hybrid like the Windermere wont do it. Why would it? What about it is going to entice your Note 3 users, or your 5.5" iPhone 6 people? Why, when you dont natively have app support to satisfy their needs or wants? What does everyone do when they get a new phone? Setup, accounts, and apps. If you dont have the apps BY NAME available, its highly unlikely anyone will walk out of stores happy, let alone trial it under their carriers' return policy.

I think that lots of folks have fond memories of BlackBerries, but gripping their iPhones and Galaxies, thry see no reason to consider anything else at this point.

And that truly sucks.

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Physical keyboard phone = fail.

That why no one else makes one.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

The q10 should have been a slider.. and 10.0 was a horrible OS. 10.1 was just a little better. 10.2 made it usable for me.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to hear John Chen say that. I'd also like some of my money back for being a "beta tester" and paying full price for my Q10. Honestly it's not the tool belt that going to fix Blackberry it's better software, the home grown Blackberry apps are so quirky they don't behave anything like the other competitors.

I'm not talking about the swipe centric interface; I'm talking about...

- The contacts apps deciding to use peoples "FaceBook" name as default contact links when linking multiple contact records is a good idea.
- The email client not fully supporting push email, the fact that you can't store all your mail on the device despite being able to shove a 64GB memory card into it.
- Broken carddav support
- No push support for contacts or calendars

I just saw the video for Apples continuity feature for iOS 8 and OS X holy crap Blackberry I hope you guys have some new trick up your sleeve.

If only BlackBerry could have got BlackBerry10 out on the shelves before xmas instead of the poor launch in January / February / later than that in the US... the launch was too late, the holiday rush for mobile phone sales was over for the year and when they finally got it out to the masses a lot of people that were patiently waiting on a new BlackBerry device gave up and went on to an android or apple device. people were holding outdated hardware vs all of the people holding onto their big hd touch screens and lte . While the closest thing for BlackBerry was the 9850/9860 and that didn't compare to the things the competition had. At this point I think it will take a revolutionary device that makes the competition look like child's play. They need a premium device with premium build ( metal /glass) and premium hardware. To get the spec geeks interested. But eh I don't work for BlackBerry so I have only opinions no option to make any changes or decisions. There goes my daily rant.

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I've been backing BlackBerry since I got the first Storm. It was my first smartphone and I thought it was good. I liked the click screen and was even happier with the Storm2. And I have to be honest and say that I've always kind of kept this faith in BlackBerry stepping up and delivering a complete package to the table. I almost gave up after I got the Tour. I was happier with the 9900, but it still lagged behind. They finally got it right with BlackBerry 10. But, it was too late. The people left and so did the devs. Now it's just the hardcore fans and it's not enough. I don't see this ending well for BlackBerry.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

I think the upcoming classic and windermere qwerty phones are definitely interesting and solid production choices atm. Combined with a possible phablet with full bridge functionality they could be awesome. I also hope they have a follow-up to the Z10/Z30 in the works. Still feel the Z10 is the perfect sized device bur want those Z30 specs or better!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

As an unofficial Blackberry trainer ( had to replace an official Blackberry trainer and follow the BB10 curriculum) , i can only say that showing new users the merits / features and having them understand, is rewarding.

As I 've mentioned to the Blackberry Headquarters person I managed to talk to at:

Corporate Head Office
BlackBerry B
2200 University Ave. E
Waterloo, ON, Canada
N2K 0A7

tel: (519) 888-7465

.... the same training curriculum should be provided by BlackBerry trainers in all shopping malls where we find the mobility kiosks (Videotron, Bell, Telus etc)

Have someone stand on a table and demo all BB10 devices is what I told Blackberry Headquarters.

It makes no sense that today, over a years time since BB10, that BlackBerry still has such a bad reputation.

And I can tell you, after owning a Z10, an iPhone 5s and an Android tablet, that my newest delight is the Z30 smoking hot device.

This phone has not let me down and even my kids who have used the iPhone 5s, are repeatedly asking to use the Z30 for games and multimedia.

I don't know what the result will be in the near future and sometimes I feel I an routing for a losing another Canadian team (see avro or corel suite) but i really connect with BlackBerry.

They are not perfect but they are great !!!!

