The best Google Reader replacements on BlackBerry 10

Google Reader is being out to pasture, but that doesn't mean you're out of RSS reader options for BlackBerry. 

BlackBerry 10 Google Reader
By Simon Sage on 26 Jun 2013 01:29 pm EDT

Google Reader is shutting down next week, and the RSS reader replacements are coming out of the woodwork. AOL has one, Digg has one, nevermind everything that’s already out there. I had rounded up a bunch of great news apps just as the Google Reader announcement was made, but now that the shut-down looms large, it seems prudent to take another pass at BlackBerry World to see what specifically will do a good job of handling our daily reading.

gNewsReader - $0.99

gNewsReader for BlackBerry

gNewsReader was my favorite Google Reader app for BlackBerry 10 from the get-go, and now that they’re supporting Feedly, I’m seeing little reason to switch. You can swipe from one story to the next, view individual feeds as well as whole tag groups, star items, and have all of the read and unread statuses sync up. There’s full integration with Pocket, Readability, and Instapaper, so you’ve got alternatives for catching up on stories later. Offline caching support is on the way. Sharing stories is easy through the system menu, plus there’s a dedicated option for sharing to Google+. Overall, I’m really happy with gNewsReader’s snappy responsiveness and easy use.

RSS Savvy - Free

RSS Savy

Alright cheapskate, don’t want to spend a buck? RSS Savvy is one of the top apps in the news category and provides a fine feed reading experience for the low, low price of free. Feeds can be added manually or through keyword search, stories are marked as read and unread as you go, plus you can search through your existing feeds for certain words.The really nice thing about RSS Savvy is the ability to set up customizable categories of content that are accessible through either the bottom bar or navigation sidebar. Excerpts show up in-line, but you’ll have to tap through on a browser link to read the full text. You also won’t be able to easily import your Google Reader feeds here. RSS Savy has a lot of really smooth transitions, and fits the standard Cascades style without being too plain.

Taptu - Free

Taptu for BlackBerry

Taptu is an Android port of a popular feed reader that earns big points for its user interface. If you’ve ever used Pulse News, you’ll know the drill; Content channels appear as strips which can be scrolled through horizontally while the other feeds stay static. Every feed also has a search option handy so you can quickly find specific stories. Pocket and Instapaper are both supported, as well as Taptu’s own bookmarking service. Users can add new content channels from the curated catalog or manually punch in RSS feeds By plugging into your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, Taptu can also haul in links that are making the rounds in your social networks.

Flipboard - Free

Flipboard on BlackBerry

If you’re willing to sideload, Flipboard has proven to be a great experience for me, from the get-go. The sharp, gesture-based user interface is truly unique, and you’ll experience significantly less lag than you might expect from an Android port. Users can browse an extensive catalog of content, subscribe to various social channels, and view everything with big, bold visuals. Full text is presented in-app with the same flippy UI, and stories can be marked as favorites for future reference I was able to get Flipboard on my Z10 using the old DDPB technique, but you may be able to snag a more recent version using the more involved Android SDK method. That said, there are plenty of great Android feed readers to explore through sideloading, it’s just tricky finding ones that work reliably. Let us know below what you’ve found works well!

The Old Reader - Free

The Old Reader

For those that spend a lot of time combing through feeds on the desktop, there are also a few RSS readers that look great in the BlackBerry 10 browser. The Old Reader prides itself on sticking to the features and interface that diehard Google Reader users are used to. On mobile, you’ll get a high-res icon when the page is saved to your home screen, stories are automatically marked as read as you scroll down, and you can easily flip between compact and full text views. Share buttons are all finger friendly, and there’s a liking mechanism so every post has a fair bit of sociability baked in. 

What else?

So, that’s a sampling of the Google Reader alternatives out there that will keep you informed while moving forward. What’s your go-to stop on BlackBerry for news and information? Do you have a curated list of RSS feeds, or are there a few select stops you rely on? How many of you are irked about Google Reader shutting down?

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The best Google Reader replacements on BlackBerry 10


I never understood the addiction until I tried it about 3 or4 years ago. However, when Google announced that Google Reader was shutting down, I felt like the Internet was going to feel broken. I still feel that way, but I'm hoping Feedly can fill the void.

People like to say that there is no need for Reader now that Twitter is used by everyone, but Reader and Twitter are completely different tools. My twitter feed is filled with stuff from friends, breaking news, and other important things. Reader on the other hand is used for all the websites I get information from, such as CrackBerry, Engadget, etc. With Twitter, all you see are headlines and a link. When you click the link, you get sent to your browser and have to view the full article/website. With Reader, you get the headlines, organized by website, and if the headline interest you, you can click it and view some (or all, depending on the website) of the article, in reader form without loading the full website (only the text and pictures specific to the article are present). Then, if you want to delve deeper into the article or website, you can click a link which will bring you to the actual website.

