Best Free BlackBerry Apps

CrackBerry's guide to the best free apps for your BlackBerry smartphone

Free BlackBerry Apps
By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2012 02:12 pm EDT


Looking for the best free BlackBerry apps? You've come to the right place. There are loads of great free apps for your BlackBerry that are just a few clicks away. There are great media apps like Slacker Radio and Pandora, utilities like BeBuzz and Dropbox, social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook and foursquare, and many more. While your device has some great stuff out of the box, you'll surely want to load up some more apps before long. Keep reading and we'll check out some of the best free BlackBerry apps to get you started.

Best Free BlackBerry Apps

Best Free Media Apps

Slacker RadioSlacker Radio

Slacker lets you stream music on the go. Choose what best fits you and create your own personal stations or pick from over 100 presets. If you choose to upgrade to the premium version you can search for songs on demand, cache stations and more. Give this and Pandora (see below) a shot to see which fits you best.

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Pandora Pandora

Very similar to Slacker, Pandora lets you stream custom music stations on your BlackBerry. Start with an artist or song and Pandora plays simliar style songs. Use the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to tell Pandora what you like and work your way to that perfect mix. An awesome way to steam music on your BlackBerry.

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Best Free BlackBerry Social Networking Apps

Foursquare for BlackBerryFoursquare

Foursquare is a fun social networking service that lets you connect with friends, explore your city and earn fun badges along the way. Check in to venues when you're out and about and earn special badges and promotions. Compete with your friends and explore your world. The BlackBery app lets you check in, view specials, explore your area and much more.

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The easiest way to Tweet on the go. Twitter for BlackBerry is a simple Twitter app that is full of features. View your timeline, mentions and direct messages. You can choose to refresh your timeline in the background, receive push alerts and much more a great app for Twitter users and totally free!

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The Facebook app for BlackBerry lets you easily stay addicted on the go. With the app you can view your timeline, update you status, view messages, upload photos and video and much more. With push alerts for updates, this app is a great way to keep in touch from your BlackBerry.

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Best Free BlackBerry Messaging Apps

BBMBlackBerry Messenger

The be all and end all of messaging apps on BlackBerry, BBM comes preinstalled on all new devices. If you're a BlackBerry user you're a BBM user - end of story. BBM lets you chat with friends, send photos and video, start group chats and much more. Truly an amazing messaging solution for BlackBerry users.

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WhatsappWhatsApp Messenger

If you have friends or family on other platforms, using BBM isn't an option. For that, many turn to the free WhatsApp Messenger. With this app you can easily message contacts on other platforms (providing they have the app as well). It works off the contact phone number, so as long as they are in your address book they'll show up on WhatsApp. You can even send images, videos, voice notes and more.

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GtalkGoogle Talk

Sometimes you just want to stay connected easily, and Google Talk is great for that. Since you can use the app on so many platforms, it makes a great "go to" IM tool. Your friends will know to always find you on Google Talk and you can stay signed in no matter where you are - even on your BlackBerry. Check it out for free.

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Best Free BlackBerry Utilities


If you travel or just like exploring, Poynt is the app for you. An awesome location based service, Poynt lets you find places to eat, movie times, gas prices, and loads more. It's totally free, but it is an amazing tool that no BlackBerry user should be without.

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If you're looking for cloud storage that lets you access files from your PC and mobile device, Dropbox is where it's at. It's free to sign up and you get 2GB of storage right off the bat. Use Dropbox to store your photos, video and other files for access when and where you need them. 

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Evernote is an awesome tool that lets you store notes of pretty much any kind. You can add text notes, photos, PDFs and more so you have them when you need them. It's multi-platform so you can access it from your PC or BlackBerry. Use it to keep notes, shopping lists, reminders, to do lists, copies of bills, family photos or whatever you can think of.

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BlackBerry ProtectBlackBerry Protect

Your BlackBerry is a valuable tool, so you want to protect it. BlackBerry Protect gives you peace of mind that should you ever lose your device, you can attempt to locate it or even wipe all the data. BlackBerry Protect runs in the background so you won't even know it's there, all while backing up your important data and keeping track of your device. Log into the full-featured web portal to trak or lock your device should it be lost or stolen. 

