Best Buy selling refurbished 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook online for $169

PlayBook Refurb
By Jared DiPane on 6 Dec 2011 10:02 am EST

Update - They appear to have sold out, already! Here's to hoping they get more stock! 

Did you miss out on previous BlackBerry PlayBook sales because you were unable to get out to the store to grab one? Then this may be the deal for you. Best Buy has advertised on their site refurbished BlackBerry PlayBook's, but previously they were sold out. They have some 32GB devices in stock currently, so If you are looking for a good deal on a PlayBook you can grab yourself one of these for only $169 (which is cheaper than you could have previously grabbed a new 16GB device for). Be quick if you are interested as we don't know what the stock levels are, so hit the link below and grab one for yourself.

Check out the 32GB PlayBook at Best Buy

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Best Buy selling refurbished 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook online for $169


Argh... and they had 64gbs for what I paid for my ordered-ages-ago-but-is-never-going-to-ship-from-Shopblackberry 16gb model...

I went to my local Best Buy and asked about a case for my playbook and the guys tells me we don't have much because there going out of business. I kindly told him he might want to recheck his information because blackberry is not going anywhere.

Did he mean that Best Buy were going out of Business? I think they're pulling out of the UK due to losses, so if you asked in the UK this would make sense!

WOW!!! You RIM-Kool-aid-drinkers are SO dumb! Not only is RIM losing over $100 for each PlayBook sold, they now have enough "refurbished" devices (returns), to spur consumer interest. RIM just proved that they're even more dishonest with their sales figures then before. But, once again the RIM-tards are going to make this seem like GOOD news! LOSERS!!

No doubt. I understand giving room for differing views on blackberry by blackberry users/supporters, but comments that are obviously hateful, trouble-making, or trolling should be deleted immediately and the user banned immediately. These comment sections should be kept troll free, period!!!

Funny thing is, the op speaks the truth. I paid $550 with tax on the day it came out. All these price cuts chewed through my resale value. 5 months later I sold it for $210..... The device just isn't that good. The ipad truly outperforms it(which is hard for me to say). Since I use blackberry and recommend the phones every chance I get. But to claim the playbook is anything but a complete failure, is just ridiculous....

The offer NO warrenty at all. You can not even buy the aftermarket BestBuy normaly sells for it.
Cancelled my order and bought a new one.

why this people hate the playbook i have been using mine for a few monts now
i cannot find anything wrong with it ,that makes me think on replace it for the ipad or other
i dont get it

They always sell out so fast! I would have bought a 3rd one for that price! But oh well. Might just have to start looking on every morning now to see if it happens again.

Your best best is to watch Refurb Playbooks have been listed there a couple times this week. That's how I snagged two refurbed 16s for 149.

It's really interesting to see that almost every retailer has cleared out their PB inventories with this sale. I really hope this bet is successful, RIM.

yes. it is bad when people return a PB bought for $ US 200! i read comments on another forum where people claimed they bough tit for discounts and they still ended up returning it! i said no way those guys must be apple/android product lovers and are only spreading rumors to undermine RIM but it turned out to be true!

the whole issue for me is about APPS. it seems, nowadays, if you dont have apps, you are worthless no matter how superior the hardware is.
it is true to a certain extent. i have a nokia N9 which has been released a bit over 2 months ago but i enjoy it more to be truthful than my PB. its 1000 app library to me is more interesting than what the PB is currently offering.
the other main issue for non BB owners is its connectivity and lack of native email need a BB to bridge for free and if you dont have a BB or you are out of wifi range the unit becomes a bit useless unless you have a 3g dongle or a hotspot activated cell phone.
maybe people do use the 3g tabs afterall! who knows. for me the problem is with the apps, the native stuff are not refined at all (emailing/copying/pasting etc are behind) lacks one basic feature which is personal to me and to many arabic language speakers is the arabic keyboard...
they rushed PB way too early and i think RIM has destroyed the PB name due to it being rushed to the market. it will require herculean efforts to sway people's minds back to the PB.
its a great hardware but lacks some basic apps. when i say it lacks, i mean it really lacks when you compare to whats out there in the market.
it seems like they are not being able to get some of those basic apps to PB. i wonder why! are the likes of MS/amazon etc conspiring against them to remove one competition out of the way??!! i dont know..MS is providing skype to android/ios for example so why not the PB?? it wouldnt take that long to program it for PB!! there must be something we dont know of...even bloody angry birds, which is a game, is not yet released on PB after 8-9 months of release...couldnt RIM just pay those guys initially some serious money to provide the license to sell to them? instead of cutting down the price of PB and effectively destroying the name??

I know a guy that purchased a wifi ipad, It functioned exactly like the playbook! Once outside a wifi area some of the functions wouldn't work.... you could still use the fart apps and angry bird apps, which will keep the kids occupied. Native email still won't work on a wifi ipad if you are outside of a wifi area, just like web based email won't work on a playbook outside a wifi area.
Just buy a 3g ipad, have an extra bill each month and enjoy your continued connectivity.
Also everyone always says there isn't enough apps for the playbook but never say which ones are so important that they don't have, mention them, someone might go and create one for the playbook if there is enough interest.

Although I just purchased a PlayBook at WalMart last week after price checking with Radioshack (RS had it for $199 but did not have stock, WalMart had it for $499), I would most definitely purchase a refurb at that price. I hope my local BestBuy have some in stock.

read it on here this morning, by the next click, the 64mb ones for 199 were sold out, but got a 32mb one for 169...score! If you get a lemon, it will show as a lemon within the 30 days normal return policy...

RIM is serious about getting as many Playbook out there as they can. 32GB for $169, that's crazy. It just keeps getting better with RIM.

I have a Playbook and enjoy it very much, but RIM would have been wise to make sure the top 100 apps were available for this tablet --- yep, that means Kindle, Netflix, Angry Birds, Skype, etc. Basically, a Kindle Fire with cameras and better performance. I use mine as a flash web browser, e-reader and a comfortable interface for my BB 9900 phone. Yep, I can still get online and get email away from a wifi signal without an extra bill (carriers hate that). I like that my email is not on the device when I leave it at home. Not that I have all that much to hide, but who wants to sleep on the couch just because an old girlfriend makes a facebook friend request?? The Playbook is just the thing for some people, but it is far from being all things to all people, That said, the top 100 ipad and android apps ported to PB before release should have been a no-brainer.

It has a built-in keyboard, optimized for "thumbing", the use of only the thumbs to type. System navigation is primarily accomplished by a scroll ball in the middle of the device . whenever i visit this blog,there,s something new and special information about BlackBerry
refurbished laptops . please share more information about topic.