It may not sound like a big difference, but it definitely is. Without it, I don't know how I would keep up with all the websites I currently follow. I would miss out on a ton of news and information, especially the tech stuff I follow.

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You stated this perfectly. And I'd go one step further in saying when Google announced that Reader would be shutdown, I felt a sense of panic.

I often wonder how people can just "be informed" without RSS feeds. They are so important to my everyday, like you say, custom content I want to see in the most concise format possible giving me the option to click on it to delve further if I choose. Nothing beats RSS feeds.

FYI... I disabled the Google account in gNewsReader and am only using Feedly now. It's working great - my only complaint is that my desktop client (FeedDemon - the best RSS desktop client out there IMHO) will not support Feedly and they are ceasing development. I much prefer FeedDemon over using a browser.

As a result, gNewsReader on my z10 is hands down my preferred method of viewing RSS feeds.

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I cracked too lol, if nothing else caught my attention it was definitely that lol

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

There may be a better option but so far Feedly is the best I have found. At least it serves my purposes in an acceptable manner if not really great.

I've added Feedly to my gNewReader client and find that it frequently errors out using the Google authentication. This leads me to believe it won't work very well when Google Reader officially shuts down on Monday.

FYI... I disabled the Google account in gNewsReader and am only using Feedly now. It's working great - my only complaint is that my desktop client (FeedDemon - the best RSS desktop client out there IMHO) will not support Feedly and they are ceasing development. I much prefer FeedDemon over using a browser.

I suspect I was getting the sync errors because I had both my Google and Feedly accounts added to gNewsReader.

As a result, gNewsReader on my z10 is hands down my preferred method of viewing RSS feeds.

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I miss BlackBerry News / Viigo too, but gNewsReader using Feedly seems to work pretty good for me.

Anyone know of a PlayBook app that works with Feedly?

Hmm I'm cheaper than a cheapskate. Anything that pays me to use their reader? :). Thanks for the article. Now to figure out which works best for me

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I'm really liking AOL Reader. There aren't any apps yet but the mobile friendly layout works well on my z10 browser.

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Definitely sticking with gNewsReader, though there might be a hiatus of a week or two depending on what services it supports on July 1st. I'm probably going to wind up using NewsBlur or TheOldReader, possibly alternating between the two at first. (And only TheOldReader has a usable mobile website while we wait for app support.)

I too miss BlackBerry news. I have it on my Playbook so that's what I use to keep up to date.

Since I have not used the other readers, in have a question. Can I get Canadian feeds on them? Or are they US centric? It is not a criticism, simply a question.

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Another vote for gnewsreader. Only issue is trying to share an article thru text message or whatsapp, the app crashes. Hopefully its fixed but love the app regardless

It's a really good and attractive UI as long as you don't have a ton of feeds. It's not so laggy that it's unusable, just a bit annoying.

Having said that, I sideloaded Flipboard yesterday and it runs very well, think I'm going to use Flipboard instead (the search function doesn't find everything though, had to work around it by using Google Reader to import some of my feeds).

I have flipboard sideloaded onto my Z10, it was one of the first side loaded apps I tried. Does a great job and nice interface, but at the end of the day it's still a port. BlackBerry should bring back something, I tend not to read so many feeds now, but back in my torch days, I read loads. And going back to my curve I even read whole books from viigo in bite sized daily portions.

the Feedly app is on it's way, but I switch between Feedly in the BB10 browser, and gNewsReader; buh-bye Google Reader.

they're all pretty terrible when comparing to the design and simplicity of viigo/bb news.

im hoping someone who knows how to design might come along.

I'm still wanting FEEDLY!! Tried sideloads but nothing works yet. Maybe when 10.2 is out. I do like Taptu, and have Flipboard, and gNewsReader. All good. Oh, and I do miss the old BBNews and Viigo. C'mon BBRY.

Once you go Fever, it's hard to go back... You'll have to manually add the BB browser user agent to the mobile theme, but otherwise it works as well as it does on iOS or Android. The perk is that your RSS remains your own; no demographics, no data collection.

I have to agree here... its crazy to think that an app that existed years ago perfectly met all my needs (oh Viigo) and now, with all these fancy new apps, ecosystems and web standards, I still can't find a single one that I like. Is offline support really so hard to sort out? WebReader made a valiant attempt, but it was buggy and their effort for BB10 vs. PBOS was pretty weak. And now, $5 later, they are shutting it down completely, alongside the Google Reader shutdown. I'm getting used to Feedly on my desktop, and trying to give gNewsReader a shot on my z10, but again, lack of offline support kills it for me. Flipboard is also pretty decent (assuming you are online).

