Best Buy Letting BlackBerry Tour 9630 Stock Deplete?

By Bla1ze on 25 Jan 2010 09:33 am EST
Best Buy Letting Tour 9630 Stock Deplete?

According to some whispers heard by Boy Genius it seems as though Best Buy is selling off all their BlackBerry Tour 9630 stock and not planning on adding any more to replace the sold out item. Now, while it's pretty much safe to assume the reason for this is due to the fact the Tour2 will be releasing at any point now. It's not however, an automatic assumption that the original BlackBerry Tour is to be discontinued.

Seems quite a few people are jumping on the rumor and taking it to the limit. If anyone thinks the Tour is going to be ripped off he shelves never to see the light of day again, think about all the other devices that are still selling while their successor devices are there right along side of them. You can still buy BlackBerry Pearl 8100's and BlackBerry Curve 8310's not to mention original BlackBerry Storm 9530's (If ever there was a device that should be....err..nevermind). It's simply another variation of BlackBerry that some users will opt to buy into, especially after a price drop.

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Best Buy Letting BlackBerry Tour 9630 Stock Deplete?


they should do what they did to storm1 users!
they need to give us a discount option to upgrade to the Tour2, since they've realized how much they messed up by not adding certain features (SUCH AS FREAKIN WIFI!!) in the first version!!!

grrr... i can't wait to go Android! come on...1 more year!

They really should stop selling the 8300 line as well as the storm1 and 9630. If anyone signs up for a two year contract with any of those devices now, they are really getting screwed...

it would give tour 1 owners a discount to upgrade to the tour2 without renewing our contracts. that's fair. otherwise they're gonna be losing some serious customers to ATT

why should verizon give anyone who isn't eligible a discount?
They didn't do it for storm1 users who had the biggest reason to gripe over anyone.

True, but RIM/Verizon also didn't release the Storm2 less than a year after releasing this sorry excuse for a Blackberry known as the tour.

No, if they were smart, they would try to get every dime out of you because they've locked you into a contract and want your money.

Now, if they were gracious, they would offer a discount on a new Tour2 or they would offer an upgrade with no contract renewal, MAYBE even both, but this is a corporation that is into making money, not making friends.

My girl recently lost he Samsung Reclaim on a cruise and it turned out Sprint had never put the proper insurance we requested on it. After a week of trying to sort it out and sprint refusing to even sell us another phone (or a cheap blackberry) for the contract price suddenly we received a new offer. A brand new (not refurbished) Tour for 100 bucks. I think they are working through their stock as well.

With the service (I mean lack of) you described, are you seriously considering giving Sprint more of your business??? Why would any of these carriers change their tactics if customers don't hold them accountable? I keep hearing from other users that if X carrier doesn't do Y then they will leave them but carriers laugh at all these empty threats. I'm sure they see them all the time and most of those same complainers end up renewing for another 2 years anyway.
I say you should jump ship and when they ask for feedback why you did, then recount the lack of service (be specific) you got from them.

They haven't been terrible until this insurance thing. I understand them protecting themselves against liars. I think someone made a simple mistake which made things very difficult. In sprints defense they gave me an air-rave and service for free when switching from tmobile (after 8 years of great customer service). I had terrible signal with t-mo in my new place and thought switching would fix it. It didn't The airrave has helped out notably. I like sprints everything plan. Is verizon better all around?

P.S. - The cruise line found her reclaim and are sending it back. 100 dollar 9630 with no contract extentions is a damn good deal and anyone on this site should know that.

Announce a Tour2 a few months after all of us purchased the original Tour. Amazing how RIM could give a shit.

RIM and other cell carriers should only sell phones every two years? They should stop making money because you weren't aware that hen you buy the current technology something better will be out sooner? Give me a break you whiners. You just want something for nothing. If you were an 8330 user and you bought a tour right away, you were loving the improvements. Now a year later, another model that is slightly better than yours is coming out and you're whining? Don't you read this site? You knew the Essex was in developement. You could have NOT used your upgrade and stuck with your curve. Stop whining, and you'll get the next phone RIM puts out in 2011. Read the site and you'll know what's in the future. No one is in the business of giving away phones for nothing.

