The Beta Test is Over.

BlackBerry Classic Keyboard
By camera531 on 14 Jun 2014 09:23 am EDT

New BlackBerry CEO John Chen has already proven to be a very pragmatic leader, willing to make difficult decisions in order to keep the company afloat. He has said on many occasions that he'll exit the handset segment entirely if it proves to be in the best interest of the company, but has also made it clear that it's among the last things he wants to do. BlackBerry smartphones maintain the company's identity and are truly their heart and soul, but they've also become a financial burden that can't be ignored.

In many ways, 2013 was the year of BlackBerry beta testers. The new BlackBerry 10 handsets, particularly the Z10 and Q10, proved to be polarizing and controversial. On one hand, the operating system finally felt modern and competitive, with fluidity and "flow" that was never seen before on BlackBerry handsets. On the other hand, it was such a radical departure from everything that came before it that users were hesitant and unsure, leading to a lopsided situation where legacy devices continued to significantly outsell the new generation.

While many in the media called this a "failure" and even "disaster", it has proven to be an invaluable source of user feedback. The company has learned what users love and hate about both the hardware and software, and has been upgrading the operating system to address the complaints and enhance everything else. The initial BB10 handsets have been beta hardware, in a sense, to help the company find the magic formula that will finally put the legacy era to rest.

Initial BB10 handsets have been beta hardware, in a sense, to help the company find the magic formula that will finally put the legacy era to rest

The new hardware that will land this fall, specifically two, might very well be the most important handsets since the original Curve and Bold. Starting with the BlackBerry Classic, physical keyboard users will have what they've been asking for, the magic blend of old and new. The return of the "Tool Belt" will integrate with the latest OS, 10.3, becoming the perfect offspring of the Q10 and 9900. The CrackBerry community (myself included) believed that the Q10 would be the "cash cow" that would bring BlackBerry back to profitability, but the majority of users clung to legacy devices. The Q10 "beta testers" provided the necessary feedback for the company to develop a QWERTY device that should satisfy the legacy holdouts, while still advancing BB10 into a thoroughly competitive OS with an even better app catalog and better integration with Android (love it or hate it).

It might be a couple of years late, but the Classic is likely to be the cash cow that the Q10 failed to become

It might be a couple of years late, but the Classic is likely to be the cash cow that the Q10 failed to become. The BlackBerry Windermere (Q30) will then bring true innovation that has never been seen before for multimedia addicts. A large, high definition screen coupled with a next generation physical keyboard that blends physical and capacitive characteristics together. It won't just be an evolution of the Z10 or Z30, but a revolution that could change the way users think of large screen devices. It could be the handset that finally brings users from other platforms in significant numbers, or at least bring back previous BlackBerry users that left for greener pastures.

I'm a happy Q10 user, but recognize that the first round of BlackBerry 10 devices didn't hit the mark. The unintentional beta test that resulted might be exactly what the doctor ordered for everything to fall into place. It's going to be an exciting fourth quarter!

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The Beta Test is Over.



Well I hope so, but everyone also thought the Q10 will be the cash cow. I do agree that the OS is a lot more mature. Just have to wait and see

Thorsten Heins thought it would be too. A lot of people did (myself included). It was positioned to be the "upgrade cycle" device. BlackBerry didn't have to win any new customers with the Q10... they just needed to get a relatively small % of the existing user base to upgrade to the Q10 and the device would have BIG unit number sales.

Part of what hurt Q10 sales though wasn't the device itself - Q10 really is nice hardware and a great all around phone. Instead it was the slow adoption of BES10 to support in enterprise (which is where a lot of the upgrades could/would potentially come from). Remember, they actually pushed back the launch of the Q10 because they wanted to launch it with 10.1 as that had the "corporate liable" features. They were really planning/hoping on big enterprise pick up with it out of the gate.

From what you're saying it sounds like Thorsten Heins didn't have BlackBerry's sales staff positioned to push the Q10 hard in enterprise. Or it simply wasn't appealing to that sector.

John Chen probably has high hopes for the Classic. If the Classic flops, there's little point in releasing any more BB10 devices designed for enterprise.

I don't think it was the sales team fully(not that they were great) but BES10 was a patchwork where you needed the old BES5 system. I think if BES12 was there at launch we would have seen better Q10 sales no? I think that was the one thing that really hurt that base adoption.

BES 12 should absolutely have been part of the initial bb10 roll out. They never should have relied on consumer uptake as the main strategy.

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Absolutely. Launching BES10 which was unable to manage BBOS devices (which businesses weren't in a rush to upgrade due to expense) was like launching the PlayBook without email.

Fusión was patch work.

BES10 did it's job and does it well; but BES12 should be been what it was from the get go.

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Man.. BlackBerry never went out and said openly> "This is the new BlackBerry! is not the same old BB7, now it can do stuff" in a form of Marketing campaign.
Using phrases such as...
BlackBerry changed
BlackBerry evolved
With the new BlackBerry, NOW you can do (Insert all features that only Android and iOS could do)

But these stupid idiots, treated BB10 like if it was JUST an upgrade... which is not enough... you have to tell people: "I know you had a BlackBerry that freezes before... that is not gonna happen again... we promise"
"I know the screen was small, now is bigger than the iPhone"
In some sort of wise ad that catches the attention, not some idiot walking with big elephant paws to claim what BB10 cannot do.

I agree completely. It killed me how management at the time appeared to not believe in the product they were pushing.

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I thought that PlayBook was the beta tester device. At least that's what I heard here on CrackBerry over and over.


$500.00 is to much to pay to become a beta tester.

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$500 how many times over? Beta testing is expensive I guess

Via the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

And that is why BB7 damages the image of BB10. Since RIM changed to BlackBerry, BB7 relates to BlackBerry, the company, and as well BlackBerry 10, it does not matter BB10 is not BB7, but the public doesn't know, and they don't really need to know, is not their job to look for the truth because in their minds, no one has ever told them BB7 is crap and BB10 isn't. Is BBRY job to do it... it is worthless to say, "well, bb7 is good, but bb10 is better"... that message isn't translated by people as bb10 being different, but bb7 being upgraded. You need to cut the crap and say... bb7 was shit... even though in its time, it served well for us, it shit and period, for today's standards is shit and BB10 isn't.

I would really hope they stop doing BB7, because if they sell a BB7 close to the price of BB10 (any quality level), then people will totally mix, BB7 with BB10. By selling BB 9900 now, with a higher price than the z3, people will think BB9900 is actually better than the z3, and that IS NOT true. Any BB10 is better than the BB9900. If you sell this, you WILL create confusion. I do care because once people stop buying BlackBerry's I will loose my HUB, my multitasking, my future windermeres, my future manitobas, and hell no! I aint going back to that crappy home button.

This kind of sums up my sentiment as well. I'm using an Android right now while the world cup is on and while I'm waiting for BlackBerry to release the new devices and it is horrible for multitasking and communication. To be honest, it's nothing but a glorified media player. I don't have a junk Android either, I have the LG G2, and have also had a Nexus 5 which I sold recently. I also owned an iPhone 5S and while better than Android in a lot of ways the atrocious keyboard, the small screen, and no ability to multitask (no, task switcher does not constitute multitasking) really kill it for me.

