Best running apps for BlackBerry

Best running apps for BlackBerry
By DJ Reyes on 2 Jun 2014 02:36 pm EDT

MobileFitIt's fitness month here at Mobile Nations. Are you ready? I have enjoyed fitness month the past two years and I quite like that we're doing it in June this year. It's warmer and I think more people will jump in this time. If you're looking into running then this post is for you. We've compiled a list the best running apps on BlackBerry 10, see which one tickles your fancy and give it a try.

CascaRun Sports Tracker/Pro


CascaRun is a native BlackBerry 10 app, so you know it will run smooth. Although the name contains the word 'run' in it, the app is a general sports tracking app. You can track hikes, jogs, bike rides and more. While running you can display a live, if you wanted. It even has it's own 'lockscreen' where you can glance at your total running time and distance. There is also a shortcut to toggle the flashlight for those that go on night runs.

CascaRun comes with a free version and a pro version. With the pro version you can get some extra features like audio feedback (choice between English or German), heart rate monitoring (requires heart rate monitor, connects via Bluetooth), more map availability and more stats. 

CascaRun doesn't require you to login or register an account. The back draw with that is you can't sync it to anything.

CascaRun Sports Tracker is free version, if you want to dive in and get the pro version, that costs $4.99.

Learn more / Download CascaRun Sports Tracker
Learn more / Download CascaRun Pro

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Reader comments

Best running apps for BlackBerry


Did anyone else think that this was going to be a list of android apps that worth flawlessly on BB10?

Posted via CB10

I thought she meant best running apps out of all the apps (Native and Android).

Title should say: "Best Running Running apps for BlackBerry" LOL

In all honesty it should really say: "Best Fitness apps for BlackBerry"

Ever since BlackBerry gave it away for free, it's never worked for me.

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Sportrate by Inspirosoft is also really nice native tracker. But it was temporarily removed from BB World...

Posted via CB10

Sportrate (PRO) by Inspirosoft is also my favourite in many ways, though I have been using Sports Tracker longer and it perhaps has better maps and a better online utility. I like the simplicity and speed of Sportrate.

I also noticed Sportrate had/has disappeared from BBW, and don't know why. Perhaps it's shown up again for some, but not for me.

Via CB10 on  Q10 or Z30

I've used Endomondo and CascaRun. At first I found Cascarun was not robust enough, but they have upgraded it and I prefer to use it now. I find that Endomondo is still laggy on my Z30. Interestingly enough, when I have both running at the same time to track a run, they are off in the distance measurment. One measures longer than the other. On a recent 4K run, I found that one was about 200M off the other. What gives with that??

CascaRun PRO works with a heart rate monitor unlike the rest for now till 10.3 hits. It's also very good on the options, HR zones, elevation and pace.
Runtastic is very good with calorie count, unlike a lot of other ones that give out outrageous numbers.

Which heart rate monitor did you use that worked? I've tried a few with my Z10 and couldn't get it recognized.

It would pair and be saved but then the apps wouldn't recognize it :(

From my Z10 via CB10

I purchased this one from Amazon and it works perfectly with my Z30. (I still use it regularly)
It also worked well with my Z10 before, although I did lose connectivity one time.

Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor M-XXL

I use Casca Run to tack my bike rides and after the last update, the app are much more fliud and become in my favorite sport APP

Add noom walk to your list. Noom walk increase less than 1 percent battery usage for a day and it can work in background. It doesn't use gps so the battery usage is so low( even though I am installed android version! ).
It is better than your app list.

Posted via CB10

Endomondo merged/ crippled something with their app about a month ago and it hasn't worked proper for me since them.
It was my main jogging app and I also would run Runtastic at the same time as a back up.

Nike+ Running was/ is awesome but I had to give my iphone to my kid because their screen cracked.

I'm going to now try CascaRun and not worry about all the bells and whistles.

I just want something that works and doesn't have half the screen chopped off and doesn't freeze up with "the app has stopped responding, wait or close app."