Tour has been out for only 6 months. To do an updated version of hte phone with in a that was plagued with faulty track balls is rude.

To not offer this fixed version to those that are only in the fifth month and have exchanged more then three times to get a decent working phone have all right to be upset.

You statement of one year proves you need to just stop commenting on things you are not aware of. It makes you look like an over opinionated moron.

There's truth to this rumor. I recently took my wife's 8330 back to Best Buy for some technical assistance. I normally would get a new 8330, but they completely stopped selling it. Due to there being no 8330's in stock, they gave me a brand new 8530. I think we will certainly see the 9630's go out of stock.

Bell Mobility here in Canada has not had stock of the Tour for several weeks now. When I asked about it, a rep mentioned it was "discontinued".

With an eventual replacement for the Tour on the horizon, i'm not surprised.

Got my Tour last summer (on Day 1) and it's only been 6 months. Sigh, if they don't give us a discount to upgrade to the Tour2, this might be my last BlackBerry. I'm starting to get very annoyed how they strictly sell certain phones on certain carriers only.

I think my tour is fine without wi-fi. How can I bitch when I bought the damn thing. Either it will break and they will replace it with the new jam, or ill upgrade when its time. Great phone.

I really don't get all the complaining. I purchased a Tour back in August, and I absolutely love it. Why do people need to bitch about the fact that it doesn't have Wifi?? Did you not know this when you bought it? If that's the case, shame on you for not doing your research. I personally have no need for Wifi, and therefore am very happy with my Tour. When I bought my Tour, the news of the Tour2 was already out, and I made the decision that I didn't need to wait for it, the Tour was suitable for my needs. If it didn't have everything I needed, I wouldn't have bought it. Honestly, quit complaining and do your homework next time before you purchase a phone.

The Tour is a great phone. Even better running OS 5.0. Everyone wants something free these days. Now if you just bought a Tour, most cell companies let you exchange within 30 days, so you better hope the Tour2 comes out soon. Otherwise, get over it! I bought mine when it came out, I knew about the Tour2 coming out, the possiblitiy of the S3, etc.

I fully did my research. When I got the Tour (week 1), there was no news of the Tour2 or a WiFi enabled BB on VZW, that simply wasn't a reality. And actually, the Tour2 might actually have OpenGL support, which is HUGE. Anyways, I wouldn't be bringing this up if the Tour2 was coming out in the summer this year.

This is unlike the Bold1, Curve1, or Storm1, which continue to be sold. RIM realizes the Tour1 wasn't meant to happen and if they're discontinuing it, we're stuck with an inferior product. Sigh, and after all the hardware issues this phone has had in the first 3-4 months too.

There was news about the tour 2 a couple of days before the release of the original. Doing your research doesn't mean going to a store and comparing the curve vs pearl vs tour.

I did my homework. I could careless about the wifi, but I'm on my 5th replacement Tour, and the trackball is locking up on this now. I want what I paid for, that is a working phone. If they cannot provide that, then they need to replace it with one that works.

I want a different model of phone. I do not want touch screen as I was a Storm1 user, and did not care for it, and the new Curve is a downgrade to the Tour. So, what am I supposed to do? Continue paying $180.00 a month (2 BB's) and live with a defective phone, or complain about the crap equipment I was sold? I think I'll complain to get the new phone and hopefully it works as well as my orginal Curve that I got rid of....

I think I have to agree with MemphisChris and konis8 here. I read a lot of blogs on this sight and others and got my Tour anyway (way more positive than negative comments). I got mine in September and have had to replace it once due to the trackball issue. Personally I've been very happy with mine. If you don't like the features this device has, you should have waited or gotten a different one.

For those of us that purchased the phone within the first week that it was marketed and with NO knowledge of so-called Tour2, that is my gripe. For those of you that have a smart ass comment without being informed of someone's gripe, save us all your comments.