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The title of this post reminds me of the PlayBook ads/tagline: "Amateur Hour is Over"

Hopefully this turns out better...

I agree with the OP....

The Classic the true successor to the bold 9900....

Thus could be the iconic phone many including me have been waiting for from blackberry.

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Nice article !
I wish there was some kind of exception for Z30, but it seems we're in the all touch area.
Keep posting!

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10, But when it comes time to upgrade if all BlackBerry has is pk phones I'll be forced to move away from blackberry and giving up the gestures and hub will be rough!!! Please Blackberry please... keep an all touch device on the team!

Also you should consider licensing the OS out. This would help drive BBM, BES10 and BBWorld apps into the marketplace. You can continue to make your own hardware with physical keyboards, alongside this but you will have the best of both business models that are doing well (iphone/android) in the full touchscreen handset sector.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree with licensing the OS out but the issue I see is why we anyone pay to run BB OS when they could go a android for free. The only reason wp8 is coming out on different hardware this year (supposedly) is because microsoft is paying them

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I don't give a rat's ass about the classic. After using the Z10 for more than a year...I don't want to go back to QWERTY physical keyboard. I'm sticking to the full touch phones.

I hope the BlackBerry Windermere is that phone. The phone that takes the best from the Z10 and Z30 and moves forward to a whole different level.

If the Windermere has a physical keyboard, there is no way I'm buying it. If no other full touch device comes out to replace the Z10...then I'm doing with BlackBerry.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

If the Q10 and BB10 OS supported legacy BES as-well as the new BES things would definitely look a lot better.

Example for myself I still need to use my 9900 because the company I work for haven't upgraded BES yet and don't look like they will anytime soon!

My two cents :-)

I'm so glad I paid $800 for a z10, just to be a beta tester.

Looking back at it, it was a waste of money.

Well, I was a Q10 user, but as I type this on my good old 9930, I see the attraction of molding the 2 together as 1.

Have you had the ddoouubbllee text problem????? Why is BlackBerry ignoring this HUGE Problem

Posted via CB10

I'll second the Pearl with BB10. I thought I was the only one crazy about that phone. It was the best BlackBerry I've ever owned. I could type faster on that then anything (one handed or two with my eyes closed). I never said a word because I was afraid you all think I was crazy---oh well, you do now. I don't think this dream will ever come true. But I will be happy with the Classic when it comes out and hopefully it will have two programmable convenience keys back on it and the curved keyboard again. I don't know why but I can still type faster and more accurate on the 9900 than the Q10 and I've been on the Q10 for over 9 months.

"recognize that the first round of BlackBerry 10 devices didn't hit the mark."


I owned and used Android and Windows Phone 8 before I got my Z30 and if I was a mark, I felt missed until the Z30 hit me right on.

I am NOT a Beta tester. BB10.2.1 is a solid full release platform and I am a satisfied user. It would be a drastic shift not an evolution that would get me to upgrade let alone switch...

The hardware specs of my Z30 are satisfactory to me and need only software improvements and innovations to make me feel competitive with the Android and Windows competition. "They" may substitute more mega pixels for true advancement in mobile computing but I don't. I know my Z30 has a lower PPI but I can read small text just fine a foot from my face when I have 8 tabs open on my amazing Web browser.

Suggesting that a new high definition screen and a few more buttons added to the Q10 keyboard is a revolution is stooping to the level of those "other" platforms. BB10 brought something unique, innovative, stable to the smartphone marketplace and should be spoken of in the highest regard.

BB10 just needs polish to make the underlying masterpiece shine and grab the attention it deserves.

Bb10 doesn't just need polish to be recognized by the general public BB is a tarnished named at least here in the states. Every operating system is solid and have been solid for years BB like wp8 were just late to the game and like wp8 are now struggling to grab any attention away from ios and Android. I really hope BB gets bought by a company that has deep pockets because that is the only way BB would survive as a device manufacturer

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I thought getting rid of the trackpad and embracing the "swipe up" was progress, and going back is just clinging onto the old BlackBerry legacy OS. I now realize that the Q10 was a physical keyboard device, and a physical keyboard should have come with a trackpad and tool belt. I now look forward to the BlackBerry Classic.