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Almost exactly my opinion!

They never did the right marketing of basically trash talking legacy BBOS because they were/are still making it.

Ads should have started with random people saying clips like, "I won't ever use a BlackBerry again because of the freezing & spinning clock" or "BlackBerry just doesn't have big name apps & games like Skype or Angry Birds." Then showing how BB10 was completely different.

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+1000. First one must realize failures before they can move forward. This type of marketing will work. Nobody has a f'ing clue the BB10 is capable of doing everything andorid and IOS better. They laugh and me and say " oh kicking it old school". One guys said "all blackberrys can do is E-Mail". Really?

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Because its not capable of doing everything android can. I'm so far deep in the google ecosystem it makes my life easier. BlackBerry does not have that. And that's only 1 off the top of my head

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Can I add you as my virtual friend, please!

I've been saying that same thing for a long time now... but you good sir you GET It!!

Now let's hope the majority of CB and BlackBerry users get this along with BlackBerry.!!

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They never pushed the fact that the new BB's were ENTIRELY different (in all the best ways).

People saw it and "I don't want anymore of that" not realizing that BB10 WASN'T just more of the same legacy BlackBerry that they had learned to despise over the years.

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The danger with saying that BB10 is ENTIRELY different than BBOS is the people that like blackberry to start. BBOS was the foundation of what made the company what it was. BB10 was the introduction of blackberry into the modern world. Same security and productivity, but with a proper engine under the hood.

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But I thought that's what the elephant and tennis balls meant in that one commercial the one time it played that once..

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Morph.....thorsten and Frank Boulben couldn't have done a worse job distinguishing BB7 from BB10 if they tried...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

yeah man... is like they really wanted to change, and they actually made a good product, but it is too much evolution for these old guys, and I mean old in a sense that they are actually married with the brand since it started, and they keep an ownership sentiment. It was too hard for them to actually call BB7 as obsolete... BlackBerry did everything in their hands to kill BlackBerry.. and my z30 is not forever...

The other problem is that the peek and flow to get to the Hub are useless. I only use the Hub icon or just sweep over to the hub. Too complicated and nobody in the carriers were teaching people how to use it.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Not me, I use Peek constantly. It’s nice to be able to just check what's there. I have customized the alerts for some contacts so that I don't get audibly alerted every time they message me (high volume and annoying). Peek allows me to check the status from time to time. I took the hub icon and buried it in a "System" folder. That's the nice thing about BlackBerry, I can use it the way I want, you use it the way you want.

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Totally - a campaign like that on a *grassroots* level can be effective.

I routinely run into folks who say that they miss their (pre-BB10) BlackBerrys, and when I show them what a Q10 can do (on 10.2.1... though I might've shown someone 10.3), they're way impressed.

Lack of BIS, is a problem.

And the fact that today every device has battery life as good or better.

Every device has push email

Too many people think that the keyboard was the only reason people bought BlackBerry devices. Seems like the STORM was one of the best sellers... as bad as it was.

If enterprise is really waiting for BES12... the CLASSIC should do OK. But given the choice most will still want a touch device... be nice if there were a new one.

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On how I wish I could have a @blackberry email account. I would dump my Gmail so fast. Then make my outlook my crappie email and my @BlackBerry for important things.

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Yea what happened to the @blackberry emails, I remember I used to have a blackberry email through Bell about 7 years ago... I don't remember what happened

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BlackBerry email that would be part of a BlackBerry software desktop suite. Calendar, Contacts, and Cloud. Something for all mobile user types.


I absolutely DETEST physical keyboards on phones. I know, I know, BB fans like the physical KB, but then, BB is behind even Windows phone. I left BB long ago when Android ended up providing more functionality than BB7. I came back to BB when the Z10 came out, more because I was going to get issued a BB and didn't want another BB7 POS, much less a device with a physical kb taking up 1/2 of the face.

I got the Z10 2 days after the US release, and it surprised me by becoming objectively the best device I've owned to date. There are still a few things BB really needs to do to it, like unlock S/MIME ability whether you're connected to BES or not. I wouldn't mind upgrading my Z10 someday, but have to admit being a bit disappointed with their plans to focus on phones with physical KB's like those that used to be cool when smart devices were in their infancy...

An upgraded Z10 size with best in.breed specs, yes bring it on

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Completely agree with you Kevin. BlackBerry can't have it both ways. You want widespread corporate adoption, then you have to have support from other MDM platforms and not expect that these companies will just put in BES10. If BlackBerry had worked with the leading MDM vendors instead of trying to lock them out in order to compete, adoption would have been much higher in the corporate world. At least under John Chen, they have agreed to open up to other MDM vendors.

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I kind of get what you are saying in the second paragraph, Kevin, but really BES10 failed to gain its foothold because employees didn't want the devices. Why go through the pain of a BES upgrade if you are postured against a future with BlackBerry, anyway? Don't get me wrong, BES10 should have been BES12 rather than the Dr. Frankenstein creation it was, but even then, U.S. enterprise just isn't going to adopt BES without the carrot of great BB devices that provided a benefit to users that market leading devices do not.

If you are a market leader like say, "Windows" in the enterprise and you want to sell an upgrade to existing customers, you can come close to counting on it because competitors have a large barrier to entry not just based on brand loyalty but also on your ability to provide backwards compatibility and a low learning curve. The extent you fail at one or both of these two, you lose your home court advantage and your users evaluate your option on close to equal terms with your competitors. BB10 had no backwards compatibility and a high learning curve for existing BBOS users. Furthermore, while it offered unique features, it didn't offer unique benefits. It was sort of like, here's a smartphone from BlackBerry that's like iOS or Android, but without the app/hardware ecosystems and support. It was like BlackBerry chanting, "we can do that, too" over and over, again. Which is what a market leader might do against an innovative upstart. But, BB was no longer a market leader. BB10 needed to provide a real distinguishing benefit over iOS / Android if they weren't going to provide backwards compatibility and low learning curve. Without that BB is going to lose 100% of the time. It seems as if Chen sort of understands this with the Classic (low learning curve, familiarity), but at this stage, with BlackBerry suffering real obstacles in the enterprise world, we need the distinguishing benefit. Not competing on iOS/Android terms. Not, we have apps, too. But, something that we provide that they don't. I'm hoping the Windermere has some secret that provides that. We'll see.

Best comment I've read in a long time. Spot on!

They killed what set them apart, and failed to capture what lagged them behind.

But I feel, as the article states, that they have passed most of their failures and are advancing at incredible speed.

I still believe!