I work for best buy and we havent had stock of the tour for quite a while now. When this happened we realized it was because the tour2 was coming out. Also, bell has discontinued the phone as well. It doesnt even show up on their website

How does a near 500 dollar device become obselete in 6 months? Bad form RIM. You've officially lost a 7 year customer. Its the same deal with the new os the carriers aren't releasing it because its the selling feature of their new devices.

Have you ever bought a computer? A 2000 dollar device is obsolete before it hits the shelves. That's technology and if you didn't know a bigger better would be coming out soon then I guess you aren't one to know anything about how the technology world works.

When I said obsolete I guess I meant discontinued...if a device is discontinued then there will be limited or no support for it. And comparing it to a computer purchase is apples and oranges, computers can have new processors, ram, hardrives etc installed to keep them current...a discontinued blackberry becomes a 500 dollar paperweight IF support ceases for the a bit more mindful in comparative comments.

If you did your homework week of or week after the tour was released well then I did to. Thy announced 2 days before the actual tour dropped that a tour 2 with wifi will be a reality sooner than we would All expect.
Stop saying you all did you homework because apparently you didn't. I did my homework and that is why I am still stuck with this 8330.

I'm tired of hearing people bitch about this. You made a decision to buy a new device and you should all know that whenever you buy the new anything you are pretty much the beta tester. You won't get a replacement deal with the tour2 because buying the phone was your choice Nobody forced you and if you did your homework you would have seen the Essex would be out soon.

As far as bating rim. Don't blame rim and say you'll never buy another blackberry because you will probably be back and it was the carriers that rushed the tour to release putting a time constraint on rim. They were going to use the trackpad on the original but because they were rushed then they couldn't do better testing on it so they tossed the ball in.

i think you missed the major point. people are worried about the Tour1 being discontinued and completely replaced by the Tour2. This didn't happen for the Curve 83xx, Storm1 or Bold1.

Their support will continue. I had an 800w and they discontinued it so when I had a problem they gave me a treo pro for free.
They don't just completly drop you off the map. They do what they can with what hey have.

You are bitching, so shut up, you are so damn annoying.

FWIW You are stuck with the 8330 cause you are a broke ass. I will buy the Tour 2 when it hits. I will give my Tour to a friend.

Stop hating, you look pathetic.

I got my tour about 4 months ago and I expected to have one of the better BlackBerrys for at least a while but then the storm 2 came out but that was ok cause I didn't like the sure press touch screen. But now the tour 2 so soon, with wifi (just a added bonus for me) and track pad (a must because of all the tours track ball problem). I think RIM may have just lost a customer with a** wipe moves lately

P.S. I also have to use a leaked 5.0 OS instead of RIM releasing it to the public. I think I will be getting an android phone next

I am absolutely surprised that anyone would make any assumptions based on the marketing decisions of Best Buy.

Somebody call the WHAAAMMMMBULENCE. You people are all morons and want something for nothing. If you still have trackball issues with your Tour you are a moron and not actually checking the box when you exchange it. If you READ, you would know that a green dot on the box is what you are looking for. It's called capitalism. Get used to it. Waaaaaahhh. At&t discounted Iphone users when a better phone came out. Waaaaaahh. Iphone still can't make a worthwhile phone call. Suck it up. Tour is a GREAT device, especially when you came from the 8330. RIM HAS put out 5.0, that's why it's official from MTS. Bitch about you're carrier, not RIM. There were plenty of 8330 users still locked into their contracts when the Tour came out. I didn't hear them complain. They will be eligible for Tour 2, and when the next thing drops in 2011, you will get that and they will be stuck. You act like this is a new thing in the cell phone business. YOU AIN'T GETTING NOTHING, YOU LOVE YOUR BLACKBERRY, SO SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT! Go move to a communist state if you want everything equal.

My last 3 replacement Tours were "Green Dot". Same issue, bad trackball. So, as for you moron statement, go phuck yourself.

You guys are crying worse than the fucking Storm owners did when the Storm 2 came out.