+1. Excellent and fast app. Used it daily on my old Curve. Have yet to find a replacement for the Z10 that I like.

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WebReader provides the best experience ever both on BB10 and Playbook! Sorry guys, but gNewsReader comes not even close (have tried it recently). It is a shame they are shutting down as it seems.

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I just discovered a brand-new NATIVE BB10 RSS/Atom news reader that is the first reader that's gotten me a little excited since I bought the Z10 the first day of availability here in the USA:


It's a "1.0.0.x" version, but the author(s) seem to have an deep understanding of the RSS history and landscape, their website has tons of extensive information (VERY rare for a 1.0 BB10 app), and it actually allows you some configurability of the feed parameters, something which the other two apps I've been limping along with in the meantime (RSS Savvy and NewsSpot paid edition) are completely devoid-of, and my initial tests are promising.

FWIW: I am not a fan of "cloud/aggregator based" products. I don't need to give the NSA any more data to chew on than they already have.

Thanks for the glowing review Omnitech. Please help multiFEED prosper by posting a review on BlackBerry World.

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Probably a little early for that since I have only been playing around with the default feeds in the trial version so far, but rest assured once I feel like I have a more complete picture, if I like it I will definitely leave a review. The landscape for a decent truly native BB10 newsreader apps is sparse indeed.

I enjoyed the discussion about formatting issues on your website because I've run into that a lot. You go to a feed and basically nothing works because either the client is not interpreting something right (or as you mentioned) the feed makes bad assumptions based on user-agent and serves incompatible/poorly-formatted content. (I would have thought, that even though the web at large these days thumbs its collective nose at Berners-Lee's original vision of being able to usefully view content with any web client, that at least the RSS/Atom world would have less of that. Doesn't appear to be the case.)

My conception of a newsfeed is that the content should be as stripped-down to the essentials as possible, which to me seems like the POINT. If I wanted to be acosted with all sorts of extraneous garbage piggybacking onto the content I'm looking for, I'd just be using a web browser. ;) (I used to be fairly content with the old "FreeRange" reader on legacy BBOS, which had little to no graphic capability to speak of, yet suited me fine for most things, especially because it was fast and efficient.)

On that point, it seems that on some of the default feeds with multiFEED, there's still an awful lot of javascript and so on that is being run/rendered, slowing things down. Scrolling also seems slightly "jerky" on my Z10 - I don't know if that's inherent in the app right now or a side-effect of bloated feeds/pages.

Also would love to see configurable retrieval amount - it's really annoying for some app like RSS Savvy or Newspot to make assumptions on such things, and I end up missing a bunch of stuff because of it. It's almost like they think of reading news as simply a way to absorb time, rather than learn or keep up with things. (On that front, some way to limit the size of the article cache or manually purge it would be great, if one is going to have the ability to reach way back in time to the oldest articles some particular feed supports from time-to-time.)

Thanks for putting the product out there.

BTW, many, many enhancements are planned for multiFEED in the near future. Version 1.0.1 should be available in a few days with better Q5 and Q10 support.

Future enhancements planned:
- Instant refresh of the current feed.
- Sophisticated filtering of articles by age, author, language, in fact pretty much anything that is included in the feed XML.
- Hub integration .
- In app feed locator
- Recommended/Popular feeds.

...and much more. arsMOBILIS will listen to user complaints and ideas and implement the best of them.

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gNewsReader seems closest to the way the BB News for 7.x worked with the added bonus of subscribing to new feeds from the desktop via feedly. I miss the sync with the News app on the Playbook.

RSS Savvy seems too "big", i.e. you had to do a lot of scrolling around to take in a little news and you couldn't roll through one feed at a time, but a whole category - you soon forgot what you were looking for.

Shameless self promotion follows...

Just wanted to add one to this list, my new feed aggregator multiFEED, which just hit the BlackBerry World storefront. Here's a partial list of why I think it is the best reader/aggregator available on the BlackBerry 10 platform:

- Full RSS/Atom feed support.
- Built-in feed aggregation.
- Up to fifty top-level single or aggregate feeds.
- Quick feed selection with a simple drop down list.
- Per feed UserAgent spoofing makes it easy to get the best article presentation when the publisher provides custom layouts for different devices or browsers.
- Per feed automatic Simple or RegExp article URL substitution allows URL of article to be altered to get a mobile specific version when available.
- Article date/time can be displayed as your local time or UTC(GMT).
- Feed refresh interval can be set from minutes to days and be overridden for each feed if desired.
- Feed titles can be retrieved from the feeds or explicitly set.
- Articles can be opened for reading within multiFEED then launched in the full BlackBerry browser if desired with a single tap, or multiFEED can go straight to the full browser every time.
- Landscape support on appropriate devices.

