Beta eBay Application for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

eBay App
By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2009 08:00 am EST

I have to admit I've been waiting on this one for quite a while. When we saw the eBay app in action at the Developers Conference, we were told it would arrive by the end of the month and it actually popped up on time. The beta eBay application for BlackBerry is now available via BlackBerry App World. You can search, bid, buy, watch items and more all from your device. The app gives you the option of adding items to you calendar so you don't miss the end of an auction, and will also send you alerts if you are outbid. You can even add your PayPal account so you can purchase items right from your device. Keep in mind that this is a beta, so if you have any bugs or feedback to report, you can do so at I'm sure I'll be spending more time than usual (is that possible?) on eBay now with this app, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Head to the link below to download.

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Beta eBay Application for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available


damn! not availbe in europe.... it won't let me download it. I hope someone can grab files for OTA or DM installation.

Yeah...wish they were as quick with the Skype app! When is THAT coming??? Having ebay at the tip of my hand may not be a very good idea for me...LOL

To be honest, I'm not too sure I'd want to beta test an app which handles possibly large amounts of my money. I'd rather wait until it's done and not end up having bought the wrong items because of some as-of-yet-unfound bug...

I wonder how the interface for using this or paypal will work if you use a Security Key with your Ebay/Paypal account? I guess for both you could enter your base PW into the app and then it should likely query you back for a Security Key pin.

Anyone that tries this app and uses a key, let us know how it works......

I've been waiting for this since it was mentioned at the Dev. conference. I use the mobile ebay site all the time. Installing now.... thanks

this is why app world is so lame. Why should we have to search for this app? If you are not on crackberry you would never even know it was released. Instead of showing me the same apps everytime I open up app world (yahoo messenger, dinner and dash, point ect ect) why not show new releases????? Somebody at Blackberry should know what are considered big new releases and what arent.

because its "beta" and you dont want to put a beta app as a featured app when you know its incomplete and may have bugs. it seems they want feedback and suggestions

Well it looks like when you try and sign in via the app, it requires you to append the Security Key Code to the PW, whereas on the web, you can just enter the PW and it will query you back for the Security Key Code.

Limits the functionality a bit, but that is not really different too much than having to deal in this way with the Security Key.

I wish I could have two ebay/paypal tokens active at one time. The physical key my wife can keep at home and then I could load the virtual key/app on my BB.

Given that I use the timeout/security code on my BB, I can use the "keep me logged in for 2 weeks on this computer" thing, but since I periodically do a QP, this doesn't mean agreat deal.

I am very much looking forward to using this app......

I was really looking forward to this app and then to find out we can't get it in the UK! annoying! Will an OTA allow us to use the app?

Some more thoughts.....

Even without being signed in, I did play around some.

1) Response time seems quite fast. I think I may even be able to get better response time via VZW's data network than on my 3mb DSL from VZW at home. Nice.

2) Ability to add item to the BB calendar is awesome. By default, when you add an item to your calendar, it puts it in based on time left according to your BB time/calendar. This function is very very nice.

Things I see off-hand that I would love to see added some day (or maybe they are not options since I am not yet logged in):

1) I am getting a javascript error (javascript not supported by your browser). But that's a BB thing and not the app per se.

2) I would love when you are viewing an item to be able to click on and see (as you would be able on the web) the seller's info, About Me info, etc.

3) I would love to have the ability from the app to be able to "ask seller a question" and "See seller's other items", etc....

All in all, a great start. Look forward to seeing how the beta shapes going forward.......

I've been using Mobile Auction Manager for a few weeks now and it's pretty good. It comes from the UK, so all of you Brits should be able to use it. The only thing it doesn't do is Search. I'll give this one a try and see if it's worthwhile. I just don't want anything to do with App World.

Well i downloaded it.... and all i have to say is that it's quick, and i dont have 3G im using an 89000... pretty fast, i like it. but it kinda lags a little. but as soon as the 8900 gets the official OS 5.0 ( hopefully this year and not the next) the lag will not occur, i give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

I noticed a tiny bit of lag on my Tour, but that was only after firing it up the first time (after having done a QP). I think the app was probably doing some internal setup stuff, pushing down the terms of use, etc.......

Just tried to download it on my T-Mobile UK 8900, to be greeted with "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier" - which is a bit of a disappointment!

I've also been waiting for this app but I'm using the 5.0 beta on my 8330 and cannot use app world. Really really aggrivating.

Very nice UI.. Only thing I would like for them to add is the ability to see feedback left by others who brought items from the seller. I base a lot of my decisions on who I buy from based off that..

Why won't this app let you check on items you have posted for sale?

Did I miss this somewhere?

As a business tool, this would be of great importance for users..

I hate using app world for anything, I guess I'll be waiting until it's released elsewhere. I know that I can download app world, get the app and then delete app world....but I don't think we should have to download one app in order to get another app.
My 2 cents.

BEWARE. I just downloaded this on my VZW Tour from App World and it caused a reboot and bricked my BB with a 552 error. What kind of crap is this? I guess I'll be spending my morning reloading the OS and all the apps.

