Best Yet? OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2009 02:08 am EST
OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530

Update: Calling All Storm 9500 owners. I stumbled upon for you guys!

Notice the blog post title starts with Best Yet followed by a question mark? That's because every time one of these unofficial Storm OS updates surfaces in the wild and I deem it Best Yet out of starting gates, by the end of the week the tune changes as every little detail is picked up on by hardcore Storm Addicts. That said, a new unofficial operating system for the BlackBerry Storm 9530, version, has emerged in the wild. This follows up on version that leaked on Jan. 21st. I guess it pays to hang out in the forums late on a Saturday night!

Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials and learn the ins and outs of beta releases. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the 9530 Leaked OS and Official Findings threads fills up with some data. Fingers are crossed that this is a good one! 

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Best Yet? OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530


Great work there Kevin! I'm sure we all appreciate it :)

I think you need to change the title of the second link in your main post to refer to the .99 leak discussion thread instead of the .90 one (the link goes to the right thread though!).....

And to think i was about to go to bed, but i got on twitter and read Kevin's twitter. When all i can say is it's going to be a fun night, i hope.

i have to agree... i had two buggy WinMo phones before this, and hated them because they didn't get updated. this is WAY more exciting. I LIKE THAT THE PHONE DOESN'T FUNCTION 100% RIGHT BECAUSE THESE UPDATES KEEP YOU EXCITED... it's like cuda010 said, they are like crack... you can't wait for the next fix.

I would be more excited if i didnt have to take an hour out of my day to install another buggy OS - and just have one
stable OS... but i guess you have nothing better to do?

give a OS for 9530, wait the callback.... and maybe, we, owner of 9500, will be served also....

PRESSING F5 for the link...

Call me dense but everytime we can word of these upgrades, I clink on the link and it takes me to the Megaupload site? Is their some secret code in getting the upgrade? Do we have to get a logon to this site? Where is the linked OS file. I see reference to it on themegaupload site, but how do you get the file? I normally wait for the official, but I think I want to try this one.

AWWWW! I went to bed at 2AM and just missed the leak. Now I'm going to church and have to wait to upgrade until this afternoon. BUT, now I have something to look forward to. :)

calostar, when megaupload page comes up, theres a three digit code you put in the top right corner which will take you to the d/l page. that code is on the page, it looks like this: "Please enter *** here:" __________ [Download]

Wow, was not expecting this. I wish I woke up earlier so I could have had time to update my phone...Oh well. Can't wait to see what this has in store for us.

wow another update... as a storm user this is quite exciting all these updates popping up.. lets see what this OS is capable of...

Any theories? Rumors? I suspect it will be around the time that RIM launches its new App Store in March--so that the OS will be relatively bug-free and optimized to work with the new applications.

Has there been an real releases yet for the storm? My mom has the storm with from the original launch when do these updates become the real deal so "normal addicts" can download them?

Alright I had planed on ordering my storm tomorrow and spent all of yesterday trying to decide which os to install off the bat. I look forward to reading how this one works.

IMHO haven't yet noticed any difference from .90 to .99, when are we gonna see a update that blows our minds?

Just installed .90 yesterday, I guess that was kind of a waste...haha. Hopefully .99 fixes the loose ends like freezing and transitioning.

I love crackberry. I woke up at 3am, checked crackberry, saw the download, downloaded and then went to bed. (I’m trying very hard not staying up late to play on my storm) got up this morning, loaded with no issue, and now finishing my automatic BES reactivation. WOO HOO. Crack Berry taught me how to use my phone, and then how to make it better. It has to be honestly one the best websites for info i have ever found in my years on the net. NICE!

Just installed it seems to work great... Fast... I have a custom wallpaper and it seems to scale beter now... first thing I noticed so far =)

Thanks for the leak! LOVE!

.90 really breathes new life into the storm. The screen is much more responsive, apps load quicker & there's a qwerty keyboard in portrait mode. The battery life seems to have nearly doubled. The screen lock works better and quicker. The only issue I've had is a freeze, about once or twice a day. I don't have that much free app memory (about 19MB), so I'm not sure if this is the issue.

Definitely worth the upgrade.