There are three feature levels for multiFEED...

- Five preset and locked single feeds (Engadget, Lifehacker, The Simple Dollar, MakeUseOf, Wise Bread).
- One preset and locked aggregate feed (Slickdeals, dealnews, fat wallet).
- Two unlocked single feeds for any RSS/Atom sources you like.
- User-defined aggregate feeds NOT supported.

STANDARD (in-app upgrade):
- No preset or locked feeds.
- Ten top-level single feeds for any RSS/Atom sources you like.
- Aggregate feeds NOT supported.

PREMIUM (in-app upgrade):
- No preset or locked feeds.
- Aggregate feeds fully supported.
- Fifty top-level single or aggregate feeds for any RSS/Atom sources you like.
- Up to ten RSS/Atom feeds per aggregate.

multiFEED is the easiest and quickest way to access all your favourite news feeds on your mobile device. Although actual loading speed is server and network dependent, with a fast connection and reliable feed servers multiFEED can completely load dozens of feeds in just a second or two. Leave it running in the background and multiFEED will periodically retrieve the latest article titles so you'll always be just taps away from the news you crave.

I can't post the link here so just search for "multiFEED" on BlackBerry World.

Simon, I'm with you on gnewsreader though it's a little slow to sync from feedly - possibly as Feedly syncs from Google.

Posted from the tap-dancing mouse :rotfl:

Thanks for the article and suggestions I've been looking for something that is remotely similar to BlackBerry News. I downloaded all of them to see which one that'll stay.
Heck I may need all of them just to match BlackBerry News.

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The first thing I looked for in BB World when I got my Z10 is an RSS Reader because I frequently use Social Feeds when I still had my Bold 9790. That is when I found RSS Savvy. I must say that it does work well for me and has a nice cascade UI. Also, the developer is nice and responsive.

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Blackberry News was the best one of all. Still use it on the Playbook & don't understand why that could not be incorporated in the BB10 platform.

We need the real gnewsreader pro, ported from Android.
I'm surprised to see how few apps support offline caching. People read the news in the tube, train or in that cabin in the forest where there is no connectivity

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

+1 on the offline caching. Amazing that most don't support that. It's not a very good assumption that everyone will always have great connectivity.

Currently using sideloaded Flipboard which looks and works great, but its layout isn't the best for the vast number of RSS feeds I follow. Will have to give some of the ones mentioned here a go.

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Taptu never worked on my Z10. I like Rss Savvy but I really really miss social feeds... that and BlackBerry bridge... can't understand why 2 great things were left out to dry with Bb10.

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A new update came out and I think the feature to read the articles inside the app and not go through a separate browser makes the experience better.

Posted via CB10

I'm really missing the on board news feed like the one on legacy Devices...

But this app is the only news reader that works really good.

Okay since the last update I cannot share directly from the news list and have to open the article first, but the dev told me in the next version he will fix this issue

Another bad thing is, that i cannot share or save images directly from the app integrated browser.
The option is there bit it's load and load and load. I have to open feeds in the BlackBerry Browser first.

I hope he will fix it and a notification in hub like the favourites in the news feed from legacy devices.



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I bought gNewsReader because of all the fantastic reviews in the app. They were right. I thought I would have to give up my RSS feeds, but not anymore! GNewsReader is solid, smooth, and works.

I only wish this article existed when I was looking for a replacement. It would've saved me a lot of trouble looking for one and trying others only to find out they worked poorly.

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I sideloaded Flipboard yesterday and it runs very well, think I'm going to use Flipboard going forward (the search function doesn't find everything though, had to work around it by using Google Reader to import some of my feeds. Pretty annoying).

Good experience overall, and I really was surprised how well it runs. Give it a shot.

Another shameless plug....
If people are wanting to free themselves from relying on a third party service and manage their own reader-like app, ownCloud isnt a bad option.

Its not on the store yet, but ive made a BB10 ownCloud News client, check it out at

BTW, my website is currently WIP so expect missing images on some pages!

Hi, I'm one of these unfortunate people who are stuck on os7 and what's worse is I have a playbook now destined never to have the benefits of os10. Can anyone suggest the best news reader for the PlayBook for us unfortunate soles who have been forgotten?????