The best places to find Android apps for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2014 09:54 am EST

So you're finally updating to an official version of OS 10.2.1. It's been a long time coming, but for those of you who waited it out without installing a leak, I applaud you. Now you can take advantage of all of the great features that OS 10.2.1 has to offer including OTA installs of Android applications (APKs). 

Unlike before when you had to run though a lengthy process of converting and sideloading Android apps, OS 10.2.1 now lets you install them right on your device with just a few taps — no computer or additional software is necessary. You can use pretty much any APK you can get your hands on or you can hit up one of the many Android app store clients that are available on BlackBerry 10. Just keep in mind that some apps work great, others not so much.

Where do I find Android apps?

If you happen to have an Android device, you can use an app like App Backup and Restore to export your own APKs. This only works for free apps, but it's super simple. Just install the app on your Android device, back it up and export it by email, Dropbox etc. Open it on your BlackBerry and install. Done.

You can also hit up one of the many threads in the CrackBerry forums (like this one) where there are plenty of APKs already available for the taking. Load them up on your BlackBerry and install. Most of the ones posted in the forums have been tested already so you know they're good to go. 

Perhaps one of the best ways to get Android apps is through one of the many clients available for BlackBerry 10. There are quite a few third-party Android app stores available, all of which let you browse, download and install the APK files with little effort. 


How to Install

If downloading a file from your device, when it's complete just tap the file in the downloads view and then tap install to begin. If you're transferring the APK files to your device, use the File Manager to locate the APK then tap it to open and tap Install to begin.

How to install an Android app (APK) to a BlackBerry


Go get some!

So long story short — there are a bunch of ways to download Android apps to your BlackBerry running OS 10.2.1. You can load them yourself, track them down in the forums or use a third-party store client. No excuses — get out there and make the most of your new OS!

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The best places to find Android apps for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


Snap and Amazon are my choices since I trust Amazon and Google Play (for the most part).

I'm worried about people downloading apps from all these random APK stores with no concern about who runs them and whether the APKs are safe or whether they have had malware added to them.

I really really wish the CrackBerry team had made some (any) mention about APK safety. :(

Perhaps we could get a guest speaker from Android Central to talk about the world of third party APK stores and APK safety (as a kind of Public Service Announcement for the CB community)?

Although Android on BB10 is safer than on a native Android handset, Android apps can still get access to your personal info (in your Personal Space at least) if you give them permission.

lol I totally second that - anyone reading this please be very wary about downloading any of this crap onto your phone; even the Amazon appstore is full of crap that you don't want anywhere near your phone.

The Amazon Marketplace can be installed without sideloading, as it is just an .apk itself, and is available directly from Amazon.

Just make sure you've got your home location set properly, and not to, say, the UK, like I did, or it'll give you trouble downloading apps. Had to go into my settings on the Interwebs to fix that one.

How and where did you change the location? I'm having the same problem with the UK thing and can't figure out where in the life of me to change it!

Might want to ask which is the safest.....

Some have reported difference in files sizes on Google Play and some of the stores, even with the same version....

Amazon Marketplace would be my suggestion.

No Amazon doesn't have all of the apps, and at times they are older versions....

I trust apps from Google and Amazon more than I trust apps that are hosted on some Chinese Server like most of the unofficial Android Stores are. But 1Mobile Market has been around for a while...

You need to enable the direct install feature first. Go to Settings -> App Manager -> Installing apps and then enable 'Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed'. I strongly recommend you to sideload SNAP and install APK from Google Play.

Only for FREE Android Apps. If you want to buy an app you'll need the Amazon Store.... but I suggest you check to see if anyone else has been able to run the app, as only about 80% of Android Apps work on BB10.

It sends you messages when there are updates available for your apps. Unfortunately, it does not distinguish between an Android app and a BlackBerry app but the first time you get an update about an update for a BlackBerry you can tell it to ignore it and it won't remind you again.

Snap is the best to use and also aptoide using the BB10 store. However when installing APK's if you back up your phone it will not back up the APK games and apps. SO the moment that the same app and game is in BB world I recommend you take off the existing apk file and delete it and install the one from BB since it will perform faster and is fully tested and will be backed up when performing a back up and restore.