I'm going to refute your comment that Microsoft has an easy time getting enterprises to upgrade. Do some research on how many businesses are on windows 8.. it's almost none. If we had had this conversation a few months ago before support for XP was ended I would have asked how many were using windows 7 as well and the answer would have been the same. Minuscule numbers. Enterprise latched on to XP until the very last day. An operating system from 2002. Businesses don't upgrade until it's becomes necessary. Consumers are the ones who must get the new device every year. That's why that's the cash crop if you can harvest it.

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I agree about the desirability of the consumer market. I also think with the BYOD trend, the decision-makers in "enterprise" mobile device are actually consumers. To some extent the "enterprise" device market is gone or is rapidly disappearing. That's one of the reasons I liked the "prosumer" market definition or niche more than Chen's return to the "enterprise" market definition, which hasn't made sense to me for years in regards to device sales. It does make sense if he's not focusing on devices and focusing on MDM or something, I suppose.

I partly agree with your criticism of my Windows analogy or example. But, I'll point out that one of the reasons for enterprise's failure to upgrade from XP to Windows 8 may be a failure to offer a similar experience and the associated low learning curve. I actually like Windows 8's metro design guidelines and think that if things were more integrated and less schizophrenic, it might have been better received, but as it stands, a truckload of people are screaming that it's too different and too hard to use. I'm guessing the more similar, lower-learning curve, Windows 7 captured upgrades better than Windows 8. This is why BB10 needs a differentiating factor, something that makes it clearly better for some market niche than the competition. Even a market leader like MS can stumble without that differentiating factor....

Right, it was an horrible mistake not to make Bes10 compatible with OS 7.0 device.

The Q10 is a pain for the eyes, far too small !

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Kev, I gotta disagree with you here. What hurt the Q10 WAS the device itself. At least here in the states. BB(Heins) stated that the U.S. was it's most important market. Someone should have realized that consumers are doing much more on their phones these days than typing emails or doing something that requires a physical KB.

And, even if they were, the vast majority seemed to be more than willing to sacrifice the KB for the added benefits that all the applications that came with touch screen phones.

I had 2 Playbooks and convinced 7 friends to purchase one(I subsequently paid them all back after it was announced that BB10 was not coming to the PB). I'm in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. I'm in a city of 8mm people and I have NEVER seen a PB in the wild.

I ride the subway 3 to four times a day. I've seen a Z10 twice. Have NEVER seen a Q10 but starting to see only a few Bolds during Rush Hour.

I see tons of iPhones, a few Samsungs and I see at leat 5 or 6 HTC One's during the morning and evening commute.

What happened was a very common phenomena when having an encapsulated view of things.

It's VERY similar to what happening with Cable providers here in the states. Google and NETflix realize that more and more people are becoming untethered to the TV at home and are consuming content on-the-go. Cable providers are losing customers in droves.

I'm in Manhattan and I most of my friends have long since dropped their cable subscriptions.

'Big Enterprise' is made of individuals. These same individuals go home at the end of the day and leave work behind.

And no one has wanted to carry two phones in quite some time.

I used to carry a Palm Treo, then Pre for work. It got old very quickly.

The "prosumers" are split in to old schoolers or slow evolvers and loyalists who like the anti trend the rebellious souls.
This is just anti-business model. Consumers drive trends, IT admins who run phone fleets have solutions enough to allow byod as employsumer demanded and finally got. Nothing changed, I have a feeling Chen knows this and had chosen to exploit a not so niche, by becoming a hard on security anti NSA, stern undefeated compliance mechanism, but this means new devices will far in between if any. Unfortunately I don't think this will prove to be successful strategy from a consumer perspective and most likely we will see a much different blackberry in the near 2 to 5 years than it is today as it pertains to consumer, prosumers conundrum. Employsumer always wins, en masses.

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If not for the physical keyboard of my BlackBerry Q5 I likely wouldn't use a smartphone for email. I have a BlackBerry Z10 for media although I prefer the BlackBerry PlayBook. For some of us the physical keyboard is the selling feature of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

You realize that the older you become and the closer you come to expiring, you become more of BlackBerry' past and not its future.

You realize that the older you become and the closer you come to expiring, you become more of BlackBerry' past and not its future.

Jesus!! I think I,m going to go back and watch Italy and England,hahaha just asking but is there a Channel for the World Cup? Thanks I'll check it out ,for sure,right?

I call bullshit. Bologna. Which parts of the city are you in that you see all these BBs?

Bullshit bro.

The more I look at the actions at BlackBerry, the more it seems that Heins was brought in as an ax-man to trim off excess employees. He knew the inside of the company well, so he could determine where to make cuts.

While the conversion idea was one touted amongst many analysts, the carriers, number of users coming off contract, and over-reliance on carrier advertising, doomed the launches. On top of that, there was great uncertainty of shifting away from BlackBerry data plans to carrier data plans, such as whether e-mail would become unreliable. Uncertainty hurt sales more than any perceived short-comings of the devices.

I have a Q10 and I'm really happy with it. Took me about an hour to really get going well on it. Now I am so use to the intuitive nature of swipes, that I keep trying to use the same gestures on my Android tablet (shame that doesn't work). I realize not too many people will spend an hour trying to figure out BB10, and it definitely kills any sales potential when it's tough to immediately figure it out (for some users). So it's a shame to see the dumbing down of the future devices, yet it does address what end users want. After all, there is still an "oh sh*t" button on the iPhone, made for when users get lost and need to find their way home. I have a feeling not too many of us Q10 users will make a switch later, especially if it seems like a downgrade in some ways.

Same here. The Q10 is different from the norm but I still don't see a replacement out there. I don't want a huge Android but smaller Androids and iPhones are awkward to type on. And the Q10 display isn't too small unless watching video is your thing. I've just set up an Android with a 4.3 inch screen for a family member, and I wish I'd pushed harder for a Q10. Android has improved a lot but 10.2 is just a better UI.
The Q10 is optimal for a use case that turned out to be niche, but if you fit that niche I don't think a "toolbelt" is worth paying for.
Unfortunately it's all too common in technology that nontechnical factors win the sales war.

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Music, call app, texting UI, email UI (some things) contacts, are top of my head that BlackBerry is not better then android, then again just my opinion

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My wife complains she can't save her contacts **locally** on her Moto G (like on the Z10 were sharing), but instead they're getting zuckered into the Google cloud. At least that's what she keeps telling me.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Interesting opinions.

What more do those Android apps do that BB10 does not?

Keyboard Android mobiles do not impress me with their construction. If I was in the market for a touchscreen only smartphone, then I would probably go with Samsung, LG, or HTC top of the line. However, I want a keyboard on my smartphone, and I'm spoiled by the hardware keyboard on the Q10.

My Android tablet frustrates me massively when trying to tap out multiple paragraph e-mail replies. On entertainment usage, Android leads the market in density of users. I've sideloaded Google Maps, Feedly, Pandora, and a stock market app onto my Q10, though it's a four step process to do that, and I know that's not for everyone.

