Best Buy offers up BlackBerry Curve 3G's for a buck!

Best Buy BlackBerry Curve 3G Sale
By Bla1ze on 12 Nov 2010 02:01 am EST

If you're in the market for a brand new BlackBerry Curve 3G then you might want to hit up Best Buy (US) this weekend (November 12th and 13th). Their current pre Christmas sale that is going on now has all carriers BlackBerry Curve 3G offerings reduced to $1. That is of course, with a new 2 year contract from whatever carrier it is that you decide to roll with. Either way, still a good deal if you look at the actual carrier prices. T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon offer the Curve 3G for $49.99 while AT&T offers it for $99.99 so you'll come out on top with the Best Buy deal.

Source: BerryReview

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Best Buy offers up BlackBerry Curve 3G's for a buck!


Thats ridiculous...2 year contract really? That would be like at least $350 (on 2 year) in Canada.

How about pulling that kind of deal in Canada Best buy?

Not that it matters to me as a T-Mobile customer, but why in the hell is Sprint charging 469.99 full price for their Curve 3G when Verizon are charging 399.99, and T-Mobile 449? Nothing suggests the Sprint version is any different than the Verizon version in the way of hardware.

I'm guessing that since my current 2yr contract w/ Sprint doesn't end anytime soon this offer probably won't help me much.

Any suggestions?

LoL, you sound like Sprint Foo. They've called me 3 times this week to offer me some sorta free phone if I add a 3rd line. They keep asking me if I have a friend that I can let use that phone. Apparently they don't know my friends.

Thanks for the suggestion though. :-)

...with the Curve 3G 9330 for $29.99 and the Bold 9650 for $49.99. Coupled with the "Talk and Text Plus" plan offered to some folks that discounts unlimited data to $10/month, I bought a Curve 3G for my wife for Christmas for nothing more than $10/month.

I don't think AT&T is included in this Best Buy offer. When I browse the AT&T blackberry list, they have their 3G Curve at $89.99. The other carriers have theirs at $1.00. Can someone else confirm this?