Misread that - thought we were talking about .90, I will have to install .99

what a suprise on super sunday...Just installed new OS and it seams better. Will have to test for a week to see if there is really an improvements and/or its flaws.

But i gotta ask?... with all these updates, when will they come out with an update with themes?
Im seeing all these new themes on the forums, but for the bold, not the storm.

by the way, I uninstalled a lot of applications on my storm, freeing up application memory, and now it runs so much better.

have a good superbowl everyone, and don't get toooo crunked

Some people are saying its slower than the .90 but I don't think so. It doesn't seem that much different except I haven't experienced all the crazy bugs that came along with the 90. So if all this update did was fix the bugs from the .90 then its a winner with me.

99 bricked me. Spent all afternoon trying to recover. Even VZ could not help. Getting a new unit on Tuesday.

Tried JL commander and every other trick I could find.

see that is what i am afraid of - getting bricked, I followed all the threads on CB regarding Storm OS upgrades, but i havent upgraded to either one. I love my BB's I really do , for a while i thought that I had to just live and die with my 8830 - the best phone ever. the Storm was my only option bc im on VZW. im not gonna lie - my relationship with my Storm is a love/hate one, some days I feel like its the best phone ever, while others its like what the hell is this isht. I dunno. i need an official OS upgrade, then i'll make the change, but something has got to give....

Well, ladies and gentlemen, brick happens! I've bricked my Storm twice in the past week or so. Fortunately, I was easily able to recover using some great techniques learned over at Pinstack (likely over here too). The key to the main solution (often called "when DM won't recognize your BB")is to do it over and over and over again. Restart the computer, pull the battery of the BB, just keep going! Eventually it comes around. It TOTALLY freaked me out last week. Lost my baby for about 24 hours. I still can't point at a specific thing that I was doing wrong. She just came around eventually.

Second issue, VZ is useless for these type issues. They really don't have the depth of knowledge as this forum or Pinstack. This and the other forum are the ONLY two places to go for genuine help that's usually REALLY fast too (and likely the answers are already there waiting for you).

so good again, pretty happy with .99 doesn't seem as buggy as .90 which would crash sometimes for no reason. definitely want to play with it for a few days to really get an accurate assesment on it

I thought .90 was amazing, then after a week... started to ffreeze up. The upgrade was smooth. seems very quick but it looks like they have added back the tranistional effects, the video camera seems to be working better than before. other than that great dl. better than .90. its a must install.

This is the first time I attempted to install a leaked OS. Must admit I was nervous. I followed the directions on the site and everything went smoothly. Going from .75 to this, is awesome. Biggest difference I noticed was the browser is a lot faster. I really am enjoying the full keyboard in portrait view. I thought it'd be tough to use, but I'm actually doing great with it.

I'm REALLY suprized to not have had ANY issues yet with .99!! The OS seems slick so far! I can get to my menu options fine (couldn't get to Phone Options on .90), accelerometer seems fast, still QWERTY keypad in portrait, Camera IS MUCH FASTER than any other version to-date, No Freeze ups yet, no memory leak noticed yet. Only "new" feature I've seen is that when you're typing a web address or search term in the Google Search the "return key" now says a big green "GO".

RIM needs to put all their time and effort into designing a new OS. The Storm is a lost cause.

If you look at it objectively, you'll see that the Storm is slower and has more bugs than all but the lowest end smart phones.

Here's hoping the next touch screen is a success, and not just Storm cont...

I have used all the os's, winmo, iphone, palm and now BB.
The Storm is by far the best. I hope when they do upgrade it they won't change the basic layout. For business it is the best.
I really don't know what you are talking about bergeronic. Perhaps your just another scared fanboy squeeking away trying to defend your pathetic toy.

And what type of fanboy am I? I've used every smartphone/PDA OS there is (since the original Palm Pilot).

None of them are perfect; and saying one is "better" than another is completely subjective. It all depends on your point of view and what you'll put up with.

It's a proven fact the Storm has more bugs than the other flagship devices (i.e. G1, iPhone, N97) and it performs slower too.

I have to agree with Sarrus although you make a valid point on opinion.