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Free CrackBerry Apps

CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer
CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer

Not happy with one wallpaper on your BlackBerry? Let the CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer take the work out of finding that perfect image. The CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer pulls images at random from our extensive wallpaper gallery so you can always have something new. Choose your categories and let er rip - you can even save images to your SD card. 

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CrackBerry ForumsCrackBerry Forums

Want to browse the CrackBerry forums in style? Check out the CrackBerry Forums app. Access all your favorite forums discussions from your BlackBerry with ease. 

More information/Download CrackBerry Forums

Looking for more free apps for your BlackBerry phone? There are loads more to be found ion our free downloads page. If you have any favorite apps of your own that you don't see listed here, be sure to leave a comment with your favorites and we'll update this post with the best choices. They're not always easy to find, so letting everyone know about the apps you love goes a long way!

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Best Free BlackBerry Apps


If you were to add travel apps: BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Travel are must haves.

I like Slacker a lot more than Pandora. People think I am crazy for saying that. I need to play with Evernote. I am a big Microsoft One Note user. How does Evernote compare?

I used to be, until Slacker dropped caching on free accounts. Now they're pretty much the same, but Pandora has more content that I like and learns my tastes better.

Slacker has had a bug for a while now where instead of the skip/dislike buttons working it loads the current advertisement in your browser... Really annoying.

Can you open PDF, Word and other files in DropBox app without downloading and saving the file on the phone?


What so special about it compared to DropBox? What can it do that DropBox can't?

I already have a DropBox account. I just have to check out this app. I downloaded it and it seems it can open files without saving.

Prichards- Thanks for the info. I just tried the web adress on my phone and it says "page not found" on the iheart site. Just tried on my computer and it takes me to the iheart app page to download. Suggestions to get it to work from my phone?

P.S On Verizon in the US.

I put the exact link into my browser on my Torch and it takes me to an iheart page that says "page not found"... "this page is no longer available or has moved".

Oh well. Thanks anyways.

Sometimes it takes a little bit to get running depending on your connection speed, but it does work. I have only ran on EVDO, not on Wi-Fi, don't get a good signal at work. Also, I disable compatibility mode, which seems to only change the display to use the entire 9850 screen as opposed to a small window and not affect the functionality.


You can start helping crackberry promote for an app for the PlayBook by fixing your Caps Lock button. :)

Am I doing something wrong? I have a 9300. If I can get 8-10 apps on it without crashing I am lucky? Is there a way to make use of the SD card for apps?

Good List so far, but how about Accuweather and Advance OS and LED + ilaunch.(Quick Launch)
Twit-me: @UnknownError507
Post it from my Awesome Torch 9810 Bridged to PlayBook 64Gb

Dropbox is great on other platforms but on Blackberry it doesn't support offline file sync. Sugarsync supports offline file sync on Blackberry and "Files & Folders" also supports Sugarsync for Playbook.

Good post but useless to me as I dont have access to appworld. Been so for two years and counting. TicTac. Please enable sideloading of the CB app.

I'll be honest besides Pandora. Poynt and BBM that list wasn't what I had in mind. I don't do social apps, I just go to in my browser, I save app memory and my battery. Tunein Radio has a great free app, I purchased the pro version for $0.99. XPRSS is an awesome way to read crackberry posts for free with SideSwipe as backup. BlackBerry Traffic works really well, a little hard to understand sometimes. Blackstar is my land navigation tool. EmailEdit is very handy. "Best Utility Pack For BlackBerry" is four great apps in one. Last but not least FancyTran is my favorite translator app it even replaced app.

This is a great and useful blog post, good going!:)

I would also add:
TuneIn Radio
Nobex Radio (doesn't do free international streaming, but good for what it does offer)
QR Code Scanner Pro

Keep them coming, it's always useful to know about free stuff!

When it comes to free media I agree that TuneIn Radio is awesome and worthy of a top spot in this list.

No clue why you guys didn't mention Hookt under messaging apps. I've been using it all of 2 days and I love it way more than WhatsApp and i tend to use it as much as bbm. The emoticons are amazing.

Pandora, Slacker Radio nor Poynt aren't available for my country (Mexico). This is where RIM is losing ground, other platforms like IOS make all their apps available here, at least the most commercial ones. Hopefully RIM is working to fix this kind of issues in the near future.

