Best Buy USA follows suit, drops BlackBerry PlayBook pricing

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 20 Nov 2011 02:42 am EST

*Update 2* - And now it looks like they all went into backorder status and are back to regular pricing. Pretty sure that won't last long though -- those prices were there for a reason so they'll likely appear again soon. Plus, you can hit the sotres -- a lot of folks are saying they still have them and are selling them for the sale price.

*Update* Best Buy Mexico has dropped prices as well -- Thanks, @icemanswimmer!

As much as I hate stating the obvious and inevitable -- Best Buy USA has now followed suit of their Canadian branch for the most part. All BlackBerry PlayBook versions have now dropped in pricing. Right now a 16GB is going for $200 with a 32GB going for $230 and 64GB roundong out at $300. For the moment, 16GB and 64GB are currently on back order with shipment dates showing as mid December but 32GB are currently in stock and ready to be shipped.

PS: Yes, the pricing has a misprint on it -- don't get overly excited unless you're willing to fight for that price.

More information available at Best Buy

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Best Buy USA follows suit, drops BlackBerry PlayBook pricing

130 Comments has them for $199 also, free shipping. Order one from walmart, then went to Bestbuy and found the last one, lmao.

Regardless if its a misprint, they'll have to honour it now.

Plus it fully states on the website 470 off instead of 300.

like he said the price is in writing and if the customer sees it then they have to honor it. I work in retail. Good for us, bad for them. Just ordered one :)

No.. they don't. If they do, it's because they want to -- not because they have to.

I've read through all the fine print, and you're right, but this was under "Errors on Our Site". Maybe it's just my wishful thinking but I don't think this is an "error". The price is posted numerous times on the Best Buy website. Even when you go to the Tablets and iPad tab under "This Weeks Offers" it says,
Save $300 or $470 on BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets
64GB model only $229.99! 16GB for $199.99 and 32GB for $299.99. 7" multi-touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi. Anyway I ordered 3, one for me, my wife and daughter. I guess we'll all find out soon enough.

Confirmed with a BestBuy rep. This 64 gig pricing is accurate.'s $3 cheaper.

The only catch is that is has to be ordered on Black Friday.

Not a misprint...none of the stores seem to have any. A store clerk told me BestBuy is discontinuing the 64gb Playbook from their inventory.

Ordered a 64gb, got a nearly instant confirmation email showing a delivery date between 12/3-12/15. Now the question long til the cancellation email arrives :-) .

Ordered a 64gb too, confirmed the price throughout the whole process. even at the bestbuy home page, it said save $300 and $470 on playbook.
Anyway, going to order the 32gb now, if they cancel my 64gb order, i don't have to worry out of stock. if you do honour the price, they one more christmas presents sort.

Anyone ever have problems with returns from bestbuy? I want a playbook, but I am hesitant to buy from bestbuy online.

I'm throwing my hat in the ring on the 64gb gamble as well. Worst case scenario, they cancel the order. I've got nothing to lose!

Yeah best buy México dropped their prices...but its still 400 USD with the discount for the 16 Gig PlayBook.

i just ordered mine the 16gb, though u left with 11gb buy the time you setup the darn thing, still though it is a PB for god's sake. i love the thing i dont really care the storage as long as i can connect to my HDTV and put it on Presenter mode. lol. i hope i get it from the store tom cuz i chose to pick it up at the store since the online told me to wait about two weeks. that sort of seem like paying full price for the PB when you wait two long weeks to get one. lol. good luck my Crackberry fellas.

WHHAAATTT??? LOL. I am really tempted right now. I want to lock in a good price soon, and I'm worried that if I wait for a64gb @ 229 it'll just get cancelled and then there won't be anymore PBs left at a discount.... gotta hand it to you guys for trying though!!

Who knows... I'm seriously buying one in a couple minutes... just deliberating at the moment.

I'm sure that the "you saved 470 bucks" is just a calculated field. I wouldn't take that that huge discount was entered, deliberately, twice by the marketing folks (or their vendors) who are responsible for updating the prices when discounts are posted.

instead of all this crap discounts constant promotions blah blah blah
why dont they put a bit of spin on it and give it a realistic price worlswide
and give everyone an actual os2 release date ??

O yea on my way to best buy now! Now I don't have to show up at staples 6am Friday! PlayBook bring your sexy 64g azz over here!

Just ordered one from Best Buy, but I had to do it over the phone. The "search results" page shows the 64GB at $229, but the product page shows $699. Called them up, they ran me through a couple of people and I have an order number with delivery between 12/3 and 12/15. $241 with tax. :) 1-888-237-8289.

Not fair! I bought my 32GB at full price back in May, how can I get this discount applied to my purchase?