Apparently you haven't discovered 10.2.1 It's Extremely easy to load any android app, it's a one step process and very easy when you have an app store. Personally I keep a APK library on my Q10 SD card so every time I wipe the phone I can seriously load all of my apps in under 5 minutes (Pandora, Gmaps, Facebook, and games). Direct apk installation is a beautiful thing my friend

I do have 10.2.1 and you're not describing a one step process. One step would be go to and just download an Android app to your device. I have a Play account because I have an Android tablet.

I don't leave my Q10 in Developer Mode. Seriously, this hack everything mentality is holding back easier ways to accomplish this. When the Google Play store works directly on my Q10, then it will be user friendly. Obviously, if I have Android apps already on my Q10, I'm doing something right. The point is that it is not easy and simple for everyone, and I think that needs to change.

Ha your thinking about Chen not Hines! TH was anything but, he was Mike L that's who he was.

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Kevin the price of the BlackBerry Q10 was out of the stratosphere especially with lacklustre adoption, at the time, of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Even the more consumer-oriented BlackBerry was overpriced, which many said is a BlackBerry Curve successor, at release. I wonder what the BES 10 migration rate is at present?

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

BlackBerry 10 forced Enterprises to upgrade to BES 10 causing users to reactivate and learn a new OS. All other mobile devices can be managed by secure solutions including cloud services. With many apps missing and incompatibilities, bugs, outsourced support and constant rumours of the company being sold, who can blame people from wanting to stay with existing platforms.

BES10 was far too behind the release of the Q10. The Corporate liable features don't make any sense without BES!

This hurt Q10 sales on the corporate side. Enterprise users knew this because at every BlackBerry BB10 Enterprise session this was specifically asked over and over again when will BES10 be launched.

To be honest Fusion was a horrible mistake and shouldn't have even been mentioned nor released.

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Yeah but we all know there isn't much wisdom coming from Chris Um. Ohhh he has to stick with android because he can't live without his Voxer app, even though he thinks BlackBerry hardware and software are far better.

Give me a break. Bring back the passion! This is why Jubie left a week after starting.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.


What's that saying 'hell has no fury like a woman's wrath '. Remind me not to pass you off. Still going on about Chris. Man o man you must have issues or really sore from his article. Not say I don't agree. To me it's dumb to say the phone is awesome, software awesome. But I don't have voxer or now (I don't even know what that is.)

Posted via CB10

Lol someone with the name androidphanetic is in the wrong room ;) but yes I was wounded a little by Chris ums ignorance lol but I was actually commenting on other people who brought it up in context.

Yes Jubie rolled out as soon as he joined. Can only imagine what he thought of Chris Um lol

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Yea I noticed jubei now writes for n4bb. What happened to him. Enjoyed his articles.

Posted via CB10

+100. I looked forward to reading his articles. That bums me out to learn he won't be contributing here any more. I had a loaner phone for almost 3 weeks so I had no idea he was gone until a couple days ago.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Oh I didn't know that. If true, quite remarkable. I didn't think he was as good as many others did, just my opinion.

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.

The new designs of the so called Q30 are so ugly that it defies logic. How do you follow up the beautiful design of the Q10 with such an ugly phone? There doesn't seem to be any design continuity between the Q10 and that phone or the current designs. I guess that's what happens when Foxconn not only manufactures your phone but designs it too.

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The Windermere is designed an manufactured in Canada. Only the BlackBerry Jakarta is made by foxcon.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

The Top phone are still made by BlackBerry but not only in Canada. My Z10 is made in Mexico for example.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Checj the windmere design below link . Not that bad compared to the first leak.

Posted via CB10

I agree on design heritage problems bit BlackBerry has always had that problem. As for the Windermere I think it is early to say ugly. It has extra cladding on it just like a new test car when they wrap it up. But hey they did release the Q5 and that is an ugly device.

I thought the Q10 was going to be the cash cow too...

What's more disheartening though is the fact that, while BlackBerry has been really good with taking and implementing user feedback in regards to software, it has yet to be seen on the hardware front. Okay, well, yes, there is the Classic coming but that's the transition device again to get the Legacy users to move over... but what about a ultimate keyboard device? This article mentions the Q30/Windemere and puts it beside the words "innovation" and "for multimedia addicts".... I don't think so... One of the biggest things that held the Q10 back was it's square 1:1 ratio screen. I can't stress enough that BlackBerry needs a device with a physical keyboard that is in line, screen ratio wise, with the Z10 & Z30 to use the same apps that they use.

You are spot on...a square screen results in either a small screen or a large device. they should have gone with a 4: 3 ratio. Had they done so the whole tool belt issue would not have materialized to the extent that it did.

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BlackBerry got so much better with every OS 10 release. In the past 2 months I have 2 of my friends who went from an Android HTC and iPhone 5 to BlackBerry Z30 and they love the experience. They said it's the best OS they ever used and best virtual keyboard

Posted via CB10

If the Q10 had been liked by the BlackBerry faithful then it would have been a success regardless of BIS. The sad fact is that it is liked by many but by no means all. There is a very steep learning curve for those who have come from previous versions of the old BlackBerry OS. Moving from version 5 to 6 and then to 7 was just introducing some new features; not much changed. Going to 10 was a very big shift and many people didn't have the patience to get used to it.

Getting rid of the trackpad was a very dogmatic decision which I think was made because the designers of QNX wanted to distance themselves from the old BlackBerry. Problem was it was just one step too far for those users for whom the BlackBerry is a vital communication device. Those of us on crackberry took the time to get to know the new OS and mostly we appreciate and like it. Those who just needed an efficient communication tool were dissatisfied with a complex OS with strange gestures and bad text editing functions. It was almost impossible to position the cursor anywhere near the sides of the screen and this is still often difficult. The autocorrect used to change correctly typed words for random incorrect ones (maybe just the Z10 for that) and copying and pasting became much more difficult. Of course many people just didn't like it. So they had the choice of a very frustrating new BlackBerry, an old BlackBerry, an android phone or an iPhone. We all know that the keyboard on the iPhone is no great shakes but when the rest of the world is telling you that iphones are great, when it gets on your nerves you assume the problem is you and not the phone.

The bottom line is that the OS is now pretty good. Releasing a OS10 phone with a trackpad might just get many OS6 and 7 users over to 10. Personally, I think it is too late and the ship has sailed and the days of BlackBerry handsets are now very limited. I fear that BlackBerry's reputation is too low for it to ever recover. As for the Q30, this sounds like a really interesting device but I fear it will be too big, too expensive and ultimately too weird to have any kind of significant success.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong. Over the next 12 months I think we will find out.

Posted via CB10

The current BlackBerry 10 devices didn't hit the mark?

My Q10 is beautifully designed, and runs more smooth and fluid then a galaxy note 3 or an iphone 5s. Not to mention battery life on my Q10 is amazing.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10. honest.. galaxy note and iPhone 5s are more smooth, beatifule and have more optimised OS.

Posted via CB10

Are you joking... I have owned both and the note 3 battery life is a joke at best and it feels like really light cheap plastic.

