Best BlackBerry apps for hitting the gym and lifting weights

Best gym/weights apps for BlackBerry
By Ryan Blundell on 10 Jun 2014 02:24 pm EDT

MobileFitMobile Fitness continues all throughout June; hopefully you've decided to jump aboard and have kept working towards your fitness goals. If you're trying to lose weight, make sure you also build your muscle mass. You'll help yourself burn more calories by increasing your metabolic rate. You'll also strengthen your connective tissues. I could go on, but instead, we present you with a list of the best BlackBerry 10 apps you can use while you're at the gym.

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Best BlackBerry apps for hitting the gym and lifting weights


Slow... month eh? is CB dying along with BlackBerry or what? I'm shareholder btw.

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OMG a comment from you that didn't have a numerical reference??? Has hell frozen over???

I've been a share holder for about 4yrs now.... not holding many stocks, but I have some left, not big news to be a shareholder lol

Wow. Shareholder.

Same here, only I talk up the benefits of BlackBerry 10 to the blissfully ignorant masses, rather than going all Eeyore like that. Much better chances for a turnaround in the company and share prices with everyone pulling in the same direction and getting the word out, instead of dragging anchor.

Via CB10 on  Q10 or Z30

What does being a shareholder have ANYTHING to do with the story...

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

YOLO!! (you only lifted once!!)

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

By stating that I'm a shareholder; I intended to let you know that it is against my interest to see BlackBerry dying. Unfortunately it seems so. Heck; CB is dying. I started to memorise who comments on articles; very few people are sticking around; QS, Prem and Trance come into mind.

This is really sad.

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I don't think keeping track of who comments on posts and how often is necessarily a good indicator of the health of BlackBerry or CrackBerry. Not everyone feels like they have something factual, interesting or funny to contribute to every post. In that case, many people choose not to comment since it can be laborious sifting through folks jabbering about nothing after every single post, especially when they involve "first" junk and arguing about "first" junk, or devolve into talks about how BlackBerry is dying when the post is about gym apps.
That being said, I think A LOT of valuable information can be found in the comments and sometimes the comment section is more informative than the post, or expands the post into something larger with short reviews of overlooked apps and topics.
Oh. And it's summer in the northern hemisphere. A lot of people are trying to balance their BlackBerry interests with enjoying life. The further north you live, the more you need to soak up all 2-3 months of it! So don't be such an ibummer. ;) Maybe go outside , lie down in the grass and feel the sun's heat on your body, and know that it's more real than one's fears and anxieties, more real than whatever is happening with whichever mobile platform.

I think BlackBerry should do a partnership with Good Life Fitness since the franchise is growing and it's a Canadian company.

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You mean the company that discriminates based on sex and only allows females to join??? How is that a good fit with BlackBerry???? Maybe BlackBerry should start discriminating as well and only sell males????? that way between the two of them they can say they sell to everyone?????

Ya. Not a good idea at all.

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Kudos to you, nice to see other people thinking about that kind of stuff and not the bottom line. Most people are blind to the discrimination around them.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

What are you taking about? I'm a man and I goto Goodlife 3-4 times a week. Yes they have women only locations, but that's servicing a target market. Men aren't shy about their bodies.

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Wow. You have issues. You clearly don't know any females or hear how they're self conscious with guys eye f*king them while they're trying to get a workout in.

Goodlife has many co-ed gyms, but also a few women only gyms to accommodate this need, which no other gym offers. There's a reason why Goodlife has grown to where they have, and kudos to them for it.

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I'm not seeing it at work with Chrome, IE, or Firefox. Perhaps our web filtering software is in the way, I will have to check at home.

Was hoping to see a good crossfit app in this list. All the android ones suck. The one I have is called Xercise and it was awesome but the developer appears to have stopped updating it on the blackberry side at least.

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Don't forget Jefit. Best app yet. Only problem is it is not available on BlackBerry World. Although it can be downloaded via Snap.

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Jefit is truly the best application for such things. However, they have no intention of making a native application for BB10. But, it works just fine on BlackBerry as an Android application. The ones listed here seem okay, but not my cup of Earl Grey.

You should try 'Loox"

Its not in BlackBerry World, but you can get it via Snap. It´s free, has hundreds of exercieses and fitnessplans and works good on my Z10

I have a push-up app on my Z10 that counts your push-ups and has a training program. Pretty neat

Mytrainer is awesome for people who know what they're doing.

Just remember that it doesn't matter whether you want to lose weight, get stronger or jump higher, lift weights!

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I'd like to add StrongLift 5x5 android app. The routine itself can be found via google and it's pretty much straight forward exercise; 3 times a week with 2 different workout routines and each routine takes about only 45 mins. The app compliments this workout routine with weight (lifting weight) tracker and timer. If anyone wants to get fit and doesn't want to hit the gym more than 3 times a week, this is a great routine!

Rocking my Q10 all day, e'ry day!

I'm lifting but such apps are useless for me. I've seen some pple in the gym using it, of course those with a body a lot below average. Serious gym rats are using speakers, music and heavy iron. Gym apps are mental masturbation.

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None. I still use A HIIT Interval Timer Apk. Have been using it since my old Android phone. It has all those features and more. You can make labels for what exercise you are currently doing. Color change and custom sounds as well. I have been through 5 others trying to replace it, but nothing matches it yet.

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I use Round Timer (native) for interval and tabata work, but that is about as involved my phone gets in my workouts.

What App is best for Hypertrophy training? Enough exercises and I prefer Native BlackBerry App