Or... you can get a virtual device number from an emulator, register it with Google Play and download every apk form the store directly using APK Downloader Chrome extension :)

Just saying...

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

1 mobile it's very good, and who like to download the paid apps and games for free download aptoide store it's nice

Posted via CB10

No one is sure if 1Mobile is 100% safe though. There remans a possibility that some APKs on 1Mobile have had malware added to them.

Amazon and Google Play (via Snap) are the safest. Use other stores at your own risk.

I just downloaded the Amazon store. Easy as hell. Then installed Viber. Tested it..amazing. Works like a charm.

Posted via CB10

No need to keep reposting. You need to first go to settings. Then go to app manager. Then go to installing apps. And toggle it on. That's it.

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What to do know done all the settings but jist showing processing screen on my z10 reply what to do bro..

im bored i was works good with the old bar files now my bar files crashed and when im tring to install apk files its keep says processing what i can do now ?

Yeah just saw that on the forums! Thanks!
I don't understand why we don't just start going by OS version instead of software version though? Disconnect between BBRY and the community :(

Well, the OS version includes the core OS software, the radio, and all the individual files with their own numbers. is the complete package, containing the OS, the think I've got that right?) radio, etc. That's why when you install leaks they don't always come with an OS version: they're not a complete OS ready for distribution, just an update to the core files.

What about for the people that are STILL RUNNING 10.1 !?!?!?

How do we get all these Android apps?

Oh wait....WE ****ing DON'T!! saddest part is, I'm IN the USA. Yes, it's me. Another self loathing, inconsiderate, spiteful, arrogant, impatient fellow citizen of the good 'ol US. And I'll tell ya, I don't always, ALWAYS bitch when I don't get 10.2.1 before effing INDIA!! ....but when I do I questioned if they really needed it before myself and if I REALLY live in a first world country?

Posted via CB10

LMAO - classic comment!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dying here!!!
A trick for Americans - tried it (10.1 days) with a friend of mine who visited me here (Toronto) from LA. He took a SIM card of mine which was for TELUS and all deactivated and sht.

Went back to the states, plugged in that SIM (obviously, no service), connected to WiFi and checked for updates, guess what - he got the OTA update.

I've already downloaded Netflix, Sonos and Our Groceries off 2 different sites by googling them. I'll try these as my standards. All are working perfectly. Where's the App gap now?!?!

I have found 1mobile and the Amazon app store to be relatively out of date in terms of some apps I wanted (Myfitnesspal, etc.); is the Droid Store better at having up to date apps, comparable to the rate the Google Play Store gets them? Or is there a leg before it fetches it from Google Play?

Droidstore used to be the best, but it doesn't work anymore. :( The first version of Snap was pretty awful as far as the UI went. The current version is great!

Native is alway better... except when it can't get BlackBerry World approval and has to be sideloaded....

So yeah I agree we need a APK version of snap that doesn't require Sideloading.

What ever happened to LocalBar2 and LocalBarProxy? Those two together would allow sideloading of BAR files directly on the PlayBook without breaking out the USB cable and going to your PC. It ran over wifi. LocalBar2 appeared to run on BB10, but in my trials, it would get to 100% installed on BAR files then crash.

Can't believe some people actually waited this long before they could start using their phones to the fullest! I found my blackberry practically useless before I installed the 10.2.1 leak...
But anyway, welcome to the world little ones!
I recommend 1mobile! Its got everything u need.

Posted via CB10

I worry about the safety of 1Mobile APKs (e.g.: whether they have had malware added to them).

Personally, I will be sticking to Amazon and Google Play (via Snap).

What's the best App store ?

Any features and benefits of one over the other ?


Posted via CB10

BlackBerry World. The benefit over all other app stores is that the apps are verified to be fully compatible with BlackBerry devices. As far as third party Android app stores:

Snap - Has the largest selection and the ability to let you know when an update is available. It won't actually run an update, though. You have to delete the old app first, then re-download.

Amazon App Store - You can buy paid apps AND do in-app purchases with the apps downloaded from here.

Aptoid - More hassle than it's worth at this point when you consider the capabilities of Snap and Amazon App Store. Allows you to search for apps from specious sources.