The iPhone 5s is better designed hardware wise, but the metal on the back feels like you will scratch it like butter. Don't even get me started on iPhone battery life. Chen was right to call them "wallhuggers". Not to mention Suri hardly worked and the iPhone email client is embarrassing at best.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Z10 owners are wallhuggers too.

And you're comparing the Z30 with the Note 3, the latter with pretty much double the specs. The Note 3 battery life is impressive for what it packs under the hood.

The note can't beat BlackBerry on security and that's why I left android. The side effect was that I love my z30. Os 10 is awesome and is the only BlackBerry I've ever used. The z10 I had prior to the z30 was a good phone and my kids use it now. The battery was no worse than any android I ever had.

Posted via CB10

Here we go with specs again. Theoretical performance. My friends note 3 runs no faster or smother than my Z10 and it's battery life is worse than my Z10.

I care about real performance not theoretical performance.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I think that's what you do with Android, load apps on it, ..... right? LOL :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Dude you are so wrong. On the note 3 samsung keeps prompting you to sign up for samsung watchon, one of the many bloatware apps they stuff on there. If you reject it it constantly prompts you later. If log on it activates the remote sensor and kills your device in an hour. It's total bs. Not to mention even without that if you don't have your device brightness turned down on the note, it's dead after a handful of hours anyways. And got to love all the data mining apps of android draining your battery even more.

No thanks.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

LOL. Funny. Never owned an Android powered device but I smile every time I see comments like this one.

Thanks for the smiles!

Posted via CB10

Lol don't waste your time I've owned tons of android devices and I'm never going back. NEVER. :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Z10 owners can swap their battery for a fully charged one in a few seconds. That's not a hug like being tethered to a charger the whole time your phone is charging up would be. Someday the tech will allow you to recharge from ambient sources wirelessly, but not yet, not yet.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Chen's comment was originally directed at iPhone users, and Birdman made reference to them as well, so that is what my comment was referring to. BB vs.i_____.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I just switched from Note 3, nice phone but I prefer Z30 and BB10. The Hub and true multitasking the main reasons. Also the keyboard on BB10 is just way more fun than swiftkey.

On that Z30, Best Phone hands down!

I find the Samsung eco system horridly non fluid and too choppy and ugly. But thats my opinion, some of my friends like that and after trying out my z10 they can't go to a small keyboard. As for iPhone, i have an ipad which I think works about the same and don't like much of how it works for email and i message especially since I don't use iCloud.

Posted via CB10

No the current Q10 did not hit the mark. It may be beautifully designed as you say, but the handset add the company by extension, have failed to get the attention of the masses. Whether we like that fact or not, that is reality.

Blackberry always.....

I agree it's a shame too. BlackBerry really needs to advertise with the new devices coming out this time. One bad ass add blasted everything can easily change the companies image again.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

John Chen is trying to change the company's image with his one man travelling PR show. There's no money for consumer advertising.

"No the current Q10 did not hit the mark"

Has it EVER occurred to ANY of you that the VAST majority of smartphone users do NOT want a phone with a physical kb. Why is that so hard for many of you to comprehend?

My girlfriend is an architect with the U.N. here in NY. Her entire department just switched to the iPhone and iPads because they can use autocad and make on the spot design corrections.

When she gave up her curve, she first thought she'd never get used to a non-kb phone.

Now she's zipping along on her iPhone like it's nothing.

Things change.

God soeasy why are you here? Every one of your posts are a rant against BlackBerry. Run along to your android forum and enjoy being data mined. Also multiple people here have already attested to how a Querty keyboard is better then the cheapy on screen keyboards in pretty much every way.

I have used tons of on screen keyboards even the note 3 and iPhone 5s and they are garbage.

They feel cheap compared to a "real" keyboad.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

"God soeasy why are you here?"

If you don't like me here. Kick me out. Oh yeah, you can't actually do that can you?

"Also multiple people here have already attested to how a Querty keyboard is better then the cheapy on screen keyboards in pretty much every way."

That's QWERTY. Hmmm... Was that TYPO from the way so better keyboard?

Go away girlie.

Trust me if I could kick you out I would. :) trolls with not a single shred of fact are not needed in the BlackBerry community.

Also yes I make a couple typos here and there considering I type at light speed. You should see how many typos happen on an bs touch screen keyboard when I try to type fast. It's almost unreadable how terrible they are. BlackBerry's is the only one that's even usable and that's from someone who has owned all touch screen phones before the Q10. Even the Note 3 and iPhone 5s.

Btw how's getting data mined on android and iPhone working out for you.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

"trolls with not a single shred of fact are not needed in the BlackBerry community."

Fact? What fact? Did I incorrectly state a fact about something?

Wait!! Was that supposed to be "tact"? Cause that's the only thing that would help your sentence make sense.

But "shred"...

Is English your first language?

Actually the data mining is working well. Google knew I was shopping for a new pair of Rag and Bone jeans and suggested a pair when I launched the Chrome browser on my iPad.

Three or four clicks later and my jeans are on the way!

Ahhh... Life is good!

I have to agree with him on one thing. The majority of people like and want touch screen phones. I bought 2 BlackBerry phones this year, they are the only ones I've ever owned, and neither was a q10. This is the only place I see people crying for a physical keyboard. BlackBerry has a long way to go to get back in the game and the only way they will do it outside of small areas in business is more apps and more great touch screen phones. I hope they make it. I really like my z30.

Posted via CB10

Sometimes I feel that splitting resources to make physical keyboards for the BlackBerry fan boys is one of the reasons BlackBerry can't move forward. Just my opinion.

I agree with soeasy. The crackberry forums are a biased demographic. I think having the opinion of someone who isn't part of the typical demographic gives us a change of view. Either way both you and him are defending based on case basis, either your own experience or his wife's experience. It is just an individual opinion not a mass opinion that either side has to give in to.

Posted via CB10

I agree! Just about 0.05% (made up figure, but it feels about right) of the mobile phone market cares about physical keyboards these days. It's not a whole lot in other words. If you can sustain your business on it, fine, but I suspect BlackBerry has too many employees for such a small market interest/cap. :/

The Q10 is also too expensive (still) and not sold in that many markets. I tried it when I attended the Qt Developer Days in Berlin last year, and it didn't feel right. The keyboard wasn't faster than the software keyboard on the Z10, and the screen was too cramped. It felt like it belonged in the pre-iPhone days.

I tried the Q10 for the 14 trial period with TMo. I realized there was no way I could go back to a screen that small again. I'm a former Palm guy. Had every very of the Treo and then the Pre.

PALM made a big mistake thinking that smaller was the way to go.

Watching vids or reading books on the subway is pure torture on tiny screens. You'll go blind.

Hopefully this will convert legacy users as well as attract others. However, I have fallen in love with my Z10 and this does not tempt me to go back to a physical keyboard. I'm holding out on hopes the other device is a Z30 on steroids!

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

I always had full touch screen devices and I thought the same thing about the keyboard. At least until I got my Q10. Now it almost feels cheap to type on a on screen keyboard. Could never go back.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I agree. I was fine with on screen keyboards. until I got my first Q10. Then I switched to the Z30, but never could type the same. Then I switched back to Q10 and now I have zero interest in a phone without a physical keyboard.