I wake up at 6:30 in the morning for 7:30 my ocusing in the use was going to buy for me 3 but in bestbuy they say the promo ended, so lucky for the ones that get to buy some, but the promo is out

on the phone with BB as i type this. guy just told me if i wanted to check at an actual store as well, to print out the online add, and they'll honor it!!

ordering one over the phoone to cover my @$$ on this price. then going to the store to see if they have it. with any luck, i might have the 64GB by the end of the day!!!

"Please Wait..."

So yeah... Just got off the phone and no PlayBook on order. :-( The rep checked the price and saw that the sale price started yesterday and ended yesterday. Even he was confused about it. Everything is back up to full price, on all of them!

Making the call, they confirm no promo, even that we said that is you advertisment, and the only thing they say is ''if the price drops we will call you''

Just got off the phone with Best Buy. I was told all orders are suspended until they hear back from corporate and he will call me back in about an hour with the verdict.

I'm actually impressed that so many people want a blackberry device at all! This is a good thing.

This sale is all the rage on the "slickdeals" web site with over 1000 comments!!!! I've never seen so many.

Glad to see Blackberry still have game

The majority of consumers don't necessarily want a BlackBerry - they just want a deal. Same thing when the HP Touchpad price got slashed.

Dang, looks like it's back to normal now. Was going to get one black friday at Staples but hopefully this comes back so I don't have to wait in line!

Well that was fun ... 15 minutes on the phone for the girl to finally say that they returned it to regular price regardless of it still being posted as a "this week's specials" ... Guess it all about Staples on Black Friday.

Its funny that I just got an email from RIM advertising the PlayBook on sale. I followed the links to the Best Buy site (on my BB) and it still shows the 64GB on sale for $229.99, but at check out it goes back to $699.99... WTH is going on here!!

And I just went to check it again, as I was going to take a screen cap of it, and its all back to full price again. (Yes, on my BB) Grrr!!

this is soooo wrong i was all geared up and ready to have my new playbook in hand today!! wtf!! its times like this i wish i were Canadian!! lmao ¤update¤ I just got off the phone with best buy and they put aside a PB for me to come pick up at 3 for the sale price she said that corporate is straightening things out but most importantly she said they are still ringing up in the system at the sale price!! So go get it before they change there minds! I'm getting mine! :update: they honored the sale from this morning and i got mine at 1pm! im typing on it right now and its awesome,all hail the bb nation!

Washington State Best Buy local store site showing all models on back order and at regular price. No sales going on here today......

I just called a local Indy Best Buy and bought a 32GB Playbook for $299.99(I did an Express Lane Purchase). They had it in stock and I am picking it up this afternoon after work. It seems the stores that have them in stock are still offering them at the prices that were advertised earlier this morning. Hope this might help anyone looking for a new Playbook that doesn't want to fight the crowds on Black Friday.

Jonathan Kopycinski

this morning when I first got the Tweet from crackberry I went to Best Buy website, they showed disoucnted but when added to cart where full price, now I'm at work they are all full price. On the 16GB is $199, on online only price advertised as 16GB $199, 32GB $100 more, 64GB $200 more :( I want a 64GB for $229/$299!!! ughhhhhh

Thanks for the tips guys
Got one for myself in newegg and pickup 2 more for
my friends on walmart and free shipping on both :)

32GB is $298 at walmart and was $229 at best not quite. Only seeing the 16GB for the low price as best buy had.

I went Best Buy B&M this morning and they had the 64gb posted for 229. Even though the website sad they did not have the 64GB in stock. I grabbed the last one they had in.

Lucky you lol our local store doesnt even carry them, but thanks to over the phone ordering I got one for that price :D

Checked a Best Buy in Minneapolis, they were all sold out but said there were a few in some other stores. The prices were the same as the picture in the article. Looks like I'll have to check out wal-mart.

***UPDATE***Just got off the phone with my local best buy and here is how the convo went "Hi I was calling to see if you guys had the 64GB playbook for the discounted price? Daniele "let me take a look, we dont have them in stock, our store doesnt carry them but I can order one for you" Me "ok, that would be great, because I was trying to order it online this morning and when I added it to the cart it showed the full price." Order placed got 64GB for $250.69 with tax (live in AR) and FREE shipping :D BABYYYYYYYY 5-7 days to ship to my home, in store pick was not available. So give that a try guys, call your local store and put your best acting skills on!!!

After more than 30 minutes on hold, I got hold of the store and they had 1 64GB unit left at $399, no sign of the $229 pricing. He also mentioned that the unit was showing as "deleted" and they would not be carrying them anymore....