Droidstore - Used to be the best when it worked. Maybe the developer will fix it some day soon. He's been busy getting Snap2Chat off the ground.

Hi i have updated but wen trying to install apk file from file manager its just showing processing on my z10 plzzz help me out

me too!!! same thing.... just the processing screen.... doesnt progress to the disclaimer screen with the 'install' button... help meeee tooooo!!!

Thank you this information has been very helpful, trying out the "App Backup and Restore" works great being that I have an android tablet which mainly shows apps for phones. Loading the apps on my Z10 has been good. Tried snap the other day and didn't work but think I found out why and will give another try. My Z10 was set to not allow apps other than from blackberry world to load.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30 or Z10

10.2.1 is frikin' awesome!!! I've installed the Amazon Appstore as well as Snap, and I've download a bunch of Android apps, and they installed and are running absolutely flawlessly. Absolutely loving this. App Gap....GONE!

Not quite. In-app purchasing doesn't work with apps downloaded from Google Play, and you can't purchase apps from Google Play. You can do those things with Amazon App Store apps, but that store only has a fraction of all the Android apps available. Also, there are still A LOT of Android apps that don't work or aren't fully functional on BB10 devices. So we still have a long way to go. The only way the app gap will be gone is if developers port their apps over to BB10 and if Google will allow BlackBerry access to their store.

I enabled the Allow apps for other sources to install option and downloaded a few apks from SNAP, and when trying to install one of the apks, it stays on the processing screen.... I even restarted my z10.... any other suggestions?

Posted via CB10

Was it an app you already have installed? The only time I've had that happen is when I tried to install a newer version of an app while still having the old one installed. Try a different app that you don't have.

Thanks Adam, much needed. But nothing beats the experience of native applications and developers shouldn't stop from producing native apps!

And yes, for the first time BlackBerry is on time! Now shut the eff up you all media goons!!

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Snap is GREAT!!! Because it is a BlackBerry built app. Sucks that BlackBerry won't allow it in BB World.

6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

I have done all the above including setting the permissions but my Z10 gets locked into "processing" when trying to install an app via SNAP. Any suggestions?

Same problem here. Not only that but now none of my old side loaded applications work like Google maps. Amazing update!

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Hello .
For the record .
Is it safe to download apks on our devices ?
Has blackberry said this in the new version ?
Cause downloading apks on our devices it gives permission to everything, and you can't disable anything .
Is this safe ?
I really need to know .
Thank you

If you trust Amazon and Google Play, then using the Amazon store app and the Snap app (which downloads APKs from Google Play) to install APKs should be safe.

I would be careful with any other app stores. Personally, I will only be using Amazon and Snap.

So I still need to side load snap or amazon then only I can download the android apps directly?

Posted via CB10

You can download Amazon App Store directly from from Amazon and install it directly on your phone. Snap needs to be sideloaded.

The Amazon store app is an Android app, so you don't need to sideload it. Snap is a native BB10 app, so you will (unfortunately) still need to sideload it.

I thought it would be pretty straightforward but it appears you still have a few hoops to go through, what is the guarantee you would not crash your system, or brick it, I think that is too much of a risk to undertake to be honest, I understand many have installed and went through the procedures, but I need my phone, and bricking it is not in my best interest


Doesn't sound like you've put much effort into it. You are NOT going to brick your phone. And getting the Amazon App Store couldn't be any easier unless somebody else downloaded and installed it for you. Is that what you're wanting? To be spoon fed?

No this phone is not a toy that can be crashed, it's used for my business, but I will try the Amazon, I have tried snap but now joy in that , I ran it from my phone but the bar file would not load ,

I prefer 1Mobile because it notifies when an app needs update and now it gives you the option to update the app. Previously, it wouldn't give you the option to update an app if the app is already installed.

That sounds very cool. Unfortunately, I worry about the safety of APKs downloaded from 1Mobile. It may very well be a safe place to download from, it's just that we know very little about the people who run 1Mobile.

I will be using on Amazon and Google Play (via Snap).

Having same problem downloading 1mobile? Post in the wrorg forum oand your jumped on. Post looking for some help and nothing. What gives?