It's about communication over entertainment!

Same here... if BlackBerry don't produce a Z10 MKII i'll cling on to my Z10 - absolutely f'in love it *Now*. Z30 is bit too big for me... I like to travel light! butZ30 tech in a Z10 chassis with better battery performance would be my ultimate phone!

Some may note that this is way off some of my critical comments on BlackBerry community forum back at release.

Posted via CB10

Not going to happen. Small touchscreen devices are over at this point. Give the keyboard a chance. I thought the exact same thing before I got my Q10. Now it almost feels cheap to type on a on-screen keyboard. I can even type faster then all my friends without them and it feels premo in your hand.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Can't wait for the BlackBerry Classic or Windermere to get here though, I'll be first in line.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Me too. The Classic is focus groups trying to find a reason for poor sales. A lot of the time feedback is useless. Look at keyboard smartphones. Every survey in 2008 said keyboards are a must, well look at the iPhone. The Q10 was good just needed a larger portrait screen and BES12

I agree. The article is of the perspective of a "beta tester" like the rest of us. I thought there was incredible hype with BB10, and I liked the Z10 and love my Z30, but it didn't work out well in the greater marketplace. What is so different about the Classic or 10.3 that it will gain the attention of the "average" person?

Posted via CB10

Unless I missed it, is this not your first posting as a contributor? Congrats Erik! Great article!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I agree with this article. The product is too good to fail. However it's far from perfect. Too believe BlackBerry will have the "big dog in the park" type of comeback is ridiculous, but they certainly deserve better than what has happened. BlackBerry is its own worst enemy. Management has let them down in every aspect and this has transferred to the devices. I love my Z10 almost as much as I loved my 6370 back in the day. I can do things with my phone that Droid and iOS users can't think of doing. If you look at the Super/Smartphone market like the vehicle market, you will realize there is room for everybody and each phone fits an application.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 was a very expensive experiment in beta for 16.5 months. We'll find out if it comes out of beta this Thursday during the earnings call.

I'm torn between getting a Q10 or the Windermere? The Q10 has been on my mind for a while. I like it my Z10 is great but I like the idea of a physical keyboard.
I think even if q10 was a test it's got some great hardware in there.

Posted via CB10

Hi salty, I had and loved the Z10 from launch, but when I heard how many features it was never going to get with software updates compared to the Q devices, I sold it and got the Z30 and I am extremely happy with it : hardware and software.

My suggestion is wait and see what the actual specs of the Windermere really has, play with a demo at the store before making a final decision. There is nothing like buying something and then it get replaced in the same year.

Posted via CB10

With Apple CarPlay coming and running as a virtual machine on top of QNX in the car why can't we also expect to see virtualized iOS apps on Blackberry OS devices in the near term to go along with all the Android app goodness?

My prediction is that no keyboarded blackberry phone will ever lure users away from touch screens, whether they are bb, android, or apple users. Sure some people will switch, but not enough to make any difference.

Touchscreens are the future. The public has spoken. It is undeniable. I understand that some people love keyboards and cannot fathom typing on glass, but those people are a very small number of the smartphone buying population.

My only hope is that BlackBerry will do enough things properly to stay afloat and become profitable so I never ever ever have to buy an android or iPhone. I absolutely love my BlackBerry.

Posted via CBZ30!

Just looking at Windows tiles makes me want to pull my teeth out with a fork. I honestly haven't given Windows a proper look. I'm sure they are good phones and a good OS, I just have no desire or "want" to look at them.

I disagree. If Apple made a physical keyboard iPhone, it would sell like crazy.

People accepted touchscreen keyboards because they had no choice. BlackBerry lacked entertainment features and people felt they were missing it of a cool device.

I run into iPhone users all the time that would very much appreciate a physical keyboard. Even at the tablet level. There's nothing better than to actually feel the keys.

Posted via CB10

I agree with this article.

I particularly agree that the Q10 is a great device, but wasn't the cash cow it should have been. Here is hoping that with the Q20 (Classic) that the integration of the toolbelt and OS10 is as great as OS7 was on my 9790.

Please BlackBerry, with the classic, bring back features of the old in true BB10 form. I know you can... and if not now, then I'm so confident in BlackBerry, that i'll wait for the future when BlackBerry will deliver the features again, or better.

Posted via CB10 running on Q10SQN100-3/

Hi, Yes good article. A point on the Windemere. I have played with it and it looks and feels awesome. I will need to get used to the wide keyboard though, esp after coming from Z10. My impression is that they are initially targeting enterprise/government (police, health...) though, vs pulling away consumers from iPhone and Android. It is not for everyone but it is innovative.

The success (or failure) of these new devices will completely rest with Blackberry's ability to fix the App Gap. Without a tight integration of Android Apps through the Google Play Store (sorry, but sideloading Snap doesn't cut it for 95% of users who want a clean and easy experience), no matter how innovative the new phones are, BB's customer base will continue to shrink.

Some among us will continue to claim they don't need/want Apps, but for the vast majority of smartphone buyers, Apps really matter and make the phone ownership experience orders of magnitude better than a simple email machine - from being able to have a native Sonos controller app, to Instagram to the latest releases of major apps like Facebook, etc. No matter how we justify that we have workarounds or don't need quality apps, the market knows all too well just how important the App ecosystem is and Blackberry needs to resolve that ASAP if they have any hope for survival.

It's really been the same story for the past 6 years now - Blackberry is years behind the other major players in cultivating a robust App ecosystem and that, among other things, has cost them over $80 billion in valuation as a result and now nearly the company itself.

You're correct. BlackBerry could release a top tiered spec phone with all the bells and whistles, but without apps it's not going to be successful. Those who claim apps aren't important are clearly in the minority. Apps are needed (preferably native) and are needed at the same time they become available on other platforms.

I think the problem with handsets is always going to be the fact that in the consumer market, BB has such a bad reputation, that to think a certain handset will be a "cash cow' at this point is just wishful thinking. At this point BB needs to keep doing what they have been and that is to concentrate on Enterprise markets, while slowly ramping up the consumer side of things over the next few years.

John Chen even said in an interview he expects a number of "1 million" Z3's sold to be a good one. he realizes that handsets are not the cash generator anymore, so pushing software is the way to go. We consumers don't actively care about security(although we should), but business's do, and that is where the focus rightfully is.

I expect at least one more down quarter, but as long as BB can continue to offer products that its niche market wants, the company has a chance to survive intact. The "classic" will appeal to business users, while the Windermere will give us Q10 users what we want which is the keyboard with the screen real estate we truly desire.

no matter how it turns out, these are shaping up to be some exciting/interesting days ahead for BB.

They make pick up users internationally but I think they are just dead here in the US. Honestly people don't even think about buying a 'Berry when they get a new phone now.
The Classic may do well in corporate environments who stay with BES, but consumers won't buy mnay - just the hardcore loyalists like us. The general public may even laugh and see another step backwards.
It's a shame too because the I really the the BB10 OS and where it's headed but I just think it hit 1 or 2 years too late...

