Best Buy now training employees about PlayBook OS 2.0

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2012 12:20 pm EST
Best Buy

Looks like ad's aren't the only thing happening at Best Buy in preperation for the PlayBook OS 2.0 release. They've now sent off training information to all Best Buy employees so that they may get up to date on all the new details surrounding the impending update. RIM still haven't given out an official release date for when PlayBook OS 2.0 will drop but if employees are now taking the training for it, the idea of February 21st sounds reasonable. If that is indeed the day it drops, RIM will also have to push some other updates along with it,BlackBerry Bridge will see a new release and we're also hearing FaceBook for PlayBook will get updated to v. as well that day with the release supporting the new PlayBook keyboard and fixes for OS 2.

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Best Buy now training employees about PlayBook OS 2.0


Agree. It better not be because BestBuy reps really could use some good training about the PlayBook.
Off the topic, I tried out WebEx for BlackBerry on my 9900 for the first time yesterday and it worked flawlessly. I love my Bold.

Just sent a message to Michelle that the Best Buy Canada link from the previously leaked flyer is now LIVE:

"Email is the fast, professional way to keep in touch. Fire off messages to everyone in your address book with the built-in unified inbox. You can manage your work, personal email, and social media sites in one spot, using all new features to create, edit and format.

Or use the built-in contacts app, blending your friends’ user profiles on their favourite social networking sites and providing you with a newsreel of Facebook updates and tweets."

is cool, yes?


I work near that one and i try to avoid that one unless i need headphones. The one at Union Square isnt all that better either. The one at Atlantic Terminal has been pretty decent.

Not to disappoint, but Best Buy does this with all of their products. It's nothing out of the ordinary. Since these elearnings are taken during regular hours, everybody helps each other out to get it done resulting in many employees not even going over the material.
But on the good side, they usually post these within days of a new release being sold in the stores.

Or maybe just increase the commission substantially on the PB compared to the iPad or Android offerings. Amazing how peoples view of a product changes once it hit's their wallet.

I work at BestBuy Canada while going to university for less than $12/hr and I am the ONLY ONE in the entire store who knows Playbook well enough to answer customers questions.

So, I guess it is my job to train people at BestBuy in my store. They should pay me more in my opinion when I did most of the work in training when Playbook was first launch in Calgary. (I can pay my student loans) LOL

RIM is bloody stupid in their training videos!

Training is GOOD, if the reps listen. I say give RIM employees districts and actually go to different BestBuy stores and promote properly.

I'll take that job and the district from San Antonio-Houston to Corpus area..... ;-) he...he...he....I wannah do something different and will retie soon....RIM step up the! game I'm here to help.....

Its up to the store manager to train their employee on this & from some of the threads posted they are not doing a good job. So most likely this will fall short at bestbuy.

Part of RIM's "marketing strategy" needs to be to market to these employees. I hope RIM knows that young employees at Best Buy, AT&T and Verizon HATE blackberry. And no that word is not too strong. Although the companies have blackberries on offer these people do all they can to divert you away from buying blackberries, and they do it agressively.

I live in the US, but have found this in Canada too. At future shop I bought 4 playbooks for fam (boxing day) a couple of days before I talk to a sales guy at Furture Shop and I tell him I'm getting them on Boxing day because OS2 is coming and they are a very good deal at that price. He tell me no don't buy, the playbook is garbage, RIM is a garbage company that is going bankrupt, and PB will never be as good as iPad.

I mean he's fighting me out of a sale. Jeeeze it's bad.

Not usually so critical on here but hey. I think its more of a reminder then training! After all just once try and ask a sales guy in the department some real questions regarding ANY tablet or phone. Unless they own the device, its quite simple you get the usual "oh yes its very good" "you can send email" "you can twitter and facebook" but it is a rarity that you can find a knowledgeable sales person at Best Buy!

The most important thing is the guest of honor is coming (OS 2) and I am pumped!

RIM is living up to their new slogan "Be Bold".

"Everything your customers expect from BlackBerry" ..... well almost. Minus BBM.

My heart skipped a beat just for a quick sec because the first thing I read was "Introducing BlackBerry PlayBook OS2".

LOL I guess I am looking forward to this launch too much.

So did they receive any training when the device was released back in April? If they did then this will likely be as worthless. I found that your average BestBuy employee doesn't know where anything is in the store that isn't in their area. I'm glad this is being done, but given how poor BestBuy was originally with the Playbook I'm not expecting much from them.

I remember walking into a BestBuy (or possibly a walmart) and finding the playbooks on display still in their setup mode (wifi, BBid) while all the android and iPad tablets were setup with wifi and games running. So disappointing.

They should give the sales team some incentives to sell the PB(like a free PB for X amount sold). It's the only way they will actually push the product over the product they currently use or favor.

hope the rep actually listens.

i rmb back a couple of months ago, I brought my friend to a staples to buy a playbook, and the sales rep there actually tried to discourage my friend from getting one.

He said stuff like.. ipad is good...and so is the hp touchpad. (shows how much he knows)

"He said stuff like.. ipad is good...and so is the hp touchpad. (shows how much he knows)"

I know, the Ipads are SOOO... bad

RIM is crazy to assume iPad and Android biased sales reps will push their tablet. They really need to setup shop in busy Best Buy stores much like Apple did. At the very least, pay to get a better display of their products. Out of all retailers I have visited, not a single one has had a working display. Heck, last time I went to Best Buy it did not even have a PB on display anymore. As for the release date, I am bummed about the 17th not being the release date. But thinking logically, why would you release a major update on a Friday. The 21st does sound more realistic. Let's hope they at least live up to the February deadline.