Posted via CB10

I use Nike+ Running on my Z10. It tracks okay but the interface is laggy.

I am still using it because it has shoe tracking which I have not found in other tracking applications.

Noomwalk looks interesting but it isn't the same type of application. It will not replace a fitness tracker.

It would replace something like a fitbit.

I haven't tried yet. I would think so, the Android player has been improved from what I've read.

I'm still on software release

You will be quite pleased with Cascarun. Being native it runs smooth doesn't crash and for me it's been exactly what I need/want for running.

Posted via CB10

I love Endomondo, but also found problems when I upgraded. I have version 9.3.1 currently installed, which seems to work fine, but any newer upgrade has problems for me (although I haven't tried the latest yet - I'm afraid to. I'll stick with a version that works rather than risk upgrading again).

Edit: I didn't realize it was available in BB World now. I'm talking about the android version.

Runtastic Pro from BB Appworld is pretty crappy. Very old port and doesn't fully work. Maps are problematic and I have issues with GPS when there is no cel service. Runtastic v4.5 from Android market is much better and works very well with patched GooglePlay services.

Runtastic Pro was free from Amazon store about a month ago and I agree with you, the one from Amazon store works better but isn't the latest version they have. Also, the maps feature doesn't work right.

Maps in latest version doesn't work. But previous version does if you load patched Google play services and Google play store.

Posted via CB10

I had downloaded the new Android version, but it kept telling me that Google Play had stopped, even after installing Google Services and Play Store. How do I get the patch? I'm willing to try it again. I found that in the new Android app Voice Feedback worked, but the GPS had issues (so I went back to the ported version in BlackBerry World).

I have a Z10.

Posted via CB10

Will have to play with CascaRun!

I like Endomondo since there's syncing, plus a matching Windows 8 app that lets me view my workout history. It's not imperative that stuff gets sync'd though...

Fitness Tracker connects to popular fitness website Strava automatically. Only drawback it has no hrm.

Posted via CB10

I've used Endomondo with success. Currently I'm using Couch2AnyK for training purposes. For tracking I always wear my Fitbit Zip.

From my totally Awesome Z30

100% agree - the app is great and BB native (something by itself you should support ;) )
The interface is clean and intuitive, the dev is very responsive in the CB forum and the app is developing more and more.

The killer criteria for me was that they is no need to upload the data "into the cloud" but everything is kept on the device (I know, I know - the NSA and ASIO will still know where I am at any point in time ...)

Casca run its the best. Runtastic,unfortunately not worth the money. Don't run,and not even an upgrade so far. Just a pay it app from androshit

Posted via amazing professional Q10

I have checked Sports Tracker, Casca Run and Sportrate by Inspirosoft. Since I found Sports Tracker very unprecise, I have deleted it. Casca Run and Sportrate give almost the same features and results, but somehow I prefer Sportrate - and it is announced to return to BB World tomorrow, on June 3rd ;-)

miCoach had a decent app for legacy devices. They decided not to bring it to BB10. And as much as I hate to reward that sort of behaviour, it is my favourite running app and has worked well for the most part since 10.2.1 came out. I think their packaged running plans and automatic coaching during runs. None of the others seem to have that feature as well thought out and as effective as miCoach

The only one I have tried is Casca and I am happy with it, needs a bit more optimization for cyclists, don't need pace per km for example. Almost perfect.

Posted via CB10

CascaRun is a great app. Gives you feedback on pace or MPH. You can set feedback for every 10 minutes to remind you to hydrate.

Email to Strava and your golden.

I haven't paired a HR monitor to it yet.

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CascaRun baby!
I emailed the developer a couple of times and he was very responsive and I actually saw what I needed in the last update!

Use it with Polar H7 and it's smooooth!


I used to use endomondo and Runtastic on my legacy devices but I encourage Casarun. Very well made with all the bells and whistles that you don't really need. Anyway, nothing beats my garmin.