Man the fuck up and buy the Tour 2 if thats what you want, if not STFU and GTFO

The only legitimate gripe one can have is if it is discontinued and there is no longer support for it at all. If that happens, which is unlikely, then it is understandable.

Most of the people complaining are simply upset that there phone is no longer arguably the greatest thing out. They just don't want somebody saying, "Oh yeah, well I just got the new XXXX."

Another poster said that they expected to have one of the better BB's for a while. They weren't mad when the Storm 2 came out because it was touch. See, it's not the technology, it's wanting to have something better than the next guy. Sorry, but you can never have the best technology for more than a few months. It doesn't work that way. Get over it.

Am after the wifi, my bitch is VZW told me and others there will not be a wifi enabled BB in their line up. I do believe they said something along the lines of, that is what the unlimited service is for.

Being lied to is not cool. VZW needs to make it right with customers.

I bought the original Storm when it was released and VZW sent an e-mail around the holidays offering a $100 discount to upgrade to the Storm 2, Droid and the new Curve. I am hoping they extend a similar offer upon the release of the Tour 2 but I am not holding my breath.

There's more people bitching about people bitching than people actually bitching.

As long as Verizon keeps sending my replacement Tours (on my 6th), I'll be fine. I love the phone, I'd be stupid to say I don't want the Tour2 or any other phone for that matter that doesn't have a trackball.

Eventually they're going to have to give me a different device. They're loosing so much money with me.

AND BTW; None of the Tours I've received had a green dot on the box ... kthxbai

I just think the companies could care less to restock it, it's the exact same phone, tons of issues with the trackball, why even bother?

If would make sense for them to just wait for the Tour2 because they'll be able to say, "Hey, we don't have the Tour 1 but look, we got Tour 2!"

People will be pissed but will buy it anyways (for some odd reason) and if there is enough of an outcry, I think they will restock Tour 1 at a lower price as well.

Many ways they can go...

When the Tour came out I was under the impression that it would get all the goodies of new software for at least a year. Just a few months later they announced OpenGl, and us Tour owners are left in the dust on that aspect. I think Tour owners should be pissed how quickly are device became outdated. Historically has RIM ever released a phone that was unable to keep up with the newest software this quick? I really doubt it. I am on my 3rd and am going to see if I can trade up for a refurbished 9650 cause my trackball sucks. Also, I live in an area with full coverage, but I am getting no EVDO. Wifi would help this problem as well.

all the ones that are bitching on here that have had Tour 1 problems made a simple and frankly, dumbass move, to buy something that is that expensive in the first few days it came out? Oh yea...go ahead and drop $200 on a 2 year renewal or, if you can't renew, drop $650 on a device that just came out yesterday because "I gotta have the lastest and greatest from RIM!" Anyone with any damn common sense if going to know that if you want something that is electronic that is new, wait about 3-6 months for all the "release date drop" bugs and glitches to be fixed. Tour dropped in June, got mine in September. 3 months out....NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM TO DATE! And to the ones that are their 5th or 6th Tour, I understand your frustration but get the hell over it!! Quit your damn bitchin, moanin and have two options. One...continue to hate your phone and get replacements over and over and over or out the money on the Tour 2 when it comes out. This time though, be smart and wait about 3 months. And if none of those options make you happy, then say f*ck Verizon or f*ck Sprint and go somewhere else! Quit filling up comment blogs and forums with your BS and crying...because none of us wanna hear it!

I have been doing research on phones for about 2 months now. I am currently on Sprint and available for an upgrade, have been for 2 months, hence the research. I have been looking at the Tour 9630 and the HTC Hero. Just recently I became aware of the Tour 9650 so I was going to wait until it came out and then decide. After reading all these reviews it almost steers me away from a Tour.

Is the 9630 really all that bad? I don't know anyone that has a Tour 9630, but I have plenty of friends that have the Curve 8330 and they all love it, and have never had any issues with the track ball. Is the track ball issues mainly with the Tour 9630??? And regarding the new Tour 9650, is the optical trackpad really that much better? Is Wifi really that huge of a deal?