Hopefully a BestBuy insider will take screen shots and post them on the forums so we can actually see what "training" is being done.

Waste of time. My 5 years old is more knowledgeable about the PB than those Best Buy sales guy. Every time I walk in Best Buy nobody is there and the demo PB is always off.

Best buy needs actual PB users as sales guys.

C'mon OS 2!!! Can't wait!!!

Quite frankly, I feel a bit silly for doing this...but every so often I check for Software updates...always hoping to be informed that OS 2.0 is available for download!

Is it just me? LOL

My absolute biggest frustration with my Playbook isn't that I can't get my inbox on it. It isn't that I can't see my calendar. The bridge worked for me with mail but since that experience will be enhanced is nice thing for me but it doesn't allay my frustrations and as such I don't seem to be as hyped as some are.

My biggest frustrations come when I see something I want to do and next to it I see "works on Android" or "works on iOS" but I never see "works on Playbook".

On the above it says "your customers favorite apps and thousands more" now that gets me cranked!! The RIM guys need to come up with a cool logo that developers can put next to Apps that tells me with just a simple glance - that when I see something cool that I want to do - of course it works on my Playbook!

I'm about to go all vigilante up in best buy and show people myself the power of the playbook!!! Lol ok maybe not but someone needs to. "RIM" nice to hear a update to Facebook is coming!

Noticed this on my Twitter search for "playbook" ... now seeing this post it makes sense. Wasn't sure if it was a RIM insider or what.

"@drewedward: In #playbook OS 2 training...very impressed"

The word "training" should always have sarcastic quotation marks around it when it references the employees at Best Buy.

The 21st,,, man this is going to be a very long, long weekend waiting for that to come... Was hoping the 17th so I could get lots of play time over the Canadian long weekend before going back to work on Tuesday...

One thing I noticed about the Playbook on display at Bestbuy, back in April of last year was that it was hard to find. They had it in the Cell phone section. No big display or anything like that. It would be super beneficial to have a nice big display, like the iPad one that has several iPads to play with. One thing that I can recommend is set the thing to not go to sleep. People that don't have a playbook can't figure out for the life of it how to turn it on. The power button was not too helpful in this effort either. A nice LCD Flatscreen TV perched above with the HDMI out attached to it would be cool to see in a store. This would attract some attention as well. Imagine kids playing Angry Birds on it on the TV in the middle of Best Buy. I’m not an Angry birds fan, but it has an easily recognizable screen. Imagine browsing through the new features. Some shortcuts on the playbook itself to launch how to's or show the cool features of Bridge. Sorry I'm starting to ramble again...

The bottom line of the poster tells employees to go to the eLearning Lounge, so it's a computerized run through. Nothing wrong with that but I've taken lots of training like this and it's very easy to blow through it without absorbing anything. It will take a strong manager to ensure employees "get it done" first before there's any hope of them helping their customers.

RIM should release over the weekend so we all have time to download and install and troubleshoot, especially being a long weekend here in the I go believing the US is the center of the world, I guess I caught the bug...

I'll pass on Best Buy. The Idiot sales staff there does everything to talk you out of anything Blackberry. They are clueless when it comes to Blackberry features.

Every time i go to bestbuy, and i mean any best buy non of the Blackberry Playbook works, i also asked the sales man, if he can plug it so i could use it, his answer is you should try android. How can BB PlayBook sells if some Retailers are doing nothing to help.

Was told my "free order" for my developer playbook would likely ship within 72 hours... last saturday. So I wonder if they're waiting and shipping out OS2 loaded playbooks, instead of just shipping out old OS1 stock? Can't wait to get that tracking number so I can start stalking the delivery guy...

With all the negativity we have posted about BB trying to persuade customers not to buy a PB, I'm surprised they are doing training. I hope they train their employees not to be biased to any one particular brand and not make the customer frustrated. I went to BB in Buffalo back in October and I have had my PB since April, and I asked the guy to give me info on the PB. Well sir I'm sure you don't know why you would want a Playbook when we have this great iPad 2 and Android Xoom. Well you don't know what I like, and I know I like Blackberry. And I want a playbook. Sorry sir, but the android and ipad do a lot more things. Like flash? Well the android does.

At this point, I told him, I already have a playbook and I don't apprciate trying to be persuaded to another platform when I want the PB.


I find this very interesting because I got into a pretty heated argument with a Cincinnati Best Buy rep over this very topic at Christmas time. I had a friend who only had a few hundred dollars to spend on a present for his wife and really wanted to get her a tablet. She desperately needed word processing capabilities so that leaves out Kindle Fire and pricing leaves out the iPad. I asked them where their Playbooks were and he stated Best Buy discontinued the device because it was dead and the OS was a waste of time. I asked him to show me another device with the resolution, solid build and capabilities of the PlayBook and he called me a fanboy. My friend and I marched straight to Radio Shack, where we happily spent his money on a Playbook that his wife LOVES.! BTW, that's now two iPhone owning friends of mine who love their Playbooks!!! :-)

I hope they teach them how to turn them on there's 2 best buys in my area the playbook is never on and when i ask they act like I want to date their girl friend! they are always the most expensive.

Great. I'm sure this will change them from actively torpedoing attempted PlayBook purchases to simply giving a "Meh..." when asked about them.

I keep seeing no mention of Android apps anywhere. Is this even a reality? I keep reading posts from developers saying the DEV version of OS2 crashes all the time in the Android testing enviroment. Whats the deal?

Netflix? BBM? Can you read your text messages from your phone on os2.0?? I hope this update isn't just email, contacts and calendar because those should've been on their originally.