I don't get people. BlackBerry really is THE BEST smartphone ever released. Whether we're talking bb7 or bb10 devices, this is it! I've used cellular phones since the bricks with big antennas. I used to like Nokia and Siemens for their simplicity and durability, I tried Android and iOS phones and I hated them for their toy-like appearance and sluggishness. Then I discovered BlackBerry, and I regret I didn't make the switch to it from the beginning. I still love my Curve even though I use a Z10 now. BB10 is a perfect mobile operating system. Even better than BB7. I don't consider myself a beta tester. I consider myself lucky using BlackBerry!


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Not really a fan of being a "beta tester" with several hundred invested in my Q10 and Z10...hope support keeps up for a while.

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Stop asking one man to do this, ask the company! He's not a god, king nor emperor. Stop trusting him like one.

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Q20 and windermere might bring over some of the die hard OS7 users, but as someone earlier said in a choice between z10 & q10 his company majority went full screen.
I personally will wait for the next full screen rather than go z30 when my z10 needs replacing or probably give apple a try?
I do love swiping And love bb10, but lack of apps is killing it for converting android users I believe. It needs to be easier to get them than what it currently is!

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I can't wait either. I think that it will be huge. The classic looks stylish and user friendly. I'm a devoted Q10 user. I hope that the classic and Q30 will be a huge hit.

Ojani Noa

When I need to do something while I'm sitting at my desktop computer, and I reach for my Z10 because it's easier and quicker... I would hardly call this device a failure by any measure.

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when exactly will this bb classic available in Europe? i hope we dont have to way another half a yr before it gets out.

Great article, keep them coming. Maybe soon i'll have one put up. :)

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BlackBerry is not just handsets moron! Look at their recent Canadian deal which also is the backbone to Visa, Mastercard, Moneris payment terminals, and American express.

This will be the future of BlackBerry not handsets.

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Recently got the z10 phone. Can't say I'm entirely disappointed by it. Love the bb10 platform. The windermere is gonna be interesting.

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Here's hoping the upcoming Classic can convert all those hanging on to their legacy devices to BlackBerry 10.
I'm currently using a Z10 which is an awesome phone but thinking of upgrading to the Z30. Although part of me is thinking I'd like to give the Classic a go as there is still a place in my heart that misses the physical keyboard.

All this means nothing if they don't have a marketing push behind it.

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Well we would like to have a 150 dollar credit for our beta phones when the "#classic and #q30 come out and that is not unreasonable.


I'm probably too late to make a difference with this observation but, I do miss the curved keyboard from my 9650 I have seen the photos of the Q30 and note the "flat" keyboard of my Q10. As far as BB10 goes I think the fact that I had and have a PlayBook made the transition to the new OS on the phone very intuitive. Maybe that's the greatest tragedy of the crappy marketing of the PlayBook. My only other disappointment with BB10 is the apparent loss of BIS. I think that both of the old management teams continued to work from a position of weaknesses with the carriers, at least here in the US.
I eventually sold my BlackBerry Stock at about 11.50 after holding it for 2 years, I think I had too much faith in the Heins team. I thought he was at least trying to redeem himself from his days at Siemens, but in the end it appears he was in it for the money.

I love my Z10. Tried going back to Bold 9900 for test. Bold 9900 failed.
Only thing bout OS7 I miss is the green LED indicating cell service availability. Anyone know how to get that indicator on my Zen10???

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Started off talking about 2 devices...felt like you were going to talk about both, then turned out to be an article on new/old Q's, and their legacies.
I felt like you left us hanging there, anything on the "other device", any thoughts at all!!
Great article camera531, nicely written, just needs an edit on what was left out I feel.
A follow up to this would be fantastic! Sincerely hope Kevin and the team bring you on as a regular contributor!

Come on "Q30"!!! I'm waiting for the upgrade but will most likely play with the Z3 first when my relative brings it over from Indonesia this summmer.

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I could try a Z10 from my company and finally bought myself a Q10. They both didn't feel like a beta test. For a completely new os the experience was really great. Of course I like to see BB10 getting even better.

