Best Buy USA pulls BlackBerry PlayBook from its online offerings?

The BlackBerry PlayBook at Best Buy USA?
By Joseph Holder on 27 Nov 2011 11:51 pm EST

* Update Statement from Best Buy:

Starting Sunday, November 20th, Best Buy offered $300 instant savings to the BlackBerry PlayBook, reducing the price to $299.99 and $199.99 for the 32 GB and 16 GB, respectively. Customers have responded very positively to this short-term promotion available until Dec. 3 and, as a result, we are currently sold out of our inventory. We will have additional units available in the near future, at which time customers will be able to purchase the devices online at *

News from the blog electronista reports that Best Buy has pulled the BlackBerry PlayBook from its online store and that several customers have had their orders cancelled. Some shoppers who placed their order with the retailer complain in the store's online forums of orders cancelled without notice - some sources say all orders were cancelled. A quick check of the Best Buy (USA) website confirms that the tablet is no longer listed. Indeed, a strange move to make before the so-called Cyber Monday.

Before the cries of doom and gloom for the BlackBerry tablet sound, there are a few things to take into consideration. Although the BlackBerry PlayBook is missing from the Best Buy USA site, the tablet is still selling - and at a discount - on the retailer's Canadian site. Additionally, those same customer forums also seem to point to the retailer having overextended itself and actually selling more BlackBerry tablets than they physically have available to them. Anecdotally, friends and family have reported to me that they've been having a hard time finding the BlackBerry PlayBook in Best Buy stores, with the 32 GB model being in extremely short supply.

What does all this mean? We're not exactly sure yet. In this writer's opinion, it seems that the BlackBerry PlayBook is selling better than the retail giant expected. With so many retailers - and ShopBlackBerry - offering the PlayBook at a ridiculously good prices, the supply chain has to be stretched pretty thin. Rather than face embarrassment of placing its customers on indefinite backorder, it's possible that Best Buy has simply removed the item from its online inventory.

Of course, this is naught but speculation by this blogger, and the tablet could return tomorrow. But if it does, Best Buy has some ‘splaining to do to its customers with cancelled orders. Then again, Best Buy doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to selling tablets at a discount.

Source: Electronista via CrackBerry Forums

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Best Buy USA pulls BlackBerry PlayBook from its online offerings?


Listen. Best Buy pulled it so that they can offer 64g playbook refurbished for $199, 32g for $169 and 16g for $149. They are listed as sold out and all playbooks refurb or non-refurb are back online. Dam, I wish i had seen the refurbished ones earlier. What a deal.

Just a gut feeling.. Likely related to the fact that RIM started recently selling them directly to consumers at a discount. There's likely no margin left for Best Buy and they may have gone on record to RIM (of which I have absolutely no knowledge, just a hunch) that if they're going to do direct sales, it shouldn't be at such low prices.

Also, if supply is an issue, Best Buy isn't likely going to deal with unhappy customers to try to keep up with an extremely low margin sale.

Best buy will no longer have the 32G or 64G i have said this months back. I have also stated weeks back that the playbook will drop to 199. no one at crackberry listens to me. I have my own info. as far as this new rumor that best buy drops the playbook all together is also true until futher is not smart face it
Jonathan Kopycinski

The 16GB versions are now back in stock at I have one on backorder through Best Buy that wasn't cancelled, but I just ordered one through blackberry in case mine does get cancelled.

Although Best Buy Canada has it online, they list all models as out of stock. I guess a $300 price drop with Christmas less than a month away cleared them all out.

They probably removed the ads because they can't get more. RIM is working on PB2 and the factory in Taiwan is not making first gen. pbs anymore. Why would they make more pbs only to sell them at this discount price?

LOL....naaaa thats what they get for bulshitttting everyone that the PB (pathetic book) was going to be the biggest crap ever since the airplane......ahhhh maybe next week a new update, naa lets cyber monday, well xmas is here, well if we wait till new years everyone can have a new OS, but wait 3 kings day is here, jesus gets gifts. so we cant do on thst day its not fair to his day...february should be the date. I HATE YOU BLACKBERRY / RIM......YOU SUCK AT KEEPING EMPTY PROMISES....Apple / Droids have their shiiiit together.


Your opinion is so relevant that after reading your comment I will sell my PlayBook tomorrow first hour to get a tablet that gives me Angry Birds because that's all what I need from a tablet.

Buddy, you need a sugar cookie and a hug... or a woman... Never knew someone could be so angry at electronics... Best buy has been known to be out of stock. So they will be back up soon.

Don't you mean they are great at keeping empty promises? Or that they suck at keeping promises? Your sentence sort of contradicted itself there.

I went to Office Depot for my discounted 32GB Playbook...and check this out, true story...bought the Playbook on 11/20, had some issues with it and was able to exchange it for another 32GB on 11/25 where they had them very much in stock...However, 16GB were not available...try Office Depot or Office Max - Happy Playbook Hunting Everyone :)

Madden 2012 and N.O.V.A 2HD play fine on my 32GB. Could it be that you're running other apps simultaneously on showcase mode?

Had issues, I just wiped my PB and no choppiness. My friends all had no lag or choppiness.

Could have been a corrupt file or the 1.8 update.

Anyways, it's all smooth now.

my order was changed to backorderd waiting to ship, with option to call and cancel for a refund to paypal telling me i had a refund out of nowhere today

3 radio shacks in my area sold out 1 by 1 as i got to them.

i waiting on so they ran out before i pulled the trigger

fortunately sprint saved me. with tax (12.5)+ 2 days shipping (8.50) its was like 221 total should be here soon

My brother's Bestbuy order got cancelled due to backorder. He ended up ordering the 32bit from some where else.