Z30/Bell - Posted via CB10

I really like CascaRun very much, I use it for running, biking, skating and for recording other trips, it has a lot of cool features and works absolutely accurate. For heart rate monitoring I use a BlueLeza HRM what works very good too.

> CascaRun doesn't require you to login or register an account.
> The back draw with that is you can't sync it to anything.
For me this is no draw back at all, I do _not_ want to share my personal data with other people or companies, so al lot of "+" for this app!

I also tried Sportrate for some time, it worked reliable too, but I never liked it very much.
In addition I tired two Android apps, OpenGPS Tracker and Geotracker, both are working quite good on the Q10, but they do not support HRM and sometimes where crashing, with the result that you looses your current track :-(
There is one thing I'm missing in CascaRun, I would like to see a pedometer/tripmeter included too!

I use Runtastic, and it seems to work fine for me, other than a few small quirks. The biggest reason is because it allows me to manually enter my treadmill and strength training workouts. Do any of the other apps have that availability? I'd happily try a built for BlackBerry app if they did.

Posted via CB10

Not a runner but I use cascarun for walking and bike riding..

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Cascarun sounds cool - especially with the HRM (I haven't been able to use mine since I stopped using the 9900) - but I do like how Endomondo syncs with MyFitnessPal. So, I dunno.

Posted via CB10

Definitely a toss up for me between CascaRun and Sportrate. CascaRun has a problem right now correctly calculating calories from cycling. But both have a nice feature of exporting a GFX file which can be imported into endomondo's web site.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

At one time I used RunKeeper on my old iPhone. I use Sports Tracker now which does the trick. I just really want an app that can work with my Pebble smart watch. To show me my heart rate, distance and pace.

Then be able to export all the data to an excel file, for further analysis.

Or just a fitness wearable that is made or can be used natively on a BB10 phone.......

I was using Runtastic on my old Torch, but when I upgraded to my Z30, the Runtastic app disappointing me in its lack of accuracy. I have been using CascaRun pretty much exclusively for the past 6 months now and am very happy with it. I still use Runtastic and Endomondo's websites though. I export the .gpx file from CascaRun into the other sites and then I can still use Runtastic's community and Endomondo's time/distance calculations. I played with Sportrate, but since I have to pay to export .gpx files from it, I haven't taken the plunge yet.

I like this apps, but I really miss nike running, this app for my is the best for runners, and it doesn't work well in my blackberry

Posted via CB10

The native sports tracker app has not been updated in months. It has serious bugs with the heart rate monitor. The android version is much better but the run-time does not support the monitor. Casca run is ok.

How do people manage sweat and smartphone...isn't running with smartphone cumbersome and takes the joy out of activity, since we have to carry and take care of it the same time. Garmin sports watches make better sense.

Posted via CB10

No problems with this, have my Q10 in a pocket for my arm. Sometimes the Q10 is a little bit wet at the back, but I don't see that this will be a problem.

My daughter and I started running to get in shape back in March with Couch 2anyK and it worked very, very well for us. We're soon going to start it again, but with our running pace being faster than the first time around, maybe even making the "walk" portion a very slow trot. We used 2anyK both indoors on the treadmill when the weather wasn't cooperating, and outdoors in conjuction with CascaRun Pro to track GPS information for comparison purposes. I've used CascaRun for running with my daughter, walking with my fiancee, and riding my bike, both road rides and mountain biking.
I highly recommend both of these programs.

I had used Runtastic for several years on my BB Bold but when the Z10 came out it was not supported initially. After trying several apps I settled on Endomondo and have been using it for over a year now. The free version suits my needs.

I still think it's a shame that MiCoach doesn't work on BB10. It was on the legacy OS, why don't they support BB10? I use Endomondo now instead, but it's not my favourite

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I've been impressed with Cascarun Pro so far. The Gps works really well ant there's tons of information about my runs that I wasn't expecting to get. Definitely top notch.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 