Beta BBM Channels service now fully restored

By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2013 12:58 am EDT

Whether you noticed it not, there was some work being done on the beta BBM Channels servers over the weekend which may have caused some errors for folks making posts, liking posts, or just some general irregularities. BlackBerry has since restored services to full capacity and everything should be working as per normal now. Where it's still a beta application, hiccups are to be expected. To the BlackBerry Beta Zones credit though, they have indicated they are tuning the BBM Channels infrastructure to avoid future discrepancies and to further improve the BBM Channels experience.

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Beta BBM Channels service now fully restored


Sure. Youre "wife" distracted you. Whatever.

If people would give up on this infantile first business there wouldn't be an issue.

But then again if idiots didn't post first who could we mock?

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Sign up for beta program on blackberry Web page (make sure to use VPN if not in supported country), then download program exe on PC and connect phone and install.

Z10 Rocking!

Stop with damn beta crap and release something official and upgraded. BBM Is the most annoying thing about BB10 its lacking so much!

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I kinda agree with rages comment, all this beta releasing/upgrading is doing nothing for the regular consumer, just like the newly released facebook beta update for legacy devices. Most people won't get.

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Unless... they integrate BBM Music into BBM for all the new iOS and Android users! Duh duh duuuuuhhh!

Lol, or maybe not.

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Ah, I was wondering why I couldn't 'like' anything, just thought it was my phone acting wonky. Thanks for the heads up, Bla1ze!

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Just looking at that pic, is it just me, or do white keyboards always have a nice(r) illumination...

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Wow, some people need to look up what "beta" is and understand it before commenting.

Beta testing has been around in software since the beginning of time. The only reason you know about BBM channels beta test and beta upgrades is because Crackberry tells you it has been updated. Otherwise you would have no clue what is going in and would just be waiting for a launch.

So either be happy that BlackBerry is getting closer to launching channels because the beta test period has been a success so far, or stop reading crackberry and getting useful updates on the progress of it.

Could you imagine if a company didn't beta test and released an untested software? My god it would be chaos in the comment section and forums

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I would guess so. Or probably once sufficient non-BB users have signed up to make it look worth investing in Channels.

My guess is they'll use Channels to monetize BBM. Should mean we avoid ads in BBM which is positive.

Why would we have ads in BBM. There are currently no ads. Unless you mean iOS and Android BBM users, in which case, buy a BlackBerry.

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A sing of poor execution. AGAIN.

I am waiting for a massive BlackBerry organization change to boost governance and accountability. Without this nothing will succeed.