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I dont care about legacydevices with keyboard, and I think that Q series will never be a cash cow. People moved on and now all touch is a standart ;) sry guys, but my z10 was first BlackBerry and if BlackBerry moves backwards with that Q series and will have no new Z series - im gone :)

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I'm sure there will be a new all touch device as well, I think Mr. Chen confirmed this previously.

When all is said and done, when this phone is released, and the marketing is not up to scratch as a Digicel service representative said. All will be lost so let's see how it goes....

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As a Q10 beta tester my recommendations is the go-live phone should have all the shortcuts and goodies of the os7 flagship phones.

The bridge should retain the functionality of the os7 phone and be able to bridge with any tablet from os7, android or windows.

I don't know if I need a belt I do need a better way to cut and paste and move the cursor.

Guys, wake up, at this point in time it would take a tsunami to flood all android and apple and Nokia factories in China to get people to even consider getting near a BlackBerry :(

After "beta testing" both the Playbook and the Q10 and losing more than 1000$ on them plus getting myself tied up in a 2 year deal with a Carrier because of this how stupid should i be to give them any more of my hard earned cash?

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Nice way to excuse Q10 quality control issues by masking it as a test. Sorry but we are not guinea pigs and fact of the matter is that other than die-hard fans, people will think twice before buying another BlackBerry device.

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Love my z10 I would love to see a Z10.2 come out, the size is perfect

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Compared to the 9900 typing on the q10 was very frustrating. I ended up jumping to a touch screen keyboard afterwards.

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I think the Q20 will do okay. Since the q10 still sells for a nice price either used or new I think it is still selling a bit. The combination of document management and security can't be beat. Apple is not adding any document management to its os this year. So this is an advantage BlackBerry will have for awhile. I do think they another device soon though.

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I really want this to succeed, but I'm worried about the timing, hopefully Mr.Chen can create a predictable release cycle for new devices. BB also really needs to push QNX as being behind the OS and distance itself from the older Java OS devices, its silly how underrated BB10 is compared to iOS and Android.
I know BB needs to reassure shareholders with news about new devices but they have to be careful not to shoot themselves in the foot as customers pass on their current devices to wait for the next ones, they would be far better to control product leaks, promote current handsets, and don't announce anything new until shortly before your ready to ship it (i.e 1 month or so).

I don't think any PKB device will be a "cash cow". The market wants slabs. PKB devices have been going down in build quality IMHO since the Bold 9900 (stuttering keys, optical track pad failures, etc.). I think PKB will continue to decline and eventually go away. I was a hard core PKB user since the Treo 600, but the Z10's phenomenal VKB has converted me.

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Hey, that pic looks like someone stuck a tool label over the Q10 Screen :\

Good thought though

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It is a little tiring always reading that "the next" OS or phone release is going to be the big game changer. Why not just accept that the changes are going to be incremental and it is going to take some time get the company consistently gaining users again.

Smart Phone's are what give people a perception about the company. There is no way BlackBerry will ever exit the handset business even if it wanted too.
They would never survive the Enterprise Business without BB10 handsets. That's unless they were to license out BB10 to companies like Sony and LG.

Devices play a vital role to keep your image and company name known. Anyhow, so far it seems John Chen is doing a wonderful job with devices, and he is going at it from all angles. Giving it a strong effort, and seems he's going to release the right devices at the right time with the right backed marketing.

People that left have found the app gap... they wont be back till Blackberry realizes people dont care about hardware as much as apps...

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Until BB10 has shortcut keys and a better app selection, I think the beta test is still underway. I understand why Blackberry went to Blackberry 10, but adding new features doesn't excuse abandoning old ones, themissing call, menu, trackpad, back, and end keys being prime exapmples.

Changing horses midstream will eventually result in a drowning.

Just keep making BlackBerry keyboard phones and i'm happy. I don't care how big BlackBerry is. Id be happy if i have the opportunity to keep buying these awesome phones!

If i ever have to go non BlackBerry im going off the grid man. Not even joking. Lol. Damn NSA anyways. F'ing Gestapo of modern times.

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The fallacy of not caring how big the company is... is that if it's too small on revenue handsets will, yes, will die!

If users do not find incentive to upgrade every 12-18mths in varying cycles the revenue stops to flow.