I just picked up the last boxed 16GB version at my local Best Buy (Colorado Springs, CO) for $214.00 including tax. getting ready to unbox it now!
They had just sold the last 64GB version @ $230 to the guy ahead of me. They still have a few of the 32GB version for $299.00 in the store.

This article is misleading, because bestbuy has taken them down.

I have gotten one from Newegg for $199 (16GB)

Just got the 64gb at local best buy in Sacramento for 229.99. Last one they had in stock. They did not have any 16gb left either.

ordered mine last night after i saw Blaze1 posted the Bestbuy USA ad, chose to pick it up at the store in Apple Valley, MN. i drove to the store this morning and got mine. i ask them if they have any in stock and the guy told theyre all out. sorry my crackberry fellas. hope you get it from walmart for 198 bucks while they last.

I woke up @ 3 this morning and saw the advertisement from Crackberry. Went online to bestbuy and got the 64 gb for $246.00 with tax (Georgia). It is back ordered and will ship in 1-2 weeks. Thanks crackberry!

Hah i did the same thing in GA! My gf pretty much saw the deal and stalked it when i slept. We did in-store pickup and i am now charging a 64gb blackberry playbook. She took the other money I had saved up for it and bought a Coach purse. We both won :P

just got an email stating my 64GB PB was on backorder with it shipping in approx 1-2weeks :( but :D for the $229 price

I just purchased a 16gb from WalMart (online only) for $198. I had it shipped to the store and will pick it up between Nov 30 and Dec. 6. Wifey will love it and stop playing Tetris and surfing the internet on mine and give it back. :) By the way, Nobex Radio app works well on the PB. I just wanted to mention a good app for the CrackBerry Fam.

A friend of mine went into Best Buy. A worker there told him that they were discounted so deeply because they were being discontinued. Now, I know that's not true, but she told him they were selling their stock and not getting in anymore. Now the 64 GB has disappeared off Best Buy's web site. I'm wondering what's going on here.

yeah, shows the 16 GB and 32 GB sold out online and NO 64GB even listed. Wonder who has to answer to the misprint??? #winning

Been on best buy website off and on all day, just clicked on the 16GB to read the specs and whats included in the box etc. when on the side under related products it shows the elusive 64GB and when you click the link it says "Sorry, the page you requested was not found" LOL oh man to be a fly on the wall with who is in charge of internet advertising and such.

I am sick of the price changing BS. I got the 16GB when it first came out with a case, screen protector,etc by the time I walked out it was like 800$ CAD. When crackberry stated they would be dropping the prices at futureshop to 199,299,399 I listed it on kijiji and sold it for 200 (I'm glad the guy didn't see the massive crack in the back from dropping it). I got the 32GB for 299. I paid 300 plus tax for this 9900 on a THREE year contract and now I think they are free or 100. Constant antics.

Checked this morning and the website said normal prices went to bestbuy and they didn't even have one on display or a placard for it let alone a spot. Wasn't looking to buy one just perusing but still disappointing

I really hope that Playbook buyers will eventually buy BBX phones that will run the same apps.

RIM would be smart to not only push as many Playbooks as possible but maybe do some advertising. I suppose that is too crazy though!

Anyway - If RIM can get a million or two of these out on the street, the future of this tablet will be a lot brighter in every way!

after seeing this post i called my local best buy and asked them if they had any of the playbooks in stock for the discount price. they didnt have any in stock but told me the best buy in riverside,ca only had 3 in stock. i went there and they had the price $199 for the 16gb and i think $299 for the 32gb and didnt carry the 64gb and i got there around 1pm and got the last one for the $199 price pretty sick deal since it was originally going for $499 now i can pair it with my bold 9650 =) now just to wait for os 2.0 hopefully its released in feb. my birthday month. typing this from my new 16gb playbook.

It was I that gave u a heads one listened......I told u this weeks ago about the 199 price drop....go head what do i know
Jonathan Kopycinski

Yep, saw the price online for the 64GB and figured "Damn, that's a pretty big misprint!" Than I happened to be driving past my local BestBuy and figured "What the heck, why not!" Go to the tablets and what do I see: 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $229.99!!!!!! I pretty much almost passed out considering the fact I paid $499 for my 16GB on launch day! Haha.

I find a clerk immediately and tell him I want three of them! He looks at the price tag and says "Woooaaaah! What the hell?" Than he says "Let me check on that" and removes the price tag, but either way I want me some PlayBook!

Turns out they have none in stock because BestBuy is discontinuing the 64GB PlayBook! But at this point, I don't care! I switch to consumer mode and I want what I saw!

