It's Wimbledon time. We check out the best tennis games for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 23 Jun 2014 05:36 am EDT

The 2014 World Cup may be in in full swing at the moment but for tennis fans things are about to heat up as probably the most famous tournament is kicking off in London, UK. Yes, it's Wimbledon time again and if you find yourself in the mood you'll discover a pretty decent range of tennis games available for BlackBerry 10.

The following games are certainly not new but are real beauties. We took a look at them previously when they were released but I'm sure their popularity will increase over the next two weeks while the best in tennis slog it out on the grass courts.

Whether you are an all touch BlackBerry 10 user or a Q series lover you'll find some great gaming action in the selection below:

Play Tennis

Let's make a start with Play Tennis which comes initially as a free download. Within the app there are in-app purchases available and these are money bundles as you need to pay to enter tournaments. You'll have $20 to start with and entering a competition will cost you $5 - but if you win you'll get $500. 

As well as the tournaments there is also 'free play' which you won't have to part with any cash for - a good place to practice. The game play is awesome with Play Tennis. You just use your finger to control your racket and it feels as good as a tennis game can be on any mobile platform. With decent sound effects and beautifully smooth animations the game really is a joy to play.

More information/Download Play Tennis

Stick Tennis

Once again another free download that does contain in-app purchases if you so desire. A real gem - Stick Tennis for all BlackBerry 10 handsets offers a load of different tournaments to choose from and initially you will be given a short tutorial of how the controls work. They are really simple though - serving is achieved by tapping the screen and then a second tap to hit the ball. After that, returning shots is all about swiping. You can swipe in any direction - the only downside here is that when performing an upwards swipe you need to get used to not swiping the phones bezel or it will minimize the app back into its Active Frame.

With decent graphics are VERY realistic sound effects Stick Tennis is a real beauty. Go and have a go yourself. I bet you will agree with me.

More information/Download Stick Tennis

Tennis Pro 3D

Tennis Pro 3D serves up four categories to play. The 'Tournament' one will not be accessible as you need to earn enough coins to enter, however you can buy coins through in-app purchases if required. But dive into the other three games and you are good to go. An instruction screen will pop up showing you how to perform moves. These are all done with screen gestures - in the direction you want the ball to travel. In addition you can swipe backwards with one finger for a lob shot or two fingers for a drop shot.

Your score is shown at the top right of the display and like other tennis games a pop-up will appear whenever you or your opponent score a point. And that pretty much sums it up. It does take a little getting used to as I initially found it quite easy to hit the ball out of bounds. But once you have the hang of things it's super fun, with great bright graphics and realistic sound effects.

More information/Download Tennis Pro 3D

Cross Court Tennis 2

Cross Court Tennis is very different control wise to the other tennis games we've already looked at. Over on the left of the screen you have a virtual joy pad for direction and over on the right is a 'T' tab and a 'S' one. The way it works is that you use the T tab to serve the ball and then when your opponent hits the ball back you press the T again which will automatically make your player run to the ball and hit it. However, this is where the joy pad comes into play as you can direct the ball in any direction. If you were wondering what the 'S' tab was for it's just a slice shot - which gives you a bit of variation.

Although I've only played the free edition I'm pretty sure that the full version will have an array of different style courts plus more. The graphics and sound effects are superb with Cross Court Tennis and I will more than likely purchase the full version myself.

More information/Download Cross Court Tennis 2

Tennis in the Face

Not so much of a tennis simulator this time. Your character (Pete Pagassi) must hit tennis balls at opponents to destroy them. Aiming is a breeze as you just place your finger on the screen where you want to shoot and then release to fire. The balls can ricochet and bounce off of walls/objects so although you may only use one ball you could end up hitting multiple opponents - that's the idea anyway.

The game is action packed and full of fast fun. The graphics and sounds help with the whole experience and really make the game a joy to play. I suspect that Tennis in the Face may well be one of those games that every BlackBerry 10 user will play at some point. It really is action packed. Priced at £1.50/$1.99 I would urge you to buy this one. But don't blame me if you get addicted - I'm just reporting the action.

More information/Download Tennis in your Face

Game, Set & Match

That's a wrap folks. I'm confident that there's something in the list to give you a tennis fix or get you in the mood for cheering on your favorite tennis star. Which of the above gets your vote as 'the best'? Let us know in the comments.

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It's Wimbledon time. We check out the best tennis games for BlackBerry 10



The soccer is just too distracting. Australia playing in a few hours, already out of the tournament, just for the honour. Hope they give Spain another reminder why they're out, too, quite an "achievement" for the 2010 champions...

Pasted via CB chen

I'll be tuning in today :) but the question is: is it worth whipping up a quick native app for the fixtures, ranking etc for this year's Wimbledon?

Posted via CB10

Atp/Wta live is native but only wraps the Wimbledon website in the app. Although it still does everything that the android app does.

Posted via CB10

I want it to report that poor Federer finally won it all again. Can you make it do that? :)

Posted via CB10

You know what kind of bugs me? I dislike that there is no conclusion by the author to tell the reader which game is his favorite and why. When reading through the article I want the author to basically which game I should try first.

What do you guys think? Maybe at the end of each game the author could give a score out of 10 or something...

Posted via CB10 on Z30

I hear you, though in James' defence it sounds like he really likes them all. I think it's safe to say that Tennis in Your Face is going to be a bit different than the rest and may not be a pure tennis experience. ;)

I haven't played them all but if you want a fun but still fairly realistic game I'd recommend Stick Tennis. The graphics are intentionally cartoony but excellent, sound effects very realistic (in particular the ball striking sound is great) and most importantly the game play is pretty accurate, despite the game being so easy to learn. As a real life tennis player I find the physics and the structure of a rally to be pretty spot on - ie what works in real life also works here, more or less. As a bonus the developers have a wicked sense of humour that shows up everywhere. And the game refreshes itself every day with a new challenge match between random (but sometimes topical) real life people, usually famous, usually athletes, not always tennis players. It has in game purchases but they're not annoying. They must have a licensing deal with WTA and ATP because all the top (and former) world players are represented. It's not perfect, after a while it can feel a bit repetitive but this game has helped me kill a lot of hours sitting on airplanes waiting for takeoff.

Posted via CB10

This is ridiculous. How could you leave out cross court tennis 2. Arguably the best on the platform

Posted via CB10

There's also ATP/WTA Live:

It's the official, native ATP World Tour and WTA Tour app for BlackBerry 10. Until the Grand Slams (like Wimbledon) get official apps, you can see lives scores within this app through their mobile site, which is integrated into the app. But for official ATP and WTA events, everything is done natively and includes live scores, statistics on service/return, player biographies, player rankings, and a schedule of the entire tennis calendar.

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Keeps crashing ("communication error") on my Z10 in Canada on Rogers. Over wifi won't even start; slightly better over LTE. What are you running? Would love to have this.

Posted via CB10

How about Apps that are best suited to follow Tennis results, events and stuff...? And other then Score mobile which is limited...

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Tennis is my game and I think every tennis fan will agree that Wimbledon is basically our Superbowl.

I do wish the Wimbledon app was available in BB10. When I briefly had an Android in 2012 they had a fantastic Wimbledon app.

These games look fun.

I just mentioned below that the Wimbledon Android app is pretty good and well worth the download (via Snap).

Not a game but the Wimbledon Championship Android app via Snap is well put together. Video works well, and the app is informative and always up to date.