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The ONLY things that will steer BlackBerry to find the magic formula that will finally put the legacy era to rest is:

1) STOP firing your best programmers, UI designers and leaders... the employees that Bleed, BlackBerry and make black current from heartache and tears! Get rid of OVERPAID executive and senior level staff that just rest on their laurels and ride on the backs of those that put in work, real work aka Get It Done BlackBerry Style (you know the kind that benefits and steals the accolades of those that bust their balls).

Also start glorifying those that DO put in serious efforts! It's a TEAM effort not a single person pulls the ship! Apples recent WWDC specifically highlighted this and the past 10yrs have thanked the hard work of those that contributed and their families putting up with the long hard hours - Jobs started doing this (something that goes against every biography of his nature cause that was the past)!

2) Start putting in ALL the features, not hardware, of the legacy devices ppl keep yammering about! Don't retreat to old hardware.

3) STOP making Legacy devices! Charging $400 retail in a first world country for a nearly 3yr old device, Bold 9900 ahem, is a disrespectful smack I. The face of ALL your companies and it shows you're being an a-hole BlackBerry seriously!

Legacy devices belong where they should - in the past. Those that have chosen NOT to upgrade should be left in the past! They find nothing in the new OS that benefits them just complaint g for BlackBerry to go backwards and grow old and complacent with them. Those of you that are find more value in your dollar looking up Bolds, Torch's, and Curves on Craigslist or Kijiji for much cheaper than a Q5; of which BlackBerry has competitively priced!

Legacy die hard users should be just that die hard! Their NOT helping the company make money, their not helping g the companies brand (they too are consistently complaining about BB10 like the other fence haters - their not upgrading experiencing, fully trying, then offering positive feedback through the proper channels.

3. More aggressive pricing on the handsets and being more BOLD in their component choices.

The original Bold was NOT a critical moment nor hardware release for BlackBerry. It was a sleeper nobody really knew anything about it u til 3mths before release and it blew the competition out of the water! It was a blockbuster release. BlackBerry already had and maintained success when it debuted there was nothing to fear at the time of its release. The OS was however beginning to show its age.

I find it very amusing how legacy device users cannot understand a touch screen when touching is inherently native to human beings experience since birth.

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I wouldn't call the Windermere one of the most important handsets or a revolution. The phone looks too strange on the whole to be a hit. It's more for a niche.
Good article besides that, I hope the Classic gets the attention (and sales) it deserves.


I just want a full-on touch screen phone, BlackBerry... I love my Q10 and due for an upgrade in August... Please, don't let me have to get a keyboard phone.

I am done with it, I have used it and enjoyed it but honestly, let's move forward a bit.

I really appreciate your commentary on the launch of BB10, and especially like the way you are forward looking with your conclusions.

One comment... Not everybody knows what a bugatti veyron is and very few people want one but this does not mean that the car is a beta test.

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How do you tell a legacy device from a BlackBerry 10 device ?

To the professional or consumer you can't!!!

The design language has to change.

I have always advocated the change from BlackBerry lettering and the BlackBerry symbol to just the BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10.

If you want to cut costs. There's an instant saving just there. You can v

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Make the screen larger with space you have just saved.

BlackBerry can utilise the symbol to the power of 10 in the start up sequence.

It would be great for advertising.

True subliminal messages on t-shirts, stickers.

Have a website called

This would include information about BES10 and how to migrate from BBOS7 to BB10.

Drop ' Keep moving ' to ' BlackBerry...Get it done '

Why? you ask ...

In a increasingly competitive market. Success is measured in seconds not hours or minutes .

' keep moving ' implies lack of direction.

' BlackBerry...Get it done ' shows immediacy, non nonsense, don't mess with me attitude, a ' can do ' mind set.

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The test may be over, but that doesn't mean that consumers we'll get what they want, except if they work in a regulated industry.
BlackBerry is a 100% focused on that market segment, completely ignoring SMEs, prosumers and consumers who have completely different needs in terms of features and flexibility, but want to achieve the same level of security against non-governmental threats.

BBY would have never released the Z10 device with 10.0 OS. It had sooo many bugs and problems....
I know several people that they have switched to another platform because they couldn't survive with the problems. Myself being a loyal BBY customer I had switched to a Galaxy note 2 for about a month, I went back with the 10.1 release that eventually solved most of the bugs.