Is the instagram from android better than Igrann of blackberry???
Can someone answer me please

Z10 and loving it :)

You can go to the Amazon website, download the Amazon App store app. This will install any app from Amazon onto your BB10. Its like having an alternative to BlackBerry World on your BB. I just installed Netflix from amazon app store. Works great.

Posted via CB10

Just to echo other postings in this thread, I too am having trouble directly installing APK files. Long story short, I have downloaded the Amazon app store APK (tried storing it on both the media card and device) and have tried installing it, but it remains on the "Processing" screen and does not move forward.

To clarify, I HAVE enabled in the app monitor settings to allow for other app installations outside of app world. I ALSO HAVE done a battery pull reboot but to no avail. And NO this is not an app I had previously.

I can't install amazon it's just processing and then stops, I turned the thing in settings ON but it won't work out, what should I do??

Posted via CB10

I tried both Snap and Droid stores and by far Snap is the easiest for me. Droid just kept saying updating and in the meantime I side loaded Snap and downloaded a few apps, no issues. Only Snap for me! :)

When I downnloadd any app from apktrain, the file downloads but it says unable to open file (im on the latest updat 10.2.1 using a q10). I tried downloading bookmyshow and justdial apps. These apks are available and can be downloaded but its not installing

Sometimes I just flick, peek and flow for no reason, you gotta admit the feel is awesome and futuristic!

Does anyone know if there will be issues with Android apps accepting keyboard input for us Q5 and Q10 users? Like do they only work with on-screen keyboards? Or will we be able to install the Google keyboard now?

Still miss my Torch and having both keyboards, maybe I'm too old-school but I wish they'd make us an OS 10 slider.

Nothing is working with me :/ I download snap and when I open it from the file manager it won't open (unable to open file) what should I do?? And amazon didn't work out too!! I switched the allow thing from the settings ON and still won't work.

Posted via CB10

Appears to be a big problem for a few meaning that others with the same problem will also find that their other "android apps" are no longer working. Skype, ebay, and kijiji are amongst previously installed apps that have stopped working on my Z10. This is frustrating for those of us who have held out and avoided downloading leaks because of potential issues. Its not the end of the world and hopefully a fix will come about soon.

Removed said apps. Downloaded them again from blackberry world and they still are not working. Move Forward!

I dont know it is just me, but all .apk file when i select stay "procesing" and dont appear the option to install, in last version i install Android runtime unlock, this new version install a new android runtime? i have to do something else?

I've sideloaded an unlocked Android runtime after 10.2 and now I can't install any apk files..
I think that is the reason all my android apps are not working (and neither do new APK files)
i will do a clean install and see if it works. Apparently update does not touch my current Android runtime..

Google and Sideload those two files, use volume up and down at same time reset method.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Now we need uninstall instructions for APK files that someone wants to remove. I use Ghost Commander.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I'm not sideloading anyways, never intended 2. Still have an android device around somewhere i hardly use but all my BB apps are native. Got already more than enough apps which satisfy my needs 3 times.
Beside that, most of them will look horrible on a Q10 screen.

You may have noticed there is no mention of the Android apps in the press release, etc. re 10.2.1. They hope to say more in a few weeks once they have figured out a legitimate way to have a "store" application available to all users for installing apk files with no complications of installing, say, Snap or Amazon Store.

I think snap os the best.
Okay there is one app to Sideload.. oh my god I will die :)

But snap is native, and extremely stable

And I can use it with my Google account

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

: sniff sniff : So many apps work! Even the newest Netflix! Thank you, BlackBerry AND Amazon App Store!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I now have am I looking for the app snap so I can direct D/L Android apps but can't find it, any ideas or i Ave to sideload this?

Posted via CB10

Hey Adam...

I'm usually quite good with all of this kind of stuff, so I'm going to guess that I'm just missing something, but could you guys post some tutorials or something of how to get this done? Thanks

Posted via CB10

Any one try it to install all the related APK in order to make Google Play work directly in the Z10? as an example, like Bluestack (Android in Windows and Mac PCs) before did not have support, now Google Play work good.

Will I be able to run android apps when on which was released yesterday for us in india...

