The best Wi-Fi routers you can buy right now

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2014 08:27 am EDT

Let's face it, routers are now a big part of our daily lives. Whether for your connected home or just at the office, jumping on a Wi-Fi connection is a necessity most days, especially if you want to keep the mobile data usage on your smartphone low. Most everyone has an internet plan of some sort, and while the router that comes from your internet provider will get you online, it's not necessarily the best option overall. But just what router is the best router? We've compared the top 5 Wi-Fi routers so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Pretty much any old router will get you cruising on Wi-Fi, but there are some great devices that will get you the best speeds and better features without having to spend a ton of cash. From the $68 Edimax BR-6478AC to the $187 Nighthawk R7000 - we give an in-depth look at 5 of the best routers to see which one is the king of them all.

So swing by Connectedly to check out the pros and cons of each, and see which of our top router picks is the one for you. Be sure to hit up the comments and let us know!

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The best Wi-Fi routers you can buy right now


I really liked the Belkin N1 Vision, although it's old now.

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Are any blackberry devices even using AC? Probably better off using a wireless N router and saving a few bucks. I have an Asus N56U router and an Asus N16 setup as an access point. Both are rock solid (and combined are cheaper than the AC routers). Also have a Cisco managed switch for QoS.

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I think the Passport will be the first one according to the FCC documents that we saw the other day.

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I use the Asus N56U and I love it, can't go wrong, and if you can find them now, they are under $100 new

ASUS don't usually make junk, their products are as good as anybody else's and often much better by far...

Generally my first choice for motherboards, laptops, routers.
Phones? No, there's BB. :-)

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Mine is N66U from Asus, the best I have ever own.

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should have reviewed the R6300 from netgear I had the V1 and now I bought the V2 of this model and works very well lots of options even the wifi range is unreal and works great into my cisco 5505 router.

I just went through this and ended up with the Netgear N6250. Bestbuy had a sale so it was a bit cheaper than the amazon prize quoted in the Connectedly article. Before that I tried a Linksys and it's 2.4Ghz range was much shorter than my trusty old Linksys WRT54G v2.

Anyway, I have some older IP cams that only use 802.11g, so I ended setting up my old b/g router as a b/g wifi network only for those older devices. That way I know my new N6250 2.4Ghz channel is not getting bogged down by any old b/g connections (i.e. Operating at "n" speeds). If you do this, just make sure you set the old and new 2.4Ghz wifi routers with non-overlapping channels.

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Since I've dealt with a couple of failing DGN-1000s, Netgear has lost its shine for me. I shy away from them now, if I can.

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People don't need AC routers right now, as most of the gadgets out there are still rocking N...

You may want to consider routers which supports both 2.4 and 5 band.

I've gone thru so many routers (cheaper ones), however, I've gotten myself a Asus N66 router during holiday season...and never looking back. For almost 8 months of usage, only time I had reboot was...never. And it cover my entire property (in and out), and when using 5 band, it cover the 4000+ sq foot indoor space, without any use of the extender.

Give my kids access to the 2.4 band...I get all 5 band all to myself.

Save money and get the N, rather than you upgrade all your gadgets at home with AC, then it might be the time to upgrade at that time.

My xFinity connection cannot connect to SWTOR without major lag issues. A friend told me I should invest in a new modem/router combo, but am not so sure its the problem. I used to be able to play without lag, but in this last year I can hardly keep a connection. The only thing I can rationalize is having more devices now connected to our home wifi network than before. Maybe I should give an upgrade from the Comcast modem/router a try...

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Thanks for the write up. I've been wanting to buy a cheap router but wasn't sure what to get.

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R7000 is current and future proof. 1GHz processor handles everything efficiently and at high levels. AC is there if you need it for tomorrow.

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If you want something for free signup for a free Cisco Meraki M12. I have one at home and it's far better than any other mickey mouse access point/router I have put up against it. In places were I was lucky to get 1 bar in my condo I get 3 to 4 bars with the Meraki.

I've been using my trusty old Linksys WRT54G-L for 6yrs. Flashed it with Tomato, configured it and forgot about it really.

Been looking to upgrade. Saw a Linksys (Belkin) WRT1900AC a while back. Still pretty expensive at this point but it looks to be pretty awesome.

The sagecom router/modem combo bell canada (and other VDSL providers) provides is quite fast and feature rich. I have a D-Link DIR 615 also, I should put that to use and turn off the sagecom's. Then I can make use of the router on the other side of the wall, or better, keep it in the kitchen (middle of the place) for best reception.

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I had a TP link it sucked, just got a Linksys EA6400 on sale at Future shop works great.

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Bought the R7000 but returned it. It doesn't work properly with Rogers hi-speed router in bridge mode. I have a 250+mbps download speed when connecting my PC via rogers router directly (lan/wlan) but when in bridge mode,I only get 10 mbps which was weird. Upload speeds were correct at 20 mbps. If I connect my trusty netgear wndr3700 in bridge, I get the correct DL speeds.


Nothing to really add to this. Just wanted to brag. Best Buy had a circular a couple weeks ago offering a free Google Chromecast with purchase of the Nighthawk. Managed to get them to match Amazon's price of $187 AND toss in the Chromecast. Best tech value/purchase I made in months. Really love the Nighthawk. TimeMachine via WiFi to USB drive, which had always been problematic, has been flawless ever since.

Since we speaking about mobile devices it's surprises me that no one mentioned portable wifi routers. If we speaking saving on the cellular data it's an another great option. For example in my workplace we have only wired connection (don't think any fancy superb secret government job) and nice to just plug in my router and tada! I've got wifi and the whole thing fits in my pocket, next to my phone :)

(sry for my English)

Q10 is my Qmpanion


No one can convince me of a better router than that.

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Where is the "Fritz Box"?! AVM is still the best choice for a safe Home - Network!

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