Beta App: Mango Manga Reader For Storm

Beta App: Mango Manga Reader For Storm
By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2009 07:19 am
This is an awesome beta application I found while digging through the CrackBerry forums. I personally love reading Manga and one of my favorite sites to visit is OneManga. Sadly though, it's not a very "mobile friendly" site, but thankfully Mango looks to solve that problem for Manga fans who are also BlackBerry Storm users.

With Mango you can logon to OneManga and get your Manga on the go. Since it is a beta application the developer, Andiamo is seeking some feedback from users such as yourself. Be sure to check out his thread in the forums and let him know what you think of this great application and check out the known issues list.

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      Anyone know how to bookmark mangas?

      Sinternet Jr.

      Now I can read One Piece and Hajime no Ippo on the go.


      There is so much win in this app it should be illegal...

      *calls his rep to report it as a class A drug.*


      I can't believe this thing actually got front-paged, I liked it but I definitely didn't think it was THAT good! Thanks for the support everyone, and thanks Bla1ze for the frontpage. :D

      Oh and rice, currently you can only bookmark a page, to do that go to the page you want to bookmark, press the BlackBerry key and select Add Bookmark.


      This app seems very promising so far...I, for one, used to go onto using my opera browser and switching it to mobile view to view mangas with decent load times and picture quality but this app actually is a little quicker and you can zoom in and out...I'm definitely holding onto this app...Andiamo this app is AWESOME keep up the good work!