This will be my first smartphone. I'm coming from an old Katana II flip-phone that I've had for close to 3 years - it's worked great, no complaints and I still only need to charge the battery about once a week! But, it's time to move up to a smartphone, got it narrowed down to the Tour or the HTC Hero. Any suggestions there, and should I wait for the Tour 9650? I'm not in that big of a hurry....but after reading all these complaints above it's making me lean towards the HTC Hero android phone.....

I'm new to blackberrys. I only had mine (curve 8330) for about 3 or 4 months but after looking up any website that had any info on these phones I've learned a lot. I almost got the 9630 when I got this phone , but I'm kinda glad I didn't.

Anyway I'm not eligible for an upgrade for a long time but I'm gonna pick up the 9650 as soon as it comes out, I don't care it costs nine hundred dollars I gotta have it
Simply cause its bad.ass!

What a bunch of patsy's. The OG tour works very well. Makes great calls, connects to the web, and handles my email, contacts, & calendar. All on the country's best network (sorry, chubby Luke Wilson, you lose.)

I just upgraded to OS 5.0, and it's official (thanks to MTS). Which makes a great phone even better. I've had no problems with it, BBM 5.0 & threaded SMS are sick. The native Browser is even snappier, so much that I deleted bolt 1.6. The phone gets through all of it's menus and functions very quickly - a much noticeable upgrade from OS 4.7. (Prior to installing 5.0, only Facebook was slow - everything else didn't seem like it was, until I began running apps in 5.0)

I haven't had to replace my hardware, and wouldn't even know where to look for a green dot sticker. My trackball sticks, but not often. And when it does, I blow on it like it's a damn NES cartridge, and move on with my life.

p.s. Wifi is for girls.

How is wanting blazing internet speeds for just girls.

That was a very chauvinistic comment, I could only imagine what happen to you in life that would yield you to have such disrespect for women and girls. Very sad.

You can not own a BB in the US without getting hit by your carrier for a $30/mo data plan. Plain & simple.

And I can't imagine what must have happened to you in life to where you have to "have blazing internet speeds" for a device with a 3" screen & less than a gig of onboard memory. Buy a netbook (or a decent laptop), & go check out the free phones any of the carriers offer. Or better yet, go buy an iphone if you need to play. You'll be a lot happier, and a lot less concerned about looking like a civil rights hero on a message board - when my comment was clearly meant as a joke.

Been absolutely perfect for me. I can live without wifi or a trackpad, and im definitely not wasting an upgrade for those two features. Im hoping my next upgrade will feature a 4G 'Berry, which would render wifi basically redundant.

It is sad that RIM already had a trackpad device (Bold 9700) on the market before releasing the Tour 9630. They obviously moved to the trackpad good reasons. Instead of doing the responsible thing--to not release an inferior device--many of us ended up with the Tour because that was our only option on CDMA networks (save the just-switch-carriers-comments.) RIM cashed in on anyone who would buy a device that was already in the progress of being upgraded.

For those who say that we've known about the Tour 2 for a while: bullsh*t. Due to Non-Disclosure agreements, carriers will not announce new devices until, like, a week or two before the release date. If you walked into a CDMA carrier right now and said I want a Tour, they won't tell you to hold off until later this month. Instead, they'll sell you a 9630. The general public does not know the Tour 2 because it is not being advertised. We only know--or think we know--because we monitor sites like

Now I have to debate over a Tour 2, if TELUS even releases it due to the fact they can now offer the Bold 9700. And I'm even more screwed while currently living in Saskatchewan where SaskTel Mobility is behind in the game and had to finally hire Nokia Siemens to build their HSPA network, which TELUS will have to use. What a joke SaskTel Mobility is. Maybe I will just pay $480 to scrap my TELUS contract, then sell my two week old replacement Tour, and buy a Bold 9700 through Rogers. Whatever.

Went into Verizon/Alltel to upgrade Blackberry to Tour. They switched my service/phone to verizon. Now my voice to text (powered by spinvox) is gone! any ideas on voice to text....need it back desperately.