*Beta* Allerta inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Shows Up On Video (and yes, of course CrackBerry has one too)

inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2010 04:59 pm EDT

We've been talking about the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry (aka "the BlackBerry watch") since we first posted the renderings of it almost a year ago. For those who've been waiting anxiously to be able to buy one of these bad boys, things are getting closer.  The watch is currently in a closed beta. While the beta testers weren't supposed to do any sort of reviews or posts on the watch while in beta, one tester just couldn't help but do up a video unboxing and walkthrough of his inPulse which you can watch below. It's a thorough unofficial first look.  Stay tuned to CrackBerry... our official beta review is coming soon. For more info on the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry, visit getinpulse.com.

Unofficial Hands-On Walkthrough of the inPulse Smartwatch

part II

Some Extra CrackBerry Photos of the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry

inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry
inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry
Looks pretty good, hey?! I'd wear the inPulse for Realz!

Reader comments

*Beta* Allerta inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Shows Up On Video (and yes, of course CrackBerry has one too)


I've been waiting for this. But I fear being in the UK may mean I have to longer ☹

Very excited though

lol.  i agree!  seriously... i think this is the last winter i spend in winterpeg.  gotta move to Florida or California next year.  i used to get such good summer tans... but indoors way too much these days.  i'll work on the tan. promise!

Crackberry.com must pay pretty well to sport both of those watches...couldn't just put it next to a casio, huh...lol

Im just curios, does this only work with Blackberrys or since its bluetooth does it work with anything?? thanks!

Sorry to say, but it looks cheap, ugly, and a down grade from what was shown at WES 2010 video that crackberry did. I looks like cheap rubber and the fact that you have to BUY the leather strap from someone else is kind of a downer. As well as it doesn't look like it has chrome on the front face of the watch like it did before. Not to mention that the OS looks quite simple now and not as attractive as it did before. Thought it would be much better than this. This is reminds me of those POS watches that kids wear. except most of them still look and work better than this. I will be waiting till they can polish it up and make it

Facebook, GV, Gmail?! That is too much for a watch. Only a DB would even buy this thing. Looks like something James Bond would've had when he was played by Sean Connery.

Just sayin... Make it a little slimmer and give it a couple of buttons fercrissakes :) I'm game for v2.0.

Yeah... I'm kinda thinking no on this one. It may work for a lot of people, but I couldn't see myself using one all that much. Seems a bit gimmicky to me.

Yikes, thats the ugliest watch ive ever seen. I wouldnt be caught dead with that on my arm. Most people I know don't even wear watches anymore. If I ask someone the time almost no one looks at their arm. They pull out their phone. I dont see this watch being the thing that makes people start buying watches again. This may have been cool in the...80's or 90's (I think I had a Casio watch like this when I was a kid, but it had keys) Maybe im missing something but are you supposed to be able to type on this thing?

Well I was looking forward to being the dorkiest guy in the room with one of these on my wrist.. but man did they miss a few key details... At least in its current beta form...

What is the resolution?.. 40x60? I Really hope it looks crisper in person... not sure how you would actually read a SMS without looking like your were talking into a wrist communicator...

And BBM support, not sure why I didn't realize this from its inception but to my knowledge there is no way to access BBM messages (more than just knowing you have a bbm) since the whole beauty of BBM is its security, so unless they worked directly with RIM... I dont think BBM messages are going to happen (this is to the best of my knowledge,please correct me if I am wrong).

While I like the simplicity of a single button... if I get two emails at once, or a phone call and a SMS (which happens quite often)... you are forced to pull out your phone, unless they are queued and you can press the button once to scroll through waiting messages. If I have to press and hold the button more than twice I think I would be reaching for my phone and better off with a waterproof Casio on my wrist (at least I can wash my hands without worrying about ruining my $150 toy).

This is a beta product and I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but to even open up to a "media" private beta at this point is disconcerting (we have already given them a year).

Allerta: Please workout the UI issues fast! and make sure it is compatible with OS6. Good luck!

(my apologies to other readers if this was a little too rant-like, I just had hight hopes!)

Looks 20 dollar, and has no since of fashion...kind of 1970's....does it have different models? something for the ladies? The ballers? that looks like my Casio calc watch....This is a Halloween prank right? trick or treat?

The whole reason I ditched my watch is because my phone could...Save money BB, put that engineer on bathroom detail....awful.

Not sure why everyone is ragging about this watch. It is exactly what they promised, and all of the features and limitations have been advertised for over a year.

To those of you who don't like the finish, if you listen to the video, he clearly says they will offer it in black and brushed aluminum.

As for the band, I would prefer they use a cheap plastic band and let me pick my own rather than jacking up the price for a leather band that I will probably replace anyways.

The UI is simple and elegant in that it is controlled by one button. The only way to make it better would be to give it a touch interface, which would increase the price and thickness.

The finished product is exactly what I expected when I pre-ordered my InPulse last year. It is simply a way to see incoming alerts without pulling your phone out of your pocket, holster, or dock. I think the people who posted disapproving comments above didn't know much about the device and expected it to do much more.

Times must be good!!! Bell & Ross and Panerai next to one another... Pls tell me they are not from China Town... That would make me feel good.. BUT; but, if you tell me that you have been sitting on the beta without writing a review or posting a video (unless it was prohibited at the closed beta stg); that won't make me feel good :)) hahahha... Looking forward to your review...

This watch looks pretty good, once I shed the band I'll be cool. I planned on changing the band anyway, but I'm concerned that BBM is not included in this. But we will see! Mine is on the way.

Love it. Sad about the bathtub being 'out-of-bounds' since that is where I do my best work. Just to confirm, there is no way to push a button and summon my black Trans Am, right? Knew it was missing something...

What do you know, another item to add to the next season of VH1's "Undateable", hope it comes with roofies cuz that is the only way anyone who wears this watch once in public will ever get laid again!!

Is it really too much to just look at your BB? We are eventually just going to evolve our bodies away leaving just a brain floating in a glass jar.

looks rather disappointing to me... :-(

my "dream" blackberry watch would be:
take the new iPod nano, cut away all the music-related stuff that takes space, the memory etc., put it on a nice looking wristband and use it with the "remote control"-like-function that the playbook will be sporting (you know what i mean, it's shown in the promo vid) and add a multi-touch-OS that fulfills the needs :-)

now THAT would be an awesome watch, hi-res screen, multitouch, a matching user interface...

even if it was 200$+, i'd bet it would sell way better than this one...

doesn't this thing also have a calendar function, atleast an icon, that this guy never even mentions it. hm....
and whats with the icons, they use apple icons on a device for blackberrys?

so their website shows twitter and rss icons on the watch.

i sure would have been pissed if i put money down 8 months, ago, they are in no hurry. stainless with leather, thats a MAYBE.

I was hoping for so much more but it appears to be a cheap, buggy piece of tat which bears no resembelance to the watch on their site. It's a shame.

Hey. This is really nice watch crackberry. Wondering.
I'm sure to update it on my blog

Gadgets made job-seraching easy. Am I right?