Aziz ..... Z30

Anyone know if amazon has the latest working Instagram? Or which one of these sources is recommended for that particular app. P.S. I have Igrann and it's amazing, but always like to have the original for backup.

Posted via CB10

apk apps is not installing on my z10....its just stays at the screen with the "processing".....and i have turn on the feature to allow apps installation from other source.......plz help

I had the same problem. I had side loaded an unlocked runtime previously and when I checked after the 10.2.1 update I found that it had not updated the runtime. I dug out the updated runtime and android shell files for the update (using Sachesi) and side loaded them onto the BB, then restarted. Everything is now working fine.

APK Train works as well but probably Amazon is your best bet.

Oh and btw Google Maps, Google Translate and ESPN Sports Center work flawlessly but BB10 apps feel more solid. You cant escape that android app quirkiness even on android phones, they just feel flimsy

Keep getting a Parse error for Amazon when installing Netflix. Help please.

Posted via CB10

I've just loaded up 1Mobile to my Z30 which delivers quite a comprehensive list of apps, I must admit I didn't choose a BlackBerry with the intention of loading Android apps but it's a nice option to have especially for those users out there that complain BlackBerry World being short of apps............

what's wrong???why noody answering us about the whole "processing" problem??the update removed my viber and Skype???what I can do now???

Updated to 10.2.1 official pushed by a Norwegian carrier. Adjusted the setting - app manager - allow apps from bla bla bla. Restarted the device and tried to download both the appstore from amazon and 1mobile market. Nothing works - Just show an endless screen of 'processing' Only thing that has changed is that a few old apps dont work (Snap etc) Getting bloody tired with this crap-phone. After every update it's rendered useless,,

Just noticed in App Manager, there is a new setting called Installing Apps. Looks like you have to turn it to on, to allow downloads from other sources than Blackberry World. I'm still having issues, but at least it says "Initializing" as opposed to just "processing."

Oh, and the file now says .apk on the icon. Hopefully this helps others.

For those of you interested, we have created a store that only contains working and tested android apps and games, this also includes the obb files(extra data that is sometimes needed) which is automatically placed in the correct folder when you download the app, a feature unique to aptoide. Our store works within aptoide as a custom repository.

You can get our store by downloading Aptiode and adding under the stores tab in the app. All our apps have been tested and are all working, we also take requests for uploading any app or game you may need or want to the store, this can be done by requesting your app on this page:
If you need more info please refer to the thread as well.

Posted via CB10

hey guys,

so i am not tech savy so i dunno how to do this!
can someone please guide me and help me down load the Amazon App Store and Snap APK Downloader detailed video would be great or step by step ( think ABC for kids when you are describing)

thanks :)

I'm hearing a lot of negative things on 1mobile so I deleted. Will be trying Snap seeing as how many of you are saying it's the best.

Posted via CB10

I'm trying to run some apps and I keep getting an error saying: Google play services are required. Anyway to get around this? I tried clicking outside the dialogue box with the error message but it doesn't work all the time for other apps like a Apsault 8. :/

Posted via CB10

you need the google store and google services apks. plus more apps seem to work from 1mobile market you should be useing that with snap on the side. if you cant find them i have the bar files to sideload in and the apks you need to get alot of apps working just tweet me @jpreziose and ill help you out if you still need it.

I have a BlackBerry ST 100-1 and after the upgrading of 10.2.1-537 my BlackBerry is crazy, the battery life just 3 hours or less, I've never seen this! Am so angry because it charges rapidly and discharges faster too, a total madness, and also gets hot in all ways possible :-s

Posted via CB10

Hello to all.

I already try to search everywere but i can´t find any particular user having my problem.

I have Os

I can install small android apps from Snap, 1mobile or appstore. But wen i try to install big games, like Need for speed or any big game, it only download a small amout of it, for install and after instalation, he try to conect to download the rest (the big amout of the file) and every single game say, can´t stablish conection or can´t find server, or need google acount, etc, and it won´t download the rest of the game so it can be played.

I have a google play acount, and all my emails on blackberry z10 are from google.

Does anyone know how to solve this? What i need to do more, or install more, so it can donwload the rest of the games ????

Best regards