Long story short, after almost two hours of back and forth, they find one at a store about an hour and a half away which an employee is bringing to the BestBuy where I live and I am going to pick up my brand spanking new 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $229.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D


So BestBuy is discontinuing carrying the 64GB PlayBook but RIM us still making them, correct? I want a 64 so bad!

If anybody still keeps up with this posting just an FYI I orded one of these babies right when I saw it posted on the forums and I JUST got a notification that the PB has SHIPPED via UPS!

Check my post from yesterday, when I posted about trying to do exactly what you said... No go... Looks like I'll never get the 64GB for under $300. :-(

I didn't see where you called a store and followed the steps as I did... I'm telling you it will work. I would even go so far as calling a store in a certain mile radius and using the verbage I used. BTW the 16 GB $199 32 GB $299 is back showing backordered.

my process below :) so excited

***UPDATE***Just got off the phone with my local best buy and here is how the convo went "Hi I was calling to see if you guys had the 64GB playbook for the discounted price? Daniele "let me take a look, we dont have them in stock, our store doesnt carry them but I can order one for you" Me "ok, that would be great, because I was trying to order it online this morning and when I added it to the cart it showed the full price." Order placed got 64GB for $250.69 with tax (live in AR) and FREE shipping :D BABYYYYYYYY 5-7 days to ship to my home, in store pick was not available. So give that a try guys, call your local store and put your best acting skills on!!!

Oh right, I didnt call a store, I was on the phone with their sales dept to try to order one over the phone. But the gy was telling me that is wasn't on sale because it kept showing up in their system for $699.99. I check the availability for the stores in my area yesterday too, and apparently no one had any in stock.

My store rep did a price override. Apparently she saw the discounted price, when she added it to cart it went back to regular price, she did the override and viola it worked.

Damn, the guy I was on the phone with, wasn't willing to budge a bit... this kind of sucks... Might have to bite the bullet and pay the $400 for the 64 :-/

Looks like there is some thruth to the discontinued 64GB, as long as I get mine lol. Best Buy website is showing 16 GB $199, 32 GB $299 on backorder.

Really quick cuz I looked in the forums and didn't find anything specific. How many phones can I bridge to my playbook, I have att & baby momma has t-mobile. If only one can be done which is better? Please help

I get up early this morning and called to shops... they said to me that they didn't have any at all and they didn't know when they will have it on stock... then sundenly a few hours later thet appered on the online store on sale... i click on the add to cart button and i saw them on backorder... but it said you can picked up on the store... so i choose the second option... weird... i went to the store that i called in the morning and where they told me that the had no idea when they will be getting new stock for sale....

The two 64GB PlayBooks I ordered are still showing backordered. The wife-unit and I had been talking about getting a netbook and tablet and then I saw the post about this sale. How could I not get two for less than the msrp of one LOL! I hadn't even played with one before. Checked one out on my lunch break yesterday and yeah, needless to say, I hope the order gets fulfilled.

Just got my 16GB from Radio Shack for $199 in store.

I tried Best Buy first but they were out of stock at all the stores near me. I was going to purchase online but I got a random delivery date of 12/19.

I'm only seeing the 32 and 64 GB models at Wally World website. 32 is 299 tho so that's not bad at all

DON'T GIVE UP. I called to complain about all this. I was tolf BestBuy could not honor the deal for me because they were out of 64GB Playbooks. They checked local stores, and found one within a 50 mile radius. They said that if I bought it at the 399 price they would split the $170 different beteween the 399 price and the 229 price by sending me an $85.00 gift card. I said OK and went to the store. In the store, I convinced the asst. manager to reduce the 399 price to 349. Thus, I am paying 349 - 85 = 265 (plus tax on 349). Not a bad deal for the 64GB. I am very pleased.

They can shove a gift card for all I care, I'm so pissed @ worst buy that they won't have to worry about my bisiness ever again. If I don't get a 64GB for $229 I won't be happy!

Don't you think that is a little close-minded? Everyone makes mistakes, including companies. A misprint is not the end of the world. I hope you are able to live up to the standards you set for others. I imagine you can't. No one is perfect. I got a 64GB Playbook for less than most have paid or are paying for the 32GB Playbooks. If you could get that deal, why would you turn your back on a company?

The point is it WASN'T a missprint! The price was legit and several people got it at that price! My gripe is that the orders that where taken, put on 1-2 week backorder to then be canceled?!! I could almost understand if the 64Gb was no longer in production however it was in stock at and shopblackberry so...the resolution would have been to call up RIM to get (thousands) of orders filled (ones taken and put on backorder) and not take any new orders since worst buy is not selling that size pb anymore. I work in cusomer service (major company)and this has got to be the most closed minded resolution provided by a mamoth relailer ever!