-via CB10 w/ Q10

Maybe it will transpire that time out of the market was good for the BlackBerry brand.
What BlackBerry cannot fail to do - however - is push the new range of bb10 phones with some big spend marketing.
And it will be a wasted opportunity if BlackBerry doesn't demonstrate how bb10 works, and how it's different to previous generation phones.
Having the name on an F1 car or a video showing kids dancing around won't just do it. People need to be shown how it swipes, browses the web, multitasks a range of apps, and runs applications like Whatsapp.
And don't mention BBM, because that isn't a USP anymore.

Posted via CB10

In this blend of old and new.... I wonder where the removable battery is?

I really like the feature itself. However, I can't help but to wonder if it is the cause of reboots. Notice that the Z30 didn't have a removable battery. I'd like to see them keep the removable battery, but it isn't something that I would be heartbroken without.

Notice that HTC have gone back to removable battery and Samsung never left. They don't have all those Apple stores to keep busy.

Posted via CB10

It's weird that they decided to not bring a flagship touch screen device this year, and scaled way back the marketing effort on Z30. I think they are going to regret this if they fail.

Posted via CB10 with Z30STA100-5/

Not that weird when people were just not switching to bb10 from rival os, if they are going to make many inroads it needs to be by offering something different which is why they have taken the step back towards the enterprise and keyboard offerings.

BlackBerry thought that they could pull an Apple-like comeback, but bad decisions like not leading with the Q10, removing the tool belt, a pricing strategy that was wrong, and especially bad marketing made BB10 a flop.

And this is not because the product is bad... I think the Z10 hit the mark, and after a year and a half is still a competitive phone (not in specs but in what it can do)... and the Z30 is in my books the Holy Grail of smartphones.

Posted via CB10

One of the biggest thing to hurt q10 sales at the beginning was it's OS. 10.2 made the phone world's better

Posted via CB10

BB10 was off to a good start. Some heads were turning and sales were happening. Heck, BlackBerry even had a profitable quarter. But then the sales dried up and they had too many on inventory that they had to write down. This created another non-profitable quarter. The "for sale" sign then screwed everything up and nobody wanted to take a risk on BlackBerry. Neither investors, enterprise, or consumers.

Hindsight being what it is, the biggest problem with the Z10 is that they made too many of them. Nevermind how many actually sold. If they had made far less, then sold them out, then they would take a success (albeit smaller then they would have hoped for) away from it and been able to make that positive news boost the Z30.

I think that's why you see Chen talking about 1Million Z3s being successful. If he can be sold out on the Z3s, then Foxconn is going to want a bigger deal. And, he is doing the same on the enterprise front. Small, incremental, sure footed steps. He isn't looking for a single technology to be the savior. He is much more realistic than that.

I find it interesting to listen to the way he talks. He is always talking about providing value for the shareholder. Since I am a customer and not a shareholder, that catches my ear. But, he knows that BlackBerry's longterm success relies on investors willing to stick it out with him, not a new shiny object to catch the eye of the fickle masses.

Don't read this as "Chen is a genius". Results matter. I am not trying to say that Chen is going to make it work, I just am trying to place the device relative to a bigger strategy.

In summary, if you have any single "cash cow" in your portfolio, then you are looking at it wrong.

That line of thinking worked for Apple. Good for them and their customers. But, that's not what BlackBerry needs or would benefit from.

The Battery door stinks up the whole room on the Q10!!!! It doesn't maake it any better that the earpiece never worked correctly; not once, fresh out of the box. Tapping and squeezing the device to be able to hear your caller is not a big selling point. FaceBook is utterly shameful. Hopefully, this Q30 will out-do the competition rather than, not even get close and then have the nerve to say "Look what I can do!" this isn't MADTv! Though, some of the design flaws are quite maddening. Get rid of that bar @ the bottom with the back arrow on it!! That's so in the way!!! Instagram users on ios know how to pull the screen back just fine. No arrows needed. I hope ppl don't set their goals to be in second place. You're not qualified to lead if Ur only looking for second place finishes.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

You're joking, right?

First of all, if you have to tap and squeeze the phone in order to hear whomever you're talking to, then you clearly have a defective device (and, yes, Android, iOS, and Windows phones can be defective, too). That is obviously not normal.

Second, you can swipe down and hide that back bar if you don't like it but I feel the need to tell you that the arrow isn't just there illustrating that you swipe that way - you do realize you can click on that arrow, right?

Posted via CB10

Problem in a nutshell:

- The touchscreen landscape is populated by outstanding devices with mature ecosystems which are already at the forefront of the developing connected world. Some of these have oustanding specs and impressively low price points (nexus, oppo, one plus one).

- hardware keyboards remain popular with a small group of consumer users and complimented by a secure infrastructure, corporations.

So what do you do if you're BlackBerry? Where's the space to leverage your platform beyond the niche, and is it worth the time, money and effort to do so for potentially small gains?

Excellent first article - do write others!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Agreed...BB needs to differentiate itself in the market. It needs the App platform that Android offers but then the Security, outstanding email management (i.e. Hub), keyboards and unique OS that only BB offers. But without them solving the App Gap, the rest don't really matter.

interesting idea.

One reason that I liked going from the Z30 to the Q10 is the size. If I ever can't get a BlackBerry, I might abandon the whole smartphone idea for a flip phone because I hate carrying around something so big that it becomes a distraction.

Are you thinking of the original pearl or the flip?

I agree Jack. I believe it's a misnomer (is thatthe right expression?) that people want bigger and bigger devices - how many people still use iphone 4s, for example, and I still see many folk with Curves.
I sincerely believe people will outgrow big screens, to a certain extent, and want for something they can hide in their pockets once again - as well as not worry about cases and screen protectors.

Posted via CB10

It is a very harsh description to call bb10 and the early devices betas, they have learned from those devices obviously, but the idea that somehow makes them beta is hyperbolic linkbait.

The problem on the new phones are not devices themselves, neither the operative systems, neither the looks of the phone.

It's lack of native apps, wearables, home/car automation, etc.

A bb10 device is almost like a renegade with no cause.

Posted via CB10

I really liked this article. A different point of view to the situation that BlackBerry is currently in, didn't see like that before. Very nicely done!

Posted via CB10

Dammit. If I had more money I'd buy more BlackBerries, but I'm just a student who has recently bought a Z10.

Posted via CB10

It's great that they are trying to convert their existing customers from bb7 to bb10 with phones that are like the ones those users are comfortable with. However, they are leaving the early adopters like myself (z10) out in the cold with no new replacement devices on the horizon. It also ignore the potential for growth...they need to market and come out with devices that switch people off iphone or android. u an di disappointed as a BlackBerry loyal user of over 10 years that I now have nothing to upgrade to. My friend and I are now both considering android or windows phones. I really hope BlackBerry can get their shit together and start flooding the market with good devices. Btw the z3 should be released everywhere.. they developed it so launch the damn thing. Sorry so frustrated as I want to support this company but they make it so difficult.

