The best cloud apps for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Q5 in the cloud
By Simon Sage on 16 Aug 2013 02:26 pm EDT

This is cloud week on Talk Mobile, so we’re going to check out some of the best cloud-centric apps available in BlackBerry World for BB10. It’s going to be tricky because the big ones (Dropbox, Box, and Evernote) are already baked right into the OS and would be a little redundant to address here, but there are plenty of high quality third-party titles available in BlackBerry World.

From simple file access to streaming music, we've got a little bit of everything here.


PlayCloud is a high-quality file browser that includes most of the major and a few of the more minor services out there. In addition to providing a bit of overlap with the built-in Dropbox and Box access, PlayCloud also lets users take a look at what’s on their Google Drive, SkyDrive, and even your own FTP server. PlayCloud also acts as a local file manager for your device’s memory, the SD card, and your PC if paired up over Link. Overall, an absolutely solid cloud storage tool.

More information / download PlayCloud

Files and Folders

A great alternative to the remote file access provided by PlayCloud is Files and Folders. I find the UI in Files and Folders highly polished, and offers the same access to services like SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. You can star folders for easy access, or peek backwards to go back to the root directory. A variety of different view types is also handy, especially thumbnails for your various photo albums, whererver they're stored. 

More information / download Files and Folders


If you’ve got a lot of sensitive stuff in your cloud locker, obviously you’ll want to keep it secure. Authomator is a fantastic, clean app to help you handle two-step authentication for many of your web services. Basically, anything that provides you with a secret key code or a QR code for two-step authentication, Authomator can handle. This includes, Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and plenty of other high-profile, security-conscious services. The UI is clean, and the active frame support is a nice touch.

More information / download Authomator

Go Music

Anyone migrating to BlackBerry 10 from Android might already be heavily invested in Google Music. Luckily there’s a super smooth BB10 app called Go Music, so folks can still get access to their music locker. You can thumbs up and thumbs down songs, cache songs locally, and get your All Access tunes if you're a subscriber. If you’re in Canada, you might not have even broached Google Music as an option, but there are ways to get in there and start using it.

More information / download Go Music

Room Tunes

Is you’re really serious about your cloud music services, odds are you have at least one Sonos system in your house. These Wi-Fi-enabled speakers are absolutely awesome, and though there’s no official client for BB10, someone else has put together a fine app that lets you pump out your locally-stored collection to home speakers, or tap into cloud services like Spotify, Rdio, Slacker, SiriusXM, and many more. Room Tunes provides full access to zone control, speaker pairing, and equalization, but first things first: go get a Sonos.

More information / download Room Tunes

That's just a smattering of some of the more popular cloud-centric apps for BlackBerry 10, but which do you use more often? Are those bundled within the operating system enough for you, or are there particular use cases that BlackBerry World apps have managed to address?

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The best cloud apps for BlackBerry


I wonder how this apps manage the various clouds services and if the developer has access to stored password and/or my personal files on the could.

That's a valid question, and it's good that you are careful about your privacy and security.

Most cloud services use something called OAuth2. Instead of entering your password into the app you are sent to a web-page of that cloud service to log in, and then grant access to your files. In that case, the app never sees your password. You can also revoke access any time using the website of that cloud service.

That said, there are still ways that an app developer could trick you into thinking you are logging in to the cloud service, similar to e-mail phishing scams. An app could also eavesdrop on your activity. Of course Files & Folders does not.

You should always research the app or service you wish to use to make sure it is legit, and be mindful of what you store in the cloud.

Jon Webb (author of Files & Folders)

I concur, though I typically use music stored on my SD card to save on streaming and/or use Apollo for variety. But the GoMusic app is great and the dev is very active here on CB.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Honestly I don't have much in Sugarsync, but it works for my requirements. I don't have background syncing enabled any way. But when i have set something to sync to my Z10, it worked just fine, in addition to running when I closed the app.

While we all have different needs and uses for our devices, cloud services to me are still for the most part a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

I really miss dropsync.. it was the best sync app for Dropbox, even instant sync. I tried to side load it but doesn't work well, lots of bugs... I would pay for it gladly if it would get Z10 native :)

Posted via CB10

My use of the cloud has been severly cut back since BB 10's remote file access became stable! I typically just use DropBox for sharing links to large files.

I have all these music files, locally stored on storage I have in my possession. Now, how can I make it inconvenient to access all these same files I keep on my own storage? I got it! Put it in the cloud for no other reason aside from putting the "cloud" (which is simply the internet) between me and the place where my data is stored.

The only other possible reason, aside from the inconvenience, is storage limitations you may have, which is your own fault for not having sufficient storage.

Wait, there could be another reason too. To make all the data available to multiple devices in multiple places, okay cool. But, so can your own personal "cloud" server. I will let you do some research on making or purchasing your very own, that you control, not a corporation.

The only legit reason for the cloud (because inconvenience isn't legit) is the sharing of files over distances that to multiple devices that are too large to otherwise share. That, and some corporate reasons that also relate directly to the first sentence of this paragraph.

I run my own 500GB personal cloud storage "server", if you will. Works great and I know where all my data is, it's right there, on the hard drive that I own. There is no service provider's internet connection nor some other corporations hard drives getting in between me and my data.

Posted via CB10

I use and like PlayCloud. The dev is active and responsive and the app is solid with good features.

As for the use of the cloud, I find it very convenient to share files and projects over the web.

Posted via CB10

Hey Simon, can you please share a link for a good and complete tutorial for BOX?

This is one of the areas that I'm less knowledgeable and I really want to learn

I'm @mongezaurio on twitter


I'm MongezaurioBerry

Playcloud is good because it supports WebDav, something blackberry should offer as standard in its file browser. A shame printing doesn't work.

None of these can be used for anything serious though as they don't offer client side encryption. It's best to use Android sideloads like boxcryptor.

Sent from my Z30/3

Play cloud should be built in! We should get more automatic features with the file manager!

Oh, and since the box/dropbox icons practically do nothing, they should just add it to the accounts bit under settings!

Posted via CB10

I love how Dropbox, Box and Evernote are baked into the OS. I wish BlackBerry could do the same with Remember the Milk and the Remember app. Yes, I know there is a RTM app, and I like and use it every day.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

I had the pleasure of meeting a man heavily devoted and invested to "cloud" and became intrigued. He is currently away which is why I am asking this question. What is the most recommended app to use for the BBZ10?

Posted via CB10

You can try PlayCloud, there is a free release in the BlackBerry World.

You can contact to me through my thread on the forum or use BBM Channel.

PlayCloud permits to use your clouds and more as AirPrint like, ID tag audio editor...

Is there still nothing that will allow you to edit the contents of your Drive? (Google for myself)

Posted via CB10

Damn i need an app that you can manage your files offline like google drive ! make available offline button is what i need .. i know i could copy and paste but, well , it should be there .