I added EmailEdit to an earlier post, my mistake as it was not a free app. I would like to see a post as to what app everyone uses to help save battery. I've tried them all and I'm not convinced as to which battery app works the best.

well slacker is not free 1, and 2 pandora is unusable outside of the us and is also not free. gottaaaaa fix that there fellas, eh?

also tunein radio is missing form the media list and is the only truly free media app which does podcasting, internet radio and both am and fm radio. and honestly should be only app up there cause slacker is garbage unless you buy the premium pass and then it's still only the best "on demand" music app. doesn't do radio, news or sports, just music. TuneIn is the only app that should be there and the is the best all in one media app. and the sht free.

You guys should do a part 2 with best free news apps (sideswipe, news republic, ect..), best on demand music apps..(slacker, rdio, and rhapsody), and best podcasters (tunein and stitcher), best magazine apps (mclanes, globe news, huff post, ect..), best sports apps, (tsn mobile, scoremobile) and one of the best free wikipedia apps called upvise.

You should also note which apps are WiFi friendly for those with limited data plans. I know I finally settled on XPRSS for RSS as they allowed you to specify WiFi as the default transport.

I highly reccomend Tunein Radio, as it lets you stream any local and global station for free. The premium version allows you to record. There are adds with the free version, but who pays attention to them while driving and the screen is off anyway? Remember to search for 'tunein', and not 'tune in'

Works great on my 9800.

damn with all 7 of those apps that dont come preinstalled on all new BBs i dont even know where to begin! im on app overload!

Not sure how WhatsApp Messenger is useful at all. Maybe because I've never tried it, but I don't even see the point of trying it I guess. You can simply text the person. Better yet, tie their contacts to BBM and use BBM for everyone regardless if they have BBM or not.

"Better yet, tie their contacts to BBM and use BBM for everyone regardless if they have BBM or not."

This is to do this? Are you able to text using BBM to contacts that don't have BBM?

Say what? How?

I downloaded WhatsApp and it says I have a free trial. That's not exactly free like the other apps you've mentioned.

(Edit: Nevermind. I figured out the text/bbm thing. Cool!)

I think Tunein Radio is worth mentionings. You get radio stations' streams from all over the world, it has the broadest selection I've encountered, and will work outside the US.

And it is still free ;)


Horrible post thank you for stating the obvious, the majority of us already have those apps on our phone, you mentioned only 2 or 3 that don't come stock with a blackberry.

Wi-Fi Manager should be on this list. Great way to automatically toggle your Wi-Fi on and off when you are in specified wi-fi zones that you establish such as home, work, etc.

I find the built in Password Keeper indispensable. For some reason, I'm more comfortable trusting all my passwords to RIM's product than to third party web-based services. I may have to find one I like, however, because my company is fleeing BB devices.

Heh, I don't use any of those except CB Forum.

These are the top apps I use but have many more installed, all free. Heh, I'm running out of app space on my 9860!!! only like 20MB free :( and even then it leaks down to 5MB :(

Pretty much used on a daily basis:

Business Insider
CNN Money
Chip Chick

Instant Messaging:

Cineplex Mobile
Nobex Radio (Full version but got in on the RIM 'sorry' promotion. I WAS using the free version though. but's only RMF Hard and Heavy out of Poland \m/ \m/)

Opera Mini

Network Traffic Control
Memory Up
Green Batter Charging Screensaver
Battery Watch
QR Code Scanner
Docs to Go (duh)


I've been playing all the games from the promo lately
I'll start Angry Pigs now and then
3D Roller coaster

Then I have ALL the free ones that RIM gave away from both promotions. Games and Apps

Other ones I have installed (sometimes used or really never used....just on there to show people these apps exist!!!)

Cisco WebEx
Currency Converter
Free Tips
Contacts to Excel
Daily Horoscope
NY Times
Glovbe News
App for Google+

I took a look at my Application Management section, 12 apps on 1 screen and I scrolled 9 full times = 108 things installed....minus all the RIM stuff in ya lovin' my BB app selection!!!!!

These are all the Best Apps that users should have!

"What's App Messenger is cool, except you only get a year free.. "Hookt" is a way better cross-platform messenger.. almost as nice as BBM.. not quite though.. and it's free..


This is an innovative idea i just came across recently . Exclusively for Black Berry users!!!!! There are almost 2 MILLION USERS for this application.just used this application.Best android application ever…