Posted via CB10

Try Z30 as an upgrade for your Z10. I upgraded mine a few months back and I'm content with it. Faster, bigger and better power consumption. You won't regret.

Posted via CB10

Z30 is one, if not the best, phones on the market. Improve the camera and we have a Serious contender.

I know apps are an issue but between BlackBerry World and amazon app store I'm set. Other solutions like snap don't "feel" secure..

Posted via CB10

You did a great job here! Congratulations Camera531.
I have a Q10 Since September 2013 I love this phone.

Posted via CB10.

Until BlackBerry give us the big name Apps everybody wants I still believe it is going down hill. Don't get me wrong I love my Z10 but not having them makes me want to change, that is the sole reason Kevin from blackberry has others cell phones.

Posted via CB10

I agree they need apps ( though for me I only run 2 DROID apps and I'm fine but I'm in the minority) however it's the chicken and the egg scenario with apps.

BlackBerry needs to sell more devices in order to get more big name developers on board.
BUT they need more big name developers on board to sell more devices.

Personally, I've got enough apps and the Z10 does everything I've wanted a smart phone to do ( though I'm eyeing the z30 for an early upgrade) but the general public wants more apps even though most of them will just sit on the phone all day and not be used

Posted via CB10

Now that 10.2.1 is on my Z10 I love it. I admit I went back to my 9900 for a few months and I anxiously await the new phones. I my humble opinion the Z10 with 10.2.1 and future OS upgrades is the most underrated phone out. I prefer it immensely over my pops Nexus 5 with the latest Android OS. I get a full day on my battery with heavy usage- this is acceptable, especially since I can carry an extra if and when needed.

Posted via CB10

I do agree with former comments that apps are crucial. I don't use many but most users want to k.ow an app is available if and when they want it. Integration with Android, for those that want them, unfortunately is necessary.

Posted via CB10

Nice read. But I am a sceptic. The early BlackBerry phones got traction because they appealed to business. They bought phones for their employees because they had none, needed security and a common platform. It worked well and everyone wanted the same access to messaging. So they bought BlackBerry. At messaging it was the best. Still is in my view. But the company and the handsets failed in recognizing the the average consumer wanted more. It's where giants like Apple and Samsung entered with large economies if size into a consumer market that wanted music, Internet, photo etc. They can not be beaten in this domain. BlackBerry was not large enough to turn the situation around. So now that consumers have phones, why should a company buy one, and they buy one, why not give the consumer a choice? They do.

I love my z30. Good enough for me, and I do not like ios nor samsung products. Bring on better BlackBerry phones. But I do not expect them to sell like before.

BlackBerry must get closer to android and stick to security image. Remain small, but niche. Sooner or later one of the bigger companies will buy them out. I hope not. But this is the cycle.

Posted via CB10

What am thinking, BlackBerry should release the classic, windermere and full touch devices all together in a single day, so users would have options to choose whatever they want , seems everyone will be happy to pick their own choices.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 has matured quite nicely and the hardware works good with it. The issue still is the app market. "Oh but you can install Snap and get all the Android apps you want!" Unless Snap is put in BlackBerry World then that can't be seen as a legitimate option for Enterprise and regular joe blow users to get their apps. Microsoft saw that with Windows Phone and has slowly turned their app situation around enough to attract new users. We need native BlackBerry apps in BlackBerry World period!! Then and only then will it attract to the outside World and not just us Crackberrys!!!

You don't have to be genius to realize that with: no marketing, no support from carriers, price high above average and very limited presence in stores Q10 simply could NOT become cash cow.

I'd love to be wrong but I'm really afraid of the same or similar scenario with Classic and other upcoming BBRY devices. I'm really afraid that decision has been already made - BBRY will ditch (at least consumer) handsets business. No matter what Mr. Chen thinks or wants.

If it happens it will be a real pity/shame not only for BBRY fans but also shareholders because BBRY could become more than a niche player (at least in qwerty/slider space).

I just HOPE that they will not decide to axe BB10. Killing this tremendous opportunity and cash cow could be really LAST nail in the coffin of BBRY users and shareholders (me included).

The problem with BlackBerry has been very bad marketing. They hired Aletia Keys who did nothing, as far as I can tell and their billboard and telly ads didn't really sell that this is a NEW blackberry with a NEW OS . They should have sold the hell out of it but they didn't. The Q10 is fantastic, it had a keyboard but the old guard still moaned. They'll moan about this one too.
Keyboards are a thing of the past, no one in significant numbers wants them or you'd see more of them. What BlackBerry need to do is release a high spec killer phone, throw a shed load of money on an advertising campaign and have access to Google play. This isn't a guaranteed success strategy but it'll give them a fighting chance.

Posted via CB10

As always, need to remove the "rel=nofollow" attribute at the end of the link when pasting it into the browser, in BB10 browser it might not show, but in Evolution you can see it and delete

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If that's real, the Q screensize discussion will be over, unless some start complaining "it's too big" again...

Even with the black bars on top and below, you will be watching a video on this, no dramas...

Yeah, even that Z30 next to it looks envious because of that extra horizontal screen real estate...

This is gonna be awesome for browsing and document editing. Holding Zs sideways in landscape mode always meant scrolling up and down.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Part of the Z10/Q10 failure was also that the devices were horribly unreliable. The Z10 had countless software bugs and sub par battery life, while the Q10 was plagued with random reboot issues and keyboard malfunctions. I work for one of the major carriers in Canada and the reports didn't lie; these 2 phones had the highest return, exchange and defect rate of 2013. I have a Z30 myself and have never had a problem with it.

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The brand-crazy fad is over. Apple's top line has begun shrinking again. Security & specs, the real concerns, are back in front page.

A storm is coming.

I had some problems with the article forcusing on some confusing points of the past. I do agree that the Q20 or Classic should rock. A bigger screen with the traditional keyboard and mostly same size is a win win for most. Enterprise or anyone thats knows anything about a communication device should love it.

If this theory is true, they had better be lining up a solid marketing scheme for the next couple of devices. It could prove to be the ultimate strategy to mount their official comeback - a few devices to test their new platform and gather feedback, for the "real" launch of the evolution of BlackBerry. Would be nice if they offer a trade in program for the loyal ones who "participated in the beta test."

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Though I love my Z30, if the BlackBerry classic is great in design and performance, I'll buy that as my primary phone. Typing on keyboard is definitely faster and more efficient than tapping on glass.

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As Chris had stated recently, if BB doesn't overcome this issue of loading Android apps easily on their updated OS or the new Classic or Q30, I am afraid these wont be cashcow. It is frustrating for the average guy or gal to side load these and that and unfortunately, most of the bigger consumer orientated companies are not bothering to make their apps for the BB OS. Nothing says this louder than when you see these useful apps for daily use at home and work/play stating it is designed for iOS, Android and horrors of horrors even Windows . enough said..