These proven speed comparisons and bug numbers: what OS are they on, and how significant are they? Are the differences in speed significant? Is .4 seconds, or even 2 seconds that significant to cause a person to freak out? And the bugs on the storm aren't that severe on the official .75. It's just not lightning fast. Those that use the Beta's choose to. If they get frustrated with the bugs on that, that's their own problem and they shouldn't mess with the stuff. If they do get frustrated over these things, maybe they should take some downers and chill because they are too tightly wound. Know what I mean?


No its not a proven fact. The iphone was so jacked it wasnt even funny when if first came out. And the Treo's and early winmo's had tons of problems.

Do you even use a Storm? I do and I have .75 and it runs perfectly. I have no NO problems with it.

I don't know what your point is but you spread misinformation and lies. And that is a fact.

Went from .90 to .99 and the os seems a lot more stable. Been using for 24hrs now and have not had one freeze or battery pull. Just seems as good as .90 just minus the freezes. Only physical change i noticed was the green GO button in web browsing. Great so far, loved .90 except for the daily multiple battery pulls and "memory card inserted" error. With .99 so far no errors yet!!! The storm keeps getting better and better. Excellent device, improving software and on the BEST NETWORK!

This was my first time upgrading my Bell Mobility storm from .76 to .99 and it wasn't that bad at all. I just followed the steps on crackberry 101 and it was a breeze! The only HUGE differences i noticed is that the acceloremeter has improved a little bit and the camera is a lot faster. The scrolling is much faster as well compared to the previous version. Im not a huge fan of the full qwerty keyboard in portrait just because the keys are really small and hard to type on, but im sure it becomes a lot easier with practice. Overall, I think its a great OS compared to the previous one I had (.76) minus all the bugs and freezing.Im sure all of the bugs and freezing will be ironed out once the update has been made official. I would highly recommend this update if you are wanting a much better improved version in the mean time.

korean font has been removed from this version for some reason. I get chinese/japanese (which are both very useful to me) but korean is one of the main fonts I need.

is there a way to be able to just install the korean font from prior versions onto this version?

love the full qwerty on portrait mode btw!

I update to the OS the other day which fixed most of the problems for me, and today leak to OS has fixed everything, i find it runs faster. the apps open quicker, the camera is perfect. the video is perfect. email and web browsing works quicker. thanks for the leak. this is good. i cant wait for the official release to come.

MMS still isn’t working correctly. I can only send out a photo I’ve taken with the camera. Every other pic doesn’t work correctly as well as trying to forward an MMS that is sent to me.

I installed the .90 when it came out. I loved it at first...but the freezes got annoying. So I went back to the .75 OS.

I wish the new updates kept the multi-tap smart word feature. Just like the texting on a normal phone. Better for one handed texting.

Other than those two issues the updates are cool.

Finally! No uncaught exceptions. No freezing. No random vznav pop up. AND I can actually turn my phone off!!! Something I could never do. I always had to pull the battery. In fact, I had to pull it so many times my battery is all messed up. Thank you so much crackberry!!! Now if only my Kindle would arrive... then this day would be perfect! :-)

Def worth the install. My .90 would have backlight issues all day, camera saving issues, bleh bleh.. .99 has fixed everything but I am having random msg led flashes that won't go away unless battery pull and a crazy mem leak. But def the best one so far. Where my official.

I downloaded this version to my phone last night and everything went well. I didn't really notice much of a change except the added "phone icon" which I LOVE!
I would like to see some new, different, and FREE themes though ... maybe focus on that next!
Thanks for now!

did you do an app backup before installing .99? if not, you probably have to reinstall and adjust any preferences that you had originally. since you pay for the service, a reinstall should solve the problem.

I am having the same experience. Every article on the Internet about .99 points to the same link on MegaUpload with the same result, no longer available.

I downloaded the 99 OS, everthing works great except i cant make or recieve calls, texts and browser works fine. It said something about having to activate it wirelessly, how so i do that and if that isnt the problem how can i make calls again?

Everything is great on the 99 but when i try to make a call the headset symbol is on and nothing comes out of the the actual phone and i cant put it on speaker either, even though the earpiece isn't pluged in

Well I have had .99 running for about 24hours now and all seems good. Was talking on the phone via bluetooth and was able to take a picture at the same time. shutter on camera is alot quicker from 75. I have not had any lockups or restarts (had lots with 90). Internet is good. So far I am happy with the update. I will post any problems if I come across them. Thanks.