Guess you are not the only one who got bricked. Got mine too. ;(

BUT thank GOD for this FREE utility software called "BlackBerry Master Control Program" (can be found at this website at: ) that can help you remove the net_rim_ebay_"related to this files" via Java Loader/Erase Modules. Once removed, your Blackberry is back from the grave! No NEED TO REINSTALL THE OS! Yay!

My Curve 8900 was bricked too - same reload 552 message (see below)

downloaded and installed the MCP program. Set the BrickBerry password to enable changes.

I could not find the files : net_rim_ebay_"related to this files"

I found files: net_rim_bb_ebay_app and several other files

Deleted these, and BB fired up OK...

Thanks !!

Unfortunately, this App isn't available for download on a Pearl Flip 8230. Don't know if it works on not; BAW won't even allow the download.

Yeah, the first thing I looked for was my "for sale" items! Can't believe they would omit something like that?? Maybe its coming when out of Beta mode?

Pages don't display well on the 9530 all the time. Have contacted support but got an automated reply.

I had to use BBSAKnife to get rid of ebay Modules and App. This thing bricked my Blackberry 8900. Thank you BBSAK. it saved me to reinstall the OS again. I will wait for a stable version from RIM to release for eBAY app.





Well I was trying to get something in the last few minutes so I just ran up on my pc to bid but I *love* the notifications of the auctions! I had put a reminder in for it until I saw this announcement here today! It took me a minute to hit the arrow to go to the next page. That was a bit confusing for me at least when I had done a search but this is great! I had a hard time getting logged using Bolt! Maybe I'll be out and bid next time! Think there's really security issues if its beta?

No download button in app world.

Description says "This application is not available for your device or carrier." Using a Curve 8350i on Sprint/Nextel.

Just downloaded this app; during download it locked up my Verizon Tour (running the latest official OS just released the other day) Did a battery pull, now getting "Reload Software: 552 Error" Arrrgh!

UPDATE: Managed to delete the eBay app using "BlackBerry Master Control Program" as suggested earlier in this thread and got phone back. Caution if you have a Verizon Tour

I loaded the app on my tour around noon, played with it a few minutes, closed out, and went about my business. By 4pm the phone was completely dead, battery was completely drained. My usage was much less than usual and this has never happened before I installed the app. I deleted it at 6pm and am still at 93% 3 hours later. The app was all that was different, so I think it had to be that.

So far loving it. As others said, its really quick and it gets the job your finger tips. Thanx RIM.!

I was so excited today when the ebay program was released. I am having an issue though on my curve 8330. I was outbid on an item and received a notification from the program showing I have a message. I cannot get this alert cleared. I have gone into each section of items bidding on/watching/etc as well as into options and removed the alert, which did take the multi-colored envelope away, but left the red/white star alert over the program. Any help on how to solve this? **When ALT+Shift+Del reboot, the alert does go off...but I'd prefer to not have to reboot to clear.
Thanks for any assistance.

Interesting point which is good and bad.

To my surprise, when I do a reboot/QP, I stay logged in to Ebay. I assumed it would break that connection, so to speak. Nice. But on the otherhand, maybe not as nice from a security standpoint if one were to lose their BB. I use a security code/lock so I am ok, but if you lost your BB and it was logged into Ebay, perhaps someone would have access to your ebay account. I also assume that after a certain period of time, it would auto logout.

One improvement I would sign out of ebay, you have to hit the BB Menu button, select options, then scroll to select signout. I would like to see the signout function right at the the top level when you hit the BB Menu key.

Installing this application caused my BB Curve 8900 to crash - now its in "brick" mode.

No phone, no PDA - just a white screen with a broken PC image and message "Reload Software: 552"

Warning: this app can cause issues.


was able to download and install the BB MCP (Master Control Program).

Deleted the entries for "net_rim_bb_ebay_xxx" (multiple entries); BB rebooted and is fine.

Thanks for the help Crackberry !!

Thanks Stubbo for the OTA link at

Downloaded and installed it with no issues, used it a bit so far and its technically working fine.

Understood why they only allowed US users to download this, as the app only does trade for US markets. Its not even able to do a simple search for items listed on any other eBay sites other than Advantage of this over is that it works fast and is able to do item search by username which the mobile site does not have the feature. And the layout is much nicer.

Hope they release a full worldwide version soon and not crash anymore devices.

as I noticed a bug on my 8220. Any time I got a notification on eBay it would knock out the banner icons for any Facebook or SMS/e-mail notifications and eBay's never appeared. The moment I deleted the message from my inbox and the icons and counts would reappear. Kind of a serious bug, if you ask me.

have 8900 v5.0.0.411.. downloaded the ebay app from the OTA. And no Error 552,no issues,working fine with me for now..

im also running OS v5.0.0.411 on my 8900, however im getting '907 invalid COD' 'unable to import ZIP file' any idea where im going wrong anyone?? cheers.

p.s im in the uk.