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Thinking any of these devices would be "cash cows" was more than optimistic. With BlackBerry 10 (and I'm talking about the platform, i.e., devices + OS), BlackBerry failed on two fronts:
They tried to incorporate the features and functionality that were driving people to buy other devices, but failed to offer a compelling reason why BlackBerry's incarnation of these features was better than competitors'.
They didn't incorporate the features or functionality that were driving people to continue buying BlackBerry devices.

People around here seem to think there's this huge contingent of legacy device users who are holding out for "classic" features. They're isn't; most of BlackBerry's target demographic in developed nations already have moved on to other platforms. It's users in developing nations who are holding onto or buying legacy devices, and it's not because of the trackpad. Rather, it's largely due to device and rate-plan sensitivity. BlackBerry new this, though, which is why it continued producing legacy devices, included an updated Curve. So, why the surprise, then, when these users don't upgrade to new BB 10 devices?

Sure, there's now a lower-cost BB device for developing nations, but why would buyers choose this over one of the myriad low-cost Android or Windows Phone devices? They wouldn't.

And while there were plenty of lessons learned since the BB 10 launch, and perhaps BlackBerry did consider it a "beta" of sorts, it would be wrong to consider any consumer as tacitly complicit in this beta. I might have considered myself an early adopter because I follow CrackBerry, but most consumers would not. Nor would they think that justifies the issues that plagued the platform and devices at launch.

Well I'm not a fucking beta test! I was already beta tested with the damn PlayBook...I got the Z10 because I wanted a new devices not an expensive test device...

To me the Z10, while not perfect, it sure doesn't feel like a beta test!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Here in Israel BlackBerry are practically gone. The phone price is very high and there is no official support, legacy device are considered as unreliable because of issues like "battery drain" and that caused people switching to iPhone.
Also there are some local app that won't work on the bb10 like the popular get taxi.
So high priced phones, no official support, apps problem are major problems.

LG for comparison are launching all of their new phones here right away and that because they want to compete with Samsung an apple.

To sum it up - no one would buy a BlackBerry device over here

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hey its not topic related and i dont know how to post a topic here in crackberry i hope blaze and kevin could reply been having this thoughts,

(i use z10)
i backup a fresh data of my device (yes factory settings then did a backup) settings and stuffs. (purpose: save settings that i want and do not need a factory settings ill just use this instead) includes personal settings important is blackberry id right?

now i did an update on my blackberry id in my z10 only on Password, forgot password answer question and screen.

the question is if i restore my data does it still recognize my BlackBerry id?

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BlackBerry has lost mindshare in the US. That is very hard to get back. Remember the Sony Walkman? Sony was left behind by the iPad.

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I think that blackberry should use the fact that android has so much devices in the market to its advantage. Each android device has a point of weakness and peaks of strength, such as the htc one m8 has great casing, speakers, user interface but disappointing camera and too much bezel. The other big one, the Sams 5s is a beast in specs and amazing camera and accessory add on features but it's an ugly os and casing.
Blackberry 's highpoint is its hub, security, okay casing and ... well that's all I can think of. it's problems are lack of apps, disappointing camera and problems with key features like contacts.
If blackberry can make a touch screen device that fixes it's problems and upgrades it's camera, design of casing, and specs to something that sounds more impressive on paper, it would automatically get into sight for customers who are looking at a new android.
But if bb focuses on keyboard phones, it will not take much interest to potential customers and will continue to only interest people in that demographic.

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Now that's what's called... a coincidence. And the message in the video is completely different than the theme of the article. It's also the first time I've seen it. But I get why you posted it (good find).

I honestly hope that BlackBerry does something about the keyboard. Keyboard hardware quality is something to be improved, really improved. As the 9900 for example, super phone (except for its camera, but keyboard was EXCELLENT!) I will wait to see the keyboard feel and touch to decide the buy. Unfortunately, the Q10 keyboard hardware quality is very poor.

Hopefully it will be appropriately priced this time. The Z10 and Q10 were completely overpriced for a new OS and that is why they "failed".imho

I must say the trackpad has to have more space...scrolling will be annoying without a space for the finger to scroll up and down on it..