I just installed .99 last night, and am noticing some nice differences with no negatives so far.

Flipping between vertical and horizontal is much faster than 75 (the last OS I was using). Going to vertical from horizontal takes about half a second, while switching to horizontal is near instant on mine.

General use is much better and lag is significantly reduced. Only happens when I'm loading up the processor, which is understandable. Make and receive calls, shutter speed on camera is so much better, can finally record video without getting a format error.

Internet browsing does seem to be a small bit faster, though this may be mental.

I honestly love this new OS update.

after unsuccessfully trying the upgrade using parallels on two macs i was able to load .99 using a windows machine. took about 25 minutes. so far, i couldnt be happier that i made the jump. as earlier reported by many others, general stability seems to be improved. its a marked change coming from .75. accelerometer still kinda has a mind of its own but its transitions seem smoother at least. and is it ust me or did the app store icon change?

I'm a newby to Blackberry and this forum. Bought the Storm when it came out in Nov but had to wait for Verizon to do its .75 fix and send it in early Dec. Obvious they rushed it to market to soon. My first reaction was 'I'm confused' but I stuck with it and finally figured things out and now really like it. My problems with .75 were that certain dropdown menus failed to bring up specific applications (battery pull or quick pull required), sudden shutdown for no reason and the biggest problem was with the camera - ok pix but it took forever to take the pix and the flash wasn't synched with the shutter - I tried all different combinations of flash settings off/on and stabilization off/on but to no avail. I went to the local VZW store to talk about it but they shined me off and said call their technical department and complain to them. After discovering this forum and seeing all the leaked versions I took a chance and downloaded .99 which I have been using for a couple of days. I did have a couple of sudden shutdowns but the dropdown menu problems have disappeared, the accelometer is much quicker and the camera lag seems much improved but not perfect. Another issue that came up today is the mute button when you are talking on the phone -it's easy to bump it on your face. Overall I'm happy with the Storm in that it's my first Blackberry of any type but still needs some work. And why didn't VZW include wi-fi?

Why use an "official" when the leaked are available? This one is amazing. I'd download it if I were you. Take a chance! The carriers are the ones that probably deny the officials, and even still, if you don't see anything about an "official" release posted as a solid link, I highly doubt you'll see one in the near future. Those tips come out very close to when the release comes out, er at least that's the way it appears.

I am a normal BB user and abuser, but currently .99 is not being detected by Desktop Manager. I've installed updates plenty times before. I've installed leaked updates too. Once I installed .85 and downgraded back to .75 because it was not stable.
My Desktop Manager is not recognizing .99 when I plug in my Storm. Yes, I ran the installation file, and it installed with no errors and everything seemed fine, but when I plugged in back my BB Storm for Desktop Manager to recognize the new OS 99, it didn't do anything. I tried re-installation about 7 times, and it still did not work. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there something I have to set first. i tried it with internet off as well, but still no success. So currently i am still running .75 which to me is slow compared to the videos ive seen of .90 and .99.


Your going to have to start from scratch... uninstalling all the software device and/including desktop manager.

and then installing desktop manager back along with device software .99

it take a while but, it will resolve

No doubt about it this is the best upgrade so far and a must have! This should be the next official release. I have downloaded every release so far and with each one I had to switch back to .75 because they just didnt function well enough. I mean they all had their upside but when you gotta do battery pulls, worry about backlights not going off, and your media not working, its just not worth it. Not with .99 though. It is awesome and everything works well and its very crisp. I have had it for well over 2 days and its been great! If you dont have it get it!

I wiped with JL and then installed .99

Everything seems to work fine but BB messanger is missing and so is app loader.
I attempted to download BB messanger from Rim but it said my phone wasnt supported.

Havent had an issues with .90 to the beginning, but now running into a few issues.

Here is the message I received.

Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry Messenger for Software Versions 4.0 and 4.1.

Any thoughts?

I just got the Storm, im new to all this. What does a new OS do for you and your phone and is it easy to do

Thanks the new guy