Best Buy posts TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9780 pricing

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 6 Nov 2010 11:26 pm EDT

Best Buy has issues with keeping secrets apparently. First, they were the ones to out the Rogers, Virgin and Bell BlackBerry Bold 9780 pricing and now, we have courtesy of them the TELUS pricing. Good news though for TELUS fans wanting the BlackBerry Bold 9780. TELUS will be offering their version for a mere $99 on a 3-year contract with the no term pricing set at $499.99. They aren't ready to be ordered or even picked up in store yet but as we all know, when the ads go up it's a clear indication launch is close. Thanks Jamie!

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Best Buy posts TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9780 pricing


i saw bell/rogers selling it for a 149 hopefully they'll lower the price also.... but thats a big hope cuz robbers (rogers) raised the price on those torches from 179.99 to 229.99 in the last week

Now if only MTS would get with the fracken program!

Anyone know when MTS is launching there HSPA+ network?

i read somewhere in the forums that the MTM of the 9700 would be adjusted to $399? that would be sweet. can they lower it due to this release?

NO more telus for me on any thing i rather go with roger the telus or any other company but no more stilling for me i just change my carrier to bell and so far im happy :) with all the changes they give me the only issue i had with Bell was voice mail they change the server and they messed up my voice mail :))

Now im happy with my torch and my bell provider :) no more telus for me.

Whats wrong with Telus? Telus has been my first and only cell phone carrier and i don't plan to change since they have been treating me really well every since i could remember.

Yeah. the 9700 isn't showing on available devices for Telus....but, when I look at my "offers", it shows both the 9700 & 9780 @ $99.99 on a 3yr-contract