Placed the order for the 64 Gb on Best Buy for $229 then the order was cancelled a couple of days later. Called customer service and got a backorder extension for 30 days only to within hours got another email stating the order was cancelled. With the blackberry Playbook being available at the time the order was cancelled, I wonder if there will be a class action lawsuit with so many customers feeling robbed. The fact that the playbook was available at the time of cancellation seems like Best Buy was just trying to avoid massive monetary losses at the expense of losing customers who placed their orders on time. I will never buy from them again and I hope other customers will do the same.

Man, I remembera week early that a guy wanted me to place an order on the 64g but I decline...good thing I did though, I wouldve been pissed!!! I called every radioshack and bestbuy, officemax, office depot in LA..all sold out..just my luck..I wanted to get one before heading to hawaii for xmas..oh well maybe in dec when I get paid...

I didn't know sprint sold it..all I see was the blows too...I guess I will try becuz I got a coupon for an addt 10 dollars off too :)

Can't wait!!!

I was told that the Playbook was being discontinued at two separate Best Buys in TN this weekend. So, I ordered one directly from RIM. Still makes you think that the tablet is on it's last leg for a 1st generation QNX product.

Did Bestbuy screw up with the original sale price they had for the 64 gig model and this is a way to get out of it? You know : "If we don't sell it how could you have possibly ordered it at that ridiculous price"

It should be more like Best Buy screwed US up for not honoring the original sale and it is soooo obvious. And this was definitely a way to get out. I am just hoping they get suit.

Staples Canada has also STOPPED taking sales for the PB. They already are massivley back ordered. I got my order in on the 23.

Did the manufacturer begin production again? Have heard nothing concrete on this. If they have not everyone may be dealing with a supply issue. Does anyone know Best Buys policies regarding dealing with short supply from manufacturers besides apple? We all know they have seperate policies for apple products.

Best Buy (USA) is now selling Refurbished Playbook at insanely low!
16GB-for $. 149.99
32GB-for $. 169.99
64GB-for $. 199.99
Still, online shopping is not available. Also I checked most of the stores (Online) but they do not carry stock. I hope Best Buy is going to be flooded with refurbished/factory refurbished tablet in a day or two.
What exactly the difference between Refurbished & Factory refurbished?
For me it sounds same!!
As per Best Buy website, it says refurbished against 32GB tablet and says Factory refurbished against 16GB & 64GB

The difference, IMO, was that Factory refurb is when being sent back to BB for returns to due to operating complaints (bad pixels, overheating, etc.). Refurb was simply when returned to the store because of disappointment or lack of interest in it. At that time, they simply wipe it and repack it for sale.

Any device returned for any reason usualy goes to a 3rd party to reset factory conditions and test it. (I work in customer care for a large company that deals with electronic devices) think the website just did a play with words, refurb boils down to previously owned and returned for whatever reason within a certain period, in my field 30 days.

Note that Playbook was temporarily delisted from both and last week. Note sure the reason, but both sites have them listed again.

My order was cancelled by bestbuy two days after it was placed. How hard is for a web tech to write a script to notify online customers that their order has been cancelled? I mean really, I don't expect a phone call or a handwritten letter, just a little notice saying 'sorry, your order has been cancelled.'

Basic customer service FAIL.

I was in a Best Buy yesterday in San Diego, Ca looking for a playbook for my wife. They didn't even have display models out and it looked like they filled the display space with a different tablet. I ended up buying one at Office Depot while Staples was sold out but expecting more. It looks to me like Best Buy may not be selling any more in the States.

Damn I struck out again!!! I went bestbuy online saying that they r all out and checked for stores arouund me and there all listed unavailable...this sucks balls buy is playing with people's time and money!!!

I'm not sure why anyone wants to actually buy a Playbook anymore; that is, untill the truth of whether or not its been discontinued has been sorted out. It's just odd - the nations largest electronic store suddenly pulls the item; other electroic stores are reporting that the device is discontinued; canadian stores have reported the the device is discontinued, then not, then discontinued; some Staples stores in Canada (vancouver area) are reporting it as discontinued.

I'm not saying that the playbook is a bad device - heck i bought a 64 gig at full price on opening day (i will never do that again with a BB product) - but if rumors of it being discontinued turn out to be true, then you can kiss whatever limited developer support there is now goodbye.

I think supplies are dwindling fast.

Playbook 2 ?? RIM ??? Anyone ???

Still hoping to get another Playbook for a Christmas gift.

It's becoming more and more obvious that anyone selling a Tablet has to severely under sell their Tablet in order to compete against iPad.

Like game boxes sell for less than they cost with the strategy of making it up after the purchase.

Nuff said!

it's magic, they keep appearing and disappearing online they are also all showing to be sold out online...WTF??? I swear I hate Worst Buy!!!

Jeremy Baier, a spokesperson for Minnesota-based Best Buy Co. Inc., said in an email “customers have responded very positively to this short-term promotion available until Dec. 3 and as a result we are currently sold out of our inventory. We will have additional units available in the near future.”

The demand is very high for the PB and they are not able to fullfill this demand so the had to take off the website for a moment to cool off that demand and sell something else till they get more stock :)).

For all I care they could put my backorder status back and ship it when they have it back in stock! I